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Anonymous said: A jeffxreader where she sits with the jocks at their lunch table bc she recently broke her arm and they are rlly protective of her especially jeff bc he likes her and just include silly banter amongst all of them and maybe later jeff finally gets the courage to ask her out and she happily agrees and fluff thnx <3

Author’s Note: Dear requester, I had to switch arm to ankle because I royally screwed up. Sorry!

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“Seriously, Jeff, you don’t have to keep driving me to school,” you chuckle. “I’m plenty capable of doing things on my own still.”

Shaking his head in refusal, Jeff parks in the student parking lot of the high school before turning towards you. "If it wasn’t for me goading you, you wouldn’t have been playing flag football with us, Y/N. I sometimes forget just how rowdy those idiots can get.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“It kind of is.”

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John and Sherlock both mutually agree to not have any Big Plans for Valentine’s Day. This is a relief for both of them- each case they’ve been on the for past week has been some Valentine-themed gimmick, and Sherlock thinks he’ll scream if he sees one more heart shaped box of chocolates. “The chocolates are poisoned. Jealous ex posing as a secret admirer. Really. Stop looking at me like that, if you dare give this a stupid title, I’ll-”

So, they go to bed with the promise that the most eventful thing happening the following day will be a massive takeaway, the extra portions the only hint that it’s a special occasion.

Except, when Sherlock wakes, John is not there. He stretches and rolls into John’s spot in bed- still warm. Can’t have wandered far then. He rolls back over to his side, and that’s when his head brushes against something on his pillow, a slight rustling sound. 

Sherlock frowns and sits up. Lying on his pillow is a small brown envelope, just the word Sherlock written on it with a ballpoint pen. Sherlock smiles at how the r and l loop together into a smudge, the ink not sympathetic to John being left-handed. 

He picks up the envelope and turns it over. And then, on the back, is written one last thing: S.W.A.L.K. It rings some sort of bell, and Sherlock thinks for a moment, before it comes to him:





Sherlock’s stomach gives a pleasant little jolt, and while Sherlock does indeed know that John is very much a romantic, sometimes it still takes him by surprise. He breathes in and opens the envelope.

But, instead of a card, it’s a sheaf of papers, diligently folded over and over again so they could fit inside. Slowly, Sherlock unfolds them:

Dear Sherlock,

         Hello there. Thought you’d be a bit sick of the sight of cards after All That (sorry-can’t deny the public a pun in the blog title). So. I thought I’d try something different. 

I love you. And I’m going to tell you that, today, and tomorrow and every day to come. But here’s when I wanted to say it. Before.

God, I am actually really nervous about this. I hope it’s not- too much. Anyway. You’re sleeping like a log right now. Read this and then we can maybe get breakfast from the café?



Feeling a little light-headed, Sherlock turns the page over. And here, here are more words, a whole wonderful screed:

When I thought ‘I love you’ but didn’t say it (I’m sorry)

We’re laughing against the wall and it’s the best night of my life, and you smile with your eyes lighting up the whole world and tell me “Says the man at the door.”

When you opened that fortune cookie and it landed in your drink and I pretended not to notice.

When you thought no-one was watching and you helped that little girl who’d lost her parents during rush hour. (I was watching you from the window). 

When you didn’t run at the pool.

When you stole that ashtray.

The words blur on the page and Sherlock has to stop reading. He blinks and blinks and doesn’t mind if the occasional stray tear falls, not really. He knows, God how he knows John finds these sorts of things ‘difficult’ and the fact that he pushed past it all, and poured out… everything. It- it means- he can’t quite-

Sherlock’s fingers trace over John’s words, taking their time. “Me too,” Sherlock whispers. “I love you.”

He carefully sets the papers down, ready to find his John, ready to seal the start of the day with a very loving kiss of his own indeed.

“You Want me to Lick Your Face?”

Thank you to @senselesssamii for tagging me in her Gag Reel Challenge! I had a lot of fun writing this. My prompt was “You want me to lick your face?” 

Summary: Y/N is bored and decides to play a prank on her sleeping boyfriend.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam 

Warnings: Prank, Pissed Dean, Cussing, a tiny bit of smut I guess

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Everything was silent in the bunker. Sam, Dean, and I finally were finally able to have a tiny break before our next hunt, so naturally we came back to the bunker for a couple of days. Sam was in the library reading, Dean was taking a nap, and I was obviously bored. I had done my laundry and cleaned up my room but I need to do something to keep myself entertained. I walked into the kitchen and hoped I would be able to find something to eat but as soon as I opened the door to the refrigerator, an idea came to mind.

