one of my favorite comedies of all time is a 1966 film called “The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming” in which a russian sub gets grounded on the beach of a tiny Massachusetts island and the submarine crew has to run around trying to find a way to get it off the sandbar before someone realizes that the Red Scare Is Here and it starts an international incident, and the townsfolk end up helping them

it’s both heartwarming and full of some truly inspired comic acting, because all the russians speak in russian to each other and there are no subtitles, but they do such a fantastic job that you don’t really NEED subtitles

Have a silly headcanon

 After Yuuri wins gold at Pyeongchang. (Because he’s winning gold at pyeongchang and you can’t convince me otherwise. 😛)  Both Viktor and Yuuri get invited to the Children’s Television Workshop (in a world where Sesame Street never ran into funding issues and would never end up behind a pay wall) to talk healthy eating and exercise and sports and to teach Big Bird to “skate”.

When they get there there is a lot of talking, and they introduce Viktor and Yuuri to the kids and the puppeteers they’ll be working with.  One of whom will be the version of “Big Bird” learning to skate.  It’s a skater that both Yuuri and Viktor know from various ice shows and has been working with Disney on Ice.  This is a one time thing.

Viktor being Viktor talks to the writers and wants them to try and squeeze in a small scene so he can give Bert and Ernie high fives because having gay role models is cool!  And because Viktor is Viktor they of course agree.

Most of the time they’re there is sort of improv just talking to the kids about how Yuuri (and Viktor – yeah right) have to eat all sorts of healthy foods in order to be healthy enough to skate.  and they teach a little jumping exercise because what kids don’t love jumping and then they teach the kids and “Big Bird” to skate.  (This part is actually filmed the next day at an outdoor rink (because global warming isn’t a thing in my happy yoi world, ok?) and it’s still cold enough).

When they’re leaving, Viktor gets this stupid sloppy sappy grin on his face and is all  "That was fun.  I want to do it.“  

Yuuri having no idea what Viktor is talking about is all "Disney on Ice?  I mean if you really want to.  You’d make a fantastic prince.”

Viktor is just AGHAST because how could Yuuri not realize that wasn’t what he was talking about at all.“Yuuuuuuri” he’d say and wrap his arms around Yuuri’s shoulders.  "No.  No.  No.  I want to do that.  Be surrounded by kids and Makka and a puppy or two!“

This of course opens Viktor up to teasing when Yuuri finally “gets it” and he says “So you want to teach kids and overgrown puppets skating… there are plenty of kids everywhere but I don’t know where we’ll find overgrown puppets.”


When they’re settled into their chartered car and heading back to the airport so they can get back to the rink and training before Worlds, Yuuri quietly says “you know, back in her twenties, when Mari decided she didn’t want kids or a relationship or anything, she went and had some eggs harvested just in case I wanted a family and, well,,… yeah.”

Viktor is totally overcome and throws himself at Yuuri and the driver in the front really wishes he had one of those tinted privacy screens because he gets an EYEFUL, and spend the rest of the drive to the airport tomato red.

This is all thanks to the fact that the goat is watching some vintage sesame street and Ernie bought Bert a puppy and then @shemakesmeforget forced me to write this.  FORCED ME, I say…

trans guy leonard mccoy
  • he knew from a young age who he was; he never really related to femininity on any level, even if his overwhelming capacity for compassion occasionally threw the more old-fashioned members of his hometown for a loop
  • mostly he spent a lot of his childhood running around in coveralls and boots; nothing else. drove his poor mother nuts.
  • “leo please put on some real clothes”
  • “look ma, I found a frog!”
  • (sidenote: she’s the only member of the family who’s not surprised when he joins starfleet)
  • her troubles didn’t stop with his sartorial choices, though, since he also tended to lop his own hair off with scissors when it got annoying
  • he hated it that choppy, but so did she–doing it himself was a guaranteed way to get her to agree to let him get a “proper” haircut from one of his cousins, who was going to school to be a hairdresser
  • (@ my fellow southerners–we all have that cousin, right? it’s not just me?)
  • (anyway)
  • bones doesn’t get surgery until he’s out of med school because, well, he’s too fucking busy to be laid up long enough to heal properly, even with regens
  • during that before time, he has a delightful habit of matching his binders to his underwear, and there’s at least a couple holos of drunken college shenanigans that record this fact
  • (somehow, even the delighted grin on jim’s face when he stumbles across them isn’t enough to make bones regret holding on to them)
  • bones also has a significantly less endearing habit of not eating as much as he should
  • used to be that the skinnier he was, the less weight in his hips/breasts/face/etc, and the less dysphoric he felt, but this habit has unfortunately persisted
  • he’s both fully aware of how unhealthy it is and no longer in need of it as a coping mechanism, but he just can’t seem to convince himself to go for more than the bare minimum, even though he loves food
  • (it worries christine, sometimes. she never says it outright, but when jim dumps an extra slice of cake on his plate on the same day bones’s yeoman hands him a sandwich with his paperwork, he knows it’s her doing)
  • he’s a decently old fashioned guy, who also has more than a bit of insecurity on top of a side helping of social dysphoria–he’s too short and too scrawny, and all throughout his teens and twenties, he makes up for those facts with a whole lot of bluster
  • (that, uh. that’s not a habit he’s managed to completely break either.)
  • (obviously.)
  • on the enterprise, he’s the cranky trans elder who can and will yell at you for unsafe binding practices, but he’s also there to be a shoulder to cry on when it’s necessary
  • (and sometimes it’s just necessary, no matter how accepting the twenty-third century is)
  • I said yesterday that genderfluid janice isn’t the one that baby enbys go to when they start to question their gender? somehow, bones is
  • he does not understand this
  • why do they always come to me, spock
  • is there something about me that screams “friendly”
  • can I eradicate it
  • but the fact of the matter is, leonard horatio mccoy was pretty much born to be a dad, and one who gives great advice and better hugs on top of that
  • mid-twenties mid-gender-crisis ensigns–they can smell that from a mile away

