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Cute Breakfast Cat Facts
  • Whenever I get out of the shower, Hash Brown jumps onto the counter and waits. I lean down and make a kissy face, and she headbutts my mouth. After she gets her kiss she leaves.
  • Eggs Benedict stands on his hind legs and kneads my thighs anytime I’m cooking. I wear fishnets and lace tights a lot and he frequently ends up stuck.
  • Hash Brown is so soft that she’s actually slippery. That’s why every photo of her sitting on the top of the sofa is of her trying not to slide off, like this:
  • French Toast is so love with my husband that when he’s on business trips she will circle the hallway and meow mournfully for hours. Nothing I do can console her until he returns.
  • Eggs loves having his tummy rubbed, but only if you use your foot. No hands allowed. He’s very serious about this rule.
  • Hash Brown likes finding hair ties and dropping them into her water bowl. If her water bowl already has a hair tie in it, she’ll store any additional hair ties under the bathroom scale. One time we found 7 of them under there.
  • Eggs Benedict and French Toast often synchronize poses.

This has been Breakfast Cat Facts! I hope they made your day a little better.

Piper and Annabeth talking and the topic of their boys cooking comes up and pipers like “yah Jason’s pretty hot when he cooks” and Annabeth has flashbacks to Percy wearing a revolting blue apron and those ugly fish oven mitts and she’s just like “Percy’s can be hot sometimes I guess”

Internet bad ending: jimmy kimmel or fallon announces that dril is their next guest and they wheel him out and its dane cook wearing sunglasses

A Simple Suggestion

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Originally posted by akumatisedmari

So I had a dream last night. A dream that Ladybug and Chat Noir moved out of their homes into a studio apartment together so they could be around each other and get to akuma attacks quickly and always be alert.

But they never detransformed. They were always suited up and just lived together like two best friends and kept the city safe.

@philosophy-and-coffee said it’d make a neat fic idea and had a few cute ideas to add on to it, so…naturally, I wrote it. 

A Simple Suggestion
Summary: Breaks from patrol often allow time for Ladybug and Chat Noir to talk and be themselves. But when a silly joke starts to seem all that…well, not silly, the two find themselves considering something neither of them had ever before: moving in together. 
The tricky part is still keeping their identities a secret.
Rated: G (might change to T later)
Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir

Chapter 1 - A joke
Word count: 1,464
Read on: ao3 

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It had started out as a joke.

Chat Noir had thrown the idea into the air one night when they’d taken a break from patrol. The city was quiet, the breeze that danced through the open sky was refreshing, and the laughter that had accompanied his voice had made Marinette smile all too wide.

“What if we moved in together?” he’d asked with a nervous twitch of his tail. “I’ve been preparing to move out for a while, but…I don’t know. Something about the thought of living alone makes me nervous.”

“You mean-” Marinette’s eyes widened. “Us? Move in together? Like, Ladybug and Chat Noir living together?”

“Yeah,” Chat laughed. “What if?”

At first, she’d given her partner nothing more than a chuckle and a dismissive pat on the shoulder, shaking her head at the simple notion. It had been such a funny thing for him to suggest that the giggles that rose from her throat had been all too hard to suppress. Even if she secretly didn’t despise the idea, she knew it would never work out.

“How would we even manage that?” she asked, swinging her legs over the ledge of the apartment complex they had paused upon and taking in a breath of the atmosphere. She could detect a small hint of food cooking somewhere, and in the distance music played, which added to the comforting ambiance of the city she adored so much. “We’d just walk around in our own home transformed, like it was a completely normal thing?”

Chat Noir offered a shrug, looking a tad sheepish. “Hah, yeah, I guess that does sound kind of stupid.”

A frown replaced Marinette’s smile, and she felt a small hint of guilt for her previous comment. “Well,” she said in an attempt to fix her blunder. “I don’t know about stupid…”

“It would probably be weird,” Chat continued, “and awkward at times…and it wouldn’t be easy…”

Marinette nodded.

“…but I dunno,” he sighed, shifting his gaze. “Part of me thinks we’d be able to make it work.”

