cook and becker


Video game art imprint Cook & Becker has just launched a new series of prints that features a number of notable artists reinterpreting their favorite Sega games as detailed paintings. The collection includes a range of titles, from Shinobi to Jet Set Radio, each rendered by a different artist. Sci-fi artist Killian Eng tackled Phantasy Star, for example, saying that “I remember several older Sega games fondly, but Phantasy Star was my first pick.”

Meanwhile, comic book artist Gerald Parel re-envisioned the world of Golden Axe. “When I was a teenager, I was very much into Conan and all things barbarian,” he explains. “So when around that time I played Golden Axe, even only for a few hours, it left a precious mark in my memory.” Other featured artists include Julien Renoult, who worked on Xbox One hit Sunset Overdrive and created a painting for Streets of Rage. According to Cook & Becker, this is just the first wave of posters, which covers five games and artists, with each painting limited to 200 prints.

You can pick them up right here, and stay tuned — the second wave will be coming out this summer.