conwy quay


quay house ▴ conwy, conwy county, wales

quay house is the smallest house in britain with a floor area of 3.05 by 1.8 metres. it was built in the 16th century and used as a home until 1900 when its final resident, a 6′3 foot fisherman, was forced to move out after the local council declared the house unfit for human habitation. the house is still owned by his descendants and serves as a tourist destination.


Smallest House in Great Britain

The Quay House, located in Conwy, Wales, claims to be the smallest house in Great Britain. The cottage was built in 16th century and was inhabited by dozens of people up until the summer of 1900. The house stands at 72 inches wide by 122 inches high, so residents couldn’t have been taller than 6ft 3″.  The house may be tiny but it’s still livable - there’s just enough room for a single bed, a fireplace and a coal bunker.