the signs as playlists (insp.):

its 2am, and youve just exited a small convienience store with nothing but a box of koolaid (your choice of flavor) and the feeling of utter freedom. your tongue is stained a bright shade from the koolaid.: sagittarius, capricorn, scorpio

its 5:30am and the sun is starting to chase away the dark. youre lying on the back of a turquoise truck with a bottle of peach snapple next to you, eyes pointed towards the sky. dizzy, and the soft colors of the clouds are blurring together.: pisces, taurus, virgo

youre playing air guitar at a airport at 4:20am. there is no one else around you, and you feel like a total badass as you step onto the escalator with your 4wheel all direction suitcase that you got for really cheap. you purchase a hot chocolate from the airport starbucks.: aries, aquarius, leo

its a rainy day and youre standing at the bus stop with an umbrella. faces pass as they board the bus, and you kick at the puddles on the floor and join the crowd. you walk for a while, and peer at the small wildflowers in the cracks of the sidewalk, and you promise to get better.: libra, cancer, gemini

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I noticed Rogue petting a frog in one of the pictures, so does Papalogia allow animals in the house??

He doesn’t

However he changed his mind after being forced to adopt five flying cats

Fun D&D Item ideas:

The Stick of Sturdidity: A totally impervious metalic 2 foot long rod. cant be damaged or transmuted in any way shape or form. No other special effects, magical or otherwise. Literally just a completely indestructible stick.

The Masked Mask: A Mysterious mask that, when worn, is impossible for other people to see. When worn, the wearer appears, instead, exactly as they were before the mask was equipped. When not equipped, the mask appears as a rather ostentatious fancy feathered and jeweled masquerade mask.

The Forget-Me-Knot: A necklace with a round stone pendant. when not directly addressing this amulet, it is immediately forgotten about. The wearer is not exempt from this effect.

The Staff of Substitution: This staff, emblazened with the sigil of Gordon the Cowardly, when activated, switches your position with a randomly selected person from literally anywhere in your current plane, the person can be anyone, from a king, to a peasant, another adventurer, an angry giant or even a child. It can be reactivated to switch the positions back, but will automatically reverse the switch after a time limit of 1 hour.

The Pen of Poor Reception: This magical pen is able to write in such a way as only yourself and one other intended recipient can read whatever is written. However, anyone else who reads from it, will instead read it as a very personal and needlessly vulgar series of mean insults, inflamitory comments and generally very unpleasant commentary.

The Timepiece of Reflection and Introspection: Appearing as a a jeweled pocket watch with mirror like polished metal, engraved with with images of hourglasses and the sun, this magical item accurately tells the time through magical means. In addition, when broken, will cause time to freeze, everywhere, for everyone, for the equivalent of 3 hours. In this time, no one can move, no one can use magic, no one can take any action, however, characters will be allowed to think during this time. After the time runs out, time starts again as per normal exactly as it was.

The Hat of Convienient Bird Purchasing: This tall flat topped hat hasthe ability to transform gold, into birds. The more gold placed into the hat, the more interesting the resulting bird will be (refer to the list below). The resulting bird will not be under the control of the buyer, will likely be startled to be pulled from a hat, and will react as a bird would in that situation.

1-9g: A small wodden chicken
10g: Sparrow
20g: Pidgeon/dove
30g: Duck/chicken
50g: Parrot
100g: A Bird of Prey (falcon, eagle, owl, etc)
200g: Flamingo/Peacock
500g: Cassowary, Emu, Ostritch
1000g: Medium or smaller dinosaur or monsterous bird.
2000g: A Large or larger dinosaur or monsterous bird.
10000g: Huitzil, Lord of all avian, Ruler of the 9 skies. The Bird King.
(Note: Specific birds can be summoned, but an appropriate amount of gold must still be given to the hat. If a bird you wish to summon is not on the list, pay an equivalent amount of gold as decided by your dm.)

Superior Boots: These tall red leather boots have no beneficial effects on the wearer, but any other creature who views the boots will know their own shoes to appear drab and boring in comparison. The individual will not necessarily be compelled to want the Superior boots, but may if they value style highly and desire your boots for themselves.

The Net of Hair: This Large (approx 20 square foot) net seems to be made of long hair from an unknown creature. when tied down to the ground, anything contained within is considered a to be in a seperate area to the world around it when regarding the area of effect on spells, auras or environmental effects. If the Net is damaged in any way, this effect dissapears in one round.

