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Thank you for opening requests again!! I saw those slow dancing gifs for the bros and was wondering if you could please write some scenarios for them? Thanks. :)

I would love to dude bro.  I’ll be putting the gifs I used in the original post for y’all to reference <3 Enjoy the fluff. 

Forever crying about Ignis.

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“I’m never going to be able to get these dance moves right,” you cried out in frustration, plopping down onto the fitted chair that conveniently was place behind you. You buried your head into your hands feeling an overwhelming amount of stress flood your every muscle.

Noctis’s 20th birthday party was only a matter of days away. As his date, you were required to dance with him. 

Both of you. 

Alone on the dance floor. 

With nothing but the music to accompany you. 

There would be no other people that allowed you to hide behind. 

All eyes would be on you and your prince. 

“It’s okay,” Noctis’s voice called out to you in a hushed tone. You felt his familiar hand rub up the sides of your arms.  “I can’t dance for crap either,” a breathy chuckle escaped his lips as the warmth of his words hit the skin of your hand. 

You raised your head and locked eyes with him. “I just want this to be perfect, Noctis. You deserve a perfect birthday party.”

“It will be a perfect birthday party, as long as you’re there with me. It doesn’t matter if we can dance or not.”

You sighed in disbelief. You sat back in your chair and let your shoulders slump.  “Easy for you to say. I don’t want to embarrass you in front of your people,” you admitted with a frown. 

He stared at you blankly, his ocean blue eyes burning into yours. 

“Here, take my hand,” he stated, offering his hand before you. 

Without a word, you accepted it and he pulled you up from your chair and backed into the center of the room. “We don’t need impress anyone with some fancy dance steps. How about we just do this?” 

With careful hands, he securely wrapped you into an embrace. He gently pulled your body to his, pressing his forehead to yours. Instinctively, you wrapped your arms around his neck, letting you head hang low as you inhaled his familiar scent. 

He began to sway you back and forth. Neither of your feet moved. You only swayed back and forth like a boat on a gentle wave. 

He pulled you in closer into a tight hug as you still moved to and fro. Without phasing, you relaxed your chin against his strong shoulders. 

“I love you Noctis,” you said in a hushed whisper.

“I love you too,” you could hear the smile in his voice. 


You were sad. 

Depressed, even. 

Things never seemed to go your way. It was as if a single storm cloud followed you around just to constantly pour down buckets of rain on your parade. 

You curled up on the couch, hugging your knees to your chest as you watched the television with a blank expression. 

You weren’t paying attention. It was merely a distraction that allowed your mind to drift into a void of nothingness. 

“You alright, babe?” 

There it was. The voice of sunshine personified. The only thing that fought off your pet raincloud with ease. 

“Not really,” you never dared to lie to Prompto. He knew you better than you knew yourself. 

He stared at you with sympathetic eyes. 

You always feared your constant wavering emotions would scare him off, but he always remained at your side always willing and able to cheer you up. 

“Take my hand?” He asked, offer both of his hands to you with a hopeful smile gracing his freckled face.

A sad smile poked through the darkness of your mood. With a slight nod, you got up from the couch, sliding your hands into his. “Stand on my feet,” he instructed. 

You stared up at him, unsure. “What?”

“It’s okay. Just stand on my feet,” he confirmed, his smile only growing larger. With a careful step, you placed your bare feet over his. “Let’s dance,” he muttered. 

A giggle escape your lips without a hint of warning. “Dance? Prom, there’s no music,” you stated. The only sounds that filled the apartment you shared was the mumbled gargles of the the television you lowered to it’s quietest setting. 

“I don’t need music, I just need you,” he explained, pressing his lips to the very tip of your nose. The gestured elicited yet another giggle from your mouth. 

He began to walk back and forth in a swaying like motion. Your eyes fluttered closed as you surrendered to Prompto’s movements completely. You rested your head against his slender but muscular chest. “I’m feeling better already,” you admitted with a sweet hum. 


No one ever expected such a burly built man to be so light on his feet. You included. 

You stared blankly into his lively amber eyes as he requested your company on the dance floor. “You… want to dance? With me?” 

“Of course. You’re my date after all. Why wouldn’t I want to dance with you?” He questioned with a soft smirk. “C’mon. You’re not gonna leave me hanging right?” He offered his large calloused hand out to you. 

“I would never do such a thing,” you accepted, slipping your delicate hand into his grasp. He closed his hand around yours and led you to the sparsely populated dance floor. 

With a graceful movement, he wrapped his arm around your waist as he took your hand in his other. In response, you wrapped your free arm around his shoulder. 

