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nino had a crush on marinette and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise


“It’ll all seem like a distant memory, except for you, because wherever I go and whoever I’m with, I’ll always love you.”


Munakata Reisi  (K Project)

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Expensive Things to Buy - Really Cool Stuff For Sale

CH 3 - A Fresh Start

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The rental van pulled up to the curb and everyone jumped out to explore their new home.

“IT’S SO BIG!” Marvin stared, mouth hanging open in awe. He ran towards the front door and nearly tripped over his own feet. Poor thing was still getting used to his new form.

“It iz certainly better zan zat cramped apartment.” Schneeplestein stood admiring the house.

“Well it wasn’t so cramped before you all showed up.” Sean laughed grabbing some bags from the back of the van.

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a-are you my sister? are you my clone? WHAT ARE YOU AAAAAAAAA. Hi, I like your stuff. I also do pigeon things. We should be pigeon buddies. You know that mating dance pigeons do? Pretend I'm doing it at you but for like friendship and stuff. Coo COO motherfucker

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This porn by got7sextape in your faves, can you write a hc based on this + backstage. Jungkook won something (doing sports) and Jimin is the cheerleader and yeah ;_;

(NSFW video anon is talking about)

+ Jungkook grips and re-grips his tennis racket as he watches his Taehyung run back and forth on the court.

+ The team currently lost both double matches but has won the first singles match and Taehyung was leading the second single match at 5-3. One more point and they’ll be tied.

+ “BTS wins 6-3″ the referee calls and Jungkook takes a gulp of water as before standing up. If the team wins this match they win the championship so a whole bunch of pressure is now resting on Jungkook’s shoulders.

+ “G-O-L-D-E-N!” *Clapping sounds* “K-O-O-K-I-E!” *More clapping noises*

+ Jungkook smiles before turning around to face the stands.

+ Jimin was holding pom poms while in a halter top and shorts, cheering and smiling brightly. “GO JEON JUNGKOOKIE!”

+ Jungkook licks his lips before shooting his boyfriend a kiss. Jimin giggles before shooting one back with a wink before cheering again. Since during the game Jimin can’t cheer he wants to get it all out.

+ Jungkook doesn’t feel the pressure anymore as he smiles at his opponent but is thinking about how fucking adorable Jimin looks in his outfit. Jungkook holds the tennis ball in his hand as he smirks to himself. Jungkook could fuck Jimin the sooner the match ended.

+ “Game 7-5 BTS wins!”

+ “Kookie!” Jimin cheers tossing his poms away as he jumps over the ledge and runs towards his sweaty boyfriend, “you won the championship!” Jungkook catches his boyfriend who flings himself at him as he laughs.

+ “I sure did.” Jungkook says before swooping down to kiss Jimin, ignoring the sounds from his teasing teammates, “I hope I get prize?” Jimin smiles before kissing Jungkook, “Of course you do.”

+ Jungkook had to take pictures with the trophy and had to also carry it, but once he could, Jungkook gave the trophy to his coach and snagged his boyfriend to head to the locker room.

+ “K-Kookie.” Jimin whines softly as Jungkook pins him against a locker, “d-don’t you wa-nna wait till we l-leave?”

+ “No way.” Jungkook starts dry humping Jimin who moans softly, “I need you now. All I could think about is your ass in these tiny blue shorts.” Jimin laughs as his hands go up to grip Jungkook’s hair and tugs it softly.

+ “I know the perfect spot. Remember to bring the stuff.” Jimin coos  before lightly pushing Jungkook away from him before walking away and swaying his hips in such away his booty jiggles. Jungkook moan as he quickly opens his bag to grab his travel lube and condom before chasing after his man.

+ Jungkook didn’t know what room it was nor did he care, all he cared about was that Jimin was laying on this table holding his legs apart exposing his cute glossy ass hole that keeps flexing in need.

+ “hurry Kookie.” Jimin pouts cutely “I wanna feel your pretty cock in me.”

+ Jungkook almost came in his condom as he moan at Jimin. “Fuck, mochi!” Jungkook pours more lube on his cock before going into Jimin who arches his back. “remember we gotta be quite mochi.”