The Token of C’fung Mif: This Monolithically Magical token takes any shape it’s user desires, once a shape has been assumed, the user can regail the token with a legend, tale, story, prophecy or forboding ill omen, which the token will then create a visual representation for, to be played when it is next picked up by another individual.The Token, after sharing this vision, will then fill the new users mind with a task, a direction, or a general sense of urgency as decided by the original user. Once parameters set by the original user have been fufilled, the token will become inert until recollected. When the original user collects the token again, it resets to it’s original form.

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What's Lucien's relationship with Loki?

Lucian: None of your concern…

Tips for Working Students!

As a full time student who also works multiple jobs, I know that it can be difficult to find balance between the two while not breaking down and/or failing at one or both. This post is meant to help other students like me who are working as well as going to school and are looking for advice for how to deal with it. Since I am in university right now, most of the post is geared toward that, however it should still be helpful to people in highschool. Also, a lot of this is based around my experience or experience of friends of mine and obviously will not work for everyone. Take what you will from this and just do what ever works best in your context. 

Cue long ass post –

1. Time management!!!

Obviously this can go for all students, but if you’re working a lot at the same time time management is twice as important. I highly advise you to use a calendar!! Input your class schedule, your work schedule, and any other important dates in there like appointments, due dates, extracurriculers, ect. Take one day at the beginning of the school year to go through your calander and book off any days you know you’ll need off from work like for classes, study time, and projects you already know the dates off. 

Make sure that there’s no over lap between classes and school. Studyblr has some really good printables you can use to fill in your weekly schedule so you can visually see when everything is (here’s my printables tag). Set a default availability at work if you can so that you always have a general idea of when you’re working and don’t forget to book off days for any alternating classes (i.e. like labs you might only have once a month or lectures that alternate weeks). 

Also, make sure you have set time scheduled in your week to study and finish assignments. Make sure there is a specific time allotment in your week JUST for studying. Even if you can only manage a day or half a day, make sure you have study time scheduled because it’s really easy to over schedule your self and start falling behind at school. I usually keep an extra day booked off to use as my study/catch up day. If you come to a time where you don’t have a lot of school work, you can always ask for an extra shift.

Throughout the rest the rest of the year, take a day every month (or more or less frequently, whatever works for you) to go over you schedule and make sure everything is booked correctly. Make sure you make any changes at the beginning of a new semester, too. You don’t want to accidentally get scheduled at work because you forgot to change your availability!

2. Get a small notebook that you can bring to work

Especially if you’re in a major that has a lot of writing or projects, you should get a small notepad you can bring to work to so you can write down any ideas that come your way. I work as a server, and so I just buy small notepads from the dollar store to keep in my apron incase I think of anything for a project/essay. On dead days, I even start writing essay outlines and paragraphs in it, then I can go home and just dumb it onto the computer and fix it up to be handed in. If you can’t get/don’t have one or if you’ve just forgotten your notebook, make use of whatevers available to you at work to start brainstorming assignments while your working. I’ve written entire essays on receipt paper before + stapled them to my final work as a draft  - gotta do watchu gotta do.  

3. Bring your readings to work

If you can, bring copies of your readings or notes to work so you can review when its not busy. Depending on your job and your management, this may not be possible, but if you have a lax job this is really helpful when you need it.

4. Using break times

Honestly, I advise not working on school stuff during your work break unless absolutely necessary (i.e. if youre assignment is due the next morning). Most breaks are only about a half hour long which is barely enough time to eat. Use your break to revitalize yourself and eat something, maybe talk to your friends at work. You need this time to chill to prevent burnouts and breakdowns! Remember to take care of yourself.

5. Make use of resources at work! 

Even a lot of part time jobs will have resources you can make use of for school. At most places you can swipe some pens and other stationary (particularly helpful for students on a budget - this is what I do when I’m particularly low on funds). A lot of companys will also have programs for tuition assitance and internships! Talk to your supervisors and also email or call HR to see if there’s any oppertunities you can use. 

6. Communitcate with your bosses and your teachers about your situation

Especially if you’re in a particularily tight situation and are having trouble balancing school and work. Most profs and TAs (or just teachers if you’re in highschool) will be completely understanding if you ask for an extension becaue of work. I’ve done this multiple times and they’re usually happy to give an extension as long as you give them enough warning - do not write them the day before an assignments due asking for an extension. Unless you’re really stuck, try to give them at min. a few days notice and preferably at least a weeks notice. What I often do is talk to my TAs at the beginning of the semester and explain to them my situation, that way they’re not caught off gaurd when something comes up. 

