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I noticed Rogue petting a frog in one of the pictures, so does Papalogia allow animals in the house??

He doesn’t

However he changed his mind after being forced to adopt five flying cats

Okay, so I work in a corner convienience store near a college and 90% of the time its an okay experience. Lots of high college kids with the munchies and tired professors. I also live with a classic situation of “great SM” and “absolutely fucking terrible GM”. The old man who owns the store doesn’t really care what you do on shift as long as it’s legal and people get paid, so GM is basically god. And, hooo boy does she know it.

Yesterday I was on shift for stock and a coworker of mine was working the register. Terrible GM was the only manager in store because at that time of day it’s basically a dead shift, and GM doesn’t like to shell out manager pay if it’s unecessary.

So about two hours in I missed some stock out back and filled shelves with a substitute instead (which might I add we’re supposed to do to make the shelves look full, GM policy). My mistake. Instead of pointing it out or at worst issuing a warning I get a 15 minute lecture on my personal failings and general intelegence. Okay wtf ever par for the course with her.

But aparently this is now a THING so when I next come out of the stockroom I notice she is checking every shelf in our tiny ass store becuase who knows right? Cashier dude looks like she’s about to cry and I find out later it’s becuase she just got a lecture about how heavy her makeup was. Not becuase we have a policy against it, becuase at the time we didn’t, but becuase she “looked like a whore” and people might “get the wrong idea about us”. I didn’t find out about this until later becuase GM was right there, so at the time I just knew something had happened and there was a low chance it was customer related. I then had to watch cash so she could run back and wipe her face off becuase now it was a streaky mess.

GM afterwards spent the rest of my shift shadowing me around the store instead of literally anything else. My next shift today we actually did have a policy on makeup but no one really cared becuase she’ll change her mind in a month anyway.

I like the plot twists in ft recently (wendy belserion, anna’s return, etc) but they were executed so poorly and/or placed at a bad time. The only one i liked was august being zeref’s kid. Wendy belserion happened too quickly and served barely any purpose while Anna’s return is awfully convienient considering she pops up out of nowhere and has a solution to defeat acnologia. There was so much more potential that was just stomped on and forgotten
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Okay so I have a theory that somewhere in TOA (because theres 5 books right?) something is going to happen to Will (not death but something bad) because these are stupid roman emperors who are trying to get back at Apollo and take over world (yadayada idk i haven’t finished The Dark Prophecy so I don’t know if this is still the memo but you catch my drift) anyways and Will is a pretty convienient target. Why. Well, in regards to the whole Apollo thing he’s his son. Outside of that Will is like THE BEST healer in camp (he freaking re-attached Paolo’s limbs) so inconvieniencing him would weaken Camp Half Blood. And Finally it’d give us some angsty and furious Nico Di Angelo. But hey, what do I know?

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I noticed alot of people mentioning that Papyrus should be able to see Frisk in UF behind sans but EVERYONE forgets the convieniently-shaped lamp. In ut Papyrus should have been able to see frisk anyway.

Pretty much. This also doesn’t count that the lamp is likely circular (an ugly circular) shape, which would put Frisk slightly more on the side of the lamp. Frisk is NOT melded inside the lamp. They have a body.

The fact is Papyrus can clearly (but doesn’t, likely because he just doesn’t notice them or is blinded by anger) see Frisk.

And plus, in-canon and in-lore, Frisk is basically clinging behind Sans (In UNDERFELL). This isn’t evident because of the lack of animation. However, I opted not to include that because of this very scene and callback to the original.

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Hello, can you please write headcannons what would Chuya or Dazai wear during hot days?

Of course I can~ Summer is approaching slowly and the hot weather will come upon us.

