convo: general

  • hux: would you rather fight 100 loth cat size luke skywalkers or one luke skywalker size loth cat?
  • kylo: does the loth cat have the force?
  • hux: ...yes

Okay I just have to take a moment to spread the PK Love and give a huge shoutout to the entire Mother/Earthbound ask and roleplay community. The fandom might be a little small at the moment and it’s been through ups and downs (what fandom doesn’t), but the people who have stuck around are some of the nicest and most passionate fans of a game franchise i’ve ever met. It feels like a family of sorts. Almost everyone knows everyone and people are very welcoming when someone new joins in. Especially big shoutouts to the roleplayers of minor characters. It’s already a franchise that not many people know about, so to roleplay a minor character is rare, but also those people have an amazing passion for putting their character on the map. Also major props to people who roleplay Mother 1 characters. There aren’t many of you but man are you guys passionate about your game, and you guys finally got the localization you deserved. Keep on Rockin’ Mother fandom!

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I have this ship, and no one ships it. AND I MEAN NO ONE BUT ME. and I’m like ‘Q_Q Ill never get fanart’ but eventually I decided to fuck it all and draw my own fanart! and now I’m sitting in my room alone crying and laughing hysterically at this fanfic I’ve written that no one will ever read … I absolutely hate anime and this ship.

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kylo: *begins breakdancing gently* what’s wrong, general?

literally everyone around me thinks josh and i should just break up at this point

but like do yall really understand how difficult it is to break off something of over a year

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Does my OC necessarily have to be from the 104th trainee squad?

Nope, they don’t have to be. If you want them to be a soldier that’s the same age as Eren and them however, then you do, because all of the trainee squads are made three years apart.

(Though, maybe your OC is Eren’s age, but they only wanted to join the military until three years later, so they’d be in the 105th Squad. So I guess it is possible either way,  but we don’t exactly know humanity’s status three years after Eren joined the Corps so)