Same thing for your boss. If you tell them that you need a few days off for exams or study time, they’ll usually understand and help you out the best they can. Also, talk to your coworkers and see who’s willing to take shifts if you need it. Get the numbers/facebook of a handful of coworkers you can ask for a favour in a jam. Better yet, if your work place doesn’t have one already, create a facebook group and add everyone who works into it. whenever anyone needs a shift gone, they can post in the group so everyone knows they’re giving away. People can also post if their picking up shfits as well! It’s super helpful adn convienient for everyone honestly. 

Also. chances are there’s probably a few people at your work place who don’t go to school and are happy to take shifts off you. When I took a year off from school I took tons of shit from people who needed study time. The more you communicate with people, the more people you’ll find willing to help you out. 

Y'know, it’s awfully convieniant that they got rid of Cat Grant before Mon-El showed up and then brought her back as he was leaving and they never met.
I doubt Lena would say anything because let’s face it, we all know all she’d want is for Kara (Her only friend) to be happy, even if it meant tolerating Mon-El’s abusive ass.

Emotional abuse is just as bad as actual abuse and just because he never hit Kara, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. Also, fuck Mon-El, he took a perfectly good TV show with a feminist message and RUINED it.

The day Cat Grant says something nice about Mon-El and Kara’s relationship is the day I know the show has passed the point of no return and not even Lena “Queen of the gays” Luthor can bring me back.
Fingers crossed he was just a stepping stone for Kara to realise what she doesn’t want in a relationship.

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Hello if this is rude I'm sorry and you don't have to answer but what are the differences between Shi'a and Sunni other than those that the Sunni believe that Abu Bakr was the Prophet's successor while Shi'a believe that it's Ali?

This is a revised version of a previous post. Since what you described are the political differences, let me indulge you with the theological differences. The Shias follow the school of thought known as the Ja’fari school, this is school is named after the 6th Imam, Jafar As-Sadiq (a), a progeny of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh&hf), therefore, our school of thought is in accordance with the former’s rulings in certain matters concerning rituals, theology, politics and etc. The Ja’fari school of thought lays the framework of the Twelver Shi’a and Sevener Shi’a beliefs. But I will focus on the predominately Twelver Shi’a belief.

The Sunnis, however, are split into four different schools of thoughts based on the students of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a) and those who believe that basing your belief by following schools of jurisprudences blinds a follower from seeking the truth about Islam, these are known as Salafis or Ahl al-Hadith. Therefore, you will see the difference in regards to theological and legal affairs even amongst our siblings from Ahlul Sunnah (Sunni Islam). However, it goes without saying that Shias differ remarkably from their Sunni brothers. Here are the differences:


Shias hold their arms down and prostrate on clay, Sunnis (with the exception of Sunni Malikis) fold their arms when they pray, neither do they pray on clay. Shias also make supplications during all prayers, while Sunnis do not. There are some minor and notable differences, but these three examples provide enough difference between our prayers. Shi’as may combine some of their prayers to make it convienient for them, however, it is preferable to pray them separately. Some of the Sunni schools believe that they can only combine prayers during fear or when you’re on a journey.


Shias usually start their fasts earlier than their Sunni brothers and will usually end it sometimes after them. Shias must also be in a state of ritual purity before they can fast.


Shias believe in their own compilations of Hadiths, thereby rejecting most Sunni hadiths due to the lack of reliability in many of the narrators. This is due to their views on the Prophet’s family and the companions of the Prophet.

The Ahlul Bayt [The Prophet’s progeny]: 

The Shi’as put a lot of importance and reverence to the Prophet’s family and believe that only through the Prophet’s family can they establish laws due to their infallibility. This means that anyone who does not belong to the Prophet’s pure family, Islamic laws as a worldly system cannot be established by anyone but them. More on this below.


Shias believe in 14 infallible beings who all descend from the Prophet through his daughter Fatimah (s.a). Sunnis do not believe in this concept, while the concept of infallibility is only extended to the Prophet by some Sunnis and Sufis. The Imams have the ability to interpret the Qur’an and the Sunnah both through their exoteric (outer) and esoteric (inner) dimensions, a feat that is not available to other Muslims, however, their interpretations exist today. All Prophets throughout time are considered infallible by Shias as well.


The Imams are the only ones who can lead the Muslim nation through God’s decree in both worldly and spiritual matters, hence the rejection of historical caliphs before and after Ali ibn Abi Talib (a) and his son, Imam Hassan (a). Because Shias saw Ali (A) as the legitimate successor to the Prophet, every caliphate in history has been rejected by the Shias, this includes Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Muaw’iyah who are especially revered in Sunni Islam.

