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vegan waffles, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookiedough and orange dark chocolate

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That Villainous show might be a fusion of 2007 DeviantArt and current-day DeviantArt, considering Markiplier voices a character in it

I swear to god if any of them start talking about cookies or waffles I am pulling the plug

If you’re vegan and poor and you also have a Dollar Tree near you, you’re super lucky! They have so many $1 vegan items there including:
Frozen fruits and veggies
Canned and boxed food
Soft pretzels
And loads of other stuff I probably haven’t even noticed yet. When I get my food stamps tomorrow, I’m walking down there and stocking up on frozen fruit so I can have smoothies for days!

throwback to these vegan chocolate waffles with peanut butter, vegan chocolate chips, chocolate cashew mousse, cacao nib cookie dough. YUM

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It Started With A Waffle: Inception Cookies

“Inception Cookies are one of the items I became known for, especially selling at shows. People buy what they think is just a giant chocolate chip cookie, walk away from the table, bite into it and make some sorta pleasantly surprised face when they discover the harmony of the Oreo and chocolate chip cookie all in one package. Then, they turn around, point at the cookie, and give me a thumbs up. Make these cookies for your friends and don’t tell them what’s inside.”


Lucky for us, Clara is sharing her famous Inception Cookie recipe from her new cookbook, Clara Cakes: Delicious and Simple Vegan Desserts for Everyone!Get her book online and in stores now!

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have I mentioned that sweet tooth kaz is my favorite
  • he keeps a stash of candy in his desk and only eats it when no one is around
  • you think he drinks his coffee black? wrong. there are at least 3 spoonfuls of sugar in any given cup of coffee that Dirtyhands drinks
  • candy & sweet drinks are his faves
  • he’s definitely stolen from Nina’s stash
  • and because he’s Extra AF Kaz Brekker™ he refuses to acknowledge the sweet tooth and won’t eat sweets if anyone else is present
  • it’s a concession of boyish weakness and saints forbid anyone see a bit of Kaz Rietveld 
  • still, he knows the location and inventory of every candy shop in the Barrel and which one makes the best honey licorice
  • he purloins said honingdrop licorice from his favorite shop whenever he passes it by
  • I love the image of Kaz dumping sprinkles on his covered-in-whipped-cream waffles
  • (sprinkles on toast are a Dutch thing so why can’t sprinkles on waffles be a Kerch thing)
  • but you know what’s better than waffles?? matthias helvar but that’s beside the point stroopwafels okay
  • stroopwafels are waffle cookies filled with caramel syrup nd you can warm them over tea or coffee and they’re like wafers of heaven
  • anyway
  • he feels no guilt eating stroopwafels because unlike some sweets he discovered them after he became Brekker
  • there is no harsh reminder of Jordie and Kaz Rietveld or innocence like there is with quince candy or hot chocolate
  • but maybe after the events of soc/ck are all said and done he’ll occasionally treat himself to a bag of honey licorice and hopje and quince candy - honestly purchased - from the shop on Noordstraat 
  • because maybe a sweet tooth isn’t a weakness it’s a preference
  • and he’d prefer to indulge it
  • he’s a millionaire he can do what he wants

Leng Leng Icecream by Jon Siegel

I just wanna say a big thank you to everyone! I didnt expect my birthday to be as pleasant as it was and I really owe you ALL of my gratitude! I honestly feel like the most special person in the world <3

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I couldnt have asked for better friends x


Some Blitzstone headcanons for the amazing @alexfierrno :D

  • The where dating the whole time
  • Okay?
  • They where always dating
  • Uncle Rick casually did not say it but they’re dating
  • Maybe it’s cuz (as we all know) Magnus is an oblivious little dork and probs didn’t see it
  • But they’re dating
  • They’ve been dating since they met each other
  • Well, not really
  • They’ve been acting like bfs ever since they met each other
  • Hearth is always cold and Blitzen always gives him his jacket
  • Always
  • Even in the middle of freakin summer
  • (sorry I love Cold!Hearthstone)
  • It’s gotten to the point where Blitzen doesn’t even need the jacket. He just brings it cuz he knows Hearth might need it
  • Always
  • Alex and Sam know 
  • They’ve known ever since they met Blitz and Hearth
  • Always
  • And they don’t even need to ask them if they’re together
  • Cuz they know
  • Everyone in the whole frickin universe knows
  • The gods know
  • Annabeth knows
  • Frickin Percy Jackson knows
  • Random strangers know
  • Magnus still doesn’t know
  • He knows that Blitz and Hearth consider him as their child but he doesn’t know
  • He’s too oblivious
  • Then they say “Yo Magnus we getting married” or something like that idk
  • And Magnus is just like 
  • Whhhhhaaaaaaaa???” And sitting there like an idiot his mouth hanging open
  • “Should we tell him?” Sam asks Alex.
  • “Nah. let him suffer,” Alex says. They giggle (okay Sam and Alex would be the best sibling friends ever. fight me)
  • So ye Magnus is blubbering and then finally he’s like 
  • “This is a joke, right?”
  • And then Blitzen just kisses Hearth, which makes him blush a lot
  • And Magnus is still sitting there rlly confused
  • And stuff
  • Now lets take the rest of the gang out of the picture for a sec
  • Hearth makes waffles all the time
  • Like 24/7
  • He loves waffles
  • Like a lot
  • He eats too many waffles
  • (”You can never have enough waffles,” he tells Blitzen when he complains.)
  • Blitzen thinks it’s cuz he doesn’t know how to cook (he can’t cook himself tbh)
  • But boy is he wrong
  • Their first official fancy date (meaning they didn’t just order pizza and yell at the characters in their tv show) (they probably watch like, America’s Top Model or something and Blitzen comments on their horrible fashion choice idk)
  • But Hearth makes dinner on their first date
  • It is legit the food u get at fancy restaurants and stuff
  • “And to think I thought u could only make waffles,” Blitzen says, stuffing his face full. Everything is delicious. Hearth blushes. 
  • “I like waffles,” Hearth signs. To this day he stull makes a butload of waffles and makes cookies a lot
  • Like he loves making cookies
  • Their house smells like chocolate chip cookies
  • All the frickin time
  • Magnus loves it bc he likes to stuff his face with cookies
  • He’s probably like me and will shove twenty cookies in his mouth
  • He’s like that toddler that will steal cookies off the tray as soon as they come out and shove them in his mouth before Hearth catches him
  • Like Hearth will turn to put another batch in after he takes a tray out and when he turns back the cookies are gone
  • He always blames Blitzen
  • And Blitzen always blames Alex
  • And Alex is saying that they’re all a bunch of idiots bc Magnus isn’t sneaky at all and he literally has cookies in his mouth and their in his pockets like c’mon guys he has chocolate smeared on his face
  • Oh ye Magnus and Alex visit a lot
  • Like a lot
  • Like all the time
  • Like they have their own rooms there
  • Both of them
  • (they just there for the free cookies and waffles)
  • Alex likes to steal Blitz and Hearth’s wifi
  • “It’s not stealing Alex if they give you the wifi password”
  • “Shut up Maggie!”
  • Hearth is always curling up on Blitzen and just randomly falling asleep
  • He’s like a cat that just will fall asleep and ur scared to move it cuz u don’t want to wake it up
  • He falls asleep on Blitzen and Blitzen doesn’t dare move
  • Alex and Magnus end up having to be his personal servants for the day
  • Bc he will not move. At all.
  • He just hugs his bf and plays with his scarf
  • And ye idk feel free to add on if u want