cookie a sock club


FOs! I’ve reached my 2013 knitting goal of 9 pairs of socks in 2013! I’m so happy I finished these in July and didn’t have to stress in December to try and get them done. So far, I’ve made both sock patterns from each Sock Club shipment, and made a few from last year’s club as well.

And! Bonus!WIP:

External image

Spent most of the day on tumblr/reading fic/pokeyman-times-ing. Because there’s not a looming thesis deadline or anything. And I’m not moving out of my apartment in a week or so. Nope.

(in my defense, no pun, I did finish the Intro section and made reasonable gestures towards the Geologic Setting. so there’s that. if by Gestures you mean ‘thought about it a bit while wandering outside Pewter City’.)

(regret count still hovering near zero though)