Osamu Dazai

  • at home, he will most likely walk around NAKED. I think he live alone, so of course nobody could see him like that. And naked is the best solution against hot weather because any form of clothing can be a pain in the ass. Though the police will visit him frequently because he was seen on the balcony waving to strangers - naked
  • on the other hand, when he has work or is around other people, his clothing will show some convienient stuff. He will wear all kinds of t-shirts (maybe even such hawaiian shirts with funny patterns) and shorts. And when I say shorts I mean something like THIS. Just imagine Dazai arriving at the ADA dressed in THAT and Fukuzawa raises an brow. “Dazai.. what is that supposed to mean? Dress properly.” and Dazai is all gonna be like: “My balls melt when I don’t put them there ;-;”
  • Well at beach when he has to wear swim shorts he is a bit more modest and wear a t-shirt that covers parts of his bandaged body. But you don’t see him much around since he always looks for shadows.

Chuuya Nakahara

  • Chuuyas fashion doesn’t allow him to suit hot weather. He doesn’t like those shirts or shorts. So when it’s hotter than usual, he only get rid of his long coat and the black vest, leaving him in his white buttoned shirt. He will not show anymore skin and even if he would die from sweating, that is Chuuyas fashion.
  • he will make an exception at beach of course, getting some black swim shorts and leaving him bare with just his choker (and hat). Though he doesn’t like being like this because all the ladies went crazy.
  • When he is alone and in his freetime, he may forget about his fashion and wear light clothes. an open white shirt and some blue shorts. Though Chuuya handles hot weather with taking cold showers at least 10 times per day. That is his way to fight the weather without looking stupid in light clothes.
Modern Au Part 8 (I think?)

Gather round children, it’s time for the finale (((((:

           Kicks and Pranks

I roll over, sighing as all my weight shifts with me. I get a hard kick in my diaphragm for my movement, and I hiss as I set my hand on my stomach, feeling the foot pushing there. With a huff, I roll again, and this time get another kick in my side. “If the two of you don’t stop moving in there, I’m pushing you out right now.” I growl, as I massage the spot. Cody snorts at the end of the bed before rolling over when I shift my leg a little more and accidentally almost shove him off.

           It’s early morning at this point, and I still can’t sleep. I feel like a balloon is expanding in my stomach, and technically it has been since day one of this stupid pregnancy. No one told me twins were an option though, and I certainly wouldn’t have agreed to try for a baby if I knew two were going to be coming out instead.

           Shoving the blankets back, I climb out of bed, feeling both of the babies shift drastically inside of me. I gasp softly at that, still not used to it even after all these months. Technically, I’m not supposed to be getting up anymore, per Doctor Wallace’s orders, but I can’t take this anymore, I need to walk around. I need some tea, and I need a walk, I tell myself as I get up.

           Cody lifts his head and then panting happily, he crawls off the bed and then follows me out of the bedroom. He trots along beside me in the hall, and I pat his head as I slowly enter the kitchen and open the fridge. To eat, or not to eat? I hum to myself as I look everything over. My hand instantly falls to my stomach like it had been doing for the past couple weeks, and I caress one of the heavy spots while I hum a soft tune that had been on the radio today.

           “Mare, what in God’s name are you doing up right now? It’s 3 in the morning.” Cal’s sleepy voice grumbles in the doorway. I glare at him over my shoulder, not the least bit surprised that he was awake still. Shifting aside a pack of frozen meat, I grab the carton of yogurt and reply simply, “I’m hungry.”

           He rubs his eye with the palm of his hand and then asks sleepily, “Do you want me to make you something? You shouldn’t be up walking around love.”

           I snort at that and then walking across the kitchen, I pull open the drawer and reach in for a spoon. One of the babies kicks lazily, as if to punctuate his point. I frown deeply at that and then close the drawer with my hip. “It’s good for me to walk around. Besides, they’re not that heavy.”

           “Mare, love, please.”

           I glare at him again as I pass and make my way into the living room. Cody follows dutifully, his eyes on me as I sink onto the couch and he comes to join me. He had been following me around for days lately, whining and crying when I left him alone in a room. Shade had joked that it was because he saw Cal being protective of me and had taken it upon himself to be that way too. There were one to many protective things in this apartment now though, and it was getting stifling. Cal follows me and stands in the doorway, running his fingers through his hair to try and tame it. I eat a spoonful of yogurt and then glance at him and tease, “Oh please, don’t be such a worrywart. I’ve got another three weeks before they’re even close to being due.”

