cooked alive

Actual things that have happened in Miraculous Ladybug which I still can’t believe
  • Ladybug rode a giant flying hairdryer
  • Ladybug rode a dragon
  • A guy tried to take over Paris with pigeons
  • A chef encased an entire building in caramel and tried to cook a girl alive in a pool of soup
  • A 15 year old challenged a panther to a race and the owner was so upset he turned into a dinosaur and ate Ladybug
  • A rock star was sword-fighting with Chat Noir on a plank suspended at the top of the Eiffel Tower, using a guitar
  • Said rock star has a pet crocodile
  • A girl tried to fight off a butterfly with an umbrella while stuck in a lift
  • Chat Noir was murdered by a supervillain and died in Ladybug’s arms, in an early episode. No, really, he actually died, I’m not even kidding
  • Ladybug kissed Chat Noir for like 10 seconds while lying on the floor, and he didn’t remember it and she didn’t tell him
  • Chat Noir threw his bodyguard down a lift shaft from the 8th floor. This has never been brought up again.
  • A kid used magic bubbles to kidnap all the adults in Paris so he could throw a birthday party
  • Marinette went on a date with a supervillain
  • Ladybug tossed Chat Noir in a river
  • Some smartie in the 19th century invented the hologram and then… didn’t tell anyone?? Except their family?? Why would you keep such awesome new technology a secret??
  • A 186 year old and his turtle sidekick started shipping two teenagers because of an umbrella
  • A guy cut the entire Eiffel Tower in half
  • A strict rich fashion designer pretended to be a butterfly and then pretended to be an aeroplane, and also another time said he was the Easter Bunny
  • A ridiculously competent toddler managed to brainwash Chat Noir
  • Santa Claus dabbed

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If Ravus Was a Party Member... (Banter)

Ignis: “We must restock on our supply of curatives.”
Ravus: “Curatives would not be a necessity of someone would cease falling in combat.”
Prompto: “Hey! It’s not my fault the monsters keep chasing me!”
Ravus: “Because they must be after that irresistible charm of yours.”
Prompto: “And what if they are?!”


Noctis: “Man, it’s hot… I don’t know how you aren’t cooking alive in your coat, Ravus.”
Ravus: “My burning hatred for people allows me to become resistant to the heat.”
Noctis: “Uh…”
Ravus: “…That was supposed to be a joke.”


Gladiolus: “Pretty useful with that blade there, Ravus.”
Ravus: “More useful than you, I fear.”


Prompto: “Wow, the lighting here would make for a perfect photo! Let’s get a shot of all of us here!”
Noctis: “Sure. I’m game.”
Ravus: *disgusted noise* “I would much rather not.”
Prompto: “Come on, Ray. Lighten up and smile a bit more, buddy!”
Noctis: “That’d be a scary sight.”
Ravus: “Then I shall make it my point to smile more. Just for you.”


Ravus: “Raining once more? Such awful weather…”
Gladiolus: “What? Afraid of a little water?”
Ravus: “Water plus dirt results in mud, Amicitia. Removing stains from my attire is far from something I wish to do.”
Ignis: “Just as I refuse to do as well.”
Prompto: “Shoulda made black your color, buddy.”


Ravus: “Amicitia! You are the King’s Shield! Act like it!”
Gladiolus: “Kinda hard when there’s a bean-pole in my way!”


Ravus: “A decent fight, Caelum. Well done.”
Noctis: “Was that a compliment…?”
Ignis: “I do believe that was.”
Prompto: “Look at that! Making progress!”
Ravus: “…On second thought, I take back what I said.”
Noctis: “No take-backs. I’ll take what I can get from you.”

anonymous asked:

prompt: isak comforting and taking care of even during one of his depressive episodes in their new apartment xxx

Anonymous said: Skam prompt: Isak looking after Even during an episode, maybe?

It never feels like Isak’s looking after Even when he’s like this.

Not really, anyway. It feels more like…helping him out. 

