i think i completely converted after that video i mean aww they look so happy and proud and omg ok i think theyre being very genuine and idk if ive ever seen them that happy and I hope it sells and i hope the tour is international oh noo theyre so cute in the end of the video awww jc my bbys :’) im so excited to watch the making of!!

But why are people always so happy and impressed whenever they find parallels between Ikuhara’s work like “wow, look, this is the third show he has reused the concept of people being trapped in coffins/boxes!” yeah it’s like he hasn’t had any new ideas for nearly two decades, amazing.

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Limerence
Pairing: AoKise (with some KagaKuro and MidoTaka thrown in)
Chapter Word Count: Approx. 6K
Total Word Count: Approx. 16.7K
Summary: Aomine and Kise share one night coined by fate that is taken away just as quickly as it’s given. Years later, at the threshold of their new lives, they look back to that one night and wonder… “what if?”.
Chapter Summary: Kise’s modeling career opens new doors for him. When he’s offered a role in a movie that’s set to shoot in New York City, a memory from a night years ago resurfaces and forces him to question the new development in his own relationship.
A/N: Kise’s POV. Happy reading! :D

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Always for this pos.

“Yet it would be your duty to bear it, if you could not avoid it: it is weak and silly to say you cannot bear what it is your fate to be required to bear.”

-Charlotte Brontë

Finally, the week is over. 

After so many meetings and back to back shoots, the days seem to run together and Kise often finds trouble deciphering where one ends and another begins. It’s a wonder he still has the stamina he does after so many years in the modeling industry, but rare nights like this, nights when he can lay back in a warm bath and just relax that he finds time to breathe, to recharge, to recuperate.

That is, until his phone rings. 

The shrill noise of the custom ringtone cuts through the silence and echoes throughout the extravagantly large bathroom. It startles him enough that his footing slips when he reacts to the sound, accidentally submerging into the bubble-filled water. When he resurfaces, sputtering and pushing his dripping hair out of his face, he glares at the phone like he would rather drop it in the tub than answer it. “Whoever you are, you are so getting fired later,” he mutters. 

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so i like call me baby, but i don’t like it enough ?????? does this make sense? i’m sure the choreography is on point, or at least i’m hoping that’s the case, but i just feel like it’s lacking a bit