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Ahhh tysm for the headcanons, I love the Shepards and feel like they don't get enough recognition in the fandom! The whole sleeping over 24/7 thing and having dated one of the brothers before sounds like such a good idea, or maybe just being rlly close w the family in general?? Idk I'd be happy with any post about the Shepards, thanks again doll xxx

you’re so welcome!! I love writing about them. I wouldn’t care if my blog was spammed entirely with Shepard prompts tbh. I’ll do the second one just bc it’s fluffy and kind of hooks them all in, but please feel free to request the other suggestions or anything else!!

I totally agree that they don’t get enough recognition, but when I first joined the fandom a bit over a year ago, people hardly even wrote their names. Like, no one discussed them. I’m happy with the fandom’s progress bc they’re my children.

— Being close with Curly is super beneficial to him.
— Whether you’re a cousin, a friend of the family, someone he’s grown up with, etc. he needs that support.
— There’s no one he feels comfortable crying or venting to so being open to him like that, it’s so helpful.
— It would create such a powerful bond between you two.
— This is the same for Tim.
— He’s not ever going to cry to you, but he feels comfortable asking for your advice or venting about something important going on and/or issues with Curly and Angela.
— Angela has no female role models, clearly, so being able to help her without her trying to look cool as though you’re a friend is 👌🏻👌🏻
— She just needs support tbh.
— Like bonding time, not even little therapy sessions.
— Just stopping over a few times a month and hanging out with her is fantastic, she needs that.
— The Shepards are very guarded so it really means something if you’re close with them.
— They’re consider you family regardless of whether or not you’re related.
— Family trips to the drive-in.
— No lie, y'all will avoid everyone you know and watch movies as a family very frequently.
— Cooking together!!
— This definitely isn’t every night, though, maybe just when you’re over.
— You and Angela will make it, Tim will sit on the counter and chill, and you can throw Curly a few tasks.
— Curly is so mystified by cooking.
— You’ll tell him to beat some eggs and roll out cookie dough
— He’s so shocked when it comes out good kakdn idek why