Even can’t bring himself to make breakfast? Okay, Isak can cook some eggs for the two of them, even if he can’t make them as well as Even does. Even feels overwhelmed at the idea that it’s his turn to wash the dishes? Well, there’s probably some dishes still left over from Isak’s turn, anyway. Even can’t handle going to school? Isak can let the school know and pop over to his teachers to collect any work Even’s missed. He genuinely, really, absolutely, doesn’t mind. He knows that as soon as Even feels better, he’ll pick things back up. Until then, Isak is there to help him out. Which is okay. Things are okay. Things will be okay. 

One day, Isak finds himself walking home from school and, despite himself, he can’t help walk that bit quicker knowing Even is home, alone, feeling low and a little hopeless.

He steps inside and heat hits him like a punch to the face. Because Jesus, their flat feels like a fucking sauna. They’re entering the summer months anyway, and they have so many large windows that it kind of turns their place into a greenhouse when the sun’s out. But it’s more than that. Isak’s fingers trail over the radiator and find it almost boiling to the touch. He frowns, switches the heating off, and walks into his and Even’s bedroom.
Even is curled up in bed, duvet splayed on the floor, t-shirt and hair damp with sweat. Isak swallows hard, because it just isn’t a nice sight. Even just looks so small like this. 

At some point, Isak’s legs remember how to work. He opens their window as wide as it will go before climbing in bed, next to Even, pressing a kiss on his cheek to wake him up.

“Are you trying to cook yourself alive, or?” Isak murmurs, laughing a little nervously, trying not to make his worry abundantly clear. 

It takes Even a little while to respond, but eventually, he opens his eyes. Looks at Isak before his eyes dart away quickly as he rolls onto his back to stare at the ceiling. 

“I tried turning it down, but…” His voice is small, raspy, and his eyes are teary and tired and God, Isak just wants to make it all go away for him. “I couldn’t figure it out, so.”

“I’ve fixed it,” Isak murmurs gently, threading a hand through Even’s hair. It’s a bit gross; greasy and sweaty, and if Isak’s honest, Even hasn’t showered in days and the whole room stinks because of it. It’s alright, though. Isak doesn’t mind that much.

“I just.” Even swallows hard, tired eyes fluttering shut, looking on the verge of tears. And Even’s cried over less when he’s been like this; out of frustration and exhaustion and, well, depression. Isak learnt a long time ago that comforting words can’t always do a huge amount when Even’s like this. That the best thing he can do sometimes is simply sit there and be with him.

“Hey,” Isak murmurs, turning Even’s face to look at him, making their eyes meet. Even’s eyes are a little dulled, a little less light, a little less starry. They’re heavy, exhaustion radiating from them, but they’re still Even’s eyes. Wonderful and perfect and Isak loves them just the same. “Minute by minute, yeah?”

Even swallows again. “Yeah,” he says quietly, and Isak smiles a little, brushing his thumb over Even’s cheek, then his mouth. He closes the distance between them and kisses him, soft and undemanding and reassuring. Just letting him know he’s there. Even’s mouth tastes a little bitter, teeth unbrushed and lips dry and chapped, but Isak wouldn’t want any other lips but these. Even’s. Even, who is the brightest and kindest and most beautiful person Isak knows, even when he’s low like this. 

“How about a shower?” Isak suggests tentatively. 

After half a minute of silence, Even nods, pulling himself out of bed with heavy limbs and tired eyes. It’s progress, though. Good progress. 

Isak fixes the shower so it’s the colder side of warm - they’re both boiling from the heat of the flat - and when Even gets undressed, Isak picks his clothes up. Says, “I’ll join you in a minute, I just need to put the washing on.”

Isak collects the rest of the dirty clothes from their bedroom which - okay, their bedroom is a tip, but Isak’s never been particularly tidy and maybe it does go to shit a tiny bit when Even isn’t there to remind him to pick his clothes up. But whatever.

