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This is Dylan Elise. He is an amazing, talented drummer and currently lives in the US from NZ. I have to say he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. He is a humble, gentle sexy man. Dylan is not gay/bi but I have share his because he is my ultimate crush. Imagine waking up to this man giving you gentles kisses? 😍I hope you too enjoy checking out this beautiful man.


Filmmaker and Photographer Eric Rubes (@erubes1) takes you on a trip through the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean

go home lost prince

catching up with one piece rn - cant believe I almost dropped it right before sanji’s arc 



So me and one of the dokos from the area have been talking and we know that there’s so many DL Poly guys who gotta stay DL for the obvious reasons. We been starting a plan to create an online confidential space for Gay & Bi Polynesian men to network and speak freely, without judgement and prejudice.

HMU with suggestions or reblog if you are thinking this could be a good idea.

Sanji gets reverted back to a child and finally gets the childhood he deserves. [2/?]

  • Zoro takes what he assumes is Sanji into the kitchen.  He looks like what a 5 year old Sanji would look like but infinitely less irritating.
  • “Umm, where is this?”
  • “Your kitchen.  I know it’s been a while since you’ve been in it dartbrow.”
  • “I have a name.”
  • “Sanji!”
  • Chopper speeds into the room and Zoro lets down Sanji back to the actual floor instead of dangling from his hands.
  • “Did you eat something weird again?  What happened?  Why are you so small?  Did someone touch you with their devil fruit?  Do you know where you are?”
  • Zoro can feel the tension building up in Sanji’s shoulders.  He wasn’t there for the fight against Big Mom so he got an extra summarized version of Sanji’s past.  He figured Sanji wasn’t always the person he met on that floating restaurant years ago.
  • “Slow down there Chopper.”
  • He stands a little taller when he speaks again, “How do you know my name?  You called me Sanji when you ran in.”