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What's g4g

stands for grunkle4grandpa, the theory that stan would actually turn out to be the twins’ grandpa instead of their grunkle, and carla mccorkle was their grandmother. it was pretty popular before a tale of two stans aired, when it turned out there was just like…..another sibling. people are still clinging to it though, even after alex confirmed on twitter that stan never had any kids.



here are all of my favorites for the month of january. sorry it’s long. makeup, music & more! bonus me being emo about my chemical romance at the end. i had to cut out a few minutes worth of footage of me talking about my chemical romance and being overall embarrassing so you’re welcome.

my channel is here and i would love for you to subscirbe! i post beauty videos twice weekly. also any reblogs of this help since my channel is still small. thank you for watching :)

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So your opinions haven't changed not even about them fighting their closets right? (Thank you Maya, as a really young Larrie your blog is a safe space for me. I always feel welcomed with warm hugs even if we don't talk. Your words manage to calm me)

This is the most important achievement for me, you make me infinitely happy saying so, thank you very much <3

I think in the last month or so a few very confusing things happened that really put our confidence and patience at risk. While I understand feeling uncertain and upset, I’m still absolutely convinced that Harry and Louis have made their intentions very clear and that the endgame will be the one we’ve always expected, them free, happy and out. 

Gerita Week, Day 2 - Training

My second oneshot for @gerita-week! I hope you all like it!

“Italy, two more laps! And stop petting that cat!”

Italy sighed and waved goodbye to the cat he had been playing with. He couldn’t help it, he just loved animals, and animals happened to like him back just as much. Training, on the other hand, was no good; it left him sticky and sweaty and exhausted. Besides, Germany was really scary whenever he messed up something. How could he expect him not to? That tight sleeveless shirt that showed off the blond’s perfectly sculpted muscles was way too distracting. Italy would never understand how his friend managed to withstand the February cold wearing something like that. His own training suit was far warmer, and yet he was always shaking like a little leaf whenever he had to wear it outside, with no coat to cover himself.

However, the auburn–haired man decided to take one step, two, three… no, running was way too tiring, he’d never be able to run two laps and Germany would shout at him again.

“Come on, the faster you do it, the faster you’ll get to rest” lately Germany had decided to try and bribe him with that kind of tricks, but it could only do so much. When Italy felt tired, there was no way he’d get anything done.

Was the man’s stamina really that low, or was he just too used to slacking off all day? The war was still far from over, and his friend could be attacked at any moment. He needed to become stronger. What if something happened and Germany didn’t make it in time to help? He had to ensure Italy was strong enough to hold any possible attackers on his own, or else something terrible could happen to him. Germany wouldn’t allow it, he’d resource to anything in order to make sure he’d be safe.

Then, the blond remembered a conversation he had had with Spain a while ago. Germany’s boss had helped his own seize power over the country. Neither of them liked or trusted their bosses, yet they were forced to obey their every command, so in a way they understood each other well despite their differences.

“Romano used to be way worse than Italy when he lived with me” he had told him “but then I found out a dirty little trick that always worked in getting him to do his chores. I felt a bit bad when I did it, but it was the only thing that worked”

“Alright, Italy. Get some rest. There’s something I need to tell you”

The smaller man stopped in his tracks, glad to have a moment to breathe. He quickly found a nice spot to sit down and admire the natural landscape all around him in the hill they were in. Sighing, Germany sat on the grass by his side.

“What did you want to tell me?”

“Well, I wanted to know if you still remember our promise” the bulky man replied, pointing at the cross pendant he always wore.

Italy took his own pendant from inside his T–shirt and showed it to Germany, waving it a bit. The blond had given it to him the day when he wrote that rather embarrassing letter.

“Of course I do! It’s a promise of eternal friendship!”

“Do you know what that implies?”

“What do you mean?” Italy asked, cocking his head to the side in slight confusion. Germany averted his gaze to prevent from blushing, as he had always found such gesture extremely cute.

“It means that we must always have each other’s back. Whenever you’re in danger, I’ll come rescue you”

“I know, you always have so far!” Italy exclaimed, giving his now flustered friend an affectionate hug.

“What I’d like to know is, what would happen if England attacked me tomorrow and Japan was too far away to help?” Germany asked, pulling away from the hug and mentally cursing his pale face that easily betrayed his feelings of embarrassment or nervousness.

“You are strong, Germany. You’d hold on!”

“What if I didn’t? What if I got badly wounded?” the taller man pressed the issue “Who’d be left for me to rely on if anything happened to me?”

“You? Hurt? But that… that’s impossible…”

“No, it’s not” Germany sighed “Bear in mind that our enemies are very strong, they have always been. What would you do if any of them hurt me, Italy?”

The pair now locked eyes. Italy looked as if he was about to cry. Spain was right, that trick was beyond dirty. Germany felt immensely guilty, but just as he was about to tell his buddy that everything would be alright and that he shouldn’t have made him worry about such things, Italy got up from his grassy seat. Then he trotted down the hill, back to the path where he had been running, and he resumed his laps.

He completed his training faster than ever. Not only that, but he had finally figured out how grenades were used. His aim became noticeably better when shooting, too. It was as if he was a whole different and effective person. Germany couldn’t believe it. It had worked.

“Maybe this strategy is not so bad, after all”

Germany, you jerk! Although I do think he’d go to any lengths to keep Italy safe. And I don’t think he’s aware of how scared Italy is of losing those he loves.

Germany and Italy supported the fascist side during the Spanish Civil War, while Russia assisted the Republican Government. The Spanish fascists even allowed Italian and German soldiers to test their weapons in their own territory, like it happened with the Guernica bombing. After the second Spanish dictatorship was stablished, Spain became a neutral country and took no part in WWII.

Mr. Selfridge: 4x05

Guys, we’re halfway done with the final series! When did that happen? How is this happening? Why can’t this show go on forever?  Anyway, my weekly ramble about the show is ready to go.  As usual, more than happy to discuss and debate with anyone.

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I like how they have this weird love square going on in Miraclous Ladybug. Marionette is in love with Adrian so not knowing he is Chat is spurning his advances, and Adrian as Chat is in love with Ladybug who won't give him the ToD... lol follow the circle round and round the circle goes.

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