He strips the bed linen, too, down to the pillow cases, and crams everything into the washing machine before returning to the bathroom. Even is under the shower, rubbing the shower gel over his body kind of numbly and methodically. Isak undresses himself, steps in the shower with Even, and smiles up at him. Kisses him once, softly and gently. Another day, another mood, kisses in the shower can be messy and hungry and desperate. But not in times like this. Times like this, the kiss is nothing but a reassuring hello, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Noses brushing against one another, foreheads together, deep breaths and closed eyes. Standing under the jets of water and melting into one being. And Isak just can’t help thinking that if something as simple as love could make Even happy, then he’d be the happiest boy in the world. 

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Petty opinion time:  for all the times the Night Court’s food is brought up, it is super boring white people food. If SJM had to completely appropriate ME culture for the Night Court, she could have at least had them eating ME food instead of boiled chicken and green beans.

SummerSun Horoscopes 🌞🌊

(among other ill fortunes)

♈  aries: is your beach body ready? is your beach head ready? is your beach spirit ready? is your beach astral projecting ready? if not, dont even bother. just get your aura spray-tanned like everyone else. 

♉  taurus: summer nights too hot for blankets, but if the sheets dont cover your toes who knows what will reach out for them. cover yourself in the dark. sleep without pants, it’s a better compromise. 

♊  gemini: the days grow longer and longer, and so do you. you must stop. you should have known what you were asking for when you wished for summer to never end.

♋  cancer:  white linens spread out over soft green lawns, cool breezes over your back. tranquil, quiet. only the cricket knows the pounding of your heart and the anxiety ticking in your brain. panic, for there is only so much time to relax.

♌  leo: pluck dandelions from the ground, blow their seeds in exchange for the offer of a wish. do their bidding for them and do not expect to be paid, except in endless childlike naivete. 

♍  virgo: if you cannot go to the beach, cry your eyes out. make your own beach as you sob between the saltwater and the sea strand. sometimes pain is productive. ask yourself if this is what you really wanted. 

♎  libra: grades are in, a ghost of the past semester to everyone but you, who has made sure they remain to haunt, your smug victory over the cheerleaders and blondes and popular girls. if you obsess enough over intellect, maybe one day you can be as shallow as them. 

♏ scorpio: go on your summer road trip, but dont take highways, just meander through local roads, people’s neighborhoods, the backyards of people’s lives. remind yourself of others existence as you struggle to hide your own. 

♐  sagittarius:  dew drops puddle in the leaves. taste but do not consume. actually don’t taste it. your aesthetic is not worth dying for, unless it is, and then you should totally go for it. do it for the vine, which is also dead.

♑ capricorn: roadside markets and roadkill have one thing in common: they are both dead. they are empty and waiting for you to find something to put in them, like meaning, or a misplaced sense of nostalgia. it’s alright, paint your own feelings and masturbatory emotional issues over the ghosts that live there. 

♒ aquarius:  drive into the sunset. crash into the picturesque painted horizon wall, explode in its firey wonder. once again they will blame the impulsive nature of teenagers, and not the desperate rat that wants to escape the cage of summer. 

♓  pisces: have fun in the sun, barbeque on the beach with friends. don’t think about how the sun is slowly cooking you alive as you frolic under the grill of it’s heat. or if you do, opt for smearing barbeque sauce on your skin instead of sunscreen. the sun prefers ketchup, but there’s still defiance in submission. 


it’s just like one of those renaissance paintings


Hartford Courant, Connecticut, May 14, 1922

To dream of:

