Dani’s face scrunched up in pain as she woke up, and she slowly opened her eyes. Dani hummed a bit in surprised that her eyes opened, they didn’t open wide, and they were still swollen and painful but they were open. Now that she was looking around, she realized she couldn’t see well either. She could see enough though, and she was glad for that because it was scary not being able to see. Dani looked down at the warm spot on her leg and smiled when she could see Batman hadn’t moved from his spot since she had gotten home. “Hi baby.” She cooed at him and started to stroke his fur while he looked up at her and his tail started wagging.


For @isamaegreenleaf…reader is Bruce’s daughter as requested, enjoy! (Also, I feel as though Halsey’s “Control” would fit really well with Bruce.)

Y/N smiled to herself as she heard her dad’s voice over the car’s phone.

“And don’t forget…wait. Are you on your cell phone?” he asked realizing just how long he’s been on the phone, “I told you. Nev-”
“Never use my cell phone while driving. I know dad,” she cooed, “I’m using the wireless phone Uncle Tony put in my car.”
“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.”

Y/N smirked to herself. It had been awhile since she had last seen her dad. For the most part, she stayed with her mother. Bruce didn’t want the chance for the Other Guy to hurt the two people he loved most. The only reason she was on her way now was because she finally convinced him she could take care of herself. Plus, it helped that Tony and Steve said they’d stay back. Not that she knew about Tony and Steve acting as security detail.

“I’m excited too,” she told him.
She could hear his smile. “I really think you’ll like it here.”
“That’s what I’m hoping,” she teased, “I should be just about there. I see the tower from he-”

Y/N was cut off as her car threw her forward. The sound of folding metal, breaking glass, and screeching tires filled Bruce’s phone. His smile was quickly replaced with worry and the worst kind of fear.

“Y/N?” he called frantically, “Y/N, please, answer me! Y/N? Y/N!”
“What’s wrong?” Tony asked.
“I…I don’t know,” Bruce stated, heart rate increasing, “She’s not responding.”
“JARVIS, I need a quick scan of all the police scanners in the area.”
“What am I looking for, sir?” the AI inquired.
“Anything relating to Y/N. She’s in her car; the one I put a cell phone in.”

Bruce began to pace back and forth. His breath was increasingly ragged. His chest heaved as his nerves, and others things, began to take over.

“This is why I told her not to come,” Bruce ranted, “I told her she’d get hurt. Why wouldn’t she listen to me?”
Tony stepped in. “Whoa, calm down Banner. JARVIS is working on it.”
“Calm down? She’s my daughter! I can’t calm down!”
“You’ll have to,” Tony shot back, “Otherwise your best pal is going to burst through you like bottle rocket.”
Bruce nodded. “I know.”

Despite being aware, Bruce couldn’t seem to calm down. The longer the AI took to respond was agonizing for the father. His mind raced a thousand different ways. He gripped at his hair to keep the Other Guy inside. He couldn’t afford to switch with his daughter’s life at stake.

Within an instant, Tony turned back around only to widen his eyes. He watched as Banner’s rage took over, ripping his clothes. Soon, the Hulk stood where Bruce had been. The green man glanced back at Tony before jumping out of the window.

As if on instinct, the Hulk landed, cracking the concrete, and headed in a direction. The Hulk hustled through the streets, cars swerving to avoid him. It wasn’t long until he came upon a crunched and flipped over car. A semi truck was bent behind it, a fire hydrant nearby having burst. The Hulk noticed the driver limping next to the truck. He looked at the mass of green in horror. The Hulk huffed at him, only focused on Y/N.

The Hulk ripped the car doors off and crouched low. He saw Y/N, unconscious, inside the car. Some blood was falling from her temple and into her hair. With a roar, the Hulk reached in and gently pulled her from the wreckage. Her limp body swung slightly as he did so.

Without warning, the Hulk burst from the car and headed back to Stark Tower. Y/N groaned quietly as she regained some consciousness. She lifted an eye to see the Hulk, her dad, carrying her to safety. She smiled softly while drifting back into unconsciousness. She just hoped she could remember to tell her father she wouldn’t be in danger with the Hulk. Even the Other Guy cared for her.

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BTS Their Acting Upsets You

When you can’t stand to see them hurt or sad in their MVs.

Jin – He’s going to think your concern is the cutest thing EVER. Jin would pull you in his lap and make cooing noises while nuzzling your neck. You are so precious to be upset by something that wasn’t real, all for him. In an odd way, it’d make him feel very loved. Then he’d snuggle you and do happy things to take your mind off the matter. It would be his goal to make you smile again as well as reciprocate the love you’ve given him. Unintentionally you’ve seriously made him feel really good about his acting and how you feel for him. He’d be cheery the rest of the night as he spoiled you rotten because he loves you so much.

