• God:Make a wish
  • Man:I want a bridge that can connect all the continents
  • God:My son, that's impossible.
  • Man:...
  • Man:Okay then, I'll change my wish.. I'd like to understand women.
  • God:
  • God:
  • God:
  • God:In what continent do you want to start first?

Nexia: *walks towards the door* You may do as you like. As long as you were serious about not being pressured by anyone.

Celesnia: Wait seriously?!

Nexia: If it’s what you really want.

Celesnia: Omigoodness, yes! Thank you, thank you!

Nexia: *chuckles* Well, it