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top 50 otps of all time ☆  #30. Effy Stonem & James Cook  

“You know, if this was us meeting for the first time, I’d do it all again. Everything. The fucks, the fuck-ups, everything. I’d do it all again.”

Sad Headcanon: Oliver’s main reason for learning how to cook so well was because he knew how bad a cook Felicity was, and after everything that she’d done for him, he wanted to take care of her. This was his way. Now he doesn’t cook at all anymore. Because he doesn’t have her to cook for.

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Fallout 4 Companions As Parents

- Cait is the token ‘hot mom’, would definitely burst into the school like a hurricane if she found out her child was being bullied and demand the principal got up off their fat corporate funded ass to do something about it, if they didn’t she’d go to the kids houses and ask to fight the fucking parents, wouldn’t be able to cook to save her fucking life so your prime source of nourishment would be pizza she ordered (she’d be cool about it and let you pick whatever toppings you want), bedtime would be nonexistent and vague and she’d pretty much just tell you to go to sleep whenever she figures out it’s actually pretty late, you’d find her the next morning passed out on the couch with a bag of pretzels tucked into her side, ‘sex ed’ mom who all your friends come to for help even before the actual sex ed teacher or their parents, everyone’s kind of scared of her so you don’t really have to worry about anyone bullying you, let you have your first sip of alcohol, once you get older lets you have some drinks as long as you stay in the house bc she knows kids always find a way to drink, when you wanna try out for a sports team she helps you work out and trains with you, when you go on your first date and they come to pick you up she glares a hole into their head but tries to be polite bc you’re her fucking baby, gives you the coolest hand-me-down clothes

- Hancock, ‘the Cool Dad’, one time you came home in tears after getting dress coded in Jr. High and he was genuinely flapperghasted (’you look fine? The fuck you mean they said ‘you were distracting the boys’?? You’re eleven???), busts into the school and gives the principal AND the teacher who dress coded you the scare/tongue lashing of their fucking lives, lets you wear whatever you want within reason, takes you shopping and if you pick up something weird that tangibly no one else would wear he looks at you dead serious and says ‘i love it.’, the ‘fuck yeah stick it to old people while eating cereal in his jammies’ dad, totally respects and adores your rebellious phase bc you’re teaching yourself that the system is corrupt, always went to all your daddy/daughter or father/son dances and events and scared the shit out of all the other parents despite being the friendliest person there, picks you up from school blasting rock music and takes you to get ice cream after a game/performance/bad day, ‘auntie fahrenheit’ who comes to visit and always stays up watching true crime and law and order with you, she teaches you practical self defense as opposed to hancock’s ‘here’s a knife stab em until they drop’ take on it, occasionally picks you up from school to go play laser tag with hancock and all their friends, has an entire hanse of friends who all think you are a fucking angel and would probably die for you, he helps you clean up after a wild party so your other parent doesn’t find out, when you come home drunk as a fucking skunk he makes you a sandwich gets you some gatorade and tucks you into bed only promptly to wake you up at 6AM to mow the lawn to teach you a valuable lesson, when your first date comes to pick you up he greets them in his signature ‘hancock’ coat draped over his jammies eating chocolate rice krispies with a ‘sup dude’ no matter what gender they are much to your utter embarrassment, always the first to hug you after someone breaks your heart

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queenie goldstein headcanons
  • she’s the physical embodiment of the expression “there’s no such thing as owning too many dresses”
  • or shoes, for what it matters
  • and never such a thing as “too much pink”, either
  • she loves to share recipes with jacob, so she can do them with magic
  • her favourite subject was charms, and her least favourite was potions, because her teacher was so boring
  • she was, anyway, in the top of all her classes, she’s an exceptionally gifted witch
  • she is fascinated with the no-maj world, and she’s always asking jacob about how every little thing works
  • she’s incredibly good with numbers
  • she might have this slight crush on seraphina picquery and she’s terrified of trying to read her mind
  • but it’s easier to read minds when people are hurt, and that’s why graves’ mind it’s so easy for her to read now
  • she learned how to cook out of necessity after their parents passing, but she loves it so much now (and tina can’t cook to save her life)
  • “i know teen!! newt’s freckles are the cutest thing!!!” 
    “i told you to stop reading my mind, queenie!”
  • she loves to tell credence stories about her time in ilvermorny, her classmates, her teachers, her classes… (credence’s favourite story is the one about one dancing ball, in which queenie felt so overwhelmed by people asking her as a date, that she went by herself)
  • the easiest mind for her to read inside of macusa is abernathy’s and queenie thinks there’s a limit in how many times you can think about percival graves a day
  • in her last year of ilvermorny most of her teachers tried to pressure her to become an auror, like her sister did, but queenie refused, too many unpleasant thoughts, she would have lost her mind
  • ”mister graves, i brought you some coffee”
    “…i didn’t ask for any coffee.”
    “i know!” 
  • she likes her job, it’s easy and fun, she catches the best gossips, she can wear the cutest dresses and always knows what’s going on in the macusa building and she’s always home on time

