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so endingthemes and I were discussing the beach divorce scene and

i don’t even know

(Charles does have a posh ass though)

ok you know what? i’m going to talk more about it

i dont think homestuck is the “pinnacle” of representation honestly, while it’s highly important for being the ‘coming out’ fandom of a massive number of teens it hasnt exactly crossed many barriers or taken many risks or even given quality to the “representation” it has. i dont think a bisexual species is that Progressive as that isnt the same as human bisexuality, though i do think its fun to have a normally bisexual species that is just chill about it all.
sooooo, realistically, HS itself probably hasnt made a lot of people be ‘less homophobic’ or done much to normalize gay stuff. it absolutely wasnt intended to either, outside of maybe 1 convo in the whole comic. it isn’t groundbreaking. 

therefore pretending that arguing about character sexualities is worth much at all in the grander scheme of things is a huge lie.

but that doesnt mean that gay groups in the fandom that want to interpret things in such a way that they can relate to are being foolish. 

like, in this specific argument, it was about vrisrezi and people interpreting them as gay and this being “bi erasure”. you know what? if you relate to them as bi, good on you. thats nice. personally i dont think either of them have done much for “bi-ness” in the comic, so im not strongly attached to that interpretation. but maybe that’s just me.

then when other people see it differently, or think its more valuable and cool for them to interpret it as - especially for vriska - something akin to a struggle with compulsory heterosexuality? when this has more touching symbolism related to the canon content and does not really undermine the “bisexual” interpretation, when it almost makes more sense considering vriskas superficial straight relationships but far more passionate gay relationships, whats the problem with that? these groups find it relatable in a way that imo is far stronger than i would find the bisexual interpretation, as humanity isnt a bisexual species and the canon content doesnt give a fuck about that side!!!

same goes for terezi to an extent, shitty straight relationships while shes obviously Over The Moon for a girl. sadly TZ isnt shown having any biromantic tension with anyone at all outside of what we scrutinize with vriska, so the bisexual “canon” interpretation also has little value to me outside of, like, 1 ship i appreciate and also a goofy little convo w dave about jane on the lilypad (which could be interpreted as gay anyway).

point goes, i dont see this interpretation as taking ANYTHING away from me. i actually find the gay interpretation far more relatable than the bi one, because it more closely resembles my own experience w identifying my sexuality.

First the joke here is .. i hate 90% of things.. not because im “cool” its just … I have always been that way.. but then you getting me talking about things I like and it almost seems to be more of a 50/50 like hate of everything. (sadly thats not the case!) 

Second.. DBSuper, is TO ME! kinda shit. I love the Vegeta stuff a bit more then I thought I would but thats just cause he seems more.. mm ‘human’. I never really liked Goku and super has just.. killed whatever part of me did like him ^^; 
(I love the screen caps from @cowcat44 cause i dont have to watch it to know whats going on! XD)

Third, don’t get me wrong I love the merch! …and I’ll happily talk about why it interests the people it interests… the “shit” comment was my opinion. take it or leave it.
I am just glad people like more things than It… makes live very dull 


So this was an in-game conversation that these guys had a while ago. Nephi used to be a shipwright, but he’d never been out to sea, and Krynna used to be a sailor! 

I expected her to endorse the lifestyle but apparently not. Ugh.

Nephi DID end up on a ship eventually, but that’s a comic for… Not now.

nobledoohickey replied to your post “I’m saying this because noone else seems to notice. While a…”

Like if they do make pidge nb (like in the comics(?)) Then all the girls are aliens and half of ‘em are evil/not good guys

I just want to address this quickly. I remember seeing those two panels from the comic circulating a while back and getting so excited about they pronouns being used, but just seeing those two panels out of context can be misleading

Here is the full page from the comic:

I think this is one of those situations that is frustratingly ambiguous. Seen one way “they” could be referring to Pidge, seen another way “they” could be referring to all the paladins

I’m not saying this to squash the comic Pidge is NB and uses they pronouns headcanon, as you can see it’s ambiguous. I just want to provide a little more context, especially for people who maybe don’t have access to the whole comic and have only seen those first two panels out of context

I can confirm though that Pidge is never referred to with she nor he pronouns in the comic

Really quick comic-y doodle I made while we were eating out for my sister’s birthday. She loved my gift :))) and I love her so much omg bless my sister