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If these are all connected, the conclusion is... - When They Go Low...
If these are all connected, the conclusion is clear…

I have no idea how Cole’s reddit comments about Crabmeat’s assinine article quote, a picture Cole took of Death Valley (that special, magical place where he ignored KJ and tweeted Lili non-stop) and noted ghey-hater Dylan Sprouse’s goofy picture of  clown cookie jar have in common (other than the “creative product” (if you stretch it) of someone named Sprouse)….let alone what the “clear conclusion” is….but maybe someone speaks Pallettown or is a music industry profession insider???

anonymous asked:

Hmmm I'm looking all the Trump Cards made by Ishida and for be specific all the clowns are drinking some I'm thinking if that means some or not or it's just because they like the blood vine and drink so much(?) Uta's different because he drinks on a skull hmm I'm thinking so much about that fact. Greetings Camy you've made a wondeful meta of Kanae associated with St. George and I should tell you what I was the one who sent that anon. Thanks! -3-

Hi, hi *-*/! (Anon, you’re so sweet, thank you so much for asking me things! I’m the one who has to thank you <3)

Oooh, you’re right! Look!

I didn’t notice this before. And I actually think that maybe it’s because they “celebrate” something.

People tends to drink something, like wine, when they celebrate something, right? Maybe it’s because they’re The Clowns, and in the final point, they were the ultimate winners because they had the fun they were looking.
I assume that the liquid is blood wine. (Nico and Roma’s drinks are weird tho, but maybe it’s like… colored wine? Or other alcohol drink based in blood or they just posing)

If you’re wonder about the Skull, well. Every thing is a tarot card has a symbolism, either religious (the genesis is present in there too), mythological or legends (Like Merlin) and many others. The tarot isn’t only the meaning of the cards. Nonono, they have an history behind, meanings, cards that work together (Like the Magician and The High Priestess, cards of Hide and Touka, for example) Events with big importance, like in The Sun and the fact that in that “Two childrens, the soul and the body, joined together” I’ll probably make a bigger post about that later)

The meaning that  i can give you is this: 

  • “Skull: Long seen as a symbol of humanity’s mortality - the skull is a symbol that all things change and transition. Some cultures see the skull as the seat of the mind - the home of our thoughts. In this case, we cantranslate the skull to mean the death of unwanted thoughts.”  (x)  (It’s from the Death card) 

He’s drinking from the skull. Maybe he’s drinking unwanted thoughts? Besides, it’s not the first time that Uta appear with a skull. 

Maybe it’s like his symbol? Uta have this look, like betwett tattoos, piercings and an very unique aesthetic, maybe the skull is part of it.

Another thing that i want to put in here is the meaning of the eights, in general “tarotly” speaking.

This are the cards in the Minor Arcana. As you can see the order is maintained. 

  • Swords = Spades (♠)
  • Cups = Hearts (♥) 
  • Wands = Clubs (♣)
  • Pentacles = Diamonds (♦)

In short is this: 

“Swords indicate that the focus is on intellectual matters and the approach taken will be more pragmatic and logical.”

We see a person tied up, surrounded by swords with a
castle - symbol of authority - behind her; she stands in the mud,
an image of humiliation and shame. The clue to this card is the blindfold - symbolizing confusion, oppressive ideas, isolation from other people in similar situations. Freedom begins when we throw off our blindfolds, when we see clearly how we have arrived in whatever situation we are in, what
we have done, what others have done (particularly those who have
bound us, but also others in similar situations) , and what we can do
about it now. The reversed Eight means, in general, liberation from
some oppressive situation; primarily it refers to the first step of such
liberation, that is seeing things as clearly as possible.”

“Cups indicate that the focus is on relationships and emotions.”

“Whether we view the figure as moving away from the world, or
into action, the card symbolizes leaving a stable situation. Sometimes the upside down Eight indicates the simple negation of
the card’s basic image - a refusal to leave some situation, a determination
to hang on even when we know deep inside that we have
taken all we can from it. Such a description characterizes many

“Wands indicate that the focus is on energy, passion and motivation.”

“Romantically Waite calls them the ‘arrows of love’ . We can see
this especially as meaning action taken in a love affair, seduction, or
proposals made and accepted. The arrows of love, when reversed, become arrows of jealousy and argument. The jealousy may derive from uncertainty and confusion, both in our feelings and in those of the other person.” 

“Pentacles indicate that the focus is on practical matters, work and finances.”

Work, whether physical, artistic, or spiritual (the Sufi Idries Shah
speaks of ‘work’ as the most basic of Sufi doctrines) , cannot succeed
if the person thinks only of the end result. When reversed the card suggests primarily impatience and the situations resulting from it: frustration, unfulfilled ambition, envy or jealousy.” 

(From the Books “Tarot Foundations” and “Seventy-eight degrees of wisdom”)

Other thing that catches my eyes is something really basic and easy. Somethings that the four of them have in common (beside the drinks): the number.

They all are eights. 

  • The number 8 is considered a lucky number. This is because of the shape of the kanji character for eight. The two strokes are wider at the bottom, suggesting a better time or better things to come in the future. (x)
  • In China, the 8 expresses the totality of the universe. 
  • Number figuring the immutable eternity or the self-destruction. It represents also the final point of the manifestation.
  • The number 8 means the multiplicity, for the Japanese. (x)

It’s not a bad number, actually. , it’s a very good one. But, you know what card is the eye in the Mayor Arcana: The Force. (May the force be with you, i’m sorry i had to)

And you know what’s in the reverse meaning of the card? 

Risk of a scam, fraud, deception or theft. Or betrayal. 

So, there. Maybe it’s because of that they’re all eights. Another thing that bothers me a little bit it’s the fact that Souta isn’t here, well, are only four suits so it’s logical but still, why him? He isn’t drinking anything either. 

Instead he have this cage, and we know that the cage is something.

It’s just curious. Very.