I bought this tin a few months ago for pennies, I hate having them in my wallet then started dropping notes whenever I felt like it. I opened it when it couldn’t take any more notes, as you can see there are £5, £10 and £20 including pennies . I still can’t believe it myself but I saved £300($372) this is the first time in my life to save money, I got a few nicknames for my spending habits and got into a few fights with sven over it but it’s old story now. I saved £300 unbelievable, never mind the instant noodles I just got back from shopping. Just look at the money, I didn’t spend it on food, clothes, shoes, lingerie and bathbombs I just dropped them in the puppy tin and saved. My mother called my brother and sisters to tell them, the pictures were taken as proof she said god is real and wants to hold on to the money!  

Things headcanon I need to be canon later on with Sanvers :
- “Little Danvers”
- Alex can’t cook to save her life
- Sunday morning sex
- They go on vacation surfing in Midvale
- Kara superhear them talking about their sweet wild sex and/or see them
- Kara learns about lesbian culture, she documented a bunch of stuff
- First time in a gay bar with Maggie
- Alex in bed wih glasses
- Alex and/or Maggie dropping by to have lunch

Pizza Boy

Summery: Sometimes hooking up with the cliché isn’t so bad.  

A/N: A short ficlet. Natsu is such a cute part-timer and he can be my delivery boy any day. 

Staring at the door apprehensively Lucy was beginning to regret her actions. He was going to think she was obsessed or she couldn’t cook to save her life. After all, who ordered a pizza four times in one week? Lucy Heartfilia did. Trying not to be annoyed for developing such a cliché crush, she continued to look through the picture album Cana had sent her. Said album containing evidence of last night’s drunken antics. Lucy would prefer to deny its existence altogether. Clustered emoticons at the end of the IM consisted of winky faces and kisses meaning one thing, she had embarrassed herself again. Honestly, she could strangle drunk Lucy.

Groaning in mortification at her own stupidity she prepared the table for dinner. As if on cue, her doorbell rang. Swallowing in trepidation she walked woodenly towards the door, smoothing down her skirt. Acting like an idiot was one thing, looking like one was another. A Heartfilia always looked on point. Giving herself a once over, she hummed happily before opening the door.

Leaning on the railings, outside her apartment was the gorgeous boy she had met only five nights ago. Smiling the same cheeky smile and wearing the company hoody unzipped, revealing deliciously toned abdominals. That must against their uniform code, right?

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The Spaces Between Us

requested by @youffievalentine :

okay then… a thankgiving fic :) like, we know that Jonathan is good at breakfasts so i have the headcanon he is an excellent cook. Nancy had to make a pie for her family dinner and she can’t cook to save her life! so, she asks jon’s help

The ring of the phone came a fourth time as Nancy’s finger drummed impatiently on the kitchen wall next to where the phone rested.

“Come on, come on…pick up, pick up, please pick up…”


Nancy jumped, gripping the phone tighter (after almost dropping it), relief flood her brain, “Jonathan? Oh my god why didn’t you pick up the first three times I called?”

“Nancy? Oh I was outside with Will and the dog I…is everything okay?”

Nancy’s put her head in her hands and once again contemplated if she should even be making this call. The complete stupidity of this whole situation settled in, “Yes? No actually. Um…my mom kind of wanted me to help with today…”


“Which is Thanksgiving…”

“Correct…” the slight hesitation before the word and tone of his voice indicated that he was beginning to catch on to what was happening.

“And I…may or may not have promised to make a pie?”

There was a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the phone, followed by a moment of heavy and understanding silence.

