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in the last chapter mo's phone's battery is almost over (while ht's one is like full) so i had this hc about gs being the type to stay on his phone all day (i feel u Mo) maybe on cuisine blogs reading new recipes to try out, thx to ht now he even has a good, big kitchen to work in.

he tian: [phone battery at 83%] damn, batter charge it

guan shan: [phone battery at 10%] eh, still good

tag yourself, im guan shan

okay, sorry, earlier today i was thinking about this and how once they get together he tian will probably have to constantly remind guan shan to charge his phone (because seeing that empty battery is a huge pet peeve for him), and i had to write that

anyway!! i really really like this headcanon!!! i love the idea of guan shan spending a lot of time on different food blogs, exchanging recipes and cooking tips with various users until he becomes popular enough that people start to recognise him and value his opinion. also imagine he tian finding out about this and encouraging him to start writing his own blog, and guan shan does it almost as a joke and is so surprised when his first post has tons of views and enthusiastic comments!!

i can also see guan shan playing games on his phone for hours: they are a good time killer and a nice way to distract himself when he is alone, but they drain the battery incredibly fast

Kitchen/Potion Witch Tip

Part water, part vinegar, and an optional part of lemon juice

Put the mixture into the pot or pan with a stain and let it sit on the stove for about 15 minutes before turning it on to a low heat. Let it warm up before taking the pot or pan off the heat. Scrub the bottom and voila… No longer stained. I’ve done this with several pieces of my cookware and the best part is that this is a natural cleaner. 

In which we post kitchen best practices that nobody ever bothers to explain to newbies because experienced cooks just assume they’re obvious:

  • The secret to frying sliced meats (e.g., ham, bacon) without scorching or splattering is long cooking times at low heat. If you picture your range dial as a scale from 1-10, try about a 3. Also, lay the meat in a cold pan and let it heat to frying temperature with the meat already in it - it won’t curl up that way.
  • If your re-heated dishes are coming out of the microwave sizzling on the outside and cold in the middle, dial it down to 60% power and double the cooking time. That power setting’s there for a reason.
  • When cooking soup, add the salt at the end. Soup reduces as you cook it, and evaporation concentrates salt - a soup that has the perfect level of saltiness near the beginning of its cooking time will be inedible brine by the time it’s done. Also, the effect of adding salt to a soup is more or less immediate, so it’s perfectly acceptable to rely on trial and error here; just add a dash of salt, stir well, and taste-test right away. Repeat until you get it right.

Your turn!

50 life lessons:
1. Happiness is a mood, not a destination
2. If you spend every day wishing and wondering you will only look back on your life and wish and wonder
3. That cookie won’t kill you
4. Neither will that shot of tequila
5. Everything in moderation
6. Exercise will always put you in a better mood
7. A hot shower or a long nap can cure anything
8. Spend days with the people you love
9. Tell people how you feel
10. Never give up on a dream
11. That guy/girl was not your soulmate , soulmates don’t leave you laying in your own tears alone
12. Once a cheater always a cheater
13. People do change
14. But sometimes they just become better liars
15. Jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day is an amazing thing
16. Wear that bikini, wear that red lipstick, wear whatever the hell you want
17. So what if your thighs jiggle?
18. Never let someone else decide your life for you
19. Don’t have sex with someone you would not want to raise a kid with
20. Buying condoms is less embarrassing than buying a pregnancy test
21. You can always order yourself flowers and buy yourself chocolate
22. Jump off cliffs, go skydiving, make sure you at least feel that thrill once
23. Do not let winter cause you to be lazy and sad
24. Sometimes all you need is to clean and organize things to feel like it’s all back in place
25. Your GPA isn’t the most important thing in your life
26. It is important though, study, focus, but never put your education over your physical well being
27. Go to the doctor and dentist
28. Listen to your gut, it really knows what is best for you
29. Always talk to somebody on the phone while walking alone at night
30. Sometimes all you need to do is laugh at your mistakes and move on
31. Find your comfort food
32. Never be afraid to go home
33. If you are, find a new home
34. Life is not a puzzle, the pieces will never fit perfectly but isn’t that the point?
35. Never dull your enthusiasm
37. Educate yourself on current events, from more than one source
38. Wear sweatpants or dress up, your significant other shouldn’t care what you are wearing
39. Sometimes you just have to act like a child
40. Go to carnivals, go camping, have adventures
41. Go to as many festivals and concerts as possible
42. Learn how to cook simple meals
43. You won’t always have someone there, learn how to do things on your own
44. Treat animals with the respect they deserve
45. Believe in whatever religion you like or don’t, but do not shove your beliefs on others
46. Watch as many movies as you can
47. Music is the gateway to the souls
48. Summer nights with friends are always the best
49. True friends aren’t always true friends, if they talk gossip with you they will talk gossip about you
50. Always smile, always love, never judge, and never dull your passions
Low-spoons oatmeal prep