I walked into the library and cleared my throat, “Sam I need your help.” Sam put down his book and brought his face to meet mine, “what’s up (Y/N)?” I smiled at Sam and pulled the can of whipped cream from behind my back, “I was thinking that we should play a prank on Dean.” Sam laughed. “I’m glad it’s not me this time and so what exactly is the whipped cream for?” “Well since Dean is sound asleep on the couch, I was thinking we should either A. get a paper plate and shove it in his face or B. put it on his hand and tickle his nose.” Sam seemed interested, “I don’t know (Y/N).” I put on my best puppy eyes, “please Sam, I’m dying of boredom here.” Sam gave in quick, “Fine. I’ll help you but we should go with plan A.”

Sam helped me find a paper plate and sprayed what was left of the whipped cream on the plate. As we slowly inched towards the couch were Dean was fast asleep, one arm over his chest and the other holding the remote to the TV by his side. I looked at Sam, “Okay on three.” Sam nodded and I got closer to the older Winchester’s face, Sam mouthed “one…two…three.” I smashed the whipped cream into Dean’s face and almost ate shit trying to move before he could catch me. Not even a minute later Dean yelled, “What the fuck?” Sam and I started laughing and Dean groaned, “that’s it, you guys are going to get it.” Dean removed the whipped cream from his eyes and immediately made eye contact with me, and I instantly started running.

I stopped running and found myself in the kitchen, I panicked and ran behind table hoping I’d be able to make a break for it when Dean comes in. Finally Dean walked in and saw me giggling and you both tried to shuffle around the chairs, but Dean was fast and caught me by the waist before I even left the kitchen. Dean saw the whipped cream can on the counter and tried to spray the empty can on the top of my head, but realized it was empty. Dean gave up, “Damn it (Y/N).” Sam came in right as Dean realized it was gone and started laughing. “Gotcha real good didn’t I Dean?” Dean nodded in annoyance, “Oh don’t worry sweetheart, I’m gonna get you just you wait.” “Good luck hun,” I winked at Dean and walked away satisfied.


It was midnight and I found myself walking towards the kitchen to get a snack, I heard Dean’s voice and figured he was doing the same but as I walked into the kitchen Dean was nowhere in sight. I shrugged and made my way to the refrigerator to eat some of the leftover cookie dough that was calling my name. The only thing was is that I couldn’t find it, then I heard “looking for this?” I turned around and was met with a cold sticky sensation across my face. I gasped at the surprise and then opened my eyes when I felt Dean smear the dough in my hair. “You son of a bitch.” Dean just stood there and looked me up and down with that smug smirk on his lips. I was contemplating on killing the bastard but then settled on grabbing the glass of water on the sink and threw it at him. Next thing we know we are both in a fit of laughter trying to clean up the giant mess we made.

Dean was cleaning up the water on the floor and I was picking up cookie dough that landed on the floor. After we were done I turned towards Dean, “Will you help me get this stuff off of my face?” Dean walked towards me, “You want me to lick your face?” I smiled at him, “As appealing as that sounds, I’ll have to take a raincheck Winchester.” Dean smiled and got closer to me so he wipe off the cookie dough, but first he grabbed a large chunk and ate it. “You’re gross.” Dean smiled and pulled me closer to him. “Yeah but you’re sweet.” I pulled him in for a quick kiss.

After Dean managed to get the cookie dough off of my face, I walked towards the hall but not before turning around to find Dean staring at me. “I’m going to take a shower, feel free to join if you’d like,” I winked innocently and turned back towards my room. It wasn’t long before I heard footsteps behind me. He caught up to me and as soon as we got into the shower Dean insisted on washing my hair since he turned my head into a cookie pan. Dean was being so gentle with me and then it was quickly erased as soon as Dean pinned me up against the wall and started sucking on my neck.

Ice Bath Challenge | Ethan Imagine

Author: Me, duh

Requested: No

Summary: You, Grayson and Ethan do the Ice Bath Challenge for their YouTube video and Ethan, your boyfriend, playfully teases you and gives you difficult spelling bee words just so you couldn’t get out of the tub for a while.

Warnings: Cursing.

Pairing: Ethan Dolan X (Reader)

Word Count: 1,935

(Y/N) = Your Name

(F/C) = Favorite Color

(A/N): First imagine! Sorry if there’s any mistakes. I hope you like it. 