“Give me ten minutes”.


Nancy answered the door before the second knock even came. Jonathan stood outside with a large mixing bowl. Inside was some eggs, a stick of butter, a bag of flour, a can of pureed pumpkin, and other assorted and necessary pie baking materials. Nancy tried to ignore the flutter in her heart as he smiled at her from her doorstep.

“Thank God, I had no idea what I was doing but I kind of wanted to do it on my own so I already tried to make one and the house already had to be aired out once so the smoke alarm would quit beeping and I-”

Jonathan looked nothing short of horrified, “Nancy…you tried to bake? Don’t you remember that time you burned the spaghetti and-”

“Yes I remember,” she cut him off, an edge of exasperation on her voice. She pinched the bridge of her nose and squeezed her eyes shut, “Just…just come see”.

Together, they walked into the kitchen. When he say the carnage before him, all Jonathan could utter was, “Oh, Nancy…”

The kitchen was a wreck. A mass of black in a pan sat on top of the stove, still smoking, presumably the culprit of the fire alarm mentioned earlier. Ingredients were spilled all over the counter and onto the floor. Several mixing bowls were set aside with failed filling concoctions that looked nothing short of dangerous to consume.

Without another word, Jonathan walked into the kitchen and plopped his bowl of ingredients down on the countertop, turning to face Nancy.

“Well alrighty,” he began as he cracked his knuckles. She rolled her eyes at the dramatic gesture. “Watch and learn”.


Everything was going smoothly. Jonathan taught Nancy the importance of actually measuring out ingredients properly and how to mix evenly (her technique before had been based off rough estimations). The pie was in the oven and they were cleaning up while nancy thought of how happy she was that she had called Jonathan to help.

That is, until he threw a handful of flour at her.

The flour hit her square in the face. A moment passed where she stood there in complete shock while Jonathan cackled, obviously very pleased with himself. It took about .01 seconds for the shock to pass, and before Jonathan had time to process what was happening, Nancy had dumped her own handful of flour right on top of his head.

The cackling ceased and was replaced by a malicious and evil grin.

“Oh,” he said in a deadly monotone voice, his hand slowly picking up a whisk sitting in the empty filling bowl, still dripping with batter, “it’s on”.

Nancy screeched as he whipped the whisk at her, splattering orange goo all over the front of her sweater, prompting her to arm herself with the spray bottle of water her mother used to clean the kitchen counters with.

Jonathan practically flew backwards as cold water hit his face and  Nancy was nothing short of relentless, she barely gave him a chance to continue his spray of orange pie filling between streams of liquid. Both of them were laughing so hard they could barely breathe as they viciously attacked each other in barrages of flour and filling and water.

“Surrender!” shouted Jonathan over the chaos.

Nancy laughed evilly, nailing uim in the face with a well places blasts of water, “never!”

Jonathan jumped forward, and grabbed the arm wielding the sprayer, causing Nancy to squeal and try to escape, laughter ringing out once more from both the teenagers. In an attempt to steady her, he reached for the other hand, pulling to try to take control of the bottle and…

Their bodies were pulled together, their faces inches apart. The laughter stopped they became increasingly aware of the distance, or rather lack thereof, between them, and every inch of skin that was touching the others. Both of Jonathan’s hands were still holding Nancy’s, and were wrapped around her back, closing the space even more.

Time seemed to slow down every second they stayed like this, both realizing that the other was not moving either.

Jonathan couldn’t help but look right into her eyes. They had come gold in them. He had never noticed that before. The small of Nancy’s back burned with electricity where Jonathan’s hands rested on it. Part of her knew wanted to pull away, afraid of what this sensation was. The other never wanted to move from this exact spot.

They were so close, each breath he took moved the strands of hair right in her face. But just as he was about to reach up and push them back, Nancy’s mom entered the kitchen.

“Nancy I, oh…oh um hello Jonathan”.

As quickly as they had come together they jumped apart, Nancy feverishly brushing off her sweater, her back still feeling as if his hands had never left it.

“Oh, um hi, mom, the pie’s in the oven right now”.

Her mother smiled at her and nodded, a twinkle of smug suspicion passing over her eye. That was when she noticed the mess behind her. “Heaven above, what have you two done to my kitchen?”

