ndrv3 girls and they realize that the world has become frozen in time for 24 hours

here you go! please enjoy!

Maki Harukawa

  • She is confused as to why this is happening, but
  • For the most part, she’s pretty indifferent to the whole thing
  • This is kind of boring, but at least no one’s bothering her
  • Or pushing for her to murder her classmates cough Monokuma cough cough
  • For the most part, she probably waits it out
  • If anything, she’ll take this opportunity to enjoy some alone time

Kirumi Toujou

  • Thank god, she has more time to get everything done
  • Starts by cleaning the entire school
  • Then she completes all of the odd jobs her classmates have given her
  • Then she makes food for everyone and delivers it to wherever they’re frozen
  • And then
  • She takes a nap
  • A really, really long nap
  • She deserves it
  • If everything’s still frozen when she wakes up, she’ll pass the time (or not) by reading!

Angie Yonaga

  • Angie just wants to go around and poke everyone to see if they’ll move
  • But no one moves!
  • So she tries to move their arms for them
  • No one reacts!
  • Surely this must be the work of God!
  • And the reason God is doing this is because… because he wants Angie to offer sacrifices to him!
  • So she takes a little bit of blood from everyone
  • Well, they won’t notice! God froze them all, so it’s fine
  • And she starts on a new project
  • It would be fun to paint pictures of everyone, and since Angie can make them do any pose she wants…
  • She gets to go wild

Kaede Akamatsu

  • Perfect!!!!
  • And that’s exactly what she does
  • Although, she does take this time to play a few small pranks
  • Nothing mean or intrusive, of course; she’s not like that
  • But she might, for example, put whipped cream in Ouma’s hand and rub a feather on his nose
  • Payback finally
  • Otherwise, she’ll check if any of her classmates are unfrozen like she is
  • And if someone is frozen in a precarious situation, she makes sure they’re safe for whenever time starts moving again
  • But for the rest of the time, it’s all rehearsal for her
  • And she couldn’t be happier about it

Miu Iruma

  • Oh no
  • The beast has been unleashed
  • She takes the opportunity to pull pranks on every single one of her classmates
  • Not a single person’s face is unmarked by sharpie
  • Not a single person finds themselves in the same position they were in before time stopped
  • This is slightly bewildering for most - well, all of them
  • Some of them are suddenly in bed with another one of their classmates for no apparent reason
  • Some of them find machines they’ve never seen before strapped to their bodies
  • She might also see if she can get away with a few lewd things
  • But don’t worry. She talks big, but when it comes down to it, she can’t mess around with other people in that way
  • Herself, on the other hand…

Himiko Yumeno

  • This is…?! Surely, this is a product of her magic…!
  • Hell if she knows how to undo it, though
  • She takes this time to do what she wants: nap
  • But if she wakes up and the world is still frozen, she feels uneasy
  • She’s used to having people surrounding her, and having a routine of sorts
  • She tries to practice magic while she’s waiting, but eventually gets too anxious
  • She can’t fix things with her magic, so…
  • All she can do is pray for things to go back to normal

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • Oh, the things a cosplayer can do with time put on hold
  • She finishes the project she was working on
  • And that other project she was working on
  • And the project she was supposed to have been working on, but forgot about
  • And then - and then she goes around the school and takes everyone’s measurements
  • Now she can make cosplays for all of her classmates!!
  • But before that, she’ll rest a little
  • Since time is stopped, she can afford a break
  • If time is still on hold when she’s done, she’ll start planning for a group cosplay!
  • She’s too nervous to actually change her classmate’s clothes, though
  • She’ll just have to convinve them to try it out when time goes back to normal!

Tenko Chabashira

  • She’s convinced this is Yumeno-chan’s doing!
  • But Yumeno-chan is frozen along with everyone else…
  • Well… oh well! Maybe she wanted Tenko to have some fun today!
  • So, Tenko practices her craft!
  • But she really wanted Yumeno-chan to be able to watch, and since she’s frozen, she can’t…
  • This isn’t actually much fun
  • Actually, she’s pretty creeped out
  • So she takes this opportunity to lock all of the boys in a room together
  • Now if they become unfrozen like Tenko, they won’t be able to mess with Tenko or any of the other girls!
  • If time goes back to normal, she’ll let them out
  • …Probably

Emma felt her heart turn over. “Jules, being parabatai is a big deal,” she said. “It’s—it’s forever.” 