Ice - Success
Idiot - Grief
Illumination - Poverty and worry
Images - Bad luck
Inheritance - Death of a relative
Ink - Spilling ink, breaking an engagement of separation from a friend; dreaming of ink in any other way a favorable omen
Insanity - to dream of insanity of some other person, grief; to dream of yourself becoming insane, assurance of a long life
Intoxication - Increase of fortune, recovery of health
Inundation - Sadness, sickness
Iron - Profits; if burning hot, sorrows
Island - Desertion
Itch - Good luck
Ivy - True friends
Janitor - Beware of gossip
Jaundice - Beware of treachery 
Jaws - Sickness
Jay - Sorrow and trouble
Jewelry - Trouble and danger
Judge - Beware of slander and malice
Kettle - To dream of a black kettle means death
Keys - Anger, worry, want
Killing - Killing a person is generally a bad omen, foretells distress, and even death; to kill some one else, worry over enemies
King - Beware of flattery and cheatery 
Kiss - Kissing a relative, beware of treason; kissing a hand of a person, friendship, good fortune; kissing a stranger, journey
Knee - Being wounded in the knee, disappointment, worry; kneeling down to a person, trouble; unable to use the knee, poverty, bad news; sore or painful knee, sickness
Knife - Quarrel, separation; if you dream of a knife wounding you, danger
Labyrinth - You will make a great discovery
Ladder - Climbing a ladder, success; descending a ladder, great loss and trouble, ruin
Lake - Clear water, fortells friends; muddy or agitated water, quarrels
Lamb - Good luck
Lame - Trouble, sickness
Lantern - Success
Larks - Alive, good luck; roasted
Laudanum - Misfortune
Laugh - worry and loss
Laundry work - You will have to work running over one, worry
Lawyer - Quarrels, troubles, losses, hard for other people
Lawn - Gazing upon one, good health; trouble, imprisonment 
Lead - Inheritance 
Leaves - Sickness
Legs - Journey, success, money; wooden legs, bad luck
Letter - Visit by a friend or good news
Letter carrier - Important news
Light - To see in a drea, a great light is an omen, great honors and riches are in store for you; it predicts success in love, happy married life, blessed with children
Lightning - Love quarrels
Limping - Business troubles
Linen - Riches 
Lion - Seeing one, you will find some new good friend or make an acquantice of one soon; killing or laming the lion, great success; seeing a lioness with young, domestic happiness
Liquor - Riches
Lizards - Danger
Lobster - Alive, success; cooked, joy
Locomotive - Unpleasant journey
Lottery - Loss and failure 
Magician - Beware of treachery
Man - A girl dreaming of man; beware of gossip; if he is plain or ugly, quarrel; clear trouble and loss of money 
Manure - Great financial luck
Marble - Inheritance 
Marriage - With a relative, danger; with a handsome person, joy; with a plain or ugly looking person, sorrow
Masquerade - Seeing one, beware of deception; taking part in one, success
Mass - To dream of attending mass denotes happiness
Matches - Riches
Meadow - Comfort and prosperity 
Meat - Pleasure and prosperity 
Medicine - Taking it, sickness, distress; administering it to someone else, profit 
Menagerie - You will enjoy true friendship
Melon - Good health; if the dreamer is a sick person, it denotes a speedy recovery
Mending clothes and stockings - Unhappiness 
Merchandise - Seeing a great amount of it piled up, beware of thieves
Merchant - Meeting some merchant of importance, success
Message - Receiving one, advance in life
Mice - Trouble
Mill - Success, riches, inheritance 

On Promnis

Promnis has to be, objectively speaking, one of the cutest ships in the FFXV world because both men are total opposite of each other and that plus their attitudes plus context gives me reasons to believe that (mostly at first) the relationship develops VERY shyly and a bit awkward too, and ends up with them asking permission for everything.

Okay, hear me out for a sec:

Ignis is very serious, the most royal human out there, so focused, was gifted child, he’s kinda uptight and formal, and behaves as if twice his age at times, while at times enjoying to deliver jokes and being a little goofy at times. 

Prompto, on the other side, is very bouncy, the joke guy of the party, gets distracted, hops from place to place, and enjoys of games and stuff, while at the same time hiding moments of sadness and loneliness, and he, unlike Ignis, is “plebe”; not only is Ignis part of the royal world, he also demonstrates that with every fiber of his nature even just by standing there.

So it’s very noticeable. For both.

Like sure, Noctis is PRINCE but despite how mature he really is, he behaves much more like his age than Ignis ever does. So despite Ignis being an inferior type of royalty, his attitude makes Prompto feel like he’s the maximum nobleman, like a king.