           He draws his lips into a tight line and says, “Ada said that twins are unpredictable Mare, that they can come at any second…”

           “Cal, will you just,” I pause then, my mind going a hundred different directions at once. Oh I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, not after he had done this to me. Not that it was entirely his fault, it was mine too, I had been the one to start grumbling about wanting a baby after Farley had had one. My mother had immediate looked at me after she had held her first grandchild and had narrowed her eyes before teasing lightly that babies tended to come in groups. She couldn’t have been more wrong and right at the same time. It had taken Cal and me exactly a year after Nico’s birth to conceive. I had cried holding the pregnancy test, and had called him to tell him while he was at work. After that, things had been great until I’d popped weeks before Farley had. My mother had looked me over and asked if I was eating okay. I’d been furious at her insinuation that I wasn’t following the strict pregnancy diet that I had laid out after doing research. I’d dragged Cal to my doctor and she had confirmed with a laugh that I was pregnant with twins. I had made Cal sleep on the couch that night, and he was probably still confused why did that. In all honesty, I had been pissed that I wasn’t going to be pushing out just one baby, and I had thought it was his fault as much as my own.

           Now though, for all the coddling that he knew I hated, payback would be a bitch.

           “Oh my god,” I whispered as I set the yogurt carton down and set my hand on my stomach. He straightens in the doorway, his eyes widening to the size of moons as he asks, “What? What is it?”

           “I think, oh my god…I think my water just broke.”

           He stands stiff as a pole for a solid minute and then tears out of the room shouting, “I told you! I told you that you should have just stayed in bed! Just wait there, I’ll grab everything you need. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU NEED? I mean do you need-“

           I snorted and then grabbed my yogurt carton again and then sank back into the pillows on the couch before shifting and propping my feet up. Cody huffs in worry from his position by the door where he had sprinted to after Cal had taken off. I laugh at his confused reaction to Cal and then say, “Come here Cody, everything’s okay buddy.”

           He saunters back over to the couch and then turns in a few circles before sinking into the spot where I can still stroke his head and scratch him behind the ears. The babies kick and squirm and I wince as I set my hand on my stomach to massage it. Cal comes running by the doorway on his way out the door and I laugh as I called him back. He turns around and then says, “Don’t worry, I’m just going to go down and the start the car, and then I’ll come back up and-“

           “Cal I’m not in labor, calm down, it was a joke.” I laugh out loud at the confused look on his face, and then turn back to my yogut the bag he’s holding slams onto the floor and he hisses, “That was not funny, Mare.”

           “I thought it was, and that’s all the matters.” I say as I stick my tongue out at him. He crosses the room and then sinks onto the couch. He watched me with narrowed eyes for a few seconds before sighing and leaning back into the couch to look up at the ceiling. “It was pretty funny.”

           “Your reaction was priceless. I wish I’d gotten it on video.” I reply casually as lick the back of my spoon to get the excess yogurt off. Cal turns his head to look back at me, and with a smile, he slowly lays down to rest his head on my stomach. I groan at that and then try to push him away saying, “Get off! You’ll squish them!”

           He snorts and then intertwining his fingers with mine he says, “They’re hyper tonight.”

           Rolling my eyes, I run my other hand through his hair before saying, “They got your restless legs.”

           Cal purses his lips in annoyance and then grumbles, “They’re not restless…”

           I laugh at that and watch as he slips his fingers out of mine and traces patterns on the slit of skin that appeared after my shirt rode up slightly. The baby’s seem to still at their father’s touch, and I lay my head back as his touch lulls me to sleep too. I could fall asleep on this couch, and I was more than willing to as well. Outside, the summer morning is young, and the sky carries the bright lights of New York. In a few weeks, there would be two more lives to live, to prosper, to fall in love, and to grow old in it as well. Through heavy eyelids, I glance down at Cal who appears to have fallen asleep. With a smile I close my eyes as well, letting my hand drop from his hair. “I love you,” I whisper softly. To my surprise I feel his lips quirk into a smile on my skin as he presses a delicate kiss on my stomach and then whispers, “I love you all, so much more than you will ever know.”