He looked at her, his face open and guileless. There was no trickery in Jules, no darkness. “Aren’t we forever?” he asked.

Lesser Fears of The Fear Mythos

Ureyne- An enormous eye that appears on walls that are currently being urinated on. It cries a gushing stream of urine that gets all over the urinator, and continues for several hours even after the urinator leaves, after which it closes and disappears. Represents the fear of being caught peeing in public.

Damdlights- Floating lights that flash between yellow and red and come in swarms. Follows around the anxious and swarms in front of them, especially when they are driving. Momentarily lets out loud sirens at the worst possible time. Represents the fear that you crossed that light at the wrong time.

Skin’d Head- A mass of red tendrils dripping white slime wearing a human skin; usually of a person you’d consider a close friend or inspiration. Of course, that person is usually still alive, so where in god’s name the thing got it is unknown.

It doesn’t really do anything deadly, but it does mooch off of you for food and shelter; invite total strangers to party in your apartment at two in the morning, make racist/sexist/LGBT-phobic jokes all the goddamn time, and generally act like a tooooootal douche. Based on the fear that somebody you know and like turns out to be a total asshole.

DELPHREND - A cartoonish pink dolphin that works something like Bonzi Buddy, providing “free download links” (All of the programs/downloads evil in the sorts of ways you’d expect from a Creepypasta) and various functions (All of which have a “monkey’s paw” effect).

It screams in a hideously screechy electronic synthesized voice and knows distressing amounts of details about your life, which it will use when it starts trying to convinve you to commit suicide after its various “functions” have ruined your life. Based on the fear that you have downloaded yet another malware program by mistake

Serpenachae- A series of worms; as varied in form as the stars in the sky, that snake their way outside of one’s open fly in seemingly endless lengths and start attacking anyone near them. They will never stop coming out until the pants are destroyed, and sometimes not even after that. Based on the fear that one’s fly is open.

Sloondermeng- He looks like Slender Man in Groucho Glasses and an obnoxious tie with ever-shifting patterns. He appears whenever a person unauthorizedly uses Slenderman in a work without permission, and sends them to an insane court that looks like a mix between the aesthetics of Forbidden Zone and that one court from the end of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, with himself as the prosecutor.

Based on the fear of Victor Surges’ option holders cease-and-desist-ing you for use of Slenderman in a way that grossly violates the spirit of the character and which I have very complex feelings about.

Gestankenfleich- A stinking mass of flaps of rotten meat and rot-sline, this creature crawls onto public transportation and generally stinks and slimes up the place. Sometimes there is more than one of them. They leave stains that never disappear however much they are scrubbed and a stench that never goes away no matter how much the area is washed. Sometimes they mumble vaguely ominous threats; lewd murmurings and annoying songs. Based on the fear of having to sit next to a total grossoid on public transporation.

Taskman- A force that possesses both hands of a person and causes them to fly off and do a task on which said person was procrastinating. They end up doing it wrong of course, but the kind of wrong that is so wrong that it breaks reality.

Think “Bloody Stupid Johnson” from Discworld and you’ll get the idea.

It can be defeated by finishing the task yourself, but good luck doing that with no hands. Based on the fear of having to do a task that you’ve been putting of for a while

Coffeespill- Coffee-like living liquid that spills from every tap/cooking appliance in your house, spilling gross grains and stains everywhere, able to slither at something like the rate of a slug and cause small fires with flames of dark brown. Only appears when the owner of the house isn’t there; only staying for a little while when the owner walks in to look in horror at the mess.

Sometimes there is still a little left, moving around the house waiting to pop up when you least expect it, and which is a helluva thing to make leave. Based on the fear of leaving the coffee on.

Hell Depot- An endless mazelike warehouse/big-box store with the worst; tackiest; most obnoxious stuff possible on sale. One can leave if they find one specific object, but it is inevitably the least interesting object in the least interesting section to the Wanderer.

Sometimes other Fears show up there to shop, and sometimes encounters with other Fears can lead one into the place. Based on the fear of being dragged shopping in a store you hate.

