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I noticed Rogue petting a frog in one of the pictures, so does Papalogia allow animals in the house??

He doesn’t

However he changed his mind after being forced to adopt five flying cats

“let’s not insist that marco’s trans in canon”

i mean what do people want? most people already do acknowledge that, but like:

Marco canonically has body dysphoria. They are canonically ashamed of having a ‘male’ body. This is a fact. It Happened. 2x12b “Naysaya” at 2 minutes 50 seconds, and reinforced by scenes in “Mewberty” and “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown”. 

People believing Marco to be trans because that’s how they interprit how Marco already behaves in canon. And if they believe Marco to be a girl based on what we’ve already seen that’s there in-canon then that’s what they’re going to say Marco as. It’s not “insisting that it’s canon” it’s just their interpritation. 

Headcanons aren’t always going to be neatly locked away for you to convieniently ignore, especially when a character is this heavily hinted at being something.

One thing that kills me about this ep (too soon? haha!)…

Is that Unser instantly figures out there’s something fishy about Juice’s shenanigans, yet it’s day nine hundred and sixty-eight and he STILL hasn’t figured the fuck out that Gemma killed Tara!

How did you ever pass the police entry exam Unser? Could you find your own ass if I drew you a map? For fuck sake!

Fighting For Nothing - Olivia Benson

Request: Hello! 😃 can you do a law & order SVU imagine where the reader and Olivia are fighting in front of the whole presinct about something fairly stupid and the reader finds her adorable and randomly kisses her even though they’re not together yet. Thank you

A/N: First Benson imagine I’ve written. Let me know what you think…

You had a tendency to argue. People often pinned you as a stubborn and argumentative person and, in a way, you were. It was never any different either. You and Lieutenant Benson always walked to work nearly everyday that you were in New York. You didn’t work at the presinct. You didn’t want to either. You were a forensic scientist for the FBI. You loved commuting to Virginia every so often but sometimes it was nice to spend time with your friends. 

“I’m gonna stop and get a cappuccino.” Liv smiled at you, walking into a convienience store. “You want one?” You chuckled and shook your head. 
“I can’t even believe you, a badass, prefer a damn cappuccino.” You laughed again. Olivia looked back at you while she poured her drink. You got yourself a black cup of coffee, quickly following Liv to the counter to pay. You grabbed a few dollars out of your pocket but, when you went to pay for your coffee, you found that it was already done. You frowned. 

“I could’ve got that. Thank you.” You walked out of the store with Olivia by your side. She chuckled again, taking a sip of her cappuccino. 
“You’re welcome.” She smirked in your direction. You huffed in response and brought the coffee to your lips. 


“That’s a lie! It’s obvious that tacos are full balanced meal. Nachos.” You scoffed. “What the hell are nachos even good for?” You weren’t sure how you got into this argument but here you were. Olivia walked into the presinct after you, ready to give her side of the argument.

“Well, for one, nachos are simple. As a detective, it’s a lot easier to make nachos then tacos.” She was a lot more calm than you were. You scoffed once again and followed her. Everyone tried saying ‘hello’ to you but you didn’t even acknowledge them. 

“Don’t walk away. Tacos can have anything you want on them. You can also have a soft shell or a hard shell. Nachos are tortilla chips covered in cheese. I eat those during the football game.” You followed Olivia to a random spot where she suddenly stopped and faced you. The expression on her face was one of mild anger and confusion. 

“Yeah? Well, I can add jalepenos and any kind of meat to my nachos and they’re still nachos. If you-” You couldn’t take it anymore. In two steps, you were standing directly in front of her. You leaned in rather quickly, capturing her lips in your own. Almost immediately, you pulled away. The entire presinct was staring at the two of you. Your face was red as a tomato. 

“Don’t you all have work to do?” Olivia hollered to the squad. She grabbed your arm, dragging you into her office. You opened your mouth to apologize but no sound came out. You never regretted anything and you rarely apologized. You weren’t going to start. Luckily, you didn’t have to. Olivia’s lips found yours again and you smiled. Once the two of you had to breathe, you stared at you. Could she have felt the same? 

“Detective-” You glanced at the clock. You were supposed to have left for Quantico 10 minutes ago. Olivia followed your gaze and smiled. 

“I want to take you out for tacos sometime, Y/N.” She winked, walking you out of her office and into the presinct area. Everyone was pretending not to eavesdrop on your conversation. 