           I believed every word of it too, I always have, and I always will.

And that concludes the modern au. Sorry if ya’ll were expecting there to be actual babies but I’m too lazy. BUT!!!! YA’LL CAN CHECK OUT MY NEXT SET OF MODERN AU’s THAT IS CONVIENIENTLY TITLED NURSEY VERSE and may or may not feature the bebes dealing with a bebe ((((((((((((: The first chapter should be up soon. Once again it features a modern mare and cal, and mostly just the two of them with cameos from others in the series. (: Stays tuned for it!!! (:

convenience store ; josh dun imagine


A large gust of wind numbs your nose as you nuzzle your head further into your scarf, walking down the empty streets of Columbus, Ohio. There is always a large buzz in the city day and night, but everybody is sound asleep in their comfortable beds at 1AM. However, on the other hand you had different intentions. You had forgotten to eat dinner that night since you were so immersed in the world of Tumblr, scrolling through your timeline till your stomach was practically caving in. So, you decided to dash out of your apartment and get some last minute dinner.

You groan as you stuff your hands into your jacket pockets, trying to find a store that was open at this time of night. You scan the area in desperation, your body shaking and teeth chattering violently with every step you take.

A red flicker upon a wall in the distance catches your eye.

“Please be open,” you manage to croak out through your chattering teeth. You move closer to the sign.

‘CONVIENIENT STORE, OPEN 24 HOURS,’ the sign flickers on and off vigorously.

“How convenient,” You cringe as you laugh at your own joke. A wave of relief washes over your body as you push the doors open, a slight jingle echoes in the abandoned store. Bland grey walls surround you with occasional cobwebs, and the occurrence of cracks on the walls.

“Hello?” You ask and begin to look around. You begin to search the place when you hear a loud tapping. It draws you to the door behind the cashier, you assume it’s the employees room.

As you move closer to the door, the sound turned into a beat to a song more than ominous tapping.

You place your hand on the door knob and the door is flung open to your surprise, stealing a gasp from your lungs; revealing a tall man with bright yellow hair.

“Woah! I’m sorry!” He recoils, also surprised to see a stranger there.

You smile as you begin to take in his appearance. He was roughly two heads taller than you, a large and bright tattoo covering his left arm, and a silver nose ring and black earrings. Your eyes follow down to his hands where he is holding two old and beaten up drumsticks.

“What can I do for you?” He snaps you out of your thoughts, meeting with your eyes. You read the name tag on his shirt, reading; 'Josh’. His voice is soft and sweet which counter attacked your previous judgements on his bad boy appearance.

“Well, you could show me where you keep your two minutes noodles?” You reply with a sigh. His grin loosens from the corners of his lips, and scratches the back of his head.

“We don’t have them in stock at the moment,” his voice trails off a little.

What kind of place doesn’t have two minutes noodles? You furrow your eyebrows. Or working lights for that matter? You think as you look around at the ceiling.

“Any frozen meals?” You ask whilst your stomach rumbles loudly.

Josh sighs and tells you that they don’t have anything decent in stock.

“I’m surprised this place doesn’t go out of business. It’s pretty disgusting,” you sigh scanning the place again for something edible. “No offence.”

“You’re telling me. I’d get out of here in a heartbeat.” You turn around and smile at him gently.

“Why don’t you quit then? Judging by the look of this place, you don’t get a lot of customers which means you don’t get paid a lot..” You cock an eyebrow at the boy’s strange logic. The corner of Josh’s mouth turns and he looks down.

“Uh-” Josh hesitates.

“Whatever pays I guess. It’s kinda hard to get a decent job around here. Not many people look for employees with bright coloured hair and tattoos,” he chuckles awkwardly.