“Sorry, Mrs. Wheeler,” pipped up Jonathan quickly, “it uh, it was my fault I started it”.

“Well just as long as you clean it up, I suppose. It was nice seeing you Jonathan”. As her mother exited, she flashed Nancy a strange smile and headed upstairs.

The two sat in a charged silence for a moment.

“Well um, I’ll get the uh, the spray bottle and start wiping down,” Nancy said, clearing her throat.

“Oh no you don’t, I’m never trusting you with one of those ever again”.

Nancy laughed, seeming to shatter the weight of what had just passed between them. She reached for the bowl on the counter and put it in the sink.

What ever it had been, what ever had just happened, it was beginning to become evident that something had to give. That the two of them could not remain in this place of in between and timid uncertainty. She turned and watched Jonathan as he brushed a pile of flour into the trash can beneath.

One thing was for sure. Both wanted to completely fall into the other, and both were scared out of their mind to jump. Both of them had their toes up to the edge of the cliff. It was now just a matter of who was going to leap first.

waurel domestic headcanons:

  • they buy this little apartment together that they fill with books, old records, blankets, cool posters and polaroid pictures
  • wes lifting laurel up on the kitchen counter and kissing her nose every morning when he sees her in his t-shirt
  • and him resting his head in laurel’s lap while they watch television
  • she has ticklish feet and hates that he knows 
  • sharing an umbrella is never a problem, because of their height difference™
  • laurel can’t cook to save her life and wes won’t allow her to eat cup noodles every time he’s out, so he cooks something and leaves it in the fridge for her
  • them painting together - wes leaves a dot of white paint on her nose and laurel’s grumpy when she can’t do the same thing (because, you know, the height difference™)
  • holding each other while they sleep
  • wes driving laurel around in a shopping cart sometimes when they’re shopping for groceries
  • “you bought a dog, laurel?” “come on, you’ll love her as much as you love me. don’t try to deny it.”
  • don’t talk to me about the many make-out sessions they would have in their car 
  • their fridge is full of funny magnets and photos from their many vacations and road trips 
  • roasting marshmallows over the fireplace way too often 
  • slow dancing to the sound of the television
Noona, Unnie (3)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 1324

A/N: I was trying to allow time between each posting for people to read but I know some people want the next part now so here it is :)

I know I don’t much feedback but I’d really appreciate feedback on this.

                            ~     Meet Unnie   ~   One   ~   Two   ~

“Can you hand me the eggs?” You asked. Gently, she jumped from her spot on the counter to retrieve what you asked for. Handing them to you, she slid back onto the counter next to where you were cooking and puckered her lips.

Smiling, you kissed her sweetly. Silently you relished in her attention as she watched you with admiration.

She couldn’t cook to save her life but she always loved watching when you did. Every time the subject of food would come up, she would mumble about how she should know how to cook because she is the oldest. You would always hush her and promise to help her next time she wanted to try and cook. However, after an incident involving the replacement of your favorite pot, she was taking a break on cooking.

“Done.” a satisfied smile spread across your face as you finished up.

The two of you ate happily, chatting excitedly about a new show the two of you were waiting to premiere. Out of nowhere she grabs your hand to pull you onto her lap. You stare down at her, puzzled by the sudden action. She simply smiles and kisses you, similar to the one from earlier. The longer it lasts the deeper it gets. Her hands run the length of your crossed thighs while yours try to bring her face even closer to yours.

“Wow.” a sleepy voice from the archway startles you making the both of you jump. You look over to Jimin, sleepily scratching his head, clad in only boxers.

Bashfully, you move back to your chair, picking at the cold bite of egg you had left. She stared at you disappointedly before turning her attention to your boyfriend. “How’d you sleep?”

He shrugged, walking towards the fridge. He stopped to peck her lightly but only brushed your shoulder. Your eyes cut to him at the fridge but quickly refocused on your plate. After the other day, you couldn’t look at him straight. “There is food for you on the stove. We weren’t sure how long you would be sleep since we knew how tired you were after practice yesterday.” the words held no tone as you spoke. You couldn’t pin down what you were feeling, especially towards him, so indifference is what you settled on. He smiled as he placed it all on a plate. Before sitting down, he placed a kiss to the top of your head. You tensed up for a moment before looking at your phone. “I am going to take a shower.”

