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As the Great Goddess of Hell, she decided to take her unlimited free time by indulging herself in the food the humans would eat. Pizza, burgers, cake, cookies, it has all became hers now. Her body had ballooned up well, covering about half of all she rules over. She’s quite impressed of how big she gotten; she was so huge, that she reached the size of a thousand mountains! Her subordiante, Clownpiece climebed on her fatyy flesh-mountain of a body to give her more food to eat.

“Here’s the food, miss! I even brought you a hose that’s gonna pump you up with tons of tasty soda!”

She was, of course, busy eating her way through a wave of various food. She let out a great billowing gas that can be see all through out Hell. The oni backed away form her fog-like fart, fearing it to be a miasma sent by her. It was then that her fat reached more and more closer to the Palace of the Earth Spirits, the realm of Satori Komeiji.


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i feel like i’m in the minority opinion here but, i don’t like rick and morty?? i mean like…i don’t hate it. but i don’t like it either. you’d think that judging by the premise and the show’s style of humor i’d love it, but i don’t? idk, there’s just this whole unpleasant atmosphere to rick and morty that repels me from it. i can’t pin my finger on it

Yes - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 9)

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Part 8

**Word Count 3,432

Harry was in the shower, while you were getting dressed in the bedroom. You two were going out for breakfast, mostly because you two needed to go grocery shopping due to the fact you were practically eating constantly. You grabbed your clothes that you were going to wear and started to put them on. 

However, your body had other plans. You were trying to pull your jeans up over your hips, but they weren’t budging. 

“Fucking…” you mumbled to yourself before trying the old jumping up and down trick. 

When Harry opened the bathroom door, steam filled the bedroom as he watched you jumping up and down around the room. He held the side of his towel around his waist. 

“Uh, baby, what are you doing?” He asked leaning against the doorframe, an amused smirk crossed his face. 

“Nothing fucking fits!” You groaned. “These are the fourth pair of jeans I’ve tried and I can’t get them over these thunder thighs, and if I can they won’t button because of my baby bump! In all my shirts, my boobs are just popping out for the world to see and my bras are all too tight,” you sighed laying back on the bed. 

Harry pushed off from the wall and walked over to you. “Baby, your body’s changing, so we just need to go shopping and get you some new clothes,” he said. 

“How? I can’t fit into any of my clothes I have here and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for me to go out in public naked,” you said. 

“That’d be a wonderful sight though,” he smirked. 

“Now, is not the time for jokes,” you mumbled. 

“I’m sorry,” he said looking over at you. “What if you wore some of my things?” 

“I’m sure in other relationships that would work, but your jeans are smaller than mine, so I highly doubt I’d be able to fit into yours,” you laughed. 

“True. I didn’t really think about that,” he said. “What about your yoga pants? Those fit don’t they?” 

“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna wear yoga clothes and look a hot mess, while you’re all dressed for the runway,” you mumbled. 

“You look hot in your yoga clothes, but if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll wear some gym wear too,” he said. 

“Really?” you smiled. 

“Yeah, it’ll look like we went to the gym together or something,” he shrugged. 

You smiled over to him. “I love you,” you whispered. 

“And I love you,” he smiled. 

You giggled kissing him quickly before getting off the bed and going over to get your clothes. 


Once you got the cafe for breakfast, you quickly opened the menu and started looking at all of the choices. You finally decided on veggie egg scramble, french toast, a fruit salad, some hash browns, and sausage. 

“I swear all of these cravings I’ve having is going to end one of two ways, either I’m gonna pop out the biggest baby ever or I’m gonna gain all the weight and have to buy a new wardrobe every week,” you laughed. 

“But at least you’re making healthy choices,” he smiled. “I know some women only crave a bunch of junk food and hardly eat anything remotely healthy which puts them and the baby in danger. Luckily you have a good mixture.” 

“Yeah, but I think it’s because I wasn’t a huge junk food person to begin with. I mean don’t get me wrong I love eating a bag of chips or chocolate chip cookies or a huge burger and fries and some pizza, but I never really ate that stuff all the time,” you said taking a sip of your orange juice. 

He nodded. “I’m still waiting for you to wake me up in the middle of the night making me go get some pizza or ice cream though,” he laughed. “Or you wanting to eat some weird concoction with pickles.” 

“I hate pickles,” you laughed shaking your head. “But would you really get out in the middle of the night and get me something?” 