Shi’as, therefore, have an extremely critical perspective in regards to Islamic history due to the expansionist, Monarchist system and the materialist interests of the Caliphs. 

Intercession and Grave visitation:

Shias believe that they can seek intercession (tawassul) from the Prophets and the Inaccummalate Saints (The Fourteen Infallibles). Some Sunnis see it being okay, provided it is only the Prophet, while other Sunnis, such as those who are Salafists or Wahhabists see it as a form of Idolatry. Shias also pay their respects to the Infallibles in Shrines in order to seek their intercession. Salafists and Wahhabists also see this as a form of Idolatry.

Holidays and commemorations:

Because of the historical implications of being a Shia, there are many holidays and commemorative events in Shia Islam, such as the birthday of the Prophet or the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a) this differs from the Sunnis who only hold Eid-al Fitr and Eid al-Adha as the only legitimate holidays of Islam. Some Sunnis and Sufis celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh&hf).


Ashura [the tenth day] is - in Shi’a fiqh - known as the day when the grandson of the Prophet [Imam Hussain (a)] had his martyrdom. This historical day marks a special commemoration to the struggle he went through that set the example for all Shi’as to stand up and be vocal against any oppressors, whether they are Muslims or not. The day is built up in ten days, starting from the first day of the first month of the Islamic calendar with the conclusion with the tenth day of the first month of the Islamic calendar.

For Sunnis, they commemorate this day as a day of fasting, as allegedly told from a Hadith in which the Prophet saw the Jewish Community fasting, so the Prophet asked them why they fasted, in which they claimed that it was the day in which Moses (a) had set the Children of Israel free. So the Prophet replied that “We have more right to Moses (a) than the Jewish people” (that’s a very bold statement) and he and his followers started to follow this custom. Shi’as reject this hadith due to several inconsistencies, such as Yom Kippur not being the day when Moses (a) freed the Children of Israel but rather Pesach and the fact that Jewish and Islamic calendars are inconsistent with each other. 


A messianic figure who is both venerated by Sunnis and Shias, the difference in the Shia interpretation of the Mahdi (atfs) is that he is the current Imam and is hiding in an occultation and will return in the future with Christ (a), while the Sunnis expect him to appear in the future rather than coming out of his occultation. The Mahdi (atfs) is also considered the twelfth and final Imam for Twelver Shi’as.


Shias do not believe that the outcome of every individual has been predetermined by the will of God, but rather, that God has pre-knowledge of future events and will not intervene with man’s decisions. Humanity has therefore complete freedom over their own actions, and whatever consequences that befall them is not in the hands of God, but rather, it is within His Divine knowledge. God has the ability to change the course of events as he sees fit, that is if He was to utilize His will. Majority of Sunnis believe in the concept of Predestination, the belief that every individual’s outcome has been predetermined by God, this concept is rejected by Shias.

5x09 review-One Fettered Slave

I can’t believe we’ve come to this point.

One episode before the final epilogue and it feels so surreal-i can’t even begin to imagine  how it must’ve been for the people that have sticked to this show for 4 years.

Ep 9 was what i imagined it to be: quick paced, action packed and extremely emotional.

I was scared about the analogy between the Helena moments and the general mythology arc cause they had to show a lot of things- especially after Siobhan’s death- but they balanced it well.

let’s analyze the different thematics:

  • The Funeral

Siobhan’s funeral  started with Sarah speaking . In an episode that is focused on another character i think the writers did a good choice not showing Sarah’s vulnerability.

She’s suddenly the pillar of the family and eveyone is expecting directions from her. She has to be the strong one there’s no other way. Her grief and feelings are not her priority right now  so she won’t break down. Not in front of Kira, not in front of everyone.

Sarah’s grown so much.This moment says it all

what am i supposed to do?

she can’t afford losing her child as well. She’s the reason she’s keeping it together after all. So she stays with her and comforts her. Something Ms S had done all those years when Sarah was absent.

I also adored the symbolism of her wearing her mother’s jacket.

Sarah taking responsibility, lifting the weights of this family

also congrats for letting Tatiana without make up in her  portrayal of Sarah (or rather the “no make up” makeup ya know) cause it made her emotional chaos more humane… her eyes said it all..

also about her breaking down- i believe we’re gonna see her grieve the way she’s supposed to after everything is finally over. Last episode is Sarah centric so it totally fits to have her moment in the epilogue.

What i didn’t like from the funeral scene was the singing at the beginning, which i found would be much better if we could just hear Sara and Felix speaking with no other sound in the background..