XTLXS SXRUGGED- A huge pyrite statue of Atlas with Ayn Rand’s face that replaces a load-bearing wall in a dwelling. It broadcasts Objectivist propaganda; speeches by Ayn Rand and radioplays/audiobooks of the collected works of Ayn Rand out of every speaker in the house, which cannot be stopped no matter what, continuing even if the devices are disassembled or unplugged. Based on the fear of having to deal with obnoxious Objectivists.

Die Antipede- A group of shadowy; squishy humanoids fused together like a grotesque chorus line, that takes up space, whether it be standing in the last open parking space; or blocking you while walking down the sidewalk or driving down the street, or take up that booth in the restaurant you were going to sit in. They don’t really do anything, and any implement used to attempt to remove them will inevitably break horribly. Based on the fear of some asshole taking your spot/blocking your way.

The Interloper- A thing of wet clay and whistling wind that worms its way through an unlocked door, at first a tendril, and then more of its body. Whenever you think it has pushed its full body through the doorway, it will always turn out that said body is just an appendage of its true form.

It will continue “entering” like this until the sun rises. Represents the fear that you left the door unlocked at your home.

-All creatures in this post put out under the same license as the original Fears, because OPEN SOURCE 4 EVA WOO!-

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i'm watching vrains but i haven't seen arc-v so that 4 boys have the same faces post is kind of confusing, if you wouldn't mind it it possible you could explain it?

basically yuya, yuto, yugo and yuri are like….au versions of each other lol. they’re counterparts from different dimensions. and characters keep acting as though/insisting that they are EXACTLY IDENTICAL (there’s a whole big thing where everyone is convinved yuya is yuto and it causes issues) despite their designs being very different even though their faces are similar

it’s one of those cases in which you just have to take character design with a grain of salt and remind yourself it’s the audience’s perception of the characters, not that other characters’

Olen eksynyt Bostonissa
kävellyt kaupungin reunan yli
Luulin katoavani
mutta pääsin kuitenkin takaisin

- Ultra Bra: Minä suojelen sinua kaikelta, with ONE word changed. :D In the real song lyrics it’s Latvia, not Boston.

I am more and more convinved that this is a very Jay song. (’I have gotten lost in Boston / walked over edge of the city / I thought I would disappear / but I got back after all’)

ETA: oh and before anyone asks, this isn’t any specific part of the in-game Boston or Boston at all, really. xD A completely freestyle wreck, this one. xD

ETA2: dammit wrong word in the lyrics! Silly me. I fixed that now. Kulkenut –> kävellyt

Misunderstandings and Proposals

  Request: Hi can I have a Shawn imagine where I’m a famous singer and we’re dating but he flirted with Camila at the VMAs while I was with him so I got mad at him and a few days later he comes apologize and he proposes me ? Thanks :)

  Word Count: 1055. 

  Character: Shawn Mendes

“Y/N! Y/N!” The paparazzis hurdles in groups blocking the way as you got out of the limo with Shawn and Camila.

   There was always a small feeling of being jealous with Camile, since lately she’s beeing hanging out with your boyfriend Shawn rather than him spending time with you. It saddened you a bit to think Shawn would break up with you for Camila.

   “What’s up babe.” Shawn called you and then snaking an arm on your waist. “Hey babe.”

   Both of you were proud that you get to attend the VMA’s. It seemed like it was a year ago that you two never knew each other until Shawn’s record label company recognized you and asked that you get to duet with Shawn for a track on his album.

   “Having fun?” I asked and he nodded but shortly after getting called by someone making him look away from me. “Wait, hold on babe I-”

   And with that, he was just already out of sight.

   “Probably with Camila,” You muttered. 

   “What was that?” A voice asked making you look behind you seeing one of your bestfriends, Matt. “Oh nothing, just told how fun this is.”

   Matt seemed doubtful with you voice since he knows every part of you, he instantly knew you were sarcastic with you answer making him frown at you answer. “Y/N I know you. You didn’t seem convinving enough,” “Now tell me why’d you seem sad?”

   You didn’t bother replying. Instead, you pointed at the spot where Shawn and to your suprise, he was with Camila. 