Suga – What. The. Hell? For real? Ok, he’s not so insensitive to say that out loud but he’d definitely be thinking it. Yes, his heart is made of marshmallows but he wouldn’t relate to this. It’s his job. He was acting. There’s plenty of stuff in real life to get upset about, not this. But he’d bite back those thoughts. Recognizing that you were hurting on his behalf he’d feel touched but not really know what to do. It’d be a little awkward for him because nothing’s actually wrong so….. He would however make an effort in the future to warn or shield you from anything like that now that he knows you’re bothered by it. One of his least favorite things is seeing you unhappy, for whatever reason.

J-Hope – He’d be proud about showing you the video but when you get upset it’d catch him off guard. In real life he tries so hard to smile for others, no matter what he’s feeling. That you didn’t want to see him hurting, even in a fictional setting, would resonate deeply with Hoseok. While he’s processing this he’d stare openly at you. After that you’re going to get a little lighthearted teasing to lighten the mood, but mostly you’ll have a melted Hobi on your hands. Eyes shining a bit brighter from unshed tears, it’d be koala time. Wrapping you in his arms he’d kiss your cheeks, nose, lips, basically anything he could reach.

Rap Monster – He’s become used to looking at the experience through the filter of work. The long shoot, learning the dance, etc. It’s a process for him. But Namjoon often tries to put himself in the shoes of others so he’d mentally take a step back and try to see it from your viewpoint. Imagining that you were the one crying on screen or being beaten up would unsettle him and immediately he’d see your point. It’s hard to see the one you love in pain, even if it’s all make believe. So he’d vow in the future to be more considerate. Tell you beforehand about anything that may bother you and let you make the decision from there.

Jimin – He’d chuckle at first but once he realized you were serious he’d be most compassionate. A person upset, no matter the cause, is anathema to Jimin. Giving you a big hug he’d apologize for not thinking in advance that it might bother you. Taking your hands he’d place them wherever he’d been injured in the video or on his cheeks where the tears had been. His brown eyes warm, he’d reassure you that he was fine and thank you for loving him so much. Like Jin, he’d actually find this very comforting in a way. He’d hate to see you upset but knowing that you were would be a validation to him of your feelings more than you could ever express with words alone.

Taehyung – Awesome! He’d be so flattered you believed his acting. It’d make him really happy and he’d go into even more depth of what the shoot was like. So excited about the process and what he perceived to be a compliment, he wouldn’t register you actually being upset until you became agitated or tried to change the subject. That would get through to him and he’d thank you for worrying but emphasize it was just an act. Showing a strong front he’d say he can take care of himself and he knows what he’s doing. Tae would minimize the whole thing because he absolutely hates seeing you worry. Then he’d lighten the mood by tickling you or getting up to do something. 

Jungkook – On one hand he’d take it as a compliment of his acting skills but on the other he’s pretty sensitive so it’d bother him to see you upset. Kookie might think you were teasing him at first but then drop his smile when he saw you were actually disturbed. Internally, he'd have a moment of ‘what do I do?’ but then turn the video off. It'd disappoint him because so much work went into it and he’s proud to show you. He’s been thinking about you seeing it for weeks while it was in editing. But this reaction never crossed his mind. You’d have to be the one to reassure him you really want to see the rest of it because Kookie’s not going to push that boundary on his own. Just ask him to warn you in the future.    


Just Live

Author’s note: I just. I really, REALLY wanted to write a super sad oneshot (my forté), and you guys chose the character, so here you go. Warning, I love sob stories ;) Also not gonna put a summary bc SPOILERS. Based off of my favorite song ever, You by Keaton Henson. Seriously, listen to it.

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

You’d had one of your visions, one of your premonitions of the future while you slept next to Pietro. Apparently you’d been thrashing around in your sleep, begging for something - apparently you’d been repeating “No.” You told him it was a bad dream. You told him you’d dreamt about your apartment building - the one your family shared with the Maximoffs, and that you’d remembered the screams of your parents as they died. You were lying. But Pietro had accepted it, cooing to you as he rubbed your back and told you to go back to sleep. 

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Angst HC for JK having a one sided love with Jm but later JM likes him x)

+ The reason Jungkook “rejected” Jimin so much in their early days was because Jungkook had a crush on Jimin but he knew the Jimin didn’t feel the same.