+ “Just fuck me baby.” Jimin says as he reacts to brush Jungkook’s thigh.

+ Jungkook starts at a unforgiving pace that makes Jimin yelp but is silence mostly by Jungkook’s lips on his. The slapping sound of their bodies is louder then their moans mixing softly together or the smacking of their lips together.

+ Jimin keens softly as he arches into Jungkook’s as his boyfriend thrusts into him. Jungkook groans as his grips Jimin’s ass harshly going harder.

+ They cum a handful of thrusts later and both keep panting heavily.

+ “congrats on winning Jungkook.” Jimin says breathlessly as he runs his finger through Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook smiles as he leans down to kiss Jimin softly.

+ “thanks for being the ultimate prize.” Jimin rolls his eyes but smiles as he gently pushes Jungkook away to gather his shorts.

+ “Oh baby boy, you haven’t gotten your ultimate prize yet.” Jimin says winking at his boyfriend, “you’ll have to see what you get tonight.”

+ Jungkook groans as he  pulls Jimin back onto the table and Jimin giggles.

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Hey there - got another GOTF question if you don't mind. Did you have a particular voice in mind when writing Nicole's dialogue? I've been reading it as a slightly more upbeat GLaDOS but wasn't sure if that was close to what you intended.

Indeed I do! My voice for Nicole is based on Emily Graslie, the host of youtube natural history show The Brain Scoop (which is EXCELLENT and you should check it out). Here’s a recent video from the channel:

Nicole’s personality is based off of some of the earlier videos on her channel, where she’s doing stuff like cooing over the contents of a putrefying wolf corpse’s stomach as she prepares it to become a museum specimen. Good stuff, if you can handle grosser things.

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Ahahaaaaaaa where is vitor after the babies are born?? Crying passed out or crying or Something

Viktor is like, sitting on the floor right next to the bed, and he’s totally out of it too. Because okay, yeah, supporting your mate through a very long and arduous pregnancy, is actually pretty exhausting. Not to mention Viktor had a bit of a Panic™ at the beginning when Yuuri’s water broke and he forgot that uh, phones are things that exist and almost ran barefoot to Yu-topia Akatsuki before remembering that he can actually call people now. With his phone. 

(”Vitya, ohmygod,” Yuuri giggles even as the contractions start.)

He only actually manages to write the patronymics (Alexei Viktorovich Katsuki-Nikiforov and Asami Yurievna Katsuki-Nikiforova) before he slumping down and cooing unintelligible stuff at his babies(!!!). 

As you wish, you shall remain tickle-less.

I mean… that is what you want, right? ;)

Why else would you be all scrolling endlessly through all of these Tickle tagged things?

Why else would you be all squirmy and blushing from something as simple as fingers wiggling at you or seeing a cute belly slowly exposed?

Why else would you be making all of those adorable whining noises and writing in all caps?

Why does the word “Raspberry” make you all blush so suddenly?

Why else would saying the word “tickle”, much less three times in a row get to you so? And what is all of this “coochie, coochie, coo” stuff too?

Why does any compliment accompanied by “tickle”, “tickling”, or “ticklish” or followed by it make you all turn into giggles piles of goo?

What is this “Ler, Lee and Switch” terminology?

Ohhhhh, my apologies! Ler is short for TickLER and Lee is short for TickLEE, so… ahhhh! So Switches are those who go back and forth?

My apologies, I am still learning… ;)

Ohhhhhh, you Want to be tickled!! That is why there is all of that scrolling and squealing and squeaking and squirming going on! .

…Wait, now you Need tickles but you cannot ask for them?!