Those differences that become so obvious leads to both realizing:

Ignis sees in Prompto a man that gives all that he’s got to belong somewhere he clearly doesn’t; he sees a young man that’s too messy (in Ignis opinion) and gets distracted too easily, a young man that, even when only 2 years younger, Ignis feels like he should be protecting and supporting, and he’s so struck in the head at times because, wow, he doesn’t mind I’m always busy and that I’m so cold with him, he’s so sweet, how do I- I need to treat him rightly, he’s suffering and doesn’t admit it, doesn’t want to bother anyone, geez, what have I done, here in my hands I have a lovely boy that needs my protection and care. He sees in Prompto a scared man defying his fears, and Ignis needs to help him through them, and a boy with no experience; hence, be VERY soft with him.

Prompto sees in Ignis a man that would seem so far of his reach but he’s actually with him as a romantic partner, so it’s like, wow, holy geez, the most royal dude of Lucis said yes to me, what do I do. 
Prompto sees in Ignis everything he thinks he’s not: a nobleman, with wood for a king, tall, strong, incredibly smart, gorgeous, mature, responsible.
He sees in Ignis the most important person of Eos, because Ignis is basically the reason Noctis is alive: he cooks and cleans and puts every paper in order and like wow, he’s so important and nobody ever thanks him for all he does, geez, I have the most important man of Lucis in my hands, I need to become stronger and stronger so I can protect him and not be an obstace to him. He sees in Ignis a man that’s defying all the obstacles and pain in the world, so Prompto needs to help him through them, and a man he fears to disappoint: hence, be VERY soft with him.

So it’s how both see a very big, huge, appreciated treasure in each other whih gives them the sensation of having a VERY big responsability in their hands; except they don’t say it aloud to each other.

And it’s that sensation of responsability what leads them to have a beginning (which may  last MONTHS or maybe even a few years) of having the need to ask permission for EVERYTHING.