Allowing the thought to process, Marinette tapped her finger along the aged paneling of the roof they sat atop, teeth nibbling on her bottom lip as she sought for a reply.

Would they be able to make it work?

After all, she’d been thinking about moving out of the bakery soon due to space, and she didn’t like the idea of living alone either…and Alya was already sharing an apartment Nino…

“Maybe,” Marinette said, a hint of humor in her voice. “But we’d be together all the time, and I can’t exactly picture myself cooking dinner wearing a skin-tight suit. Even if it would protect me from burns.”

Chat supplied a small snort of laughter at her statement. “I guess that’s a bonus. Would living together be so weird, though?”

Marinette opened her mouth to answer with a “yes, of course!”, but paused as she couldn’t exactly find an explanation why it would be so odd for them to live together under those circumstances. Sure, it’d feel a bit off to walk around an apartment with her suit on, but by now Marinette was used to wearing polka-dots for long hours. She felt more natural in her transformation than she ever had five years prior when she was fourteen, freshly new to the world of superheroes and saving the city, and for a brief second the thought that maybe Chat’s idea wasn’t such a stupid one passed her mind.

It would be a hell of a lot more convenient for the both of them. They wouldn’t have to worry about when the other would show up during akuma attacks, or struggle going through a battle alone while one of them was on their way.

(Or, on the rare occurrence that a certain Ladybug slept in late during a rather difficult akuma attack, Chat Noir wouldn’t have to suffer through another hour of holding a violet butterfly within his paws and panicking over what he should do with it.)

A small grin twitched at the corner of Marinette’s mouth before a second thought passed her mind, causing the hint of a smile to fall.

She knew Chat Noir was dying to get out of his house. Nineteen years old and still suffocating under the watchful eye of his parents (parent?), Chat often expressed his sorrows about his home life with a forlorn sigh. Though he never delved too deeply into personal details, Marinette could tell just by the carefully worded sentences that he was having a difficult time staying happy in the house he’d lived in since he was a baby.

And, although she couldn’t relate, Marinette did feel for her friend. There were often times where she had considered begging Tikki to let them reveal their identities to each other just so she could take Chat Noir to the bakery and gift him a place to live that he looked forward to coming home to.

(Too many nights had she found Chat patrolling the city when there hadn’t been a scheduled patrol, after all.)

And now the words were on the tip of her tongue; the confirmation she knew her partner was secretly hoping for notwithstanding the fact that he was writing it off as a joke.

A joke that tugged at his lips in a sort of dejected smile that did not—would not—reach his eyes.

“I wonder how that would work,” Marinette whispered, eyes falling to the city streets below, where cars trailed lazily down the two-way street in a pale river of yellow lights. “Maybe we could make it work.”

One of Chat’s velvet ears twitched against his shaggy blond hair, and his eyes met hers for a fleeting moment. Even in the second of shared eye contact Marinette could see the tiny spark of hope that glowed within them, and she couldn’t stop the smile that began to spread across her face.

Maybe they could move in together. Sure, she’d have to talk to Tikki about it first, and they’d have to find an inconspicuous apartment in the middle of the city together, and it would wouldn’t be easy…


But…no. That was just silly.

A silly, silly idea. It wouldn’t work out. How would they keep their identities secret? How would they be able to live life as normal civilians and go about their daily duties—work, university, grocery shopping—without revealing themselves?

You’ll never know until you try, a little voice peeped in the back of Marinette’s mind. What could be so bad about it?

What could be so bad? Well, they could accidentally come home destransformed, or sleepwalk in their pajamas, or both walk up to the front door at the same time without their suits on, or, or-


All of those situations could easily be avoided. They could set rules. Marinette could make masks so they wouldn’t have to be transformed all of the time, or they could turn out the lights every now and then. Or maybe they could set certain days where they would stay transformed so they could hang out.

Huh…the whole idea was beginning to seem a lot simpler than it had been three minutes ago.

Yeah, Marinette replied to the earlier thought, what could be so bad?

She knew of plenty of things that could be bad, as her anxiety had ways of creating the most outlandish situations. For now, however, she ignored them.

