jaime/brienne week

day two: duty + favorite song day

bruce springsteen, this is your sword (½)

These are the few things I leave to thee
This sword of our fathers with lessons hard thought
This shield strong and sturdy from battles well-fought

This is your sword, this is your shield, this is the power of love revealed
Carry it with you wherever you go, and give all the love that you have in your soul [x]

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tbh i dont care how much you know about the sensory system buckys expressio was totally of pain when his arm gets blasted off you cant tell me he didnt feel that

Listen buddy, I never “told anyone anything”.

I expressed a personal opinion on my own blog, and made sure I explicitly stated that it was just my interpretation and that no one had to agree with me. And I sure as hell didn’t go into anyone’s blog telling them what they should or shouldn’t headcanon.

You’re free to look at his face and believe that he’s in excruciating pain judging from his expression, and I’m free to think about what I know about pain and the brain and interpret it as him possibly reliving the trauma of having lost his arm once and being somewhat in shock due to the sudden loss of all other kinds of sensory information (aside from pain), especially considering that:

  1. People who’ve lost a limb will actually tell you that pain comes after, but that right away the body usually goes into shock and the area feels kinda numb. Pain is a signal coming from the brain, not the body, and brains can “protect us” from excessive pain (f.e. soldiers who get wounded during a battle and don’t feel anything and are able who go on). The amount of damage and the intensity of pain aren’t equivalent.

  2. We can actually see him deflecting bullets (among other things he does that would’ve also been quite painful) with that very same arm in a previous scene and he doesn’t even flinch, so
Slow activity notice!

//So here’s what’s up! I’ve got a really busy week ahead of me. Tomorrow (Tues) morning, I’ve got my first math exam. Later that afternoon, I’ve got a lower pressure quiz in American history. Then on Friday I have to turn in a project for photography that I’ve been struggling with for two weeks now.

As a result, I’ve got a pretty hefty workload this week. So I’m probably not going to have much time for threads, at least until Wednesday comes around and I’ve already lost my light for taking pictures. Part of it is just the sheer exhaustion I’m going to be facing after having to get so much done in such a short space of time. So I’m just gonna let myself officially have a break this week, and come back over the weekend.

This applies to all three of my active blogs { @magnetiicpersonality @fearlessfirebird @berlinallover }, and hopefully will not continue past Friday. I look forward to writing with everyone again then!


There is no “proof” here.

I post evidence, and I post informed interpretations of that evidence. I have my own interpretations as well, and I invite people to add theirs.

Since we seem to be at this point again, I wanted to reiterate that I do not “prove” things in the sense that people generally mean. This is also why I am not in the business of convincing the belligerently unconvinced. I am not emotionally invested in hand-holding people who believe I have photoshopped thousands of artworks to appear to support what I say (yes, that is a thing* ), for the same reason I am not emotionally invested in convincing people who go around saying “Evolution is only a THEORY!” that they are mistaken. I fail to see how that is my problem.

What I’m talking about in the above tweets and in this post are more or less the same thing; what frustrates me is that the lack of interdisciplinary cooperation leaves massive lacunas in our body of information regarding the topics covered at medievalpoc. In other words, science (usually) understands that “proof” is not a thing; unfortunately, many people in history and art history did not get the memo.

And in this din of miscommunication, people shove things where they don’t belong: assumptions that the race of people in ancient history can be “proven” with DNA testing, the misappropriation of Classical Demography to support entirely modern notions about human history, and laid over it all, the relentless assumption that history is a ubiquitous and temporal progress of humankind from “Worse” to “Better”.

We are not objective. That is just not how people work. And we’ve known this for decades; centuries; millennia. The pretense that we can somehow remove ourselves from our observations and find a universal and inhuman truth in them is a rather poisonous ideal that leads us ultimately to betray the truths we CAN know.

Injustice occurs when information is destroyed or purposely withheld from people in order to oppress them. To take something away from them, to cause them to be disenfranchised, to excuse terrible violence done to them.  To make them seem less than human. And that is the reality of what has been done and is still being done to people of color. Histories, cultures, lineages, physical documents and works of art are suppressed, ignored, misrepresented, painted over, or completely destroyed in order to support the fictions of white supremacy.

People being so caught up in their own perspectives that they universalize these experiences is the reason I get so many messages that question why this project exists, because “everyone already knows [whatever]” , and the same amount of messages positing that every single thing here is some sort of elaborate ruse perpetrated for nefarious reasons.

What is touted as “objectivity” is nothing more than individuals projecting their own experiences, values, constructs of “self” and “other”, perspectives and opinions on everyone else. What we learn of logic, reason, philosophy, is often nothing more than the same ten white men who died centuries ago, and hold it up as the One True Way of understanding ourselves and the world. We teach the aesthetics of Immanuel Kant as if they come unfiltered through his perspective from some universal authority, and yet we completely ignore how they were shaped by his racism. there are countless examples, but over it all is the same internal illogic that ignores its own hypocrisy.

That is where we are at right now, and that is the point I am starting from. Claiming I am unaffected by these truths or that I am somehow outside of my own society or culture would be a lie. Each individual comes to the table of evidence with their own baggage, their own culture, their own individuality. Pretending that we don’t is much like pretending that these inequalities don’t exist; they do, and until we correct them, they will remain uncorrected.


* Mostly espoused by people who do not seem to understand that I post photographs of artwork, and that multiple photographs of the same artwork can look different. The original paintings or drawing themselves are not actually embedded somehow in your computer. My apologies if this comes as a shock.