+ Jungkoko hates it when Jimin’s little brother is brought up because he knows when Jimin looks at him thats all he sees and doesn’t want Jimin to view him as his younger brother.

+ Jungkook starts working out and acting more mature so Jimin can see him as a man.

+ However Jimin always just coos and its so, so, frustrating for Jungkook.

+ Especially when Jimin starts dating a male from the company and Jungkook has to listen to him talk about it.

+ But Jungkook doesn’t give up and makes subtle hints about his feelings.

+ When Jimin breaks up with his boyfriend Jungkook starts being more aggressive with his advantages (cue back hugs and jikook goodness)

+ Jimin actually started to fall for Jungkook in the middle of his relationship with his ex and that was what lead to the break up.

+ Jimin doesn’t think too much about Jungkook’s advances.

+ They’re both stuck in a circle of what if’s and uncertainty.

+ It takes Jin losing his mind at dinner one night when Jimin and Jungkook were shooting each other heart eyes.

+ “I can’t handle you two anymore! Just date already I’m tired of watching you!”

+ The next day they’re so domestic and fluffy Suga almost fights Jin.

+ “You just had to tell them, look how fucking gross they’re being now. Jesus christ.”

anonymous asked:

3,11,49 with Nct Jaehyun please (^.^)

“I hate you.”

“I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Can I sleep with you tonight? I don’t want to go home and deal with the guys.” He whines, turning over to look at you after he pauses the video game.

You shrugged your shoulders, “I don’t know. Can you?”

You flash him a smirk before he launches over towards you. You try to push him back but he was too strong and placed his hands on your waist. His hands going straight to work to tickle you.

“Say yes!” He laughs, continuing to tickle you.

“P-please stop!” You cry between your laughs, trying to pull his hands from your waist, “Yoonoh!”

“What~” He coos, pulling you closer to his body on the couch.

“I hate you.” You smirk, pushing him teasingly.

He lets out a laugh before squeezing your cheeks, “there’s no way you can hate your best friend.”

That’s when it hit you. As much as you wished that he knew about your desire of being more than friends, you knew that it was almost impossible. You had never told him, though multiple times throughout the years you had always tried. But every time you tried to confess your true feelings, you always got tongue tied and lost every thought in your mind.

You hadn’t noticed that your facial expression had changed until Yoonoh got off of you and crossed his arms.

“You alright cupcake?” He asks, leaning back into the couch, “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“N-no! It’s just.. I had something on my mind.” You blurt out, waving your hand to signal he wasn’t in the wrong.

“Something on your mind?” He questions, tilting his head to the side in a cute way.

You felt your heart skip a beat as you watched him pout his lips in a way to think of what you could have on your mind. Not knowing how to respond, you nod your head with a smile.

“Would you like to tell me what that could be haunting that mind of yours?”

You thought for a moment, debating whether or not it was time for you to finally say what has been on your mind.

“I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” You stammered, looking at the ground as you lost all confidence to look directly at him.

“You’re in love with me?” His eyes widened.

You nodded, biting down on the inside of your lip.

“And terrified.” His eyebrows lift as he scoots closer to you, “why?”

You leaned back into the couch, trying to move further away from him.

“Because I’m scared you won’t feel the same.” Your voice turning to almost a whisper. You were twiddling your fingers waiting for him to say something in return.

He was overjoyed from your confession but he, being in the same boat as you, did not know what to say in return. So after minutes spent thinking of a response, he decides not to say anything but just went to plant a peck on your cheek.

Your eyes widened, “did you just?”

“I like you, too.” He giggles, planting another kiss on your cheeks. “I like you so much I just wanna~”

“Yoonoh do not think about tickling me again!”

“Too late.” He laughs mischievously.

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A series of little unrelated one shots dealing with the little Magneo babies

Magnus stared at his two children, both asleep and looking angelic in their cribs. So beautiful, so like their mother, even at only six days old. He trailed a finger over little Emlia’s cheek and her brow puckered as she suddenly let out the loudest scream he’d ever heard.

“Hush, darling.” He cooed as he pulled her out of her crib and cradled her small body against his naked chest. “I’m here, dove. It’s alright.” 

The little girl ceased her wailing and whimpered. Magnus rocked her as he moved to the wooden rocking chair in the corner of the room. Moonlight filtered through the window and illuminated his precious daughter’s face. 

