Clarence, listen. I… I have my own complex reason for things! Things you could never understand. Reasons for people not to touch my fries! Reasons I never go into fun spaces..

Well how’d you get up here?

Man there’s a lot of reasons I’m excited about this show, but Jeff is worth a special mention. The three boys are all a little quirky, but Clarence and Sumo have that special ~instant wavelength~ kind of friendship. Jeff doesn’t share a lot of their interests, but he’s no less important to them!

And he doesn’t feel like a stereotypical “uptight straight man” character either! He knows exactly how he likes things to be, but he’s also really curious! If the opening is anything to go by, it looks like there’s gonna be a lot more adventures he’s gonna be a part of, and thats super exciting!

We’re only three episodes in and he’s already developed so much!


A bee I am not… I’m from 10 years in the future. And, in the future, all is devastation… Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer, sent all to the horror of eternal darkness… …… However, you must listen! Where I am from, there is a well-known legend that has been handed down from ancient times. It says "When the chosen boy reaches the point, he will find the light. The passing of time will shatter the nightmare rock and will reveal the path of light.” You see, it is my opinion that you are that boy, Ness. This I believe… …… Giygas’ monstrous plan must have been set in motion somewhere on Earth… If you start to confront the enemy immediately, you may have time to counter the evil intentions of Giygas. Three things are of the utmost importance: wisdom, courage, and friendship. …The legends from the ancient times tell of three boys and a girl who defeat Giygas. …I will tell you more later. Go now! And do not be anxious about the future. You have much work to do, Ness.