The waltz the small band played from the stage flowed through your ears, perking up your urge to dance. You gave a glance to Gladio, unsure on how or if in fact he was going to make a move. 

The next thing you knew, however, you were gliding across the ballroom floor enveloped in your boyfriend’s arms. A surprised smile grew across your lips. “I didn’t know you could dance, big guy,” you admitted.

He placed a sweet peck to your painted lips. 

“I’ve been practicing just for you. I’d say the extra effort paid off.” 

You giggled. “Really, now?” 

“You’re smiling aren’t you? That’s a great success in my book,” he muttered in a hush tone, pressing his lips to yours once more as he guided you through the rest of the waltz with ease. 

“We’ll need to dance more often then,” you proposed with a smile as the music faded into a silence. 

“As milady wishes.” 


Though he was left blinded from events of his past, Ignis was still nothing less than a phenomenal dancer. Ever since his birth nearly thirty three years ago, he had be molded for perfection. You soon believed he had mastered nearly every skill and characteristic known to man. 

Cooking. Cleaning. Strategizing. Organization. Kindness. Intelligence. Charisma. 

…and  of course, Dancing. 

Banquets and balls have become a common occurrence once the light had once more returned to Lucis, thanks to the reigning King Noctis Lucis Caelum. 

Each end every year a party was held to honor the anniversary of the end of eternal darkness. A party that had food, drinks, dancing, and many politicians and common folk to chat with. There was always a good time to have, especially with Ignis as your escort.

You often wonder how lucky you have gotten to earn a man such as Ignis’s love. Tonight was no different. Though you remained in a relationship for years, he never ceased to amaze you with his skills. His dancing in particular. 

You always insisted on leading the dance, but he always declined with a gentle chuckle. “My feet are fine, love. It’s my eyes that are out of commission.”

“How silly of me to forget,” you reply with a playful smirk. With only those words being said, he would whisk you away off to the center of the dance floor. 

Gently he took hold of your satin gloved hand, while his other hand drifted to the small off your back. The music proceeded to assist you and your lover float and spin across the ballroom floor in sync with the many other couples that took refuge there. 

The two of you easily spent hours, lost in the music. You always seemed to lose yourself in his clouded over eye that he hid behind his pair of dark shades… but you always saw through them. Deep down within the clouded gray, dwelled the most beautiful hint of emerald green that you could admire for hours. 

Ignis’s hand suddenly left yours to situate itself on your back. With both hand now surrounding your body, he pulled you closer to him. 

“Close your eyes, darling,” he muttered sweetly into your ear. 

He needed no further comment to persuade you to do as he said. Slowly, your eyes drifted close. You allowed your self to bury your face in the crook of his neck. 

He smelled delightful. A sense of familiarity washed over you like a protective bubble. Jasmine and Ebony. Delightful as always. 

Together in darkness you continued to dance the night away. Letting the music be your only guide. 

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I don't understand something, the circle that summoned bendy is now on his hand?

Yeah, that actually has nothing to do with Drew, Henry kind of accidentally caused it due to erasing the quarter-circle in it, resulting in the circle sort of rebooting and, due to Bendy STANDING ON IT at the time, summoning him “properly”…on himself. Basically Henry fucked up, but because this also removed the corruption on Bendy, it works out fairly okay.

That’s not a spoiler because Breaking The Spell is already a thing. 

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Just as a clarification are you saying if someone had a strong belief in something it can be damaging to Bendy? At least things they believe that can be harmful to a demon. So say someone that isn't religious but believes in wards from their culture background could potentially use those wards against him?

Yeah, basically, if they believe the [insert holy object or ward] will hurt him, it’ll hurt him. Contrariwise, if they don’t really believe it, it won’t do shit, even if they lip-service are someone who’s very religious.

So like, if a wiccan believed hard enough in a wicca sigil against evil spirits (demons included), it’d hurt him, but if someone who only pays lip-service to being Catholic smacked him with a cross, he’d mostly just be annoyed.

I would also like to specify that the thing HAS TO BE KEYED to hurting demons, be it just Ambient Holy Christian Faith (he’s imp-like, but he was originally based on a very low level christian demon, so guess what’s just Auto Ouch) or a specific custom. If it’s just “monsters” or “Sprits meaning Dead People”, or other such, it won’t do jack. Frankly, if it’s anti-fae, he’s probably going to look at you funny.

A lot of Bendy’s powers work because he’s of the opinion he should still function on cartoon logic, but uhhhhhh…. It’s fueled by something different than just general belief.

Regardless, belief, dreams, faith, and wishes are very important in this verse when it comes to Magical Bullshit. Both the good and the bad.

Especially the bad.