They both looked surprised but seemed to accept it.

You made your way into your room and started the shower. Lingering in front of the sink, you waited for Jimin. After a few minutes you scolded yourself and stepped in despite having showered before anyone else had woken up that morning.

The day was perfection.

The weather was at the temperature you enjoyed and the area seemed more peaceful than it usually did.

The atmosphere made your day more enjoyable than you expected it to be. Your mind barely drifted to your romantic status.

“Y/N!” Someone called to you from across the street. As you look over, you see a very excited Hoseok running on the cross walk to get to you. You barely had time to process what was happening before he had enveloped you in a tight hug. After he let go, you blinked a few times before breaking into an equally wide smile.

“Oppa! Where are you coming from?”

“I wanted to do some shopping.” he happily held up to bags. “What are you up to?”

You thought for a moment, trying to remember where you were headed before the very tight yet much welcome hug. “Oh! The store! Unnie drank all the orange juice and Jimin wanted triangle kimbap for some reason.”

He laughed. “You know the strange cravings we get after our promotion period diets are over.”

Nodding, you laughed. It was true. After every comeback ended, all 7 men would get cravings for either the most specific things or the strangest.

Hoseok followed you into the store and helped you pick out what you needed. You chatted about what he was up to and joked about his latest craving for a five guys hamburger after he remembered the one he had while on tour in the U.S. Though when he shifted the conversation to you, you weren’t quite sure what to say. Nothing interesting was happening with your studies and your job was one he already kept tabs on considering you worked in the same building as him. You have never been comfortable with talking about your unique love life but he sensed something was different this time.

“Y/N, is everything ok?”

You paused, pretending to read the label on a pack of rice. “Uh…yes.”

Taking rice from you he asked you again. This time adding ‘with Jimin’ to the end.

Your eyes searched your cart for nothing in particular before looking back at the rice in his hands. “Same as always.”

As he figured what to say next, your phone buzzed.


Y/N, please pick up some condoms. Also, some triangle kimbap ^_^

You read the message three more times, noting that lately he hadn’t needed condoms for any of the brief moments he acknowledged your existence in the relationship.

Observing your already unhappy expression change to your frustrating apathy, he offered to help you bring everything back to your apartment. You surprisingly accepted his offer.

As the two of you headed for self checkout he asked you if you had gotten everything you needed. With a nod you placed your phone back in your pocket.

You already decided minutes ago to have “forgotten” the condoms.

“Thank you so much, Hoseok oppa.” a genuine smile found its way to your face. The walk back to your apartment in the oh so enjoyable weather helped to once again uncloud your mood. With Hobi’s help of course.

Waiting on you to open the door he simply returned the smile.

Your arms were about to fall off as you opened the door. Hoseok followed you to the kitchen to set your bags down. As you were about to set the last bag down, you froze for a second as your ears picked up something. Realizing what the familiar sound was, you quietly sat down the last bag and began to put up everything. You noticed Hoseok’s tense body and remembered ‘Of course he hears it too. She can be loud when she wants to.’

You were too busy trying not to focus on it that you hadn’t realized Hobi’s face scanning yours. Searching for any kind of reaction. With your facade of unbothered busying, you thought you were doing a pretty good job of hiding the familiar swelling emotions.

But Hoseok saw right through it.

“Do you uh want to go somewhere for a few?”

Without looking at him you shake your head.

“But don’t you think it’s a little…noisy?” Almost as if on cue, a high pitched scream of Jimin’s name rang through the apartment. You flinched a bit but finished putting away the groceries.

“Oppa, it’s fine. This is normal.” This was only half true. If you heard this normally you would make your way back and enjoy the fun but the shifting dynamic in the home was causing a distance you weren’t liking.

He seemed unconvinced but decided to let it go at the look on your face. With worried eyes he pulled you in for another hug. This one wasn’t as tight which disappointed you.

You could have used that right about now.

Sparing one last glance, he left the uncomfortably loud apartment. Leaving you to listen to the rocking bed and pleasured sounds fully.

Dragging your feet down the hall,you gave a glance to the open door before turning into your own.