Also the fact that 4 days after S’s death they could walk and talk in a house that is a murder scene was totally unrealistic..Police had to be all over the place investigating and all…

Unless Art handled the situation in a way..but still a plot hole is a plot hole

  • Team working together

Cosima,Felix, Art, Hellwizard, Scott, Rachel ok what a pleasant suprise to see everyone working together. I loved the fact that supporting actors got the chance to actually help the ledas and be useful. Each one helped in their own field.

Cosima helped with the Dyad information and Scotty-Hell with the security system (even if it was kinda weak to hack the security system with such convienience-i’m bypassing that lol)

Even Rachel helped!! Rachel!!! My only complaint was Alison’s minimum participation in this but i get that given the circumstances her involvement  would be extremely difficult

Should i talk about Art??

Cause everything



and all this time i ‘ve been crazy rambling about how his chances of surving are veeeery  low…. ep 9 built his exodus cause the final episode will be Leda/Sarah Centric…so be prepared guys…

i get Ebro’s schedule..i trully do..and i was fine with Sardinia..i was fine with Geneva as well cause there was a reason behind it plotwise but we’ve come to the point where there isn’t even an explanation about this…

they didn’t clarify the reason she left… cause it doesn’t make sense when Siobhan’s funeral was 4 days after the gallery party…there wasn’t a reason good enough to justify her absence that’s why the writers didn’t give one…they prefered to let the fans decide which reason was good enough…let’s be real though that was sloppy..and as much as i love orphan black i’m gonna point out  it’s weakening points as well.

  • Coady+ Mark

So Mark died absolutely clueless…his death matched Ira’s death, both manipulated by their creators, hoping for a cure that never existed in the first place.Too bad that there wasn’t any building up to bring tension and to make us care about those characters… so this scene felt kinda flat at least for me…i believe the reason behind this was cause ob writers didn’t want to make Coady a grey character…. well i for once celebrated her death after this scene

wait it is confirmed that Coady is dead right? I mean Helena beat the shit out of her so it would be  impossible to zombie out ?? or should i be worried??

  • PT + Rachel!Sarah

oh god PT without his wig is like a bulb with ears lmao

anyway so i loved these 2 together…this is the first time Sarah meets John am i right?

also congrats to the props team and the level of detail they use in each scene…i liked that Sarah didn’t wear the same patch Rachel wears…

a++ to the dialogue about PT perving out on Rachel because in that way Sarah put herself on Rachel’s shoes and actually saw for the first time how they were monitoring her sister and what actually means complete lack of privacy…

also both Susan and PT seem to have a perplexed image as to what a father/mother figure looks like

you don’t fuck your ‘son’/ or watch you ‘daughter’ masturbate and then call them “son/daughter” lol

but it gave me pleasure that Rachel never actually called PT “father” and that’s how Sarah got exposed..

the moment she cut him with the knife i was like “yaaaas finish him lol”




don’t get me wrong the kid was very good/ super talented and all

but how could they do this???

i mean it was SO.FUCKING.OBVIOUS that this isn’t the face of a leda clone you couldn’t concentrate on anything else!

at least i couldn’t! Especially when 2 episodes before they used canonically Cynthia!

i mean


it defies logic?? there’s no excuse??

they could have dubbed the ukranian parts i don’t care if little Cynthia couldn’t play that good that was so wrong in so many levels… it had the “Spongebob takes a bath in the sea” logic lol

and it was really such a shame cause the flashbacks were so amazing..

first of all i loved the whole “pleasures of the flesh are unacceptable in a religious environment” thematic cause it adresses real social issues like the austerity and fake puritanism of social institutions.

the reason behind Helena’s bleached hair was a nice touch even though little Helena should also have some  burn marks after this…we got to know why she has those pink shades under her eyes as well so that was good..

as far as to why her hair is still blonde after all this time…well i choose to patch this plot hole by believing that Helena did this to herself again and again..she bleached/dyed them as a sign of punishment, self harm  and guilt cause that was the way she was raised- a mouthpiece and killing machine of others..

the art department did a brilliant job with the dollhouse and the correlation between Helena’s fixation with dolls back in her Rachel assassination attempt

Tomas took her and hide her the fact  that she’s a copy..she grew up in the illusion that she was special..that she was the fact Rachel and Helena fantasized about the same thing and it is so fascinating to see how they are 2 different sides of the same coin…

  • Most Heartbreaking moment

Oh god this moment…

what kind of mother could you possibly make?

jesus Tatiana each time you give more and more, i haven’t seen an actor as committed and devoted as you are, you deserve all the praise girl woah