  • Uhm…you know, Iggy, we’ve been….we’ve been dating for a while now, and I…you don’t have to if you don’t wanna, buddy, but I was thinking…maybe it’s okay if I hold your hand? Maybe you don’t wanna because you seem to enjoy of your space, but ahaha, you know, I thought…oh…okay…thanks. I uh…thanks. :)
  • It’s been a month since we started our relationship, Prompto…and even though it may seem rushed, I do would dare to ask if it is okay… *clears throat* May I have the honor of calling you by “Prom” or another form of your name? Your full name is precious, but I think it would be…gratifying. 
  • Hey Iggy…I was wondering, maybe it’s fine with you if I send you a good morning text at times? You don’t…you don’t have to answer, I just wanted to know if it’s okay with you, if I?m not a bother or anything?
  • Prompto…I was wondering…I know it may seem a bit strange, but, do you think I could stroke your hair? It would just be as a playful gesture of affection, your hair is fine, I do not wish to…*clears throat* Thanks.
  • Iggy, I know I may be rushing things a bit, but…do you think it’s okay if I…do you think it’s okay if I hug you at times? That is, if I’m not distracting you or anything, I uh,…
  • Prompto…it’s been almost a year, and I…I have this feeling inside, a need of sorts, if you please But I wanted to ask you first…do you think…I could go a bit further in our relationship, and perhaps you’d et me call you ‘Sweetheart’? If you do not like that, however, I can think of something else. Darling, maybe? Or would you rather choose yourself? You don’t have to agree, nonetheless. If you please, I can keep calling you by your name.
  • Hey Iggy, I know this may seem a bit rushed, but…would you…would you…I think maybe you’d like- here’s my Netflix password. You can…I mean, I know you don’t hav emuch free time, but…have it.
  • Prompto? Hello, my dear. I was calling…I had an impulse. I apologize. And I hope you don’t think it’s too much, but…I bought a flower for you. Is it okay if I go pick you up at school and give it to you?
  • Hey, Iggy? I was calling because…well, I’m at arcade with Noct, and I just got tickets enough to change them for a cooking book, but…I was not sure if you’d like it- I mean, I only wanted to make sure that it’s not…too creepy if I gift it to you. Is-is that fine with you?
  • And my absolute fucking fave:
  • It’s been like 6 months, 6 MONTHS
  • They’re walking hand in hand together, and Ignis stops Prompto and turns to face him and he holds both of his hands and looks down at him
  • “Prompto…we’ve been together for a while now and I… *clears throat* I was wondering…you don’t have to if you don’t want, but…I was thinking…maybe taking the next step in our relationship…”
  • Prompto’s currently about to have a heart attack.
  • “…Do you think…if it’s okay…Prompto, would you…allow me to give you a kiss?”
  • Prompto’s brain died.
  • He’s thinking a million things and at the same time none.
  • He really really really doesn’t want to disappoint Ignis
  • I’ve kissed very few people in my life I can count them with my fingers, how many has HE kissed omg probably not many either but he’s anyway 2 years in advantage to me, plus he’s gorgeous and I was a fat kid, ofc he has experiencewhatdoidoi’mgoingtodie
  • Except he really really really wants to kiss Ignis, so he’s all red but eventually nods.
  • Ignis is still holding his hands, and gently massages with his thumbs
  • “Thank you. I…here I go. Okay?”
  • Prompto nods again and he shuts the eyes closed very tightly and he raises the chin.
  • He’s still burning red.
  • Ignis takes some moments.
  • Prompto, still scared to disappoint, just stands there all tense and frozen and offering his mouth to the other man.
  • He feels Ignis’ face a few inches from his face.
  • Ignis, very softly as if though at the slightest pressure Prompto’s face is going to shatter like glass, kisses him.
  • On the cheek.
  • Prompto didn’t expect that, so he stays frozen but now untense, eyes open and Ignis’ lips on his face.
  • Ignis break away as softly as he reached for the kiss, and Prompto can still feel every single milimeter of Ignis’ lips on his face from how soft, delicate and lasting the kiss was.
  • Prompto looks at him in total surprise and some confusion.
  • Ignis blushes and stares at him with some unusual shyness
  • “…was it okay?”
  • That’s it, that ends up melting Prompto’s heart; he’s totally in love and marrying the man some day, hes just SUCH A KIND GENTLEMAN
  • Prompto will just smile and burn redder in the face and he’s going to nod.
  • “It was perfect.”
  • They will eventually leave, hand in hand.




Foodie Friday: Marinara Sauce

Serves: About 4
- 8 large roma tomatoes, washed, then roughly chopped (save the tomato juice!)
- ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
- 7 garlic cloves, peeled and slivered
- Pinch red pepper flakes
- 1 tsp kosher salt
- 1 large sprig basil
- 1 cup water
- Pinch (or more) oregano

1) In large skillet over medium heat, heat the olive oil. When hot, add the garlic. (A large skillet or saucepan is recommended; in the picture, I have it in a pot after I had finished making it, so that it could stay warm while I prepared eggplant for eggplant parmesan.)

2) When the garlic begins to sizzle (but before it begins to brown) add tomatoes with juice and water. Add oregano, salt, and pepper flakes. Stir.

3) Place the basil sprig on top of the sauce and allow it to wilt. Then submerge it and allow the sauce to simmer until thickened and the oil on the surface is orange (about 15 minutes; stir and taste occasionally, and adjust salt and oregano as desired).

4) Remove the basil sprig and serve warm! (Alternatively, remove the sprig and replace it with basil chiffonade.)

*Chef’s Note: When I make this at home, especially if I’m planning on using it for chicken or eggplant parmesan, I use an immersion blender to quickly smooth out the sauce - keep it chunky, but if the tomatoes are still particularly big after cooking, definitely do this to cut them down to size!

Magical Ingredient!

Among the cuisines I was raised on, Italian has got to be one of my favorites. It is beautiful in that it is simple, and lets the ingredients shine. But at the same time, there’s plenty of technique and a broad range of ingredients which helps keep Italian cooking alive as a standard in the culinary world. I grew up eating various pastas, lasagna, a range of meat dishes, and more in Italian style - some days, each meal would be from a different cuisine! (Mom has a bit of fun playing with Italian, German, and Irish cooking methods and styles).

