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Imagine Fe having a nightmare about Adrien leaving him and coming into Adrien room late at night and just cuddling next to him and going back to sleep and Adrien just wakes up and sees him sleeping there and just smiles... That would be so adorable :3

am i right in thinking that a big selling point of this au is the fact felix and adrien share a bed (plus adrien’s killer PJs of course)

felix is a lot more cuddly when he’s unconscious

OC Dark Headcanons - Yvad Trevelyan

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1) What would your OC be like as a villain?

Yvad would become a villain if he feels like everyone he loved left or betrayed him. He actually has a deep seated daddy issues (where he was constantly ignored, and everything he did was simply not good enough), so he’d do anything just to prove himself, in a twisted sense, to show that he could be great, specially if he sees it to be only way to be loved. 

Along the way, he’d slowly lose his morality and feel less and less remorse/guilt from any actions. Forcing away these feelings as a weakness.

Rather than being his own villain, he is more likely to be used by another, someone who knows his vulnerability and insecurity and how to manipulate him. They would convince him that they are the only one who loves him, and that he’d be lost without them. Yvad is easily manipulated into believing that, and would do anything for them to please them.

He would also surround himself with people who’d approve of his actions, praise him constantly, and told him how much they liked him, mostly in a false sense, which he won’t really realise. As a villain, he craves attention. He’d want people to fall on their knees and worship him, so to speak, which he would use as a self-validation.

So, a manically laughing, show off-ish, but sad villain who really just needs a hug.

2) What is your OC like at their worst?

He’d be manic, laughing one moment, and angry the next. Utterly unpredictable. He’d be sad, but he won’t know why. 

He would do something terrible without any apparent reason, that would be spectacular, show off-ish, but in the end pointless.

3) What villain does your OC most closely resemble in other works?

Marvel’s Loki (well, there are a LOT of parallels, including the daddy issues, and ultimately, craving love - he even has a good/righteous sibling, Mara @illusionaryennui who, like Thor, will believe in him against all odds, and keep trying to bring him back to the good side)

Also a bit of Dark Knight’s Joker (unpredictable manic violence, mostly).   

4) How can your OC be defeated?

Prove that all the people whom he surrounded himself with are false, and that they don’t love him, just  being manipulated. Also convince him that there are people who truly loves him, and wants him back, no matter what he did. He’d have such spectacular breakdown.. enough for a hero to strike him down.

5) What makes your OC so dangerous?

There’s no logic to his actions, so hard to predict. He’s also a mage of a considerable power in the storm magic. He’d literally bring down the lightning storm, and kill a lot of people at once for no apparent reason. Then he would just shrug next minute and say “i just felt like a bit of a rain.”

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so considering I *might* clean up my dropbox at some point, here’s some stuff that’s on it for folks who are interested:
From The Sky Down
Trash Of The Titans (Simpsons episode)
U2 on Jimmy Fallon 2015.05.08
Every Breaking Wave (radio mix)
Songs of Innocence (the original free release because I’m #sentimental)
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Chasing Yesterday
Songs From The Great White North
Noel live acoustic BBC Radio 2
The Dreams We Have As Children
Up & Up (the Coldplay song where Noel plays guitar)
Here’s A Candle (For Your Birthday Cake) aka the Lock All The Doors b-side


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"But could an Aes Sedai even join a circle with the intent of attacking someone?" It pretty much depends on the Aes Sedai. Asmodean was right about their Oaths. If they truly believe in something is a truth they can see it. If they believe that their actions aren't breaking their vows they can do it. Which does make me wonder how Oaths clash with Compulsion.

Yeah I’ve wondered about that, too. I want to say the Oaths would probably take precedence, given what happened when Pevara tried to issue an order to Zerah that would have required her to break one Oath no matter how she answered, and Zerah nearly choked to death. So Compelling someone to go against one of the Oaths might either kill them, or just not work, perhaps.

There’s also Ryma-turned-Pura, who could not be made to lie even while wearing the a’dam, though I suppose the methods used there weren’t Compulsion so much as just torture, as the a’dam can’t be used to directly force speech or action. I am curious to see if the a’dam can be used to force an Aes Sedai to use the Power as a weapon…I would imagine not, but I can’t recall it being shown one way or the other at this point.

Shit APH Australia Does #9

Encourage America to use vegemite based hair products for protection against drop bears whenever he comes over

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[*Despite having no idea why you're doing this, you pose baldly. *You're just a kid who's DETERMINED for fun.]

[Frisk gasps a little! That’s an anime reference! Her big sister has told her that anime is bad… but she isn’t sure why. Frisk decides to ask…]

[Mado glares at her for a moment when asked what exactly an anime is.]

“Anime is a drug.”


“Anime is the worst kind of drug ever, never watch it, it’s horrible and will tear you away from everyone you love. Don’t do it.”

[Frisk memorizes this advice forever.]