All of this is so confusing for a first timer like me…

Anyone want to help me? ;)

jus a PSA but gabriel wouldnt rlly care abt white standards of beauty so real shit he loves his ethnic features (esp his big nose!!!!) and on the 1% chance he and jack were ever together he doesnt coo about stuff like jacks blond hair and blue eyes more than he would any other partner with different features so uh lol lets keep that in mind 😛😜 he also thinks that HIS brown eyes are rlly pretty and would appreciate it if yall spewed the same poetry about his eyes that you do for jacks 😝😝😝

Welcome Home Soldier ( Reid x Marine Reader)

Title: Welcome Home Soldier

Author: heir-of-slythdurin

Rating: K+

Summary:  This was requested by sarah-noel-poetry about the reader being a Marine and surprising Reid at the BAU.  This one spoke to me on a personal level, having both my parents serve in the military and my dad often serving over seas for Peace keeping missions with the UN.  I had to fill this request - I also have a major addiction to watching the “Soldier surprise welcome home” videos on youtube.

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Yoongi; good good boyfriend

this is so long overdue i bet your period’s over but READ THIS WHEN YOU FEEL PAIN OKAY
//again, a bit short, but it’s just a ‘scene’-thing so i couldn’t develop so much out of it boopbadoopdadoop
;;in which you fucking love Yoongi // 437 words

(photo credit)

Yoongi hates it when you’re in pain.

Even more when there’s nothing he can do about it. Though, it only happens once a month (to be exact, five days or so), he takes it rather seriously. He feels guiltier if he’s not around and since he is, he makes up for all the times he’s not. (Tours, concerts and training get the most of him, you understand)

“Babe?” Yoongi pushes the door open, taking in the sight of you curled up in bed like a human burrito and Yoongi shouldn’t laugh but he does. So cute.

He approaches you, then takes a seat on the bed before he lightly taps your bottom, “I’m back,”

“I know,” You huff, yet, making no effort to look at him. The pain is almost unbearable and jeez, fuck, it’s always shitty on the second day. You’re pressing a hot bottle pack to your stomach but even with that it doesn’t relieve that much of the cramps twisting from within. Damn it God, why did you have to make it hurt this bad? Yoongi smoothens his hand on your lower back, feeling your figure through the comforter and he doesn’t let you go when he lightly pinches your waist, “C’mon now, at least look at me,”

You gruffly let out a what as you yank the fluff covering part of your face and he’s grinning at you the moment your eyes meet. Though, yours is blazing with an aching of pain, his is glowing brighter than the sun that you can’t get mad at him even if the mood swings hit like a truck.

“What…?” You end up whining when he doesn’t say anything and he decides to stop tormenting you.

He lifts up the plastic bag he has, dangling it in the slightest, “I got you some stuff you asked for,”

You frown, yet, shifting a bit to see him properly, turning your body until part of your thigh is pressed to his, “I only asked for—“

“I know, pads, but I decided that since I was there, might as well get a bunch of other stuff,” He coos, revealing that he’s gotten some of your favorite candy, packs of tea that are of your favor, some Chinese herb that aids with period cramps and you’re curling into the warmth of Min Yoongi when he puts all the stuff aside, “I fucking love you,”

He chuckles and threads his fingers through your hair, then dipping down to kiss the crown of your head before he—“I know. I love me too,”

“You little fuck—“

“I’ll go make some tea.”

I’ve started a post on this a few times since Sunday and think I can finally write a bit without keyboard smashing.  I have had a very bad weekend which made me extremely angry and killed a lot of enthusiasm I had for 2017 plans.  I’m still angry.  

The short:  I found geckos I sold two months ago on a table at Repticon, and the girl was on that table gravid. 

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For the vongola: their child climbs up onto their lap, tucks themselves into their suit jacket and falls asleep while they're working. how would they react?

to make up for my writer’s block, here is one of the drafts I had saved.  

Tsuna: The man regretted how busy work kept him and the memories he missed out on with his family.  So when his young son crawled into his lap to watch him do paperwork, it brought a smile to his face.  “Your building blocks are probably a lot more fun that watching me sign stuff,” he cooed to the two year old.  

The boy looked up at him and gave a small yawn before snuggling into his chest.  Tsuna smiled again, grabbing the next batch of papers that needed his signature.  A moment later he felt the buttons on his suit jacket come undone and his two year crawl closer to his chest, pulling the jacket closed around him.  He reached for his phone, snapping a quick picture and sending it to you before getting back to work, a smile permanently etched on his face.