Coady found Helena’s weakness and it is not how she smells, looks or talks…it’s about her capacity of giving a future more bright and beautiful to her children than the one her younger self  had to endure…

and at the end of the day she’s willing to take the bait..  it’s either freedom or death…exactly like Rachel..there’s no middle ground..she won’t leave her children become experiments so that’s why i find super important that we finally get a Rachel Helena scene…there’s a high probability Rachel won’t make it in the finale so at least lets have a last glorious scene with the 3 of them as they try to escape…or so i hope…



all this crazy rambling about this being a Sarah-Helena season finally came true! Everything came full circle and this moment was SO important like you guys don’t understand…

Sarah finally made up for Helena..she gave her her blood to keep her alive…she put each and everyone of her friends and family searching for her, she made her a priority- drowning her grief -cause she couldn’t lose another one..especially Helena.

And now she will help her give birth..she will be there for her, protect her, give her life even..even tho after the obspoilers fiasco my theory now is that Art is gonna save Sarah…because it is super symbolic .. it would be his second chance and his redemption after losing Beth.. now he’s gonna do it right. Idk it is so foreshadowing… i wonder what Rachel’s role is gonna be..i sure hope she’s the one that’s gonna kill PT but who knows at this point.

Ep 9 set the mood for a very powerful ob series finale..Helena’s inner world was raw and pure and it’s going to  parallel  Sarah’s  final  gut-wrenching episode.The twins are going to set the epilogue and i trully hope their journey will be as magical and  satisfying as this show was  for all of us.

Okay so I have a theory that somewhere in TOA (because theres 5 books right?) something is going to happen to Will (not death but something bad) because these are stupid roman emperors who are trying to get back at Apollo and take over world (yadayada idk i haven’t finished The Dark Prophecy so I don’t know if this is still the memo but you catch my drift) anyways and Will is a pretty convienient target. Why. Well, in regards to the whole Apollo thing he’s his son. Outside of that Will is like THE BEST healer in camp (he freaking re-attached Paolo’s limbs) so inconvieniencing him would weaken Camp Half Blood. And Finally it’d give us some angsty and furious Nico Di Angelo. But hey, what do I know?

I like the plot twists in ft recently (wendy belserion, anna’s return, etc) but they were executed so poorly and/or placed at a bad time. The only one i liked was august being zeref’s kid. Wendy belserion happened too quickly and served barely any purpose while Anna’s return is awfully convienient considering she pops up out of nowhere and has a solution to defeat acnologia. There was so much more potential that was just stomped on and forgotten
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I noticed alot of people mentioning that Papyrus should be able to see Frisk in UF behind sans but EVERYONE forgets the convieniently-shaped lamp. In ut Papyrus should have been able to see frisk anyway.

Pretty much. This also doesn’t count that the lamp is likely circular (an ugly circular) shape, which would put Frisk slightly more on the side of the lamp. Frisk is NOT melded inside the lamp. They have a body.

The fact is Papyrus can clearly (but doesn’t, likely because he just doesn’t notice them or is blinded by anger) see Frisk.

And plus, in-canon and in-lore, Frisk is basically clinging behind Sans (In UNDERFELL). This isn’t evident because of the lack of animation. However, I opted not to include that because of this very scene and callback to the original.

Okay, so I work in a corner convienience store near a college and 90% of the time its an okay experience. Lots of high college kids with the munchies and tired professors. I also live with a classic situation of “great SM” and “absolutely fucking terrible GM”. The old man who owns the store doesn’t really care what you do on shift as long as it’s legal and people get paid, so GM is basically god. And, hooo boy does she know it.

Yesterday I was on shift for stock and a coworker of mine was working the register. Terrible GM was the only manager in store because at that time of day it’s basically a dead shift, and GM doesn’t like to shell out manager pay if it’s unecessary.

So about two hours in I missed some stock out back and filled shelves with a substitute instead (which might I add we’re supposed to do to make the shelves look full, GM policy). My mistake. Instead of pointing it out or at worst issuing a warning I get a 15 minute lecture on my personal failings and general intelegence. Okay wtf ever par for the course with her.

But aparently this is now a THING so when I next come out of the stockroom I notice she is checking every shelf in our tiny ass store becuase who knows right? Cashier dude looks like she’s about to cry and I find out later it’s becuase she just got a lecture about how heavy her makeup was. Not becuase we have a policy against it, becuase at the time we didn’t, but becuase she “looked like a whore” and people might “get the wrong idea about us”. I didn’t find out about this until later becuase GM was right there, so at the time I just knew something had happened and there was a low chance it was customer related. I then had to watch cash so she could run back and wipe her face off becuase now it was a streaky mess.

