convo 001

hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy; great lake
august 30

frank watched as he skipped another rock across the lakes surface. it bounced, bounced, bounced, before s e t t l i n g in the depths below. he fiddled with the few rocks left in his hand, running his thumb across the cool surface – he’d heard this was somewhat of a calming device. before he went to skip another rock, he felt someone moving behind him. “if you’ve come to ask what the body looked like, i’m not really in the mood to answer.”

hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry; great hall
august 30

andromeda plucked a glass of champagne off the tray of a server who walked past her. she had to withhold herself from downing the whole glass then and there, calming her anxiety as she took just a small sip. the service had been…nice. to be quite frank, andromeda had expected MORE from harold minchum’s funeral, but then again, she had always thought the minister was a bit over the top. she sighed as she took another sip, searching the crowds of people for someone she knew. eventually she settled for a conversation with the person closest to her. “nice service, don’t you think?”

                  miss, you dropped something .       she’s nothing but a goddess turned street rat, so it’s no surprise that she swiped such a pretty piece of silk from the other . it’s a dazzling trick in zen’s eyes, but she’d do anything to spare a few moments with a girl . // @vasilyevna

Branwen and Mordred

Branwen was taking a break from her lesson with Morgana. She had inproved a great deal but still needed to work on the element of water that was still giving her trouble. She always get mad if it didn’t work, but her mistress reasured her that she needed to give it time and would eventually master all the elements. The Seer wished for that day to come soon. Morgana told her one day she would take her to Avalon to face the greatest tests of all, to part the Mists that protected the Island. For now she was just going to enjoy the day outside the castle walls.

She have heard from some of the servants that the river it was a particular popular place to take a bath or just go for a swim and Branwen longed for the sea. Her home was near a cliff and every summer she used to go with other noble children and swim until the sunset. Camelot wasn’t close to the sea, so the river owuld have to do for now. When she arrived, she saw there was no one in one of the many pools formed naturally by the water and the stones that she inmediately undid the laces of her dress and took it off to remain in her shift. The lady was prepared to go and swim when she heard the rusting of leaves and branches breaking. She covered her body with the dress when she saw a familiar face that came out from the bushes “Mordred?”



Branwen walked into the throne room with her head held high. She had something to say to Arthur, something that probably would go terribly wrong, but she had to do it, she couldn’t stay silent anymore and she was also doing it for the love she had for her mistress. The seer walked trough the halls until she saw the king in his throne. She made her way through the other people that was there and curtisied at the same time she bowed her head to show her respect for the regent of Camelot. “Your Majesty, may I request a private audience with you?”, she asked.