SmoothLife (2011)

I’m fond of artificial life experiments–like Conway’s Game of Life, to pick the most common example of cellular automata–so this extension of the idea to use floating points values has been in my bookmarks for a while.

Stephan Rafler, who came up with this family of rulesets, explained how it worked with these slides, but the basic idea is that instead of looking at neighboring cells, it looks at the a circular region instead. Unlike some other attempts to generalize Life to a continuous space, the SmoothLife rulesets include many of the interesting features of Life, such as gliders.

The result is a very organic-looking simulation.

The source code is on SourceForge, though it may be easier to run the version that’s implemented as a ruleset for Ready.

Samantha Bee Analyzes 2016's First Presidential Debate And It's Hilarious

Samantha Bee saved herself for us and delayed her show until tonight, so she could give us her hot take on the debate. She spared no one, but saved the best for Sean Hannity and Donald Trump.

She set the stage right off the top.

“Kellyanne Conway’s control collar worked for about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, it popped off once Trump tried to wedge his monstrous apricot bulk into the narrow spaces of Clinton’s facts.”

That more or less sums up the whole debate, doesn’t it?

My favorite parts are when she burns him like a half-used charcoal briquet for being such an ignorant stupid, misogynist jerk.

Here’s a taste:

Donald: I said she doesn’t have the look, the stamina. To be President of this country you need tremendous stamina.

Samantha: Oh, just say penis, Don. Three-syllable words don’t suit you.

Hillary got lampooned a bit, too:

Hillary: We have to do several things at the same time. We have to restore trust between the communities and the police. Everyone should be respected by the law and everyone should be – should respect the law.

Samantha: And people say she’s uninspiring! The Black Lives Matter movement must be so excited about their new t-shirts! Oh, it gives me chills.

She saved her best for later on:

Hillary: One of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty – about a woman in a beauty contest. He called her Miss Piggy. Then I called her Miss Housekeeping because she’s a Latina.

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Midnight with The Originals
  • Midnight with The Originals
  • Warner Archive Podcast
  • 9/27/16 Episode #301

Midnight with The Originals
Warner Archive Podcast #301 9/27/16 Runtime: 40 min.
Featuring films and TV starring Kevin Spacey, Phoebe Tonkin, Mike Tyson, Myrna Loy, Tom Conway, Margo, Richard Dix and Boris Karloff

Director Clint Eastwood serves up Savannah in style with Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) on Blu-ray starring Kevin Spacey. Then we chat about the freshest TV on disc with The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off, The Originals, now on Blu-ray with S3 (2015-16). Classic TV animation fan? Than you should check out Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson’s Mysteries now on DVD with S2 (2015-16). Next we discuss Classic Horror back in print starting with the Hollywood Legends of Horror set that includes Doctor X (1932), The Return of Dr X (1939), The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932), Mark of the Vampire (1935), Mad Love (1935) and The Devil-Doll (1936). Then we move on to two double features from legendary producer Val Lewton including The Leopard Man (1943)/The Ghost Ship (1943) and Isle of the Dead (1945)/Bedlam (1946). Finally we chat about three New Line 90s genre films back in print including Guyver (1991) with Mark Hamill and Guyver 2: Dark Hero (1994) both based off the same Japanese Manga series. Finally we wrap up with The Mangler (1995) based on the story by Stephen King.

All Podcasts also available on iTunes.

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John Conway first theorized that it would be impossible to create a forever-expanding universe using these rules, which was proven wrong by a team at MIT, creating the “glider gun,” which is featured in the third gif. 

Since then, thanks to computers, people all over the world have added new designs to the database, creating amazingly complex designs.

For example Andrew J. Wade created a design which replicates itself every 34 million generations! Furthermore it is also a spaceship (permanently moving pattern) and not only that, it was also the first spaceship that did not travel purely diagonally or horizontally/vertically! These types of spaceships are now appropriately named Knightships.

