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Hiya! Um, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to make tears transparent? Thank you!

hi! well i have to say i’m not an expert on draw like tears or water drops..but i have a very simple and kinda rustic technique

still i recomend to see other more elaborated tutorials

i had to search a picture where i draw a character crying.. and i found this one XP

1. draw the tear, 

2 with white add some white lights on it and done

repeat process and… awww…

poor little thing.. we made him cry… XS

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Pregunta random por que yolo XD si chocolate senpai y error tuvieran bebés cuantos serían??? Lolz

Random Question because yolo XD if chocolate senpai and error had babies how manny they could be? lolz

Dem chocoerror is becoming a thing on ma blog…. LET IT BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRN!!!!!! (?)

But seriusly tho LE WAT?! Chocolate CAN’T have babies by him own , look the candy people can’t have babies because they are made with literally candy, ice cream or with CHOCOLATE, you can’t have babies with coockies XD but if they would have babies….

Yeah…. They would have only one pregnancy because they would have quadruplets~ <3 I know, i know, you will ask WHYYYYYY?!?! Chocolate is a “Cat” dem cats usually have pretty much kitties in one pregnancy so, is an imposible escenario but is a cute one XD

Clever, coocky, or just plain creepy rejection statements for people who don’t understand the word “no.”

1. You know, I’d love to, but tomorrow is the day I make homemade soy sauce for charity. Did you know 20% of sushi-eating parrots are severely sodium deficient?

2. Finally! You don’t even know how long I’ve been trying to find volunteers for my long-term celibacy study!

3. Yeah sure. You wanna come over tomorrow? You can help me with my science homework- I’m studying human vivisection *optional: trail hand creepily along collar bone for effect*

4. Okay but can you bring a friend? Together you might have a full brain.

5. You wanna come over to my place for dinner? I’m on a new tree bark and insect diet FYI I don’t brush my teeth- the toothbrush industry is run by mind-control aliens and I don’t want to give them any more power over me.

6. I don’t like pinky toes and I demand that anyone who dates me cut them both off in front of me and put them in a fancy gift box to prove their devotion. So, lunch tomorrow?

7. Did you say sex in a coffin ten feet underground? I’m in!

                        *~HELLO GENTLEBEAUTIES~*

Guess what !
This adorable Mogwo is available on redbubble !

If you want a cute sticker, mug, pillow or a gift card to show some love to someone AND you like what I do (or just like that useless fluffyball)- Well. THAT EXISTS ??!!

It’s my first try on redbubble and uh, let’s say I’m nervous XD I don’t really care if this doesn’t sell like small coockies, I just hope the design would still look good on the products Q___Q’