Looking over to Chat Noir, Marinette smiled, giving his back (which was slumped over in a sad sort of way) a gentle pat. He responded by sitting up straight, a question on his lips and hope in his gaze, ears perked up in interest. They stared at each other for a breath or two before Marinette exploded into a fit of laughter, her stomach clenching with the force of of her chortle.

Chat flinched at first, obviously surprised by her sudden outburst, but a second later he joined her in the ocean of giggles that had flooded between them. His smile was so wide that Marinette could see the white glint of his teeth and lovely crinkles around his eyes, as well as the shake of his shoulders and a single tear—whether it be from laughter or relief—that slid down his cheek.

And that was how Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Ladybug, nineteen-year-old baker’s daughter found herself transformed and heaving box after box into a two-bedroom apartment smack dab in the middle of Paris a month later with a black cat trailing just a step behind her, placing a few of his own boxes on the wide, empty wooden floor.

It had been a crazy, crazy idea.

But sometimes, Marinette knew, the craziest of ideas were the best of all.

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I love how protective they are of each other omg so cute. Yuuri is savage af when he needs to be. Viktor is so smitten. I feel like he'd be the kind to write cheesy ig captions like "my love and life" and yuri is half pleased and half embarrassed. Could you do a top ten Viktor Nikiforov cheesy ig posts about yuri? <3 from india

Top Ten Viktor Nikiforov’s Cheesy Instagram Posts About Yuuri:

10) A picture of Yuuri asleep captioned ‘Sleeping Beauty’ with a lot of love hearts emojis (actually every one on this list contains a lot of emojis because Viktor is definitely that kind of guy)

9) A picture of Yuuri cooking wearing a ‘Kiss the Chef’ apron captioned ‘lyubov moya has so many different talents – he is perfect’

8) A picture of Yuuri with both Viktor and Vicchan lying in his lap captioned ‘he loves us both but I’m his favourite Viktor’

7) A picture of Yuuri on the beach at sunset captioned ‘I am admiring the beautiful view. And also the sunset’

6) A picture of a bowl of Katsudon captioned ‘Katsudon is the second best thing to ever come out of Japan’ and when someone asks what the best thing is he replies ‘Yuuri’

5) A video of Yuuri pouring over a Russian textbook and mumbling Russian words to himself in a really cute accent as he tries to learn the language with Viktor’s ep10 *gay gasp* in the background

4) A picture of Yuuri on the podium with a gold medal captioned ‘first in the world and first in my heart’

3) A picture of Yuuri playing with their new labradoodle puppy that they got as a friend for Vicchan and Makkachin which was so adorable everyone melted captioned ‘a new member of the family’

2) A picture of him shirtless in bed with Yuuri lying curled up asleep on his chest captioned ‘the love of my life’

1) A picture of both of their right hands with their rings on captioned ‘forever’

BTS Reaction | Drunk Sex

Request:ย  Umโ€ฆhiโ€ฆ I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction, where they got drunk and you had sexโ€ฆ I would like to see their reaction the next morning. I hope whatever I said makes senseโ€ฆ I love your blog btw. โค

A/N: Thank you for the request (sorry it took a while)

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  • My roommate starting red queen: God dammit, so she's gonna end up with the prince.
  • Me: honey, there are two, be more specific.
  • Her: the prince, the one who's probably made of gay rainbows.
  • Me: ...... do you mean the younger one...
  • Her: Not that one. I really want the tall one, the really tall one, to be with the fish boy, and for them to adopt all the cute little babies in the world and just fill their lives with gay rainbows that warm the hearts of anyone in their presence.
  • Me: he's not even the bisexual one.
  • Her: Well why the hell cant they both be bisexual?!
  • Me: ...point taken.


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Masterlist for BTS Scenarios and Fics

A crown has arrived in Los Santos. Not just a crown of course, a whole array of finery, gold and jewels and an ornamental sceptre, even a smaller secondary crown, but the true prize in the collection is clearly the extravagant domed affair, huge, bejewelled and topped with a hefty gold cross. It’s for a show of sorts, a traveling display of some ancient European royalty, and it couldn’t be a more obvious trap if the Fake’s had received a personalized invitation.