The simulation has some interesting properties, for example it has a theoretical maximum speed information can travel. Or simply, light speed - as that is the limit in our own universe. The limit is set to 1 cell per generation - after all how can you create something further than 1 cell away in one generation if you can only effect your immediate neighbours? And yet you can get things like the ‘stargate’ (Love the name, huge SG fan here.) which allows a space ship to travel 11 cells in just 6 generations.

Some smart people have even designed calculators, prime number generators and other incredibly complex patterns.

You can create your own patterns here:

All gifs were made from this video:


Black Panther Eddie Conway, free after 44 years, calls for release of all political prisoners | People’s World 

After serving nearly 44 years for a crime he did not commit, Marshall Eddie Conway finally walked out of the Maryland House of Corrections, March 4, a free man.

The former Black Panther Party leader called immediately for a struggle to free all political prisoners across the nation. Many, like himself, Conway charged, were victims of frame-ups orchestrated under the infamous FBI Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO).

Speaking on the Democracy NOW news program, Conway thanked the millions of people who worked tirelessly to win his freedom. There are, he added, “political prisoners all across the country now, from the Black Panther Party” who were “victims of the COINTELPRO operation." 

He added, "It undermined a lot of people. It painted a picture that caused people not to get fair trials …. It caused a lot of our members to get assassinated.”

Senate hearings in 1975 by Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, exposed COINTELPRO’s infiltration and dirty tricks as an FBI scheme to “perpetrate violence among Black groups and among other groups,” Conway added.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was among the targets of COINTELPRO secretly established by the FBI in the early 1950s with the Communist Party USA being its primary target.

Conway who has always pleaded innocent, was convicted during his 1970 trial almost solely on the basis of testimony by a jailhouse snitch. The weapon used to kill the police officer, Donald Sager, was never found.

Later it was revealed that a National Security Agency undercover agent set up the Baltimore branch of the Black Panther Party, Conway said. “I think some of the most active people in the organization were targeted, followed around by the COINTELPRO and opportunities were created with agent provocateurs or police agents …. incidents were created that ultimately led to them destroying like 25 of our 37 chapters in a period of 18 months.”

The president has pardoned some victims of this FBI wrecking operation, he said. But political prisoners, like Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier "need to have the same kind of support … to help them get free,“ he said.

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Having a pet is a big responsibility and we all want to take care of our pets as well as we can. But it’s challenging to find guidance about caring for some of the more exotic pets, like dinosaurs, for example. Thankfully artist John Conway created The Dinosaur Pet Guide, a handsome and helpful chart of dino care dos and don'ts.

Click here to view a larger version. Prints are available for purchase here.

Check out more of John Conway’s artwork via his website and follow him here on Tumblr.

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Pokemon High school

The cheerleader

The person everybody likes

That one kid that needs to grow

The nerd know it all that won’t shut up

The overly attractive teacher

that pedophile teacher( and everyone already knows too)

that one couple that needs to get a room( can we say gross)

That one pretty girl that gets hit on all the time but they act like they hate it

The popular smooth talkin’ Jock that gets all the bitches and the most popular guy in school

The girl crazy guy that can never get one

The girl who falls in and out of love easily and has a new boyfriend every  week

The Asshole who has friends

The bitch

the gay best friend

The overly excited freshman

The weirdo that sits in the back of the classroom

  the funny guy that everyone has had a crush on them at some point

The guy that’s forever stuck on one girl

The horrible school nurse that doesn’t help


That one kid with the overly attractive parent



and that guy who knows everybody


For the most part comic books provide an escape. But the really good ones merely spotlight the harshness of reality. Instead of leading us on, telling us everything’s gonna be all right, these comics tell us the truth about ourselves. That we’re hopeless beings looking for meaning in this unfair world, and we’ll probably never find it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #122 (July 1973)
Art by Gil Kane (pencils), John Romita Sr. (inks) & Dave Hunt (colors)
Words by Gerry Conway

Maria Kochetkova as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. English National Ballet. © Dee Conway.

Of her performances in Kenneth Macmillan’s production of Sleeping Beauty during January 2006, John Percival wrote “she is sheer delight in everything she does…this young Russian is tiny, but dances big, and she brings such zest, polish and joy to the stage.”