   “Oh.” was all that left Matt’s mouth. “Well, Nash and I are glad to accompany you to rest of the awardings if you want.”

   “That’d be great.”

                                          * * * * * * * *

   So the rest of the night was spending time with Nash and Matt. While Shawn spent his night with Camila that neither once he still spoke to you after leaving you at the group of paparazzis and Matt.

   Clearly it angered you, which making you want him to have a taste of his own medicine by ignoring him for the rest of the night. Hopefully it’s gonna work out if not well who the hell knows what would happen.

   On the way home Shawn finally felt that you were angry because he’d been trying to ask you questions but none of them being answered. “Hey Y/N baby are you mad?”

   You got tired of everything so you simply answered, “I don’t know, am I? Go ask Camila if I’m mad, I’m sure you’ll want to listen to her more.”

   And after that none of you spoke until you got to the shared apartment of yours and Shawn’s.

   When both of your finally got home. You went straight to the bedroom and changed into leggings and a tanktop then headed back downstairs to watch TV with Shawn still left unbothered.

   “What’s gotten into you Y/N.” Shawn spoke up, “You’ve been acting like a bitch towards Camila, especially when we hang out. You know she’s just trying to help me out with things.”

   With that, you thought that what he said crossed the line. “Okay first of all, its because you’ve been spending a lot of time with that girl rather than with your actual girlfriend, and second is that maybe you’re getting too close with Camila!”

   “You’re totally getting too paranoid with these, live a little Y/N, you can’t be the only girl I would talk to for the rest of my life!” Shawn started to raise his voice making you feel small. You never liked anyone raising a voice on you.

   “Well okay fine if you want space you could just ask!” tears started to form on your eyes and Shawn started to realized what he did. “Wait Y/N–”

  Before you could make him finish his sentence. you grabbed the car keys and headed out with Shawn following behind calling out your name with you clearly ignoring it.

   You got inside the car and started the engine as Shawn repeatedly tapped on the car window. “Y/N please don’t leave me.”

    There wasn’t any where you could go to so you drove around town for about two and a half house until it was finally midnight, as heading back to the apartment.

   Due to not wanting to see Shawn, you decided to sleep inside the car until tomorrow so there was enough time to make Shawn think of what he did.

           s k i p   t o   t o m o r r o w

The sun was bright, it reflected with the windows of your car. You were finally awake and realizing what happened last night.

   You went outside the car and heading inside in your apartment.

   Before you went inside, you took a deep breathe and slowly opened the door trying to make no noise at all. And to your suprise to see what was inside the apartment.

   Everything was scattered. Clothes, furniture, music apparatuses, and other assorted objects. Shawn was a mess.

   “Y/N?” You heard Shawn call out.

   He went to the living room with his clothes still the same like last night, his face and expression showed lack of sleep. He wasn’t himself and you felt guilty that you made him worry about you for the rest of the night/

   He hugged you without a warning, “Y/N I’ve missed you. I’m a mess without you, please forgive me and I’m sorry for everything.I love yo”

   “I’m sorry Shawn for last night, it was wrong for me to overthink about you hanging out with other girls.” You too apologized. “And of course I love you too, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

   “Are we solved now, because I kinda wanted to ask you something.” 

   “And what is it?” 

   With that, he started to kneel on foot and pulled out something from his pocket. You instantly grew a smile knowing what it was already, and Shawn smiled too showing excitement.

   “This was supposed to be last night since I asked Camila for advice since I didn’t know how to propose in a decent way.”

   “So Y/N Y/L/N,” He opened the small box on his hands showing a glamorous ring. “Will you marry me?”

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Would u actually believe him if he said he was straight, because you seem extremely convinved about the sexuality of someone you don't know who's never spoken about it?? You assume his sexuality just as much as the ones who are convinced hes straight but at least theyd accept if he said he wasnt. If he said he was i think youd just carry on believing hes closetted because thats your preference. Hmm have you ever been a larrie cos....

if harry said he was straight i would believe him but he hasn’t so there’s nothing wrong with me thinking he might not be based on his own words/actions like who the fuck do you think you’re talking to putting words in my mouth just wondering???