“Well yeah, you’re carrying our child and having your body go through all sorts of changes, the least I could do is get you something to eat,” he smiled. 

“Even if it was like 3am or right after you’ve just gotten in a deep sleep?” You asked. 

“Even then,” he smiled. 

“You must really love me, huh?” You smiled. 

“You’re alright,” he shrugged with a smirk on his face. 

You gasped throwing your straw wrapper at him. “You’re such an ass sometimes.” 

He laughed and soon your breakfast came, so you both started eating. 

“Now, I know I need some new clothes, but I’m a little… unsure of where to go exactly. I mean do I just get larger sizes than I normally wear, or do I go to a maternity place…” you whispered. 

“Seeing as how I don’t exactly have this sort of experience, I don’t really know what to say, but I would think you’d be more comfortable in maternity clothes. I mean isn’t that they’re whole reasoning…” he said. 

“Yeah, but I don’t know… I just feel weird going there and what if someone sees me buying clothes from there. I know we can’t keep be being pregnant forever, but the longer we can keep it private the better,” you said. 

“Same thing with the baby store,” he shrugged. “We could easily be going there to buy our pregnant “friend” something for herself. Think about it, most everyone gets things for the baby on the way and the poor Mum to be gets nothing really.” 

You laughed shaking your head. “You always have an answer for everything don’t you?” 

“It’s a gift really,” he smirked. 

“We’re in trouble if this baby is anything like you,” you giggled. 

“Well even if this one isn’t, I’m sure one of our kids are bound to be,” he said. 

“Is that you’re way of saying you want more kids?” You asked. 

His cheeks turned a bright pink as he nodded. “I do, yeah. I’m not talking anytime soon, cause we’re going to have our hands full with this little one, but one day, I do want more yes.” 

“With me hopefully?” You giggled. 

“Of course,” he laughed. “I wouldn’t want kids or to be with anyone else but you.” 

“Good answer, Styles,” you smiled. 


After you two finished eating breakfast, Harry paid the bill and you headed to the car. 

“Okay, so do you even know of a maternity clothing place here in London?” You asked. 

“Uh, not really,” he laughed as he pulled the car out onto the road. 

“Well, great, how are we supposed to go shopping if we don’t even know where to go,” you laughed. 

“There’s this amazing thing called google, you should probably check that out,” Harry said. 

You rolled your eyes grabbing your phone. You typed in a search and soon it pulled up  a few options. You reached over and typed in the address into the GPS. 

Within a few seconds, the GPS was telling Harry where to go and he was following it bit by bit. 

“You remember when I asked you if you would still find me attractive once I started growing a belly?” You asked. 

“And I told you that you didn’t have to worry about that because I’d find you attractive no matter what?” He asked turning his blinker on to turn left. 

“Yep,” you nodded. “Well, here’s a new question, do you find me more attractive with my baby belly than before?” 

He looked over at you out of the corner of his eye, “Is that a trick question?” 

“No,” you shook your head. “I’m just genuinely curious.” 

“I-well, I wouldn’t say I find you more attractive than before like saying I prefer you with a baby bump compared to how you were prior to getting pregnant. But  knowing that you’re carrying our child and that your body is doing these amazing things to take care of our baby is just fucking amazing and I definitely find that so hot and I love you so much more for that. So, I guess in a way there is technically a little bit of a different attraction there, but either way, I’d fuck you anytime in anyplace,” he smirked. 

“Ew,” you laughed hitting his arm. “Way to ruin a nice, romantic answer with saying the work fuck.” 

“Should I have said make love?” He asked. 

“It does sound more romantic,” you nodded. 

“True, and we do make love most of the time, but we also get in a good fuck from time to time,” he smirked. 

“Okay, seriously! Stop it,” you laughed. “You need to wash your mouth out with soap.” 

“As soon as we get home,” he joked. 

“You do realize you’re gonna have to clean your language up a bit once the baby is here,” you said. “We don’t need our baby’s first word to be fuck or something along those lines.” 

“That’d actually be pretty funny,” he laughed. “But I get what you’re saying and I also know that I’m not the only one that’s going to have to do that either.” 

You gasped. “Me? Why I never? I’m completely innocent.”

He scoffed. “You? Innocent? I believe you were the complete opposite of innocent the other night when your nails were digging their way into the skin of chest as you rode me.” 

