coober skeber

‘Coober Skeber’ by various


What the fuck is this shit?!?!  I thought this was a compilation of my favorite Marvel supeheroes but it looks like it was drawn by a baby?!  I thought this book was gonna give me a sneak peak of the Inhumans move?  Is Vin Diesel gonna play Black Bolt?  Why no Rob Liefeld?!?  This book is confusing the shit out of me. 

I mean, all the stories are so strange… I don’t even know if I’d call them stories.  The spiderman story, is that supposed to be like a Lego Spiderman or something?!  Why does the Hulk just mope around?  Why does the Spiderwoman story give me a boner??

I think that maybe someone is pulling my leg but isn’t it illegal to do stories of copyrighted characters without the owners permission?  Who do I complain to and get these people sued?!?

This book is even worse than Sony’s spiderman reboot, even worse than the Wolverine solo movie. But not as bad as Ghost Rider, that was sweet!! “you’re a rider now, a rider for the devil.” 

I don’t know, man, I guess you can just go buy the book yourself and figure it out.  Its a little pricey though, I got mine for free they just had me pay the $5 to cover shipping costs…