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85 Jihoon x hoshi please

85. Hybrids/heat cycle

alpha!jihoon (because i think you are tired of my sub!jihoon lol) Omega!Hoshi

(( after thinking of a plot it’s still lowkey needy jihoon. I guess im a one trick pony. bascially jihoon goes into rut and hoshi is there to help him out ))

Hoshi sighed, rubbing his tired eyes. he’d been over this choreography time and time again, yet he couldn’t seem to get the last part of it to his standard. Hoshi paused the music, lazily slumping to the ground. He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breathe, just to think. He was awaken by his thoughts when his phone starts ringing; EXO’s “GROWL” playing through the speakers. The loud noise sensitive to his large brown bunny ears. “Who’s my favorite wolfie” Hoshi coos into the speaker.

“H-hoshi.” Jihoon whispers, voice rough.

“Baby? What’s wrong” Hoshi immediately sits up. 

“I-it’s my rut, it came early.” Just hearing his alpha say it had Hoshi’s heart pick up the pace. 

“I’ll be home soon.” Hoshi whimpers, already picking up his practice bag and heading out.

“I’m in the studio, you better hurry so I can see that tight ass of yours.” Jihoon moans, obviously starting already.

“I’ll be there quick, I promise!” Hoshi is nearly running towards the direction, body thriving with anticipation.

“I’m here.” Hoshi storms into the studio, dropping his bag by the door on his way in. Jihoon is in a state of disarray, sweating with his shirt off, dragging his cock against the seat of the couch. Jihoon growls as Hoshi’s smell hits his noise. Hoshi can feel slick start to pour out of him in the presence of his mate. Jihoon doesn’t hesitate, hauling himself off of the couch and marching over to Hoshi 

“Are you prepped?” Jihoon’s eyes are wide, silently begging. He needed Hoshi now, and badly. 

“Yea.” Hoshi gasps and Jihoon presses him against the wall behind them, grinding his erection onto Hoshi’s thigh. “Baby please, want your alpha cock.”  Hoshi moans, exaggerating it slightly to please Jihoon. Jihoon whimpers, turning Hoshi around and shoving his jeans down his legs. 

“Look at you dripping for your mate, pretty little hole begging just for me.” Jihoon whispers into Hoshi’s ear. Hoshi’s tail won’t stop twitching, so he pulls it in front of him, grasping it tightly to his chest. It’s only a few moments before Jihoon is pressing in, not giving Hoshi time to adjust before he’s rolling out and thrusting back in even faster. 

“Fuck.” Hoshi groans, ears flattening against his hair. Sadly, due to his rut, Jihoon doesn’t last long before he’s stuttering, cumming deep into Hoshi. Jihoon rests his forehead onto Hoshi’s back, breathing deeply as he reaches around and jerks off Hoshi with quick, loose strokes. 

“Sorry.” Jihoon pants into Hoshi’s skin.

“Don’t worry Hoonie, you know how rut is, you’ll be ready again in like five minutes.” Hoshi giggles, turning so he can kiss Jihoon’s forehead. Jihoon sighs contently, leaning up to return the kiss but this time on Hoshi’s lips.


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yo yo what are your headcanons about date night for han/lando/luke (i think you got me the tiniest bit invested in this ship)

ok listen buddy i’m so invested too!!! i never knew what it was like to ship a rarepair until the sw fandom tbh

they go on date nights every thursday, because fridays are usually too hectic and fridays are their “stay at home in their pjs and cuddle” days. and each week they alternate over who picks the “theme” of the date, and all three of them have very different styles of dating.

whenever lando gets to pick the date, he takes luke and han somewhere real nice. he buys flowers and wears a nice suit, and takes them to a fancy restaurant where the water has bubbles and lemons. he does it because he likes to spoil them. he likes taking them out and treating them, but he also likes showing them off. he wants the whole world to fawn and coo over han and luke in their evening wear, and he loves to slip his hands in their pockets so everybody knows that they’re spoken for. and then when they get home, they take a nice, long bath together in their giant tub with bath bombs and candles, and there’s Definitely some fooling around. and then they curl up in bed together in their pjs.

when han picks the date, it’s casual. they go to a movie, and he cooks dinner at home. no matter how many fancy restaurants they go to, nothing will ever compare to han’s cooking. they go out to the movies first, usually something funny and/or action packed. they get a jumbo popcorn (with butter, of course), and some candy (lando’s favorite movie candy is junior mints, luke’s is cookie dough bites, and han is a fan of sour patch kids), and luke sits in the middle with the popcorn and doesn’t want to give it up. they all cuddle in their seats and then go home for a warm, home cooked dinner that they eat in their pajamas.

