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Pliroy ~ Domestic Headcanons

•There is always music in their apartment. It ranges from classical music, JJ’s band, a small selection of canadian singers and russian bands.

•Yuri makes JJ comb his hair and undo the few knots he gets after showering.

•"But if you tug too hard, I swear Leroy…“

•JJ is ALWAYS excited to practice, to Yuri’s dismay

•They do this cheesy, "goals” couple excercise routines you see in social media

•JJ makes the best pancakes, waffles, cookies and cakes. But at everything else, he can burn water.

•So Yuri’s cooking skills go uphill.

•(Couldn’t help but include this) They have two babies. Yuri’s cat and a Golden Retriever puppy. JJ let Yuri name him, therefore his name is Prints (Prince in Russian)

•One day JJ realizes there are no more hoodies in his side of the wardrobe. (They all went to Yuri’s side.)

•To practice their side talents, JJ plays the piano and Yuri dances ballet to it.

•JJ finds inspiration for writing music cuddling with Yuri

hello tumblrr

do you know. what time it is.

because the time that it is is that it is a time when my hosuemate and i are having a Galentines day night involving three bottles of wine, waffles, and cookie dough. And it also, by extention, means its time from drunk linddzz blodding. blogging.

those older followers. you know what is up. new followers. hello. welcome. i am a serial drunk blogger. imay write things while drunk. everyone will regret them. for those who do not want to see this shit, all further posts will be tagged with #alcohol

The Hamilton Characters as Foods

Hamilton: flamin hot cheetos
Burr: stale graham cracker
Eliza: burnt marshmallow
Angelica: jalapeño pepper
Peggy: a pizzelle (fancy thin waffle cookie)
Laurens: sweet heat southern BBQ Lays Chips
Lafayette: french fries
Mulligan: Guinness
Washington: overly salted soft pretzel
Jefferson: cronut
Madison: oatmeal raisin cookie
Philip: red bull
Maria: red wine
King George: jelly baby

Because @nerd-ace ’s sister called Burr a stale graham cracker and I had to finish the list

Cheer Up Post #3752 - Ice Cream Sandwiches Edition

This counts as a meal, right?

Food Masterpost

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Episode 2.21: Will Cookie Dough Waffle? feat. Mara Wilson

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