Los Santos doesn’t have a big arts scene, doesn’t have fancy museums or cultural influences; to bring so much wealth to the city, the crime capital of the country, to roll it right under the noses of the self-proclaimed royalty of organized crime and publically advertise its arrival is so laughably on the nose it can only be the LSPD’s latest pathetic attempt at a sting. An embarrassing police endeavour to draw the FAHC out, ludicrously obvious and yet, despite all reason, it’s working.

It might be offensively over the top but there are, of course, two members of the FAHC who live for offensively over the top, who can’t even focus on the obvious jaws of the trap, knowing all too well that the bait is poisoned but unable to help being hooked anyway. Geoff and Gavin, the big boss and his most ostentatious little snake, both lost the second there were crowns on the table, both shiny eyed and hopeless, full of longing as their hurricane of plans tips into the utterly preposterous.

Gavin keeps making puppy-dog eyes at Geoff, begging and pleading and carefully explaining exactly why he deserves to be the one who wears the big crown; everyone already knows Geoff’s the king, he doesn’t need it, and anyway it just wouldn’t suit his look at all. Geoff is batting off every argument, some with considerable difficulty but he’s determined to hold out, heart set on keeping the absurd thing for himself. Half out of affection, half out of desperately placating bribery Geoff’s instead promising Gavin the slightly smaller, more classically spiked crown; the fine filigree diadem obviously the lighter of the two, easier to wear and arguably more pretty, still obscenely ornate and look how gold it is Gavvers come on.

Boss and conman aside the rest of the crew aren’t quite so blinded by the frankly insulting attempt at a trap. Except, well. Except that they kind of are, in their own ways.

Jack and Lindsay spent a whole morning tracking down sources, ensuring that while the display was fake the actual items were authentic. And boy, the LSPD didn’t go halfway in their bid for stupidest plan of all time – not only is everything certifiably real, it’s worth an actual fortune. They aren’t kidding themselves about fencing the crowns, it’s important to be aware of one’s weaknesses and sometimes that means acknowledging that you work with egotistical children, but there is still more than enough extra gubbins in the display to make such a wildly ill-advised heist worth considering.

Ryan, Michael and Jeremy aren’t particularly hung up on the money end; it’s always nice, sure, but honestly the FAHC hasn’t been strapped for cash in a long, long time. These days the jobs they do tend to have some other purpose, amusement or revenge or displays of power with monetary gain a secondary factor, definitely not sufficient to barrel headfirst into a guaranteed trap. But then the trap is so clear to see it’s pretty much a dare, a middle finger, the suggestion that the Fake’s are too stupid to see what’s right in front of them. If there’s one thing the more rough and tumble side of the crew have in common it’s their inability to stand down from a challenge, their dislike of any insinuation that there’s anything they cannot do, any prize outside their reach. Screw the gold, Michael, Jeremy and Ryan are, as always, just out to ruin the LSPD’s day.

So they brainstorm, they plan, they get into more than one argument about the authority bestowed by fancy headwear and, in the end, after enduring numerous scornful complaints from members the Support Crew regarding always doing things the hard way, they simply call up one of Geoff’s rats on the force and have her unlock the door and look the other way. It is perhaps the most anticlimactic ‘heist’ of the FAHC’s entire existence – not that you’d know it from the way Geoff and Gavin swan about in their crowns. Not that you’d know it unless you were there to witness, actually, considering the hilariously inaccurate rumour that spreads like wildfire, the tale of an epic showdown between the police and the Fakes, the crowns simply the spoils of war in a greater battle that took out half a city block.

To be fair, that battle definitely happened, it just had literally nothing to do with any heist. Disappointed by the appalling lack of action Ryan took Michael and Jeremy for a leisurely drive down to the police station, car full of everything from flares to SMG’s to a full-blown rocket launcher, and the three of them had a little party. By the time the rest of the crew shows up, somewhat overdressed but still drawn as always towards the sound of senseless mayhem, the street is a warzone, a building is on fire, and the LSPD have completely sworn off ever again trying to entrap the FAHC.  

