the house - norwegian vocab 🏡


et hus - a house

et rom - a room

å bo - to live (/to reside)

et tak - a roof

et vindu - a window

en dør - a door

gardiner - curtains

trappene - the stairs

møbler - furniture


en sofa - a sofa

en tv - a tv

en telefon - a telephone

en lenestol - an armchair

en hylle - a shelf

et bord - a table

en stol - a chair

en peis - a fireplace


å lage mat - to cook

en kniv - a knife

en gaffel - a fork

en skje - a spoon

en tallerken - a plate

et glass - a glass

en ovn - an oven

et kjøleskap - a refrigerator


en børste - a brush

et speil - a mirror

soap - såpe

en tannbørste - a toothbrush

tannkrem - toothpaste

en dusj - a shower

et badekar - a bathtub

å vaske - to clean

å dusje - to shower 


en seng - a bed

en pute - a pillow

en dyne - a duvet

et laken - a sheet

et klesskap - a closet

anonymous asked:

If you are open for request scenarios, can I have a "How would bts members react to seeing you for the first time"? Like if they fall in love at first sight or no? Thank you if your choose this!

How would bts members react to seeing you for the first time


I can’t say if either he’d fall at first sight, but he’d definitely turn on sofkook mode. He probably would try to steal a glance at you when you aren't looking,and be mesmerized by you.
He wouldn't say anything though, couz shykook ofc


I think Taehyungie has little to no control over his facial expression, so if he indeed falls for you at first sight. his jaw would dropped as soon as his eyes landed on you unable to speak coherent words.



I think Jimminie would automatically be a blushing and shy mess, but he would be able to speak to you, even if he cant bring himself to not look at your face and smile. He has to get to know you right now

“Hi” *looks down shy* “I’m Jimin, and you are..?”


I don’t see Joons as the type to fall in love at first sight,
but if you caught his attention he’d definitely approach to start a conversation with you.

 “Sorry but I couldn’t help but hear you were talking about *insert subject you are interested in*… “ 


I think this sweet sunshine would be the most likely to fall for you at first sight, but not just because…I think you would caught Hoseokie’s attention because of how you express yourself and how you behave with your surroundings. small things that maybe no one else would notice.


I see Yoongi as the least to fall in love at first sight.
BUT, you would touch his “curiosity” side.

*inside his brain*

“Should I go to talk to them?” “Nah, I would probably look too interested”
”Though I am interested…””hnnnnnn, fine I’ll go… “”…but later when they are alone…” 


Mah boy be serving looks he’d be all like 

“C’mere, I’d like a word with you” “What’s crackalackin” “The name’s Jin…”
*send flying kiss* “What’s cooken, good looken?😏”Do you know ppi ttam nunmul?

That was a joke huehue.


I think Jinnie much like Jimin would be a blushing mess, only that he can control very well his emotions.
He would probably try to strike a conversation with you very smoothly, maybe a joke or a regular “Hey I’m Jin and you?”
He’d even invite your something to drink.

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