You blushed. “Oh, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it,” 

“Never said I didn’t, baby,” he smirked. “It’s just we both know you’re not entirely innocent when it comes to certain aspects of your life.” 

“Well, what can I say? My boyfriend’s just too fucking hot for me to resist,” you smirked leaning over towards him. 

“Oh really?” He smirked licking his lips. 

“Really,” you whispered looking him in the eyes as you reached over to put your hand on his thigh.

“How bad do you really need clothes? I mean we don’t have to leave the house… we can just go around naked… you know..” he said gripping the steering wheel. 

“Seeing as how we’re already at the store, we might as well go in and get what I need,” you said removing your hand. 

Harry whined as he parked the car and you buckled your seatbelt. You were just about to get out of the car, when you noticed Harry hadn’t moved. 

“You coming?” You asked looking over at him. 

“In a bit,” he groaned. “I need uh a minute to myself to gather my thoughts.” 

You raised your eyebrow and noticed a little something causing you to giggle. “Oops. My bad.

“Damn right it’s your bad,” he mumbled trying to situate himself in his gym shorts. “Of all the things to wear today…” 

You laughed. “You take all the time you need to gather your -er thoughts, I’m going inside.” 

“Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled as you got out of the car. 


It took about ten minutes before Harry finally made his way into the store. He had a bit of a pout on his face and you tried holding back a giggle. 

“It’s not funny,” he whined. 

“I swear you’re like a teenager sometimes,” you laughed. “It’s cute.” 

He rolled his eyes. “Anyway, have you found anything?” 

“Yep, lots, they’ve started a fitting room for me,” you smiled. 

“Oh goodness,” he said. 

You laughed finding a bit more before heading back to the room. Harry stood outside looking at his phone as he waited. You came out to show him a few of the items you picked out. 

He smiled when he saw you in a cute Summer dress and nice pair of jeans and shirt. 

“I love those,” he smiled. “I can’t wait to take you out on a date with you wearing that dress.” 

“Speaking of a date,” you said. “Who do you plan on taking as your date to the Premiere of Dunkirk?” 

“Is that even a question?” He laughed. “You, of course. Mum and Gemma and the rest of the family will be there, but you will be my actual date.” 

“I was just checking,” you said. “I’ll need to make sure I have a dress that fits and doesn’t show this thing all that much,” you said pointing to your belly. 

“We can worry about that as it gets closer,” he said. “Have you made any decisions regarding the entire store in that fitting room of yours?” 

“Yep, everything,” you said bringing it out. 

He shook his head laughing as he took the stack of clothes from you and went over to the counter. Before you could get your card out to pay for them, Harry had already taken care of it. 

“Excuse you,” you said. 

“What?” He asked. 

“I was going to pay for those,” you said. 

“Well, I decided to pay for them instead,” he smiled kissing your head before grabbing the bags. 

The two of you walked out of the store and went over to the car. “You know I can pay for things too,” you said. 

“I know,” he said. “I just wanted to buy something for you.” 

“Which is fine, but you already paid for breakfast and now my clothes. At least let me pay for the groceries,” you said. 

“Will do,” he smiled kissing your cheek. 


After stopping for lunch and doing some grocery shopping, you two were finally back home. Harry carried in most of the bags, while you were mostly carrying all the “light” stuff. 

You put all of your bags on the counter and started taking everything out to put the stuff away, while Harry put away all the stuff in the high places. 

“That right there is the only reason I’m with you,” you joked. 

“What?” He laughed. “Because I’m tall?” 

“Yep,” you nodded. “I always knew I was going to need a tall ass guy to reach everything I couldn’t.” 

“Except, I wasn’t all that tall when you first met me,” he smirked. “So, it must be for some other reason…” 

“Well, you weren’t all that hot back then either,” you joked. 

“Hey!” He said completely offended. 

You giggled wrapping your arms around his waist. “I’m just joking!” You smiled looking up at him. 

“You’re so mean to me,” he pouted wrapping his arms around you. 

“You literally make fun of me all the time,” you laughed. 

“Because your reactions are so fucking cute, I can’t help it,” he laughed. 

“Same with you,” you laughed. “Anyway, let’s go lay on the couch, my feet hurt.” 

You pulled Harry over to the couch. You took off your shoes before sitting down and pulling the blanket over you as you leaned against Harry’s chest. He smiled kissing your head and turning the TV on. 