BTS Reaction: He Falls in Love With You at a Fanmeet

@t0kistar asked:

Hellow!⭐I rarely send request pff to shy or panic after sending it. But I have this idea and would love to see if you bring it up to life. Reactions, the boys fall in love with their s/o at a fanmeeting, talking another language having a hard time to understand each other (sorry for the strange english… I have a headache that don’t want to leave xD)

Aww, no need to be shy, sweety. This was such a cute request and was so fun to write! 💕 Don’t worry about your English. I understood it fine.


You’re at the stove, cooking breakfast while wearing one of his very oversized shirts, when he wakes up. He leans against the doorway and smiles to himself, remembering how you two met.

He was at a Fanmeet in a foreign country and was having the hardest time conversing with his fans. He was taken aback when you appeared in front of him. You were so beautiful, you literally took his breath away. It took him a minute to realize he was staring, only to fumble through a greeting. You took his hand in yours and smiled warmly at him, struggling in your broken Korean to express how much you admire him for taking care of the boys, and how beautiful you thought his voice was.

He was so touched by your kind words, he skribbled his number along with his signature on your poster. He expressed his thanks and had to force his eyes onto the next fan as you moved on.

“Jin? What are you thinking about?” you ask as you walk up to where he’s still leaning against the doorway, smiling like a fool.

“You,” he whispers, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you softly.

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You’ve gotten very good at writing lyrics, so Yoongi asks you for help. As you sit in the extra computer chair he brought into his studio, and lean over the notebook to read what he wrote, he stares at your profile, fiddling with a wisp of hair that escaped the messy bun on your head.

You had met at a fanmeet and struggled to communicate, neither of you speaking the others language well. You stumbled over your words, but he got the sense of them. You expressed your admiration for his lyrics and how you hoped to be a songwriter one day.

He smiled his sweet smile at you and grabbed your hand, lacing your fingers together. He discreetly wrote his number on the inside of your wrist and waved you on.

Now, as you sit there and cross something out on the pad, he suddenly grabs your wrist.

“What?” you ask, jumping in surprise.

He doesn’t say anything to you, just takes the pen out of your hand, and writes on your wrist. When he releases you, you see the words ‘I love you’. You gaze at him in wander, but he just shrugs, playing it cool.

Originally posted by 2suga-archive


He’s trying to find the inspiration to write a new song, but his thoughts are preoccupied by you.

He’s great at English, but when you showed up at a fanmeet, he somehow forgot it all. He stumbled over his words as he felt your soft, warm hand in his. He couldn’t do anything but stare at you as you smiled in bewilderment at his odd behavior.

When you told him how his songs helped you through a difficult time in your life, he was able to overcome his nerves and express his graditude. He smiled warmly at you and asked you to stay afterwards so you could talk more.

In his studio, Namjoon scoffs at his idiocy. He’s already found his inspiration, he knows what his song will be about: you.

Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs


He’s in the practice room, practicing the new choreography, with you as his audience. You sit cross-legged on the floor, staring in awe as you watch.

He was joking with Jimin, and didn’t notice you step in front of him, next in line. When he finally turned to you, he was dumbstruck. You were crouched in front of him, a shy smile on your face, a bucket hat on your head. You looked so beautiful and cute at the same time, he couldn’t form a single sentence.

Despite your shyness, you decided to be the first to speak. You told him he was your favorite. That you loved his style and thought he was an amazing dancer. He finally broke his silence to thank you, smiling that winning smile of his.

“I’m sorry. You’re so beautiful, I forgot how to speak.”

He meets your eyes in the mirror and stumbles over his feet, the look on your face making him lose his natural grace.

“Jagi, if you keep looking at me like that, I’ll never get this choreography down.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


You’re so angry at him, and no matter what he says, he can’t get you to calm down. Then he remembers…

When you met at a fanmeet he became really bashful seeing you. You were so cute and sweet, even though you two could barely understand eachother.

In his nervousness, he ran his fingers through his hair, and you paused in your blabbering, just staring at him, your eyes wide.

He grinned at that, a little more confident in seeing how flustered you got. He held your smaller hand in his as he scribbled down his number.

