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“It’ll all seem like a distant memory, except for you, because wherever I go and whoever I’m with, I’ll always love you.”

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For the vongola: their child climbs up onto their lap, tucks themselves into their suit jacket and falls asleep while they're working. how would they react?

to make up for my writer’s block, here is one of the drafts I had saved.  

Tsuna: The man regretted how busy work kept him and the memories he missed out on with his family.  So when his young son crawled into his lap to watch him do paperwork, it brought a smile to his face.  “Your building blocks are probably a lot more fun that watching me sign stuff,” he cooed to the two year old.  

The boy looked up at him and gave a small yawn before snuggling into his chest.  Tsuna smiled again, grabbing the next batch of papers that needed his signature.  A moment later he felt the buttons on his suit jacket come undone and his two year crawl closer to his chest, pulling the jacket closed around him.  He reached for his phone, snapping a quick picture and sending it to you before getting back to work, a smile permanently etched on his face.

Gokudera: The man let out a sigh as he reclined on the couch in his office, the chair was a little broken and after sitting in it all day his back was aching.  He had a stack of papers next to him as he read through them all, figuring out what he could sign and what needed Tsuna’s signature.  

His daughter was curled up on his chest.  He was tasked with watching her while you were at the hospital with your sick friend.  He glanced down at the six month old when she let out a sneeze, waking herself up.  

Letting out a little chuckle he placed his hand on the baby’s back, making sure she wasn’t going to start crying.  When she laid her head back down to sleep he went back to reading the papers.  

He had just set the stack he had down when he felt his daughter playing with his jacket buttons.  She sat up on his chest, playing with the two sides of the jacket, flapping them.  

“Having fun?” he asked.  The little girl nodded at him before lying back down, pulling the two sides over her.  He would never tell anyone, but his heart melted a little as he re-buttoned the now tight jacket over his daughter.  

Yamamoto: The man laughed when his son clambered into his lap on the couch as he cleaned his sword.  “Be careful, this is sharp,” he warned as the boy watched.  

The three year old was the most curious child he had ever met, which wasn’t always a good thing.  It made baby proofing the house harder when he was younger.

The AC kicked on and the short sleeved t-shirt clad child let out a small shiver.  Before Yamamoto could react, the boy was unbuttoning his jacket and climbing inside, re-buttoning it over him.  

Yamamoto laughed again, looking down at his son, his legs sticking out from underneath the jacket, but his arms and torso tucked neatly inside it.  Going back to cleaning his sword with a smile on his face, he glanced down every now and then, noticing that his son was getting drowsier and drowsier each time until he ultimately fell asleep.  

Lambo: The man grinned down at his daughter, playing with her teddy bear on his lap as he sent out emails and reports.  It was a boring day at work and she had already gone through most of her toys.  He was starting to worry that she wouldn’t make it the next three hours before you came to pick her up.

The Guardian went back to his emails, letting his daughter play with the bear.  It wasn’t long though before the one and a half year old girl tossed her teddy bear to the floor and started looking for other things to play with. 

While typing his emails he had to grab his coffee cup and put it farther out of her reach, take the stapler from her hand, his tie because she nearly chocked him, and several of his pens.

Realizing she couldn’t play with the things on his desk, she went to playing with the buttons on his jacket.  She was able to undo them and gave up trying to redo them before crawling further onto his lap and snuggling into his chest.

“Nap time?” he smiled, looking down at his sleepy child before buttoning his jacket up around them.  

Ryohei: He was sitting forward in his chair, his four year son sitting behind him, playing with a toy car, driving it up and down his back while he worked.  The child was easily entertained, something he was always grateful for.  He had been content driving a couple cars on his back for the last hour and a half now, making his work easier.  

But eventually he did grow tired of that, even with Ryohei moving his shoulders around to stretch his back muscles, changing the ‘terrain’ for the cars.  He laughed a little, his son hitting his ticklish spot as he pulled the suit jacket up and pulled it over him.

“Comfy?” the man asked as his son wrapped his arms around his dad’s waist and resting his head against his back. 

“Yeah,” came the muffled reply, which was quickly replaced with a soft snore.

Hibari: He loved his daughter, he really did, but babysitting her while at work was not something he loved.  He hated having to juggle between the two aspects of his life, preferring to keep them separate.  But you had to leave for a work emergency and there was no baby sitter on short notice.  

He glanced up from his papers, checking to make sure his daughter was still content and safe playing in front of his desk.  Sure enough, there she was, playing with the stuffed animals.

Going back to his paperwork he managed to get through several pieces before he felt the 8 month old tug at his pant leg.  Carefully, he scooted his chair back and picked this child up, holding her to his chest as he scooted his chair back toward his desk.  

The child sat on his lap, playing with his tie, batting at like a cat, much to his amusement.  She lost interest in it eventually and started looking around, figuring out what else she could do.  Hibari watched her with curious eyes, his hands ready to catch her if she fell off his lap.  

Grabbing the bottom of his suit jacket she pulled it a little, and noticing that it went up, she poked her head into his chest.  “What are you doing Omnivore?”  But the little girl kept going, pulling at the jacket more as she crawled into the space between it and his shirt.  

Adjusting herself a little, her head poked out of the top and she stared up at Hibari with a triumphant grin.  “You get this from your mother/other father,” he said, amused at her reaction.  

Chrome: The woman was more than happy to watch her son while you ran to your doctor’s appointment for your eyes.   The little boy, having just celebrated his second birthday, had plenty of new toys to play with as he sat beside the desk, pushing around a huge toy truck.  Thank God you took out the batteries she thought.  The truck came with all the bells and whistles but what the two year old didn’t know, wouldn’t give her a headache.  

He zoomed around with the truck, putting some of his other toys in the truck bed and giving them rides to different parts of the office.  She glanced up every now and then with a smile on her face.

With his energy expended, he tottered over toward his mom, wanting in her lap.  Picking him up, she placed him in her lap, situating him so she could still type at the computer.  He shuffled around a little more and she felt the buttons on her jacket come undone.  

Moving to fix them, she watched as he snuggling close to her chest, straddling her lap as his legs dangled off the sides of the chair and his eyes close.  She re did the buttons on the jacket, holding him tight to her and making sure he wouldn’t fall off.

Mukuro: The man grinned down at his daughter.  The little girl had successfully climbed into his lap without dropping her toy.  “Can I help you?” he asked, picking her up and setting her on the desk so he could look her in the eye.  

“Sleepy,” was her reply as she stretched her arms out in front of her, her fingers opening and closing as she made fists, wanting him to pick her up and hold her. 

He obliged and pulled her into his chest, wrapping an arm around her while he continued to write his report.  But it wasn’t enough for her.  

She leaned back and grabbed the bottom of his jacket, pulling it up and over her.  He grinned down at the girl, readjusting the jacket a little and wrapping his arm around her once more before she fell asleep.


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How much you wanna bet the epilogue will start out with Orihime holding this little orange haired boy cooing and stuff at him and it’ll look as adorable as shit, and then Ichigo comes flying into the panel like shit fuck I knew I shouldn’t have brought him on duty thanks for holding him for me Orihime, Rukia is gonna fucking kill me oh my god. And that’s how we find out this little orange ball of fluff is Ichigo and Rukia’s and daddy Ichigo takes back the little orange fluff and is like okay daddy has captain crap to do now but the little fluff gives these puppy eyes and that’s why Ichigo takes him everywhere because he can’t say no. And Orihime is just like “ok see ya’ll later” I’m gonna be the badass amazing person I am somewhere else and is all happy for Ichigo and that’s how Kubo is going to troll all the ichihime shippers because that’s the kind of person he is