Heat the water in a kettle. I use a stovetop kettle, but an electric one works as well. While the water is heating, put about ¾ C oats in a bowl (I prefer quick oats over instant because they have more texture. Don’t use regular oats because they won’t cook without a constant heat source). Add a generous amount of brown sugar, and raisins, dates, or nuts, to your preference. Once the water is hot, pour just over a cup of hot water into the bowl. Cover with a small plate and ignore for five minutes. After five minutes, take the plate off, stir, and add milk if you want it. Eat. The plate is still clean because you just got steam on it, and you don’t need to wash a kettle between uses; the only dishes you will need to wash are the bowl and spoon.

Vegan Food For Budget Folks

I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a while to talk about how to shop for vegan food if you are on a budget (like me) and you live in an area that has a good amount of produce but doesn’t have a whole lot of specialty vegan options (like me!) I’ve been vegan for about a year and a half now out here in the midwest and I’ve found that contrary to popular belief, going vegan has saved me money and actually helped me develop a decent stockpile of food in my cabinets. Check it out!

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Experimenting using Jack fruit as a meat replacement (as advised by vegan work mum).

It… Is actually pretty good. When fried the jack fruits fibrous nature give a pretty ‘meaty’ texture. It takes the taste of the sauce and has no fruity taste to it at all.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t know it was a fruit replacement - and I could probably be convinced it was a slightly tough meat (but it’s my first go, without cooking tips - I can probably do better with some trial and error)

I’ve seen some people recommend buying boxes of regular pasta and cooking them in the microwave in a bowl as an alternative to instant noodles like easy mac or ramen.  

I recommend against using a bowl though.  Get a good (microwave safe) Square plastic container about 4 inches deep instead.  ziploc makes good ones, or there are off-brand at the dollar store.

Just put your pasta in( my go-to is a mix of macaroni and angel hair broken in half) and microwave for about six minutes(or longer) on high. When it’s done, draining is easy because of the shape of the container. Simply hold it over the sink, tilt one corner towards the drain and hold a fork across the corner to keep the pasta in the container. Then season to taste. ( my go-to is to throw in some butter,garlic, salt and put it back in the microwave to melt, then add grated parmesan.)

The waffle iron is quickly becoming our favorite brunch tool. In a previous episode of Mad Genius Tips, F&W Test Kitchen breakfast boss Justin Chapple revealed how to make extra-crispy, extra-easy hash browns. In this week’s episode he unveils a new, sweeter way to use the essential kitchen gadget to make something amazing: cinnamon roll waffles. All it takes is store-bought cinnamon roll dough and a waffle iron.

Best zucchini ever!!!

So I was messing around in the kitchen, trying to make a side to go with the steak Jon was grilling. I knew I have two zucchini a but no eggs or bread crumbs (I usually make baked zucchini fries). So I seasoned them with Italian seasoning and tolled them on the grill with the steaks.

No surprise them smelled like pizza so Jon said lets sprinkle cheese on them right off the grill.

AMAZING. We hardly used any cheese and happened to have a Mexican blend of shredded cheese (not my favorite). They literally came out like little pizzas!!!!

Jon doesn’t even like zucchini but he ate as much as I did. I have never seen him eat veggies before steak but he couldn’t stop. So I had to share this.

🔹Zucchini sliced to about half an inch
🔹seasoned with Italian spices (come in a jar labeled as such lol nothing fancy
🔹grilled or baked to your preferences
🔹sprinkle with shredded cheese as soon as they come off of the grill or out of the over

This isn’t something I even would have thought of. I usually put mozz on zucchini if anything but the Italian seasoning really kicked it up to a pizza level 😍