Now, as you continue to yell at him, he waits for your eyes to turn back to him. He runs his fingers through his hair and you pause.

“Don’t do that,” you whine at him, forgetting why you’re angry. “That’s not fare.”

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You two are wrestling, him tickling you to make you squeal and squirm, and he giggles. He’s always been playful, even when you first met.

He watched as you made your way down the line, impatiently waiting to meet you. He had notices you in the crowd and couldn’t keeo his eyes from constantly wandering to you.

When it was finally his turn his eyes widened in shock. You were even more gorgeous upclose. He cupped your face in his hands, squishing your cheeks and grinning widely.

“Wah! Beautiful!” He exclaimed, causing a blush to travel up your neck and into your cheeks, still squished in his hands.

He suddenly goes still. He’s on top of your and staring at you wide eyed. You’re out of breath, face flushed from exertion. His face slowly lowers to your as he gently cups your cheeks.

“Beautiful,” he whispers just before his lips meet yours.

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He wakes up next to you for the first time. You’re still sleeping and he just stares at you in awe. You’re so beautiful, your hair fanned out over your pillow, your bare face, relaxed in sleep, your soft skin in the morning sunlight. And he remembers how you met…

He had noticed you down the line at the fanmeet, struggling to talk to the others; the closer you got, the more nervous he became. When you got to him, he couldn’t help but stutter a greeting. You were even more gorgeous up close, and he could barely get his words out.

You grinned at his obvious nerves and but didn’t make him feel awkward. You asked if he would take a selca on your phone. He obliged, quickly programming his number in it afterward. He tried to be nonchalant about it, but when you took your phone back and noticed, your dazzling smile made him blush and stutter even more.

You roll into his arms, hugging his waist, and open your eyes, giving him that same smile. His melts into a puddle of mush in your arms and hides his face in your neck, making you giggle and hug him tighter.

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sleepingreader  asked:

More palette things: Ford and Mabel doing something silly in 'sodas and skateboards?'

Improvised band with lots and lots of glitter! :D 

Don’t worry Ford I’m sure the glitter will be easy to remove…maybe, you love it anyway

(Palette Challenge) (Please don’t send more!) 


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Alright alright let’s do this! This is gonna be relatively short and concise~ Depending on the love that this gets I could possibly make longer individual ones about each boy. So let’s get to it~

Admin Tae💚

Park Jinwoo///JinJin

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  • Obviously the leader of D.Store (Probably the owners son therefore the manager of the shop)
  • Went to school with the boys and got them their jobs (after months of begging)
  • Silent heartthrob that everyone eventually falls for
  • “They come for the pretty face but stay for the strong guy behind the counter”
  • “Hyung some of these girls are taller than you”
  • No one questioned Jinwoo’s authority after the boys showed up to work the next day and Sanha was in a soda bottle costume
  • Highly recommends the green soda
  • On the rare occasion you don’t see him behind the counter he is probably in the office with/on the phone with his father or older brother
  • Silently watches the customers and tells Myungjun or Sanha about people that look like they need some cheering up
  • Will sometimes give out a free drink or slice of cake to lighten someone’s day

Kim Myungjun///MJ

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  • The waiter DJ of D.Store
  • Grew up with Jinwoo so getting a job was a no-brainer
  • “Ayo JinJin.”
  • “Hyung please., you made that nickname when we were like 7. When we’re at work I’m your boss.”
  • “wHeN wE’rE aT wOrK i’M yOuR bOsS.” Jinwoo threatens to put him in the soda bottle costume next
  • Always greeting customers with a smile and a bubbly giggle
  • “Hey I suggest the orange soda… It tastes like orange.”
  • If he sees a person crying or someone that looks generally unhappy/upset he’ll sit in their booth and talk to them until they smile or laugh
  • Tells all the girls to call him MJ Oppa, makes new customers promise to come back.
  • If you don’t see him upon walking into the store he’s probably in the back sneaking food or causing trouble to one of the other boys