He’s wearing his prettiest outfit today 😍 He really is well dressed usually and this outfit is just his other outfits but a little bit better. He’s also still kinda ill (i think?) or he’s having some kind of allergy what I actually doubt. But yeah whatever it is I was the whole time like ‘poor baby, you alright?’. I sure hope that I'l finally get to talk to him today, so I can convinve him that I’m actually kinda a smart person and not just socially awkward.

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SHARE MORE SEIJOU HP IDEAS. THERE CAN NEVER BE TOO MUCH YOU BEAUTIFUL CHILD. Omg really tho like iwa having a gift with raising dragons and introducing oikawa to each of them is my personal fav

Ahh! I love dragon trainer Iwaizumi so much you don’t understand. Anyway, sorry it took so long for me to respond I’ve been on holiday, but now I’m home and ready to share some more Seijou HP headcanons:

  • Oikawa and Iwaizumi actually become friends with the Slytherin duo because Oikawa turned up to the Quidditch tryouts for every house despite Iwaizumi protesting because he would end up overworking himself.
  • Iwaizumi brought a dragon to school in his first year and called her Godzilla.
  • It gets taken off him after a while because she gets too big, but he visits her whenever he is free.
  • Godzilla used to hate Oikawa but warmed up to him after a while and enjoys sleeping in his hair.
  • Oikawa hates it because it messes up his hair, but he allows it because it makes Iwaizumi happy!
  • At the beginning of the first year everyone thought Makki was too cute and sweet to be a Slytherin.
  • But then he spoke.
  • Mattsun comes from a family full of famous seers and Makki comes from a strict pureblood family so nobody thinks they would get along well initially.
  • Iwaizumi and Makki have duels almost weekly, which Iwaizumi always wins.
  • Nobody can beat Iwaizumi in a duel but Makki gets pretty close on his best days.
  • Makki and Mattsun love going to Zonko’s Joke Shop and Honeydukes in Hogsmeade and sometimes sneak out to visit.
  • Sometimes when they sneak out they bring back sweets and small gifts they think Iwaizumi and Oikawa would like.
  • Mattsun also sneaks into the kitchens every night to talk to the House Elves and ask them if they have any spare creampuffs which he gives to Makki.
  • One time Makki and Mattsun decided it would be a good idea to collect all the frogs in Hogwarts so they could train them to ride a unicycle.
  • It didn’t go as planned and hundreds of frogs roamed in the Slytherin Common Room for weeks after.
  • They got detention for two weeks for that since they took pictures collecting the frogs and so got caught.
  • Makki and Mattsun also hand out buttons with bad pictures of Oikawa on before his Quidditch matches.
  • Iwaizumi owns ten but claims he has none.
  • They also bring out banners with Oikawa as memes on them, a few of which have been banned.
  • One that hasn’t been banned is a picture of seven spongegar’s on brooms with the caption ‘When Oikawa dives for the snitch.’ It is charmed so that it changes to the house colours of the opposing team.
  • When the school finds out Iwaizumi and Oikawa are both taken there is screaming down all the corridors and the school is set on fire.
  • Both things were done my Makki and Mattsun.
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa like to sit in the Astrology Tower and Oikawa telsl Iwaizumi about the stars (and the aliens of course).
  • Oikawa is convinved aliens exist because “if unicorns are real why can’t aliens be, Iwa-chan??!”
  • Iwaizumi enjoys listening to Oikawa tell him about the stars as much as Oikawa loves hearing about the magical creatures Iwaizumi finds.
  • Iwaizumi has a Flobberworm called Oikawa, which Oikawa is offended at because “Iwa-chan, I do not look anything like a toothless brown worm!”
  • Iwaizumi named his favourite Hippogriff Tooru, but Oikawa doesn’t know about this.
  • When he finds out, Oikawa’s smile is so genuine that Iwaizumi thinks the embarrassment is worth it.

Here is part one for anyone who is interested!

ppl over here giving lo/tor a romantic subplot but i’m genuinely concerned about his role in s3. like what if he finds out keith is galra and tries to convinve him to join the empire? you know like join the dark side kind of shit. for some reason i imagine that he’s gonna be very manipulative and what if he turns the others against keith? it could happen and those are things i’m concerned about enough with the “he’s gonna be a flirt11!2 bull