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i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.

I have a sketchbook-hoarding problem, i.e. I’ll get a sketchbook, fill 3 pages with lopsided circles and half-erased head drawings, then get discouraged by my fear of “ruining” a nice clean book with crappy scribbles and stash it away in my Drawer of Shame™.  Gotta fix that.  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Want to take on this challenge yourself?  DEWIT.  Just tag me or your post with #ssirenia so that I can see your awesome art!  >:D


Happy birthday to me~ 🎉🎂 Made a bujo spread featuring my birthday with a bunch of cute entries 💖 Thank you for everyone who always supports me! I’m very grateful for all of it 💝 

 「Quick tip: Don’t forget to reward yourself for a tedious task, so you will be motivated to do it again!」