Gokudera: The man let out a sigh as he reclined on the couch in his office, the chair was a little broken and after sitting in it all day his back was aching.  He had a stack of papers next to him as he read through them all, figuring out what he could sign and what needed Tsuna’s signature.  

His daughter was curled up on his chest.  He was tasked with watching her while you were at the hospital with your sick friend.  He glanced down at the six month old when she let out a sneeze, waking herself up.  

Letting out a little chuckle he placed his hand on the baby’s back, making sure she wasn’t going to start crying.  When she laid her head back down to sleep he went back to reading the papers.  

He had just set the stack he had down when he felt his daughter playing with his jacket buttons.  She sat up on his chest, playing with the two sides of the jacket, flapping them.  

“Having fun?” he asked.  The little girl nodded at him before lying back down, pulling the two sides over her.  He would never tell anyone, but his heart melted a little as he re-buttoned the now tight jacket over his daughter.  

Yamamoto: The man laughed when his son clambered into his lap on the couch as he cleaned his sword.  “Be careful, this is sharp,” he warned as the boy watched.  

The three year old was the most curious child he had ever met, which wasn’t always a good thing.  It made baby proofing the house harder when he was younger.

The AC kicked on and the short sleeved t-shirt clad child let out a small shiver.  Before Yamamoto could react, the boy was unbuttoning his jacket and climbing inside, re-buttoning it over him.  

Yamamoto laughed again, looking down at his son, his legs sticking out from underneath the jacket, but his arms and torso tucked neatly inside it.  Going back to cleaning his sword with a smile on his face, he glanced down every now and then, noticing that his son was getting drowsier and drowsier each time until he ultimately fell asleep.  

Lambo: The man grinned down at his daughter, playing with her teddy bear on his lap as he sent out emails and reports.  It was a boring day at work and she had already gone through most of her toys.  He was starting to worry that she wouldn’t make it the next three hours before you came to pick her up.

The Guardian went back to his emails, letting his daughter play with the bear.  It wasn’t long though before the one and a half year old girl tossed her teddy bear to the floor and started looking for other things to play with. 

While typing his emails he had to grab his coffee cup and put it farther out of her reach, take the stapler from her hand, his tie because she nearly chocked him, and several of his pens.

Realizing she couldn’t play with the things on his desk, she went to playing with the buttons on his jacket.  She was able to undo them and gave up trying to redo them before crawling further onto his lap and snuggling into his chest.

“Nap time?” he smiled, looking down at his sleepy child before buttoning his jacket up around them.  

Ryohei: He was sitting forward in his chair, his four year son sitting behind him, playing with a toy car, driving it up and down his back while he worked.  The child was easily entertained, something he was always grateful for.  He had been content driving a couple cars on his back for the last hour and a half now, making his work easier.  

But eventually he did grow tired of that, even with Ryohei moving his shoulders around to stretch his back muscles, changing the ‘terrain’ for the cars.  He laughed a little, his son hitting his ticklish spot as he pulled the suit jacket up and pulled it over him.

“Comfy?” the man asked as his son wrapped his arms around his dad’s waist and resting his head against his back. 

“Yeah,” came the muffled reply, which was quickly replaced with a soft snore.

Hibari: He loved his daughter, he really did, but babysitting her while at work was not something he loved.  He hated having to juggle between the two aspects of his life, preferring to keep them separate.  But you had to leave for a work emergency and there was no baby sitter on short notice.  

He glanced up from his papers, checking to make sure his daughter was still content and safe playing in front of his desk.  Sure enough, there she was, playing with the stuffed animals.

Going back to his paperwork he managed to get through several pieces before he felt the 8 month old tug at his pant leg.  Carefully, he scooted his chair back and picked this child up, holding her to his chest as he scooted his chair back toward his desk.  

The child sat on his lap, playing with his tie, batting at like a cat, much to his amusement.  She lost interest in it eventually and started looking around, figuring out what else she could do.  Hibari watched her with curious eyes, his hands ready to catch her if she fell off his lap.  