Lee Dongmin///Cha Eunwoo

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  • The pretty face greeter, brings people into the store
  • The boys always make fun of him for having to go outside and invite the shy admirers in
  • Likes to turn the open and close sign
  • Opens the bottles in front of the tables
  • “It’s for effect, plus they seem to like it.”
  • “That’s because 1. they think you’re cute hyung. and 2. You giggle every time the bottle pops.”
  • Likes to keep the outside of the store clean (with the help of Sanha who likes to plant everything)
  • Low-key the mom of the boys, always reminds them of their shifts and such.
  • It got to the point where Jinwoo promoted him to shift manager
  • When he first started he broke at least 5 bottles/glasses a day out of nervousness

Moon Bin///Moonbin

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  • Also a Waiter at the store, but he tends to stay in the bakery portion of the shop
  • Dongmin met him in physics class and told Jinwoo about him, He started out as the cook but immediately got replaced when they learned he in fact could not cook
  • He tends to make random noises when he’s off in his world and that’s what makes him attractive to the customers (The cute quirky type)
  • Handles all the orders and puts them out for Myungjun or Dongmin
  • Always greets customers with a shy smile that makes them swoon
  • Steals sweets on the job and gets yelled at by Jinwoo and Minhyuk
  • “Hyung!! Did you eat a slice of that Red Velvet cake that I literally JUST put out.” Bin would have the most shocked look on his face while customers giggle because you can see the slight red on his hands and shirt and there’s even a stray crumb or two on his face
  • “Pssh what no. I learned my lesson Minhyuk.” The girls would think it’s cute and invite him over to eat cake with them too.
  • Always fights with Dongmin over who turns the sign but gives up because Dongmin gives him puppy dog eyes.
  • Makes 60% of the mess in the store (although sometimes he is taking the fall for Sanha)

Park Minhyuk///Rocky

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  • Bus Boy/Cook/Store Entertainer Supreme
  • Actually started out as a bus boy but still cleans tables anyways
  • He got to be the cook after a busy rush came in and Jinwoo started to panic. Minhyuk just hopped into the kitchen and whipped out 5 batches of cookies and cakes like nothing
  • “Actually hyung, they come for the pretty face and stay for the cute cook”
  • Wanted to wear a kiss the cook apron to work but got scolded by mom Dongmin
  • The boys discovered he could dance after he danced around to clean up after closing one night You know like he was pushing the broom while dancing and shit (like another cinderella story with Selena Gomez) That night they also discovered Minhyuk could sing and rap
  • His nickname becomes Store Entertainer Supreme (After being changed from Disney Dude) because he always sings/raps the order and such (also the occasional Disney medley)
  • Jinwoo payed his first term to go to a dance company because he saw so much potential
  • Sometimes falls asleep on the job but Jinwoo lets it go because he knows how hard Minhyuk works.
  • One time he flipped the open sign before Dongmin could and he refused to look in Minhyuk’s direction for a week

Yoon Sanha///Sanha

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  • Sanha is the store baby gardener and waiter, also the stores mascot
  • Everyone loves his bubbly personality and that’s why Jinwoo allowed him to work there at such a young age
  • Gets babied by everyone, customers, workers, delivery people. Everyone
  • Likes to plant the flowers and fauna outside the shop “Because it makes it look magical and like a secret getaway.”
  • “Sanha you’re literally 6″ “6 foot, how’s the weather down there short stack?”
  • The boys have never seen Sanha run from someone so fast then he did in that moment from Jinwoo
  • Whines about the girls pinching his cheeks and calling him cute but secretly loves the attention
  • Once cried because Minhyuk accidently stepped on his new sunflower seeds “But they weren’t even growing yet.” “STILL YOU STEPPED ON MY CHILDREN.”
  • Once stole a cookie from the pan and Bin took the fall for him. Minhyuk found out and Sanha came to work the next day to see every single flower ripped out and un-color coordinated
  • Hates to see customers unhappy and vows to give every customer a flower and won’t let them go until he sees a smile.

wow okay that was a lot of fun and much less work than writing an actual scenario! I hope you enjoyed and if anyone liked it and wants more let me know!!

~Admin Tae💚


You vs the girl she tells you not to worry about