Post BvS Lois and Diana becomes friends, then best friends, then girlfriends.  They cuddle and kiss a lot and eat ice cream in their underwear sometimes.  Diana likes to throw Lois over her shoulder and carry her to bed and Lois laughs in delight every time.  Lois is best at ordering the takeout because she can’t cook to save her life.  Diana likes to watch Lois type because she looks cute when in deep concentration.  Just… <3


Piper trusts the oven about  as far as she can throw it, cause for some reason all it knows how to do is burn her vegetables. But she still tries, cause when she manages to save it her veggie lasagna is to die for.

Nevertheless the day that Jason came home to find her sitting on the floor in front of the oven and trying to charmspeak it was the day he decided to take over cooking for good.

mods are offline post asagao!eli headcanons

  • she doesn’t do eye contact like. at all, don’t look her in the eyes, it freaks her out, wtf are you doing
  • ergo, it’s a big deal when she can hold eye contact, it means she feels somewhat safe
  • she’s so shit at games. so shit. like, yall, she’s awful. point and click adventures are FINE, but anything that requires reflexes, aiming, running, coolness under pressure? nah
  • despite this, she’s brilliantly calm under irl tension 
  • can’t cook to save her life
  • can, however, sing and play guitar
  • writes to her dad every other weekend
  • has never been seen with her hair up by anyone but alex (her roommate) bc thats how she sleeps
  • is such a good liar because she’s a fuckin Actor™, don’t assume she’s transparent when she’s sad it’s a miracle 
  • ‘for seriously’ - really?, ‘really much’ - a lot, ‘by my own’ - by myself/on my own, ‘bees mean’ - being mean

Imagine Skimmons

For Anon

Skye and Jemma have their entire relationship figured out to a T.

Skye holds the doors for Jemma.

They take turn paying for meals.

Skye can’t cook to save her life so Jemma does that.

Jemma steals all the covers at night.

Skye gets up first and exercises.

Jemma cleans most of the time sometimes Skye helps.

Skye does the laundry because Jemma can’t do it without trying some new laundry detergent she cooked up.

On mission nights they hold each other close whispering promises of long lives and love.

They both agree not to marry because they don’t need to.

Skye’s favorite date night activities are getting take out and watching movies while Jemma prefers going on picnics.

Together they dream of having a white picket fence life one day.

Together they bleed and love.

Random Leona Headcannon Time

She and Liochant have a bomb ass friendship with them talking about whatever 

She can’t cook to save her life 

Although Kiki reassures her that it doesnt matter who her father is, she is very sensitive about the topic of her parents

She likes to think of Alena and Lillith as little sisters that she could never have

She thinks Uncle Breandon is the coolest person 

drewlypso headcanons for perspookyjackson

-drew straightening calypso’s hair on the floor of the bathroom bc calypso has these like gorgeous waves that she’s super self-concious about and drew loves them but she’ll do anything to make calypso feel happy so she spends hours making them pin-straight

-and calypso borrows drews camp halfblood sweatshirts because new york’s a lot colder than a tropical island and whenever she gives them back they smell like sea salt and flowers and drew thinks it smells better than any designer perfume

-they get frozen yogurt in the city and calypso gets chocolate with raspberries and drew swears up and down that she’s not hungry but winds up picking off all the raspberries and eating at least half the yogurt

-they give each other blind makeovers and calypso pokes drew in the eye with a brush and almost cries but drew can’t stop laughing

-their first kiss is during some cheesy rom-com

-drew brings calypso a dozen roses once a week for two months after they first get together

-drew can’t cook to save her life and calypso is always trying to teach her how to bake cookies but every time they wind up coated in flour and laughing while the big house casually burns down behind them

-calypso like destroying someone in capture the flag and drew just smirking in that way she does and going “that’s my girlfriend”

-drew hates campfire sing-alongs but she’ll sit through them because calypso loves them

pixelatedmuffins  asked:

Also 25 - 45 for Anni and Vincent.

25. Who wears the other ones clothes?

Annie likes wearing Vincent’s clothes
26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food?

I think they both have a healthy appetite for junk food, especially sweets
27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

Annie doesn’t really like showers, so hers are usually pretty short. Both Vincent and Annie like baths though, but I’m not sure who’s would be longer haha. Annie definitely sings while in the bath/shower, though it’s something she’s very shy about.

28. Who is the book worm?

Annie likes to read a lot, but Vincent is into theater, so I imagine he likes reading a lot too. I’d say a mix of both?