GM afterwards spent the rest of my shift shadowing me around the store instead of literally anything else. My next shift today we actually did have a policy on makeup but no one really cared becuase she’ll change her mind in a month anyway.

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Could you do second part to the villain izuku

It took a while, but here it is. I really like writing these.

You woke up on your bed. Izuku had wrapped himself around you. He was still sleeping soundly. You stared at his face, he looked so calm and harmless. You raised your hand a bit and traced the faint scars on his face with your finger tips. His eyes opened slowly and he looked straight to your eyes.

“What are you lookin at?”, he asked.


“But why?”

“Because you’re adorable.”, you giggled.

“Hey, I’m a villain. I’m not adorable I’m scary.”, he growled.

“Uuu, I’m so scared.”, you pecked his lips.

“Come on.”, he whined.

You climbed on top of him and laid on his chest. He was smiling and so were you. It was a nice day. Your vacation had began, so you could lay on the bed the whole day if you wanted to.

“Are you hungry?”, you asked.

“Yeah actually, I am. Wanna make something?”

“Ooo, I’m gonna make you pancakes.”, you grinned.

“Sounds good, I’ll go take a quick shower.”


You shared one more kiss before going to do your own things. You went to the kitchen in one of Izuku’s oversized t-shirts and your panties and started to grab the pancake ingredients from the cabinets. You heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. The thought of cooking for Izuku made you smile. Even if it was just simple pancakes.

How would he explain this? Or would he even explain it? It would probably be better if you didn’t know. Midoriya knew you didn’t mind him being a villain. He had always found it interesting, but there was stuff you didn’t need to know. He decided not to reveal his plans to you, not this time.

You were flipping the pancakes when a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, and lips pressed against your neck.

“Izuku, let me cook and stop disturbing me.”, you whined.

“I’m not disturbing you, I’m just giving you some well deserved attention.”, he muttered to your neck.

You shivered a bit when he kissed the sensitive skin just under your jawline. His chest was pressed against your back and his hands were firmly around your waist.

“Hey, I’m hungry I wanna eat breakfast before we get into the fun stuff.”, you smirked.



Izuku rested his chin on your shoulder and left your neck alone. His hands were still around you and you knew he would stay there until you were finished. You liked the feeling of his body against yours. It felt safe and right, like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.

When you finally finished cooking and eating, you looked at Izuku with a mischievous sparkle in your eyes. You smirked at him and you could see him blushing a little bit, but even if he was blushing he also had a wide grin on his face. He rarely blushed anymore and you were glad you could get a reaction like that out of him with just a suggestive look and a smirk. You got up and walked to Izuku. You took his hands and guided him back to the bed. You laid him down and climbed on top of him. Your hair was falling around your face and tickling Izuku’s face. You tried to kiss him, but your hair went into his eye and when he raised his head your foreheads smacked together.

“Oh god, we suck at this.”, you laughed.

“We kinda do.”, Izuku agreed.

You were just sitting on top of him and laughing. You loved these lazy mornings with him. It was always so relaxing even if he was clinging to you when you tried to make breakfast.

“Should we try again?”, you smiled

He sat up so you were now sitting in his lap. His hands were on your upper back, making sure you couldn’t escape from him. Your hands were in his hair, which was tickling your nose when he pressed his lips to your neck. You grabbed a handful of his hair and guided his lips to yours, instead of your neck. The kiss was passionate, and after your lips parted you had to catch your breath, but just them a phone started ringing.

“That’s mine.”, Izuku sighted.

“Just don’t answer it, come on babe.”, you purred, while placing his hands on you waist.

“I have to, sorry.”

You pouted, you were just getting started too.

“Yeah… Mmmm… No not just yet… I'l meet up with you, wait.”, Izuku mumbled to the phone.

“What is it?”, you asked.

“I’m sorry, I gotta go. There is something I need to do.”

“Oh come on. Are you just gonna leave me alone? I’m gonna get bored.”, you whined.

“I have to go.”

“Fine, dammit. It’s not like I can stop you anyway.”, you sighted.

Midoriya was at the door when he turned around.

“Can you promise me something?”

“I guess.”, you rolled your eyes at him.

“Stay in tonight, don’t leave this apartment.”

You just sighted and nodded, but this had peaked your interest. What could be going on? Was your boyfriend going to cause big trouble like usual? Probably. Were you just going to stay in and do nothing? Hell no. He had said “tonight” so you assumed you had atleast six hours - it was about noon now- before you needed to be leaving, so you decided to work out a bit and take a shower.