“I think your hair and tattoos are cool. I’d hire you.” Your confidence takes over as you smile softly at him, your flirting making him grin.

“Well I had fun chatting,” you spin on your heels and walk towards the glass doors.

“I best be off to find myself something to eat at half past one in the morning, before I practically disintegrate,” you flash a genuine smile at him before you walk out the door.

The cold air catches you off guard as you walk down the street, looking around for any other store close by that could be opened.

“Hey! Wait!” You spin around seeing the vibrant yellow haired boy standing outside the corner store, holding his forearms shivering.

“I-I just ordered some pizza and I’m getting it delivered. It’s really cold out and-” You roll your eyes at his cute babbling and stammering; you look down, shake your head and smile.

“It would be a pleasure to dine in with you Joshua.” You raise your voice to tease him. You giggle at the smirk that falls upon his lips as you walk back to him.

He opens the door for you and you walk in, Josh following close behind. You sit yourself down on the cashier table with a wild grin on your face. Josh’s cheek flush and he looks down trying to hide his pink cheeks.

You and Josh begin to talk. You found out a lot of things about him. How he he’s in a band and he plays drums (you assumed since he wouldn’t stop drumming on the counter top), and his hate for bananas. You do have to admit, they are a strange fruit, and you don’t really fancy them either.

Most of the time when you meet somebody they’re just like everybody else boring, uninteresting and full of negativity.

But Josh..

Something about the way his innocent brown eyes crinkle when he smiles, and the small chuckle that escapes his lips when he gets shy or excited. The way his eyes have that glint of passion when he talks about something he truly loves, drawing you in.

You knew as soon as this, Joshua Dun came into your life, you knew you didn’t want him leaving anytime soon.

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Sera, how GAY is Jared and Jensen celebrating their daughter's bday along with their other kids sans beards 😎😎😎😎

Italian Anon: Edit to the ask I sent a few minutes ago: looks like D was actually there? The reply on the other  Instagram,  of the fan wearing the red shirt is not very clear… hmm… Italian  Anon

Hello, sweet folks!

As you both probably know by now, it turns out D was present at the celebration. I don’t know how that came to be, as the first sightings reported not having seen her there. Perhaps they didn’t recognize her, or perhaps she showed up later? G’s presence was also reported later on, but there are no pictures to prove it. However, I don’t find it hard to believe that she would show up to pick up her kids if it was time to swap the custody of them. And apparently Jensen had to attend Gino’s birthday dinner later on.

D showing up doesn’t really surprise me, seeing as they were celebrating her kid’s birthday in advance. It’s awfully convienient that her picture got taken, too, and just once to prove her presence. Perhaps we got a little too loud and happy, and that needed to be fixed? ;) I’m fairly certain the PR interns are watching spn-gossip and at least a few key Twitter accounts to keep track of what the J2 support squad are talking about.

Anyway, the beards emerging didn’t ruin this for me at all. It’s pretty normal that they appear whenever the kids are in the picture. It looks to me as though the J’s got some daddy time in before taking off to Europe. I have this shy little headcanon that they celebrated JJ’s birthday in advance because they’re planning on staying in European soil for a while after Jib… SHHH..! *whispers* Welcome to my playground, J2.

Italian anon, your previous ask didn’t make it to my inbox. I apologize! You should try sending it again if you feel like it.

Kristen, there’s absolutely nothing that’s not GAY about the J’s. You know it, I know it, even those who deny it know it in their hearts - I’m sure of it.

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Ladies, I hope you both have a very happy week ahead of you! Take in some of that Spring sunshine if you can. Thanks for messaging me!

Unpopular opinion

Actualy I love this plot twist and the fact that Yousef is not a Muslim. Julie is a genious,like seriously.

We never got a hint about Yousef’s beliefs or lack of them. Everyone just assumed he was a Muslim because it was convienient, because we wanted him to be. No one even thought that he might not be a Muslim because it would ruin the perfect picture of Yousana that we already had


Long time no see, Magalie Sylvain!