“I’d like that, Liv.” You kissed her on the cheek before starting home. Who knew that your argumentative tendency would’ve gotten you somewhere

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hey! i was wondering what college you go to, because i'm looking for schools in the bay area since it's pretty convienient in relation to where i live and all the projects and things you've made for your classes are all really awesome!! you don't have to answer if it's too personal of course, i don't mean to pry! but anyway thank you, your art is really amazing so keep it up!! 👍👍

Hi there! I go to Art Center College of Design, which is actually in Pasadena so it’s not close to the Bay Area at all hahaha. In regards to art schools in the Bay Area, I suggest checking out CCA, Academy of Art University, or SF Art Institute. If you want to look into more affordable options you can also look into colleges that are not specifically art schools, but still offer good art programs, such as San Jose State. Thank you for your kind words, and I wish you the best of luck in college applications! 


Transit system for household tinies.

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Roadhog and Junkrat for tickle questions, please?

1. Who is more of a ler and who is more of a lee?

Roadhog is the best Ler ever, which is convienient since Junkrat is a ticklish child.
2. Who (pretends) they hate being tickled and who openly admits it?

They both pretend to hate it, though they both know it’s not true.
3. Who prefers gentle tickles and who prefers getting Totally WreckedTM?

Gentle for Roadhog and total wreckage for Junkrat.
4. What are each of their most ticklish spots?

Belly for Roadhog and ribs and knees for Junkrat.
5. Bondage? Pinned down? Tickle fights? Quick tickles in passing? What do each of them prefer?

TIckle fights are a must, but Roadhog will just hold Junkrat against himself and tickle him.
6. Favorite tickle headcanons for this pair?

No one knows how Junkrat figured out Roadhog was ticklish, but their fights are very exciting.

Thanks for these! Send me more any time!!


Just as American’s have holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, in the UK, we get bank holidays and other little snippets. These are National Holiday and, depending on your family, you may or may not celebrate some of these. I’m not an expert, but I know when my days off are. Without further ado, under the cut you’ll find a list of the holidays celebrated in England / random days off work you can look forward to.

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6w5 INFP problems
  • INFP: I just think beleifs should have some conviction! You should always think critically before you beleive something! There are people out there who beleive absolute bullshit to explain something that is explainable through psychology or philosophy and it bothers me that they picked the convienient explaination!
  • INFJ: People can beleive whatever they want to. As long as your not hurting yourself or someone else its fine.
  • INFP: No, it's about the principal of the thing! Look everything- EVERYTHING- can be disproven by philosophy, cuz basically philosophy's answer to everything is "it's all meaningless", right?
  • INFJ: *nodds passively*
  • INFP: So if your beleif is, beyond the shadow of a doubt disproven, and you -then- feel its meaningless then the beleif itself was meaningless all along! Beliefs should be so personal and convicted that meaning is self evident regardless of reality. They shouldn't be a band-aid for the unexplained, like, oh THATS why, okay -THAT- explains it. If thats why you beleive something then i'd think the critical thinking never really took place, and you're full of shit.
  • INFJ: ....
  • INFP: ....
  • INFJ: This is why people think you're an INTP.
  • INFP: NOOOOO!!!!! ;A;
  • ~INFP-sama

ok but 

@ stucky people who erase t’challa’s worth and character arc and the fact that he spent the entire movie processing his grief and trying to get revenge on bucky for killing his father and the fact that he is the King Of A Nation and instead reduce him to “non-threatening perpetually calm voiceless Useful Guy who is going to put all of his money and time and effort into being the avengers’ New Sugar Daddy and Taking Care Of poor Bucky And Steve and is so much better than that Villain Tony Stank and is going to build bucky a vibranium arm and make steve a new shield and make natasha the queen of wakanda”: 

T’challa does not exist to be used as a convienient tool and a resource for your faves you’re gross and shitty and i See You


Roy: What kind of sense of smell is that?
Boom: You pick up on it when you’re this over protective of your sister. As well as when she sets a lot of fires in the house.

(( CONCLUSION TO THE CLOSET SAGA. Thanks again ask-bouldergeist for letting us use their arm! Art all done by askiggyandtehkoopz, I just added the dialogue because they needed to work in the morning and told me to post it here. >:‘I ))

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Aednat walked into the sweets shop and looked around curiously. She had seen the store a few times and decided to check it out when she was in the mood for something sweet. ~irish-emerald //hey!

@irish-emerald (no xkit on microsoft edge, so i can’t tag asks)

Oliver had been carefully covering some tiny bits of frozen cream with chocolate at the back counter, pausing at a convienient point when he heard the familiar jingle of bells that told hims someone had entered. Looking her over curiously, distinctly forced smile on the vampire’s face. Today had just not been a good day for him emotionally speaking, but she didn’t need to know that. “Hello, miss. If you would like any help just ask…”