After your shower you made yourself some dinner. You were feeling lazy so you just warmed up some pizza from yeasterday. You did some chores around the apartment, until it was time to leave. You threw on a hoodie on top of your t-shirt and some sweatpants, so it would be easy to fight if you needed to. Lastly you pulled on your sneakers and headed out.

You had been roaming the streets for a while now, but you hadn’t noticed anything unusual. You continued to wonder around for a bit longer. You happened to end up in front of a support item store. The store was already closed and nothing seemed to be wrong. It was unusual for a store like this to be closed so early. You pressed your face against the window and tried to peek inside, just in case. Nothing seemed to be wrong, maybe you were just overthinking. You decided to leave and continue your chearch.

You had gotten only a few meters away from the shop when it happened. The explosion. The pressure knocked you to your ass, but you didn’t get hurt. You stood up and looked around. You could hear other explosions in the distance, and saw smoke rising from several different locations around town. Was this why Izuku had told you to stay inside? Probably, but now that you were already outside, you decide to do your duty as a hero and go help. Even if you didn’t have your costume on, it didn’t matter. If you could help, you would.

When you reached the closest explosion site, it was chaos. People, running around and heroes and villains fighting. You noticed Izuku fighting one of your coworkers. Dammit, you were on a vacation, but it didn’t mean you weren’t supposed to help people, and how convienient you had ended up the site where your boyfriend was. So without hesitation you dashed into the chaos and went straight for Izuku. He had noticed you too and had a bit of a panicked look on his face. You tried to kick him to the stomach for show, but thankfully he dodged easily.

“What are you doing? I told you to stay inside.”, he hissed when you flashed past him.

“Did you actually think I’d listen?”, you whispered back.

“I hoped.”

“Well, lets do this thing. Hit me.”

“What?!”, he asked with a confused look on his face.

“I don’t want to fight you but I can’t just back down. Hit me, I’ll pretend I got injured. Do it.”, you explained.

“Fine, I’m sorry.”

He came at you, you dodged, but just slow enough so he could still punch you. He got a good hit to your stomach, and you flew back. You were laying on the ground and didn’t get up, so Izuku wouldn’t have to fight you. The hero who had been fighting Izuku before you, ran to your side and shaked you. You whined a bit, the punch hadn’t even hurt too much, since you had touched the concrete and hardened yourself, but you had to keep up the show. The hero who came to help you was a man. He picked you up and started carrying you away from Izuku. You knew how Izuku would react to this. You gave him an apologetic look, but he was staring angrily at the guy who was carrying you. He turned around and escaped with his villain friends, while carrying a few bags that had been laying on the ground.

You told the hero you were okay, and that you would go home and rest. He insisted on taking you home, but you refused. You told him you’d be fine, since your home wasn’t too far. He had a defeated look on his face when you left.

You got to your apartment and opened the door. Izuku was sitting on the couch with his head on his hands. When he noticed you had come in, he jumped off the couch and dashed to you.

“Did I hit you too hard? (Name) tell me you’re okay.”

“I’m fine, and it had to be done. I don’t want people to find out about us. I don’t want to be separated from you.”

“Me neither. I may be a villain, but I never want to hurt you. You know that right?”, he asked.

“Of course I know. What were you doing by the way?”

“We robbed a few support item stores. You don’t need to know anything else.”

“A few? I saw atleast ten explosions, you blew them up so there wouldn’t be any evidence left I assume? And at the same time so there wouldn’t be too many heroes in one location.”

“Yes, and okay not a few, but no one was inside. We made sure. As you know we don’t really kill people if we don’t have a reason. By the way who was the guy who carried you out of there?”

“Really Izuku, really? I almost got caught up to one of the explosions and you want to kill the guy who carried me out of a “dangerous” villain situation.“

“He touched you, I don’t like people touching you. You’re mine.”, he growled.

“You can’t own people Izuku.”, you sighted.

“I know, but you’re still mine. Right?”

“Yes, yes I am, but I’m not an object.”

“Oh believe me, I know.”

“I know you do. But to change the subject, can we continue where we left of at noon?”, you smirked.

“Absolutely.”, he grinned.

Izuku crashed his lips on yours and picked you up. He pressed you against the wall and placed his hands on your ass. Your legs were wrapped around his waist like usual and you were grabbing his hair. He smiled against your lips, when he squeezed your ass slightly. You loved this Izuku, your Izuku. Your own, adorable, scary villain.