You might remember this lady from my old posts. I really like herand it makes me sad that I can’t find her a proper partner. So… I was thinking about a Bachelorette Challenge featuring this lady!

Not announcing anything right now, though, because I have plans when to host the BC so It would be convienient to my summer schedule. But if you’re interested in participating, keep this in mind and wait for my further posts!

Passing tips for ftms

First of all, I call it passing as a CIS MALE, not saying you have to do any of this, this is just from personal experience. Passing as a cis male makes me feel extremely safe especially in the mens public restroom.

I was not blessed with a stone cut face with sharp edges. I have a super round face which sucks, advice is: haircuts with the sides grown out. Like 1 1/5 inches minimum. It gives the illusion of a long face, and that the edge of your jaw and the corners of your forehead are aligned.

Also, if you can, shaving your head feels freeing. But it does blow your features out to the public.
If you wanna be basic, go to a barber shop I DO NOT RECCOMEND A BEAUTY SALON. Its never come out right because they always think I’m a chick so they make it a chick haircut.
Side parts look very masculine if you slick it back a bit too.

Obviously shop in the mens unless you are very petite then go for loose fitting jeans.
Collared shirts are your best friend, theyre really good at hiding your chest. T shirts with a high neck hole are good too.
Cargo shorts. Get some if you can. Don’t attack me, they are convienient (spelling is not a priority right now).

Grow out your leg hair and armpit hair, it helps a lot with dysphoria and most cis men don’t shave their legs. Grow out your arm hair too. If your body hair is light, dye it so that way it stands out.

Fill in those eyebrows, wet n wild makes eyebrow pencils for 1 dollar and they are found at walgreens. If you dont like pencils, there is gel, wax, and powder. These require brushes and frankly I am too lazy for that.
Full eyebrows are common with cis men, just don’t press too hard or it’ll look super fake. I mean, unless you want that.
Mascara on the eyelashes is a big no no. If you have peach fuss, get a mascara of your hair color (or make one) and coat them in the mascara. It takes practice but this is the most dysphoria relieving for ME.
Try to get a waterproof one. Trust me please.

Boots, vans, converse, just… monocromatic shoes are good.

I have asthma. I use gc2b’s binders because it just feels like a tight sports bra and gets me SO FLAT. A diy binder: cut off the back of a STRETCHY sports bra and leave the straps, sew it on to a piece of jean fabric. Did this for my friend (mind you, has D cups) for a play, made two and put one on top the other and bam he was flaaatt.
Gc2b is your best bet for comfort and flatness. You wont get much outta me for this topic.

i literally just put a roll of socks in my underwear. you know the fold in front of boxers? i stick it in there. no shame.

be yourself the way you act should be the true you.

Ill update this later.


Roy: What kind of sense of smell is that?
Boom: You pick up on it when you’re this over protective of your sister. As well as when she sets a lot of fires in the house.

(( CONCLUSION TO THE CLOSET SAGA. Thanks again ask-bouldergeist for letting us use their arm! Art all done by askiggyandtehkoopz, I just added the dialogue because they needed to work in the morning and told me to post it here. >:‘I ))

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Did you saw it? Anakin's lightsaber has now been officially dubbed as Rey's in the marketing department of LF. There's a rumor running around that the saber is no longer considered as the Skywalker saber; it was renamed as the "Hero" saber. This has enabled discussion that Rey is not a Skywalker by blood. A little too convienient for people against Rey as Luke's daughter. Still won't debunk ReySky if it ends up true though.

I saw Pablo’s comment, and he just said it’s not “Anakin’s lightsaber” anymore. I usually take rumors with a grain of salt until verified by someone at Lucasfilm.

However, I do have to say I’m a bit pleased to know they’re being Official™ with calling it Rey’s saber. I have to stifle a groan every time I see a snarky comment going, “How DARE they call it Rey or Luke’s lightsaber when it’s actually Anakin’s!” Nah, guys, it’s Rey’s saber now. Let’s move on.