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OiYama headcannon because 💁🏻 Yamaguchi loves baking but he shares a small kitchen with his roommates and so there's very little counter space for his grand and sugary works. So after dating a while, Oikawa invites Yamaguchi to his apartment (Oikawa has no roomies because 🤷🏻‍♀️) and surprises him! Oikawa got a new 6 quart standing mixer and some baking pans; there's even cookie cutters that look like aliens..! He already had some other baking stuffs and so on 1/2

Yamaguchi is so happy! Oikawa is all like “Yama-chan! Bake to your hearts content as long as their for me ;p” And Yamaguchi is just laughs and rolls up his sleeves and together they make a cake with an alien cookie topper of course :)

That’s nice!

Santa Cookies

Please, excuse any mistakes. I’m blind to them now. This was an effort to get back into writing because I’ve forgotten how.

Kara triple checked the list one last time. Her goal was to come home with each and every item, and only those items, so she could prove to Cat that, yes, she was capable of handling the responsibility of their family’s grocery shopping. Come home with groceries at a ratio of 4:1 in favor of cookies to actual groceries one time… It didn’t matter, she told herself as she matched the last item on her list to its pair in the cart. It only took five months for Cat to trust her again.

“Okay, that should be it.” Satisfied, Kara went to stuff the list in her coat pocket, but felt a small tug on her coat. She looked down into Carter’s worried face. “Hey, hey. Don’t worry, Little Man. Your mom won’t be mad this time.” She flipped the list around so the four year old could see. “Everything is checked off, and there’s no extra items in our cart,” she told him, but his worried look persisted.

Carter shuffled his feet and glanced down the aisle at the rows of cookies they had just passed. It had taken all her willpower to resist the temptation as each box and brand called to her so sweetly with each step she took. They should have just taken a detour down the toilet paper aisle, but Kara was a sucker for punishment.

“But… but what about cookies? For Santa?” he asked, pulling on his jacket’s strings. It was one of Carter’s nervous tells. Usually, it appeared when he asked for dessert after not finishing all of his vegetables at dinner. Cat often commented on how similar Kara and Carter’s nervous mannerisms were.

“Santa?” Kara hummed. “He does like cookies, doesn’t he?”

Carter smiled and bobbed his head up and down. “Uh-huh! A whole lot,” he exclaimed, holding his arms out from his sides. “This much! Almost as much as you!”

“THAT much?” Kara feigned shock and clutched her chest. “Are you sure? Because I love them lots.” He nodded his head again.

This was new for Kara. Her relationship with Cat had been in its infancy last year at Christmas, so she hadn’t been privy to their rituals, and as much as she was learning about the Grant family Christmas traditions this year, like the best time to buy a tree and the proper way to trim it – lights, then garland, then ornaments, then the tree topper – cookies for Santa hadn’t been mentioned. They weren’t on the list, either. It was Christmas Eve Eve, though, so surely that was a mistake. Right?

She looked down at Carter’s smiling face. She felt blessed to be a part of this little family, and she’d do anything for this little boy and his mother. Kara nodded. “We definitely need cookies for Santa!”

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The 4th Stevenbomb is here everyone! I am REALLY surprised how frequent these are. It’s the Crystal Gems army and Peridot cerebrating in a dugout. Connie and Greg are singing Happy Birthday on the radio, but Peridot’s eyes spy something more interesting than a Cookie Cat cake topper. This week is gonna be good! ^o^