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Watch: The Sesame Street monsters have some adorable thoughts to share about their favorite movies of Oscar season

Elmo likes La-la-la-la Land, Cookie Monster likes Manchester by the Letter C, and Grover likes Knock Knock Joke Animals. But not all of their answers are so pure– they also want to bring their least socially gracious friend to throw shade at celebrity outfits. Sounds perfect!

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MIA/// Sirius Black x Reader

Originally posted by jean-bilius

Request: Could you do a SiriusxReader where the reader just gave birth to a beautiful little girl but it was during one of the orders mission so Sirius comes rushing into the hospital room, a bit scrashed up a d bleeding and he feels guilty for missing her daughters birth but the reader tells him that it’s fine and that she just wants him safe. He then promises her that he will take a break of his missions and he gets to hold his daughter? He could cry to maybe? You’re doing a good job!❤ i love you

A/N: Thank you, I love you too! So just a quick reminder to everyone who requests something. If I don’t write it within like a week it’s absolutely okay to message me and be like “dude wtf where’s my fanfiction”. 😂 Well most of you won’t word it like that because you guys are rays of sunshine but you get the idea.


    You followed Sirius into the living room where he was trying to put his shoes on. You rubbed your belly which had become a nervous tick over the past nine months. Sirius just stared down at his shoes. 

    “I’m nine months pregnant and you’re still doing order missions?” Sirius finished lacing his shoes quickly and got up to stand in front of you. He put his lips on yours gently before backing away. He went to put his jacket on. 

    “It’ll be fine, I swear. I’ll be right back. Just give me a ring if you need me. Okay?” You fake pouted and walked over to Sirius. His hands found their way to your stomach.

    “Come on, love. No pouting. Come on, smile for me. Smile for me.” He began to make ridiculous faces and you tried not to laugh but soon you were smiling. “Ahh, there’s that gorgeous smile.” He kissed you again. “You’re gonna be alright, yeah?”

    “I guess.” Sirius grabbed his wand. 

    “Now I’ve gotta go but I’ll be back soon.” He got on his knees and kissed your stomach. “I’ll see you later baby. I love you so so so much.” This was followed by a few more kisses. Then he was back on his feet. “Okay, I’ve got to go now. Bye, love.” 

   He gave you one last look before holding his wand up and Apparating. You stood there and watched him until it was just you standing there. 

   You tried sleeping but it was mostly just tossing and turning. You were worried about Sirius and you wanted him to be there with you but he was miles away, dueling some Death Eater or whatever. Eventually, when you realized that you weren’t gonna get anywhere with trying to sleep you got up. 

    You began walking to the kitchen to get something to eat when you felt movement in your stomach. 

   “Someone’s awake, huh?” It kinda caught you off guard but you thought you’d be fine. You continued walking.  When you reached the kitchen, you pulled out a package of cookies and that’s when you began to feel pain. You gasped slightly and one of your hands slid onto your stomach. That’s when your water broke. 

   You dropped the cookies and the landed on the ground with a crash. 

   “Oh no.” 

   “Where is Sirius,” you shouted. Lily was running alongside you as the healers rushed you through St. Mungo’s. 

    “I don’t know. He’s with James on a mission,” she replied. “Just calm down. Deep breaths.”

   “Lily! If you tell me to calm down one more time I’ll tell this baby it has to wait so that I can kick your ass and if Sirius isn’t here soon I’ll kick his too!” That’s when another contraction kicked in. 

    “How long did you wait before you got here,” one of the healers asked you.

   “A while…I was waiting for Sirius.” 

   “How long is a while?” You didn’t have time for these questions and you found yourself getting slightly aggravated. 

    “A few hours alight? Why does it matter?” 

   “You’re about ready to have this baby.” You put your hands over your face and began to cry. You were gonna have this baby without Sirius. They settled you in a room and told you the doctor would be there within the hour…and when he arrived you’d be ready to have the baby. You didn’t stop crying and Lily just sat there beside you. 

    “(Y/N), Sirius is calling.” Your eyes shot over to her and your hand reached out to grab her phone. 

    “Sirius Black, you bloody bastard! Where are you?” 

    “I don’t have a wand and neither does James.” You began to yell at him until your throat felt sore. Then you fell silent. 



   “Are you okay?” Tears began to streak down your face again. 

   “No. Sirius…I-I’m scared. I don’t want to do this alone. I…I don’t wanna do this without you.” The line was silent but you knew he was right there. 