Grabbing the bottom of his suit jacket she pulled it a little, and noticing that it went up, she poked her head into his chest.  “What are you doing Omnivore?”  But the little girl kept going, pulling at the jacket more as she crawled into the space between it and his shirt.  

Adjusting herself a little, her head poked out of the top and she stared up at Hibari with a triumphant grin.  “You get this from your mother/other father,” he said, amused at her reaction.  

Chrome: The woman was more than happy to watch her son while you ran to your doctor’s appointment for your eyes.   The little boy, having just celebrated his second birthday, had plenty of new toys to play with as he sat beside the desk, pushing around a huge toy truck.  Thank God you took out the batteries she thought.  The truck came with all the bells and whistles but what the two year old didn’t know, wouldn’t give her a headache.  

He zoomed around with the truck, putting some of his other toys in the truck bed and giving them rides to different parts of the office.  She glanced up every now and then with a smile on her face.

With his energy expended, he tottered over toward his mom, wanting in her lap.  Picking him up, she placed him in her lap, situating him so she could still type at the computer.  He shuffled around a little more and she felt the buttons on her jacket come undone.  

Moving to fix them, she watched as he snuggling close to her chest, straddling her lap as his legs dangled off the sides of the chair and his eyes close.  She re did the buttons on the jacket, holding him tight to her and making sure he wouldn’t fall off.

Mukuro: The man grinned down at his daughter.  The little girl had successfully climbed into his lap without dropping her toy.  “Can I help you?” he asked, picking her up and setting her on the desk so he could look her in the eye.  

“Sleepy,” was her reply as she stretched her arms out in front of her, her fingers opening and closing as she made fists, wanting him to pick her up and hold her. 

He obliged and pulled her into his chest, wrapping an arm around her while he continued to write his report.  But it wasn’t enough for her.  

She leaned back and grabbed the bottom of his jacket, pulling it up and over her.  He grinned down at the girl, readjusting the jacket a little and wrapping his arm around her once more before she fell asleep.

Teeth (Tao)

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Type: Fluff

“Ow” Tao calls out “Lian don’t bite” he continues as he glances down at the teething baby in his lap. She just smiles at him “violent little girl I know you don’t do this to mommy” he coos turning her to face him. She grabs a hold of his shirt and as she bring it to her mouth he grabs her hand “no no no not material to chew on” he spoke leaning down and kissing her head. But to his demise she tried to chew on his shirt “you know you could have grabbed her one of these” you spoke holding up a teething ring. 

“Mama is a life saver” he coos as you hand him the ring as a light cheer leaves Lian’s mouth as her mouth wraps around the ring. “How are you this morning babe?” he asks you as he patted the spot on the couch beside him for you to sit down. Smiling you did, he kissed your cheek as you and laid his head onto your shoulder “Lian is so cute you know, we made a cute baby even if she likes to chew on daddy’s expensive stuff” he coos looking at the small girl in his lap. 

“How many teeth do you think she has now?” you asked him “I felt like 4 when she bit me earlier” he said as you rested your head against his “she’s growing up too fast” you mumbled as he made a sound in agreement. “Oh well I guess we will just have to have another” he speaks as a large smirk comes to his face.

You looked at him in shock “come on we had one expect another” he teased as he turned his head and began kissing your neck lightly. You clamped down lightly on his head from the slight tickle. “You really want another baby chewing on your expensive T-shirts?” you asked in a teasing tone. He pretended to think about it before he smirked and went back to kissing your neck again before Lian made a sound for attention.

Tao smiles as he pulls away “daddy is sorry did you want his attention again” he coos as he looks back at her. She smiles and hands him the slobber covered ring as a look of disgust crossed his face as he did. “Thank you sweet girl” he coos before he hands it to you. You rolled your eyes and rubbed one of your hands onto his shirt making him gasp before you got up. “Big baby” you mumble as he glares at you as you walk away. “You love me!” he calls “sadly” you tease as he smiles at Lian “mama is silly no?” he coos.