Need a fancy-sounding breed name to make your ordinary mutt sound more impressive? Why not let a neural network do the job? Just train it on the list of AKC-recognized breeds and let it run, and you’ll end up with a whole bunch of amazing puppers that nobody’s heard of before, but that almost look plausible enough if you squint really hard:

  • Swedish Farkd Terrier
  • Greane Boxe Spaniel
  • Neapolitan Malsterdese
  • Wolkinbernondover
  • Thai Cotk Sittzer
  • Szekish Toy Frgetax
  • Chesapeake Was Spaniel
  • Pudelpolis
  • Weredil Coonhound
  • Basset Loatedhound
  • Endlese Hig Fland
  • Bluetick Coog
  • Irish Wolfhug Terrier
  • Belgian Balonohenges
  • Chipoto

Coog Radio Interviews: PVRIS at Vans Warped Tour 2015

  • Coog Radio: And has becoming a mother influenced your music in any way?
  • Lights: Yeah, for sure. I’m more confident now than ever have been, especially on stage. I think that once you go through childbirth, you can do anything. It’s like Wow! I can conquer the world now! It’s also this sense of certain things just don’t matter as much anymore. You know, whether somebody things it’s how you look or somebody thinks about what you say or somebody thinks if you’re doing it right in general, I just don’t care as much. You give less fucks than you gave before.
  • Coog Radio: And you’re married to a musician, too, so does that bring forth a new angle to the household and to your music that you make? Do you inspire each other when you make music?
  • Lights: Interestingly enough, you know, we are in the same field, and we are both frontmen, but we are in pretty different genres, so I think when it comes to songwriting and production and the emphasis you put in certain part is different. It’s kind of cool because we don’t have the experience in each other’s fields to give advice, which I think is probably healthy. Getting too much advice from your partner is a little bit like…it can cause conflict. As much as you’re married, you’re still an individual and you still have your own self of yourself. It’s a perfect setup because we encourage each other in, sort of, a broad spectrum of advice. It’s like, “You have to get down and work on stuff,” or “you should take the time to go write,” you know? “Here, I’ll help you record these vocals,” but it’s not like “this part sucks, this part is good.” It’s good. It’s a healthy dynamic.
  • Coog Radio: And are you bringing Rocket, your daughter, on tour?
  • Lights: Yeah! I bring her everywhere! I’m still breast feeding, and I’ll be breast feeding for as long as I can, so she’ll be around at all times.

Coog Radio Interviews: As It Is at Vans Warped Tour 2015