29. Who is the better cook?

Antimony can’t cook to save her life
30. Who likes long walks on the beach?

Definitely Annie
31. Who is more affectionate?

I’d definitely say Vincent. Not that Annie isn’t, Vincent just shows his more openly I think, if that makes sense?
32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?

I’d say they both do
33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt?

I’m not sure tbh, I could see it going either way, haha
34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?

Antimony would wear the “I am…” t-shirt
35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?

Probably Vincent
36. Who is the social media addict?

I don’t really see either of them being addicted to social media
37. Height difference or age difference?

Vincent is definitely taller and older than her
38. Who likes to star gaze?

I’m not sure why, but I think this is something Vincent would like doing
39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside?

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?

I imagine Antimony would be the more strict parent. Their children would probably get away with more if they asked Vincent
41. Who cries during sad movies? 

42. Who is the neat freak?

Probably Vincent? Antimony likes organized chaos
43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?

Antimony tries, but she never succeeds, so Vincent.
44. Who is active/ Who is lazy?

They’re both pretty lazy
45. Who is more likely to get drunk?

Hm, I’m not really sure to be quite honest. Antimony likes drinking beer, but not enough to get drunk, and she’s not going to be able to for a while. But I also don’t see Vincent as the type either? idk, I could be wrong

Sam usually comes over to Steve’s house to cook. This is mostly because: a) Steve and Bucky only know how to boil food, b) Natasha, despite being one person who can do anything, can’t cook to save her life, and c) no, Steve, it doesn’t matter if you’re a super-soldier, that much Chinese takeout will kill you.

It’s the day after they’ve completed a mission, and he’s standing in the kitchen, a pale blue apron tied around his hips as he makes omelettes. He’s whistling to the tunes on the radio, enjoying the tranquility of the morning, especially when you compare it to what they’d been through the day before.

One song ends, and another comes on - Happy, by Pharell - and Sam finds himself moving his shoulders to the beat. The rhythm starts to get the better of him - he’s tapping his feet and nodding his head and he can’t keep still. He manages to keep his self control for a few more seconds before the music takes over - he spins away from the counter and begins to dance. Sam snaps and claps his hands, eyes half closed as he moves around the kitchen counters. The scratchy sound of the radio is all he hears, the tune stealing control of his body.

He doesn’t notice Natasha leaning against the doorway until he almost dances into her. Sam doesn’t know when she got to the flat, or how long she’s been standing there, but the smirk on her face says it’s been long enough. He stands in the middle of the kitchen, unsure of what to do or say, and is about to awkwardly laugh it off, when she takes a step forward.

And then, Natasha Romanoff starts to dance. It’s a similar style to Sam’s, except she exudes such elegance that he can’t do much but stare stupidly. Then, a wide grin spreads across his face, and he joins in. Snapping and clapping, they spin around the dining table and each other, occasionally meeting the other’s gaze. True to the name, it is a happy song, and it seems ridiculous that only yesterday, they were in a vastly different situation.

Sam takes Natasha’s hand and spins her around. She laughs, and her other hand grasps his, and they’re moving in circles, like a children’s game. But she suddenly moves away, so smoothly that you’d think she’s practiced this, and walks to the doorway.

Bucky looks extremely confused, staring from Sam to Natasha and back. It looks like he’s just gotten up - his hair is ridiculously rumpled, as are his clothes. That doesn’t deter her, she grasps both his hands and tugs him forward. In a thick voice, he attempts to voice his protests, but it looks like she’ll have none of it. Natasha starts to dance with him, and Sam stops to watch. It seems like something familiar is stirring inside Bucky - his hands clasps hers more tightly, his arms lift, and ever so slowly, a smile spreads across his face.

Suddenly, they’re moving around the kitchen, in a dance that seems old but still matches the rhythm of the song. He probably hasn’t done this since the 1940s, but Bucky doesn’t look like he’s forgotten anything. Natasha’s laughing as well, but then she steps back, and Bucky reaches out to Sam instead.

He barely has time to react before he’s pulled back into the dance, Natasha moving to the beat on the side. Tendrils of friendship and the sound of music pull them closer than before, and they move without a care in the world.

Steve walks in to the kitchen to the sight of his best friends dancing. It smells like his breakfast has burnt, but he doesn’t care.