luke’s dates are usually somewhere peaceful and unique, like to a park or botanical garden, or a museum. lando and luke talk extensively about the art in the museum (they both love impressionism, but debate over art nouveau (luke) and art deco (lando) ), and han doesn’t really Get art but he likes the colors and thinks it’s cute that luke and lando get so deep about it. it’s nice to see them so excited. then, they get dinner at a nice, casual place like a little café or themed diner, and then they go home and cuddle with luke in the middle.

they also love giving each other gifts. lando gives fancy gifts, like flowers and new watches. han gives food related presents, like chocolates and cookies and things like that. luke gives them new pens and notebooks, and crystals that he knows the meanings to.
of strawberries and wishes... - sunkissedcrow - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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…of brothers and friends; Tsukki’s birthdays throughout the years.

a/n: I CAN’T BELIEVE I ALMOST MISSED MY FRENCH FRY SON’S BIRTHDAY, so I wrote this in a rush! The number at the start of each section is Tuskki’s age.

written for Tsukishima Week, prompt: “Happy Birthday”

more under the cut


“Kei, Kei, look in the camera, honey,” his mother cooed, trying to get Kei to stop moving and look into the camera his father was holding.

Kei paused his shifting to blink owlishly at the silver rectangle in front of him. He pointed at its black reflective eye and turned back to his mother.

“No, honey, look,” his mother tried again and his father only laughed. But Kei only twisted uncomfortably in his high chair. He slapped his small hands on the white plastic table, entirely too close to the simple birthday cake in front of him.

“Wait, mom,” Akiteru said, “I got this! Kei listens to me.” He jumped off his chair and ran in front of Kei’s high chair.

“Rawr,” he said with a gleam in his eyes, and Kei instantly stopped to look at his brother with curiosity.

Their mother frowned. “Akiteru, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Just wait, mom, look,” Akiteru insisted. “Kei, rawr.” This time, he held up his hands near his chest, fingers curled slightly inwards to imitate claws.

Kei’s face brightened into a smile. He laughed. “Ra,” he tried to say.

Rawr,” Akiteru said again, taking slow steps backwards to where his father was standing with the camera.

Ra!” Kei squealed in excitement, breaking into giggles.

“Dad, take the picture when I sit down!” Akiteru said. He roared for the last time, getting another laugh out of his little brother, then ran back to his chair.

“He’s looking at the camera,” their mother remarked with surprise.

“I told you he listens to me,” Akiteru declared confidently.

His father snapped the picture with a laugh.

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Just got back from the vet

This dork is turning my hair white. Everyone at the vet’s was cooing over what a sweetheart she is, though, so at least I got to have a proud mama moment. Anxious whining under the cut

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Had an absolute blast working with Square Enix over the weekend at EGX on their Final Fantasy XV set. The crowds were a bit overwhelming but the people were all so nice and it was such a positive experience. Apparently we did well, the convention goers were impressed and the team liked us alot??? I’m so honoured ;3; I will be gushing about this forever <333

I’m still not over getting to pet a real chocobo. It was easy to forget they were puppets with people inside them and I probably embarrassed myself quite a bit cooing at them… such an amazing day and I can’t wait to share some of the official photographs and gifs that will be out in the next week or so.

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Ho boy, if they think that's overprotective? They should see when Steve is seriously hurt when he goes on a mission with just Stark and some unknown agents as back up. Stark making it worse by being so "Oh he'll heal." And boy, does that just rub Bucky and they fear for a second he's gone Winter Soldier on them, until he softens looking at Steve and starts patching him up himself. Cooing "Oh babydoll, I wish you'd be more careful. I'm too young for gray hairs."

Yes! I’m totally here for this. This is something Bucky would do, giving them the Winter Soldier stare and glaring at them all for not looking out for Steve well enough. Then, he turns to Steve and goes into full gentle dom!Bucky mode, like, “oh sweetheart, let me do it. You gotta stop doin’ this, I’m gettin’ grey hairs worryin’ about you.” 

Zinc acetate trihydrate (Zn(CH3COO)2·3 H2O) produced by dissolving zinc metal in dilute acetic acid (vinegar) and crystallizing the solution:

Zn(s) + 2 CH3COOH(aq)   → Zn(CH3COO)2(aq) + H2(g)

The solution actually was very uncooperative in crystallizing, so I decided to just let it be once I obtained these white solids with a weird pearly luster - it might not show up well in the picture. I’ve seen pictures of it obtained as colorless translucent crystals, but I really don’t have the desire to try to recrystallize it for a third or fourth time, so this is just how it is for now.