Giratina is a UB, the Reverse World is a UB World and Cyrus is Lillie and Gladion’s father

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I just don't think it's realistic to expect stalkers would actually go to Heathrow in hopes to find B and Freddie. 1) The traffic in London is awful and Heathrow is at least an hour away. 2) There are multiple terminals and even if you knew which terminal they would be coming out of there are multiple exit points. You would have to be very dedicated to go to such an effort in the slim hopes that you would see a glimpse of somebody. Does A really believe they have that type of fan base????

Well considering how many hours of advanced warning everyone was given, your (1) doesn’t really hold. And I’ve never traveled through Heathrow, but from my understanding most US flights go through one specific terminal, so (2) is also not particularly convincing. Wouldn’t those arguments hold for any stalking activity? And yet we so often have stalkers.

Things that are too much fun.

Writing conversations between Alfred Pennyworth and Kara Danvers.
Writing conversations between Bruce Wayne and Kara Danvers.
Kara’s reaction to Damian Wayne’s crush on her.
Kara flirting with Lucy in front of James.
Kara flirting with Lucy in front of Lucy’s dad.
Winn mooning over Aqualad.

devilheaded replied to your post “god im thinking about fahc ponytail ryan now and how its like, just a…”

ryan walks back in after like a fucking year+ of no Proper haircut and just him hacking the end off a bit and the crew is like WTF??? at him having short hair like in your icon

at some point geoff tells everyone to get cleaned up for a proper Party Infiltration Mission™ and ryan comes in clean-shaven with short hair like ‘you thought the long hair was a style choice?? god no.’ he just straight up didn’t think there was a point in manicuring his appearance when he wears a fucking mask all the time

[[ AND THEN we have my self indulgent art of two of my semi-awake muses ( i say mostly for sora since he just wakes up whenever i do anything remotely kh-related then he passes out )

the joke here is tear’s collar is so big it reminds me of riku’s collar like??? why do u guys have big collars. is that where all ur emotional baggage goes. I guess that explains guy’s collar too ]]


and you call yourself a spy Natasha


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 




Yuuri K.: (sleepy gurgling)

Victor: “what the fuck, man”

Phichit: OHOHO !!!!