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I kinda agree with Cynthia, I'm a huge CxQ shipper and I don't really liked they interaction in the last episode. But I liked Q and F interaction very much, even without the coockie scene e the huge gap they left. You girls didn't discuss that on the podcast, so what you all think about Q and F relationship in this episode?

Great question. We can gif it all the way to the moon to try to make it seem sweet. But it wasn’t, imo. Let’s be honest, he was awkward, as it should be. The man has no experience with children (as far as we know). He’s a mess, Franny’s a child. Moreover, he was crossing lines that are not okay in any functional adult’s handbook. My kids would be totally freaked out by a strange (relatively) man from the basement discussing some random man watching their mom from across the street. I love Quinn… but let’s not pretend like this was an okay subject to discuss in front of a four-year-old. That was Gansa’s point, I suspect, along with the mug throwing. Quinn fans - most of us - are all desperate to believe in his relative perfection, but that’s simply not the story they’re telling.

Gansa knows he’s created a character who is almost universally adored. And that’s exactly how we want to view our soldiers - as heroes - somehow beyond the reach of the flaws that befall normal mortals. It’s a fiction we are all cling to despite what we know about vets’ PTSD, depression and suicide. How many of us, deep down, just want Gansa to hand waive this chapter and return Quinn 1.0 to us? It’s this very belief system Gansa wants to unpack and lay bare.


Hi! Sure dear -nalu-nalu-

Eren is driven by good intentions but… well…   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You better run for your life, Eren hahaha

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