When we go to the store in search of making a quick pasta or something of the sort, we often reach for that jar of ready-made marinara sauce. And while delicious, they’re still not as wonderful as garden-fresh or homemade sauce. Tomatoes, garlic, and red pepper shine in this recipe, but what makes it so amazing in my eyes is the fresh basil - something that you don’t really get with jarred sauce.

These wonderful herbs are flavorful, aromatic, and are easy to grow at home (when I was still living with my parents, my ‘baby’ was a potted basil plant that I grew from seed - and we cooked with it anytime the leaves got large enough to safely harvest without killing it). It’s easy to see why they’re a staple of kitchen gardens!

But basil is more than just a cute little plant that we use to season or garnish our food! In magic, it has garnered quite the reputation for being a useful and easy herb for spells related to money, love, and protection. Its properties are potent enough that historically, this plant is somewhat polarized - believed to be both a bane and lure to negativity.

Some traditions, such as Eastern Orthodox Catholicism and Hinduism, hold basil to a sacred degree - in Orthodox Catholicism, it is used to prepare and sprinkle holy water, while in Hinduism, it is considered sacred to the goddess Tulsi. Meanwhile, in western European folklore, basil was used to ward off harmful magic or presented as a token of affection.

In Ancient Greece, however, basil was praised as anathema to snake bites and venom. It was connected, at least by name, to the basilisk, but more so to venomous serpents which often were believed to be related to hate and malice. As such, it was believed that the most potent basil could only be grown when the seeds were sown on soil that has been cursed or insulted.

In money magic, the large leaves of basil can often be associated with paper money, making it ideal for working prosperity spells. Meanwhile, in some regions of Central America and Mexico, basil is grown near the front windows of shops in order to invite fortune.

When adding basil to food, it can be used for money and prosperity spells, but also can be incorporated into romantic foods for love spells. On its own, it can also serve as a magical food - the leaves can be deep fried, or the flower buds cooked and served. It is one of those herbs which is best if used fresh, as the flavor can easily deteriorate, but that doesn’t mean that dried basil doesn’t have any use!

Consider incorporating dried basil into money powders, bags, or sachets. Add a pinch of basil to love spells or incense. Grow basil in the yard to invite fortune, love, and to ward off harmful magic! Like rosemary, basil is easily one of the more versatile and useful herbs in the kitchen witch’s arsenal!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion of onision?

Living trash, an absolute waste of viable organs, a detriment to society as a whole, also he solicits actual children for bikini pics and thats really fucking gross and also illegal so an actual criminal

He’s got no style, no flair, looks like a human sized herpes sore under the makeup, can’t accept that he’s 30, keeps fucking 16yos and he cooked a turtle alive because he’s also really fucking stupid, genuinely stupid, willfully so, he abuses his wife and his girlfriend and his wifes girlfriend and also the 16yo he keeps stashed away for sexual emergencies, abuses include mental, emotional, and physical since he forces them to starve themselves to maintain a certain weight for him

He looks like he’d smell like thick halloween makeup, rotting lettuce, anger sweat and a can of axe that exploded in a hot car, which, while i normally enjoy axe, is way too fucking much 

His twitter feed is an obnoxious parade of his odious opinions, including him completely failing to display the basic human traits of empathy and sympathy as evidenced by his constant need to put down victims of tragedies and terror attacks, and he CONSTANTLY attacks idubbbz in the hopes that idubbbz will make a content cop about him and revitalize his dying channels for just a second, because, as i said earlier, he’s stupid, and doesn’t realize that a) Ian is too smart to fall for such shitty bait and b) a content cop episode would HARM him because idubbbz would expose him for exactly what he is: a malnourished, sweaty, redfaced pedophilliac abuser with little brain and less talent, surfing entirely on “good looks” that are rapidly fading away and taking his teenage girl fanbase with them.

In short, Onision is trash, and when his channels finally die, we will all be better off, and thankful for it.