Harry was running his hand up and down your sides as you both watched the movie. About a half an hour into the movie, Harry had moved his hand under your shirt and ran in his fingers across your belly. You smiled a bit and cuddled into him more. A little bit later, he sneakily moved his hands up towards your chest. You looked up at him and saw him smirking.

“Whatcha doing?” You said looking up at him. 

“Nothing, nothing at all,” he smirked. 

“Uh,” you rolled your eyes. 

A few minutes pass by before you take one of your hands out from under you and put it on his thigh. You don’t do anything at first, but then gradually you make sure and place it somewhere in particular. 

“What are you doing?” He breathed out. 

“Nothing,” you shrugged. 

“Well, why don’t you come do nothing over here,” he smirked picking you up and putting you on his lap. 

It started with a full on, passionate kiss. Then, it moved on playful teasing before moving on to clothes being scattered all over the living room floor. As always, he made sure to cover ever inch of your skin in kisses before bringing his lips to where you wanted him most. 

The moment you felt him, you arched your back with a loud moan and quickly brought your hands to his hair. You could feel him smirking as he teased you and you let out a little whine, but you didn’t care. 

It felt like forever before you finally felt the wave of pleasure hit your body and his grip tightened on you as he helped you. Once you were finished, you sat up on the couch and went over to him. You kissed him again and ran your hand over him causing him to moan against your lips. You smirked and starting kissing down his neck and chest before bringing your lips down over him. 

“Fucking…” he groaned out as he threw his head back. 

A few a moments, he pulled you back up and positioned you over top of him. You sat down on him and held you close as you rocked your hips back and forth. You both were holding onto each other as you moved together. 

Moans and screams filled the room as the two of you moved faster as you both felt the wave coming closer. He reached down and touched you, edging you closer and that was all it took before you threw your head back screaming. 

At the sight of that, he did the same soon after. You both rode out the last of it before you laid back on the couch. You both were too hot to cover yourself with the blanket. Your head was near his chest and he had his arms wrapped around you.

“That was so hot,” he smirked. 

You giggled. “It always is.” 

“That’s true,” he nodded. “Even when we’ve had sloppy drunk sex.” 

“I kinda miss having that,” you laughed. “You’re always so giggly.” 

He blushed. “Shut up. I’m not a giggly drunk.” 

“Oh, but you are,” you laughed. “It’s cute though, why do you think I always want to sleep with you when you’re drunk.” 

“I just thought it was because you’re just a horny drunk,” he said. 

You just laughed and looked up at him. “You know, once the baby is here, we won’t be able to do things like this,” you said. 

“No, sex?” He asked. 

“Well, technically not for a good few weeks after the babies born and probably longer than that because we’re both gonna be exhausted, but days like this. Days where we can just go out and then come back and start feeling each other up on the couch before having full on sex session in the living room,” you laughed. 

“Yeah, I guess not, but there will be days that I’m sure my Mum or Gemma would love to babysit, and I definitely won’t be afraid to take them up on their offer,” he laughed. 

“I know I’m still trying to work on things with your family, but if we’re still not fully there by the time the baby is born… you don’t think they’d see the baby differently do you?” You asked. 

“I wouldn’t think so,” he shook his head. “The baby is my baby too, which means that it’s their grandchild and nephew. I’d hope my mum wouldn’t treat them different just because she still might not be ready to accept you.” 

“What if she never does?” You sniffled. “I don’t want to be fighting with your family for the rest of our lives and I don’t want you to have to worry about it either.” 

“Hey,” he whispered wiping the tears from your eyes. “Don’t cry, please. I hate seeing you cry.” 

“I’m sorry,” you sighed. “It’s these hormones…” 

“Look, my Mum’s problem is basically from our past relationships. This relationship is still new and I’m sure once we prove to her that we’re in this for the long term and it’s not going to end up like before, then she’ll be happy,” he said. “My Mum really does love you Y/N, I know it.” 

“Well, maybe you should tell her that,” you whispered. 

Harry sighed kissing your head as he wrapped his arms around you more. “Why don’t we get some rest and then I’ll make us some dinner?” He whispered. 

“Okay,” you nodded. “Only because I’m exhausted and the baby’s tired.” 

“I sure do know how to tire my girl out,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “Shut up and go to sleep,” you mumbled. 

He laughed and fixed the pillow, so both of you could use it before closing his eyes and joining you in for a post-sex nap.