Private Messages ☆ Lilice
  • Ally:ALICE TO THE RESCUEEEE! No but seriously, there’s just something about them and it needs to stop. They need to go somewhere. I don’t know where but wow. Suffocation alert.
  • Lily:Yay!! This is why I love you so much. I sort of just think it's because their cute? Not that I think Lorcan is cute or anything but my brothers not ugly. Unless he's sleeping. Or eating. Or... Most of the time.

Classes are great and all but when are we gonna go out and do some field work? Year’s barely started and I’m pretty sure I already inhaled most of the dust from the library.

@finntastic: Well that’s more than I needed to see.

@damnhottmess: Told you, you need to do a better job of getting him out of my hair. 

To say Chloe’s mum was disappointed in her was an understatement. Ever since the Valentine’s party, she had been in a constant state of flux and after raiding her parent’s liquor cabinet and smashing one of her mum’s favourite vases, she had hit rock bottom. Offering to pick up some bits in town for her mum had seemed like a good idea at the time, but stumbling down the high street laden with bags had her regretting her decision. Stepping to the side to avoid being run over by a harassed looking mother and a pram, her foot slipped off the curb and she tumbled forward, spilling the contents of two of the bags across the pavement. Her cheeks flushed red as she tried to avoid looking at anybody, instead focusing on her grazed hands as her eyes began to well up. “Fuck.”

”CAREFUL, there’s some dye over there. You don’t watch your step and you’ll end up lookin’ like Shrek.”

Convo between an pisces, gemini and aquarius

Aquarius: Look! I got more points then you on this “intelligence is cool” test. 

Gemini: That’s bullshit. I’m so more smarter then you. 92/100 isn’t even good. 

Aquarius: Well, It beats 88 atleast.

Pisces: What you guys talking about? (*-*)~

Gemini: We’re talking about how smart I am. We did a test. 

Pisces: Who got more on the test?

Aquarius: Me obviosly. I got 92 and gem got 88. 

Pisces: Oh, I also did the test. I thought it was about ice cream. I got 97…


Gemini:……….. *punches pisces in the face*