    “I’m sorry. I wish I could be right there with you. Holding your hand and stroking your hair and telling you everything’s gonna be okay. Because everything is going to be okay. I promise.” 


   “I’ll be there as soon as I can.” There was a knock on the door and the doctor walked in. You wiped your eyes. 

    “Sirius, I’ve got to go now.”

   “Wait, can you put the phone against your belly?” You laughed slightly but said okay. “See you soon baby. I’ll be there right when you come out. Bye.” You brought the phone back up to your ear. 

   “Bye Sirius, I’ll see you soon.” 

   “Bye.” You hung up and handed Lily the phone before looking up at the doctor. 

   “I’m ready.”

   Sirius crashed through the doors of the hospital and ran right up to the front desk. “I need to find my wife,” he yelled. “(Y/F/N), she just had a baby.” The worker began to look through the files. She told him where the room was and congratulations. Sirius barely had time to say thanks before he was racing towards the room with James’ close behind.

   When he reached the room he threw the doors open. He was slightly out of breath but when he saw you in the bed holding his child he couldn’t care less. He made his way to the side your bed. 

   “Hey,” he said. He looked down at the body in amazement. She was beautiful.  

   “Took you long enough,” you replied with a smile. 

   “C-Can I hold her?” 

   “Yeah.” You gave the baby to Sirius and he held her in his arms. He sat down in the chair and just looked down at her. 

   “You’re bleeding.” There were a few cuts on his face and arms. He looked at his arms for a split second before looking away. 

   “Yeah? Well, you should’ve seen the other guy.” He laughed slightly and you just rolled your eyes. “I am so so sorry I missed this. The best day of my life and I wasn’t even there to witness it.”

   “It’s fine, it’s completely alright. I just wanted to know that you were alright and now that you are it’s alright.” Sirius sighed. He played with the babies hands which were incredibly soft. 

    “I still should’ve been here with you. I shouldn’t have went on the stupid order mission. Listen, I’m gonna take a break from missions for a while. I’m sure things will be fine without me.” Suddenly, the baby gripped his finger. Sirius gasped lightly and tears began to streak down his face.

   “Yeah, that sounds great.”

Tano And Kenobi: The Senator From Naboo

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Now that she has been re-accepted into the Jedi Order and named a Jedi Knight, Ahsoka Tano has some work to do. Luckily a helpful Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is there to point her in the right direction. Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi has some training to make up for and a lesson in jar’kai waiting for him. 

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Jar’kai was amazing.

Exhausting, but amazing!

Obi-Wan could not remember the last time his arms were so tired and sore after just an hour of lightsaber practice. He happily slumped his way back to the Initiate Dormitory, shedding his robes and boots before taking a long shower in the refresher when he got to his room. After an eternity of muscle-relaxing warm water, he got out, changed into a more comfortable set of robes, and headed back out for dinner.

He was so wrapped up in the happy memories of his lesson with Master Ahsoka that Obi-Wan paid little attention to the older Padawans who were whispering about how he didn’t have a master yet.

“I can’t believe he’s still here!”

“I would have left out of shame by now.”

“My master says no one will take him. They say he’s too emotional. That he might go dark.”

“I heard he tried to ask Master Sinube. Can you believe it? How desperate do you have to be to ask that old fart?”

Holding his head high, Obi-Wan nodded pleasantly to his fellow Jedi. He had a wicked retort on his tongue but he stilled it, knowing deep in his heart that Master Ahsoka would not approve. He was going to make her proud, to show her that he was worthy of her teachings and maybe, if he was lucky, being her padawan.

So that meant Obi-Wan would just have to bite his tongue and ignore the cold-hearted nexus he found himself in line with.

“Hey, Obi-Wan!” a voice called out through the dining hall, belonging to a dark-skinned Kiffar with a golden stripe across his nose.

Who was pushing his way through the dinner crowd and making a beeline towards Obi-Wan. “Thanks for saving me a spot in line.”

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. “I did no such thing, Quinlan. The end of the line is back there behind Padawan Rast.”

“You are such a goody-goody!” Quinlan groaned, wrapping an arm around his friend’s shoulders and then pulling him into a headlock where he could give him some proper encouragement with his knuckles. “You were totally saving a spot for me, right?”

“Gah! Ow! Quin! That hurts!” Obi-Wan protested, smacking at his friend’s arm for release before he would have to employ more aggressive measures. “Let me go, you odiferous gundark!”

“Odiferous?” Quinlan laughed, releasing Obi-Wan with a flourish and a firm place in line behind his friend as they shuffled forward to dinner. “I will have you know I took a bath yesterday.”

Obi-Wan gently touched the top of his head and winced. “I know. I can smell.”

“So what’s this I hear about there being a new knight in the Temple?” Quinlan asked, his eyes bright with curiosity and his smile lean and curious. “Master says she’s a Togruta that grew up on the Outer Rim? And her master passed into the Force a while ago.”

The surrounding padawans seemed to inch closer to Obi-Wan and Quinlan, their arch commentaries on Obi-Wan’s presence and Quinlan’s boisterous nature forgotten in the face of news and gossip. Highly observant for an initiate, Obi-Wan chewed on his lip as he carefully thought of what to say that would sate Quin’s voracious curiosity but wouldn’t give too much away about Master Ahsoka. He felt very protective of Ahsoka and didn’t want idle gossip to cause her the kind of trouble it had caused Obi-Wan.

“Knight Tano has recently returned from an extended mission in the field,” Obi-Wan finally concluded, thanking the serving droid as he took his tray and stepped away from the food line, Quinlan right on his heels. “She’s been having trouble finding her way with the renovations and I have offered to assist her around the Temple.”

“Tano?” Quinlan echoed, flopping down opposite Obi-Wan at one of the long tables the initiates and padawans sat at. “I don’t remember a knight by that name. What does she do?”

Obi-Wan frowned off to the side, trying to stay silent.

Quinlan narrowed his eyes, his grin growing wider. “You know what she was doing, don’t you! Tell me! C’mon, Obi-Waaaaan! I swear to Yoda I won’t tell a soul!”

Shaking his head, Obi-Wan folded his arms over his chest and continued his mulish silence.

“Obi-Wan!” the Kiffar pleaded, holding up his dessert, hoping it would loosen his friend’s tongue. “I’ll give you my chocolate sponge cake!”

“No!” Obi-Wan refused, shaking his head. “I can’t. I don’t have authorization to tell you.”

“Authorization?” Quinlan gaped, his excitement growing by the minute as he was starting to imagine Knight Tano taking on whole squadrons of pirates over the misty rings of an exotic Outer Rim planet. “Is she a Shadow? Master didn’t say anything about her being a Shadow!”

“Quinlan!” Obi-Wan hissed, leaning under the table to give his friend a good kick in the shins. “Shut your karking mouth before somebody hears you!”

“Language, Initiate,” a low voice rumbled into the two boys squabble and they both turned their faces skyward to see the tall, imposing presence of Master Qui-Gon Jinn standing over them. His face was impassive, neither a smile nor a frown on his lips and his eyes seemed to see beyond them, as if they were not there. “Brother Jedi do not squabble over petty gossip. You would do well to set a proper example for your friend, Padawan Vos.”

And with that bit of wisdom imparted, Master Jinn moved out of the dining hall and into the shadowed archway that led back into the Temple.

Obi-Wan let out a heavy sigh and turned his eyes back to his food as Quinlan let out a snort once he was absolutely certain the mountain of a master was out of earshot. He proceeded to sit up straighter and sniffed in a poor imitation of Master Jinn, “You would do well to be more of a stick in the mud like Luminara, Obi-Wan. She never has any fun and all the masters love her.”

Rolling his eyes, Obi-Wan tucked into his dinner. “Shut up, Quin. I don’t want to get chewed out by two masters tonight.”

Deciding that his empty stomach could hold out no longer, Quinlan followed Obi-Wan’s suggestion and the two boys began to eat in relative silence.

Quinlan didn’t notice Obi-Wan turning around to gaze out at the doorway Master Jinn departed through. I know Master Ahsoka thinks Master Jinn might be a good master for me but… I don’t know. I don’t think any Padawan could ever make him happy.

Obi-Wan bit into his chocolate sponge cake and sighed. Definitely not me.

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Angels and Mistletoe

Summary: Castiel shows up when the Y/N least expects it. He comes to tell her that he placed mistletoe in the opening of her door, and he wants to do what humans usually do. Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader Pairing: Castiel x reader 

Warnings: fluff, implied smut

 Word Count: 933

 Drabble Prompt:  What about castiel and mistletoe for a drabble? Maybe with the prompt “I heard mistletoe can help initiate kisses so I put one in your doorway.”- Anonymous 

 A/N: This really was a lot of fun to write. I enjoyed writing this, it was so freaking cute.

Originally posted by bittercasblogger

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