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How do you think the exwires would react to going to rin's home town and seeing how much he gets called demon and people picking fights because they remember him beating the shit out of them so rin finally opens up about his past

****This contains some of my own headcanons about Rin. 

- It all begins when the exwires get a mission to exterminate a few nests of coal tars in the Southern Cross area, right by where Rin and Yukio used to live. 

- Yukio is kind of excited because hey, he gets to visit home for a bit, say hi to some of the friends who still live in the area. It’s also nice to see the priests. 

- Rin, however, looks a little apprehensive. The priests are the only people he’s excited to see. 

- After a long train ride, they finally make it to the Southern Cross area, and clamber over to the monastery (where they’ll be staying for convenience’s sake)

- They’re walking through (what only Rin knows is) a rough part of town, and Suguro and Shiemi both are getting this weird, bit-not-good vibe.

- Shima seriously can’t stop laughing because “you two seriously lived in a monastery despite being Satan’s literal sons?! AhAHAH!”

- Izumo is the one who notices that Rin’s being oddly quiet and she just nudges him like, “yo, are you fine my bro?”

- Actually, more like “What are you being quiet about? You’re usually being super annoying by now.”

- Rin just shakes his head and doesn’t reply. 

- Yukio is the one to realize that Rin is really…tense? On-guard?

- “What’s the matter, Nisan? Are you sensing a powerful demon or something?”

“No, I just–”

- Rin’s cut off by himself when he stops in place, and everyone else stops too when his eyes narrow and he growls “Alright you damnable Harpies, stop stalking me and get your asses out here before I sic Killian on you.”

- One by one, a couple of Harpies, members of a well-known gang in the area, step out of the shadows. Yukio is disturbed that he didn’t notice them and even more disturbed that his brother seemed to know them. His hand twitches for his gun but Rin grabs his hand and subtly shakes his head. 

- First thing out of one of the Harpie’s mouth? “So, what’s our ever so lovely Phantom doing out of his turf? Or, should I say “demon child”?”

- Rin coolly replies “I’m here on business, not to fuck with you small-fry idiots. Fuck off unless you want to get shot.”

- Yukio hadn’t noticed, but Rin had pickpocketed his gun off of him. Rin points the gun right next to the main goon’s head and fires a shot. 

- Rin blows on the gun like a badass and says “Next time won’t be a warning shot. Scram.” 

“Ha! Is that supposed to scare us?!”

- At this point, all of the exwires are scared shitless, and Yukio is honestly a little frightened by his brother’s behavior, because he just looks so….dead? Steely?

- Shiemi screams when Rin fires another shot…grazing someone’s arm. The Harpies are like “oh shit” and leave.

- Rin hands a stunned Yukio back his gun and, hunching his shoulders and shoving his hands in his pocket, Rin leads the way to the monastery. The exwires are dead silent, and Yukio doesn’t know what to think.

- They finally arrive at the monastery when Suguro finally snaps, “Okumura, what the hell was that?!”

- Rin just replies with “Something that doesn’t concern you.”

- The tone of his voice makes Suguro snap his jaw shut. 

- They enter the monastery and Rin warmly greets the priests and suddenly he’s all happy and sweet again. 

- Izumo wonders if it’s real, because it seems so…fake? She’s alarmed at the notion that perhaps, all of his happiness has been fake. 

- Shima goes to bring up what happened over dinner and Rin shoots him a sharp look, and he figures “well, i don’t want to die so i’ll just shut up”

- Finally, around 11:30PM, when everyone’s in bed, Yukio snaps.

- “Nisan, what the HELL was that about?!”

Rin just sighs and says that “They were in gang turf and he had to think fast unless they all wanted to get jumped and possibly mugged or murdered.” 

- Yukio is confused. 

- “I didn’t know there were people like that in this town?”

Rin’s a little surprised. “Yukio, this whole towns thrives off of gang activity. They only don’t fuck with our family and you because I exist.” 

- Yukio’s shocked that he’d never even noticed all this gang activity happening under his nose because he was so caught up in exorcism. Then, a disturbing thought occurs to him. “Nisan….you aren’t involved, are you?”

- Rin doesn’t answer. 

- The next morning, they all stick together on Rin’s request to locate these coal tar dens. When hours go by and they haven’t found shit, Rin sighs and says “I guess you’ll all have to go somewhere unsavory with me if we want to get anything done.”

- But, at this point, everyone’s more than a little concerned about him, because the whole time they’ve been out, a load of people have come up spitting abuse at Rin. Shima and Konekomaru have been restraining Suguro from beating up people talking shit about Rin.

-  Yukio’s been keeping a tally of the times people have insulted Rin and tried to start shit. It’s at 67 times. 


- Make that 68…

- Rin leads the way through a very impoverished looking area and finally they come across what looks like an abandoned warehouse. Rin sneaks around to the back along with the exwires and Yukio, and they enter the warehouse to see…

- It’s full of people and it’s kind of like a bar. They have no idea how they didn’t hear the blaring music. Half of the whole group is drunk, there’s people playing cards, and people are passing around drugs like candy. 

- Suddenly, everything goes quiet, and smiles break out on everyone’s faces in the gang. A sinewy Hispanic girl with short hair wearing a crop top and short shorts yells “AYY, KILLIAN, GHOST BOY’S BACK!”

- And then. 




- Yukio feels like he might faint. 

- Anyway, this Killian guy takes one look at Rin and his face breaks into this huge…grin? He comes barreling over, knocking over a table, and scoops Rin into his huge ass arms, swinging him around and laughing. Rin’s laughing too. 


- The exwires be like “WHAT???? THE FUCK???? IS GOING ON???????”

- “I need your help with something, Lee. There’s some nests of coal tar we need to get rid of, have you figured out where they might be?”

“Ah shit, yeah I did. I got a map that I marked down, I was gonna text you a pic.”


“Man, why don’t you and your little friends hang for a bit?”

“Sorry Lee, maybe later. We got work to do.”

“Damn. Don’t get jumped.”

-So, off they go, and destroy all of the coal tar. Everything’s fine and dandy. 

- or…not. 

- Everyone wants an explanation. 

- Why is everyone insulting Rin, why do they want to hurt Rin, why are they nice to Yukio and not Rin, who the fuck is Lee, why do some people call Rin “Phantom”, ETC.

- Rin just shrugs and saying “I guess it can’t be helped” and he begrudgingly explains. 

He tells them about why he’s known as the demon child, that he used to beat up a lot of people, people are nice to Yukio so they don’t get beaten up by him, Lee is his friend, and they call him Phantom because…that’s his gang alias. He was involved with some gang activity in order to keep his family safe from the gangs. 

- Yukio isn’t even mad, nor is anyone else.

- They’re just….horrified.

- Yukio just stumbles forward and with shaking hands, just hugs Rin. He doesn’t even know what to think, what to say. 

- They all go home with a brand new perspective of Rin. 

- Later that night, when they’re home and in bed, Yukio just cries. 

- He can’t even believe that he didn’t notice what Rin was going through everyday….for him. 

- Since that day, everyone has a new respect for Rin. 

- And Rin? He’s just silently content. It felt good to let that all out. 

The end.

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I love a good cup of angst in the morning!

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what gets me more than harry considering how he’ll survive voldemort after learning about the prophecy? ron and hermione’s response when he tells them 

my kids, optimistic and brave. but also don’t think about how much each of them fights for him to stay alive but in the end he willingly walks to his death because he knows it has to be done. 

i’m not even kidding i’m going to come right out and say it that frankie/stormcloud is THE most loyal thunderclan cat that there ever has been

so this past weekend i went to a con with my best friend and for WHATEVER reason, the con center thought it was a great idea to have alcohol available for purchase on every floor

and if you’ve been to a con, you kind of know how you forget to eat/drink that entire weekend

And after one beer on an empty stomach I was spoutin some shit “theories” about Yuri on Ice, completely convinced that Victor’s name was Yuri (”why are there THREE YURIS ON THE ICE”) and that anyone named otherwise was just an “equivalent” name in the person’s country smh

Summertime and shared headphones. ^_^

I keep forgetting to upload this - I painted it AGES ago in response to this lovely fic that @rukkilill wrote for me, promptly forgot about it, and only discovered it again a little while ago when I was getting ready to send a card for Yuu’s birthday. Now that it’s arrived at its destination, everyone else can see it too!