cookie killer

MBTI as ways I have procrastinated

INTP: learning morse code

INTJ: learning every country’s flag

INFJ: having a 30-minute long existential crisis

INFP: writing emo poetry

ISFJ: baking an abnormal number of cookies

ENFP: eating the abnormal number of cookies

ENTP: researching serial killers

ENTJ: coming up with a philosophical theory

ENFJ: giving my friend an hour-long therapy session via text

ISTJ: reading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ISFP: drawing an intricate skull and crossbones to hang on my door

ISTP: attempting to climb a tree in my garden that really shouldn’t be climbed

ESTP: researching poisons

ESFJ: composing a piano piece but forgetting to write it down

ESTJ: trying and failing at liquid eyeliner

ESFP: attempting advanced yoga and pulling a muscle


April 20th, 2015
(each photo has a caption with ID information)
Most of Jpod (everyone but the J17s) in lower Rosario Strait. 
At first they were spread over more than a mile, milling individually and presumably foraging, diving for long periods of time. And without any apparent signal, they all came together along the shoreline and began to mill around together, like a family meeting. They went north, then south, then back north again, almost like they were making a decision and discussing something. Then they did decide to go north all in a group, perhaps to go find the J17s who were likely north of them in the Strait. J27 and J38 broke off from the main group and headed way east by themselves, maybe to help look for the J17s? 
Great day with fascinating behaviour from Jpod. The mystery of the society deepens each time I see them. 

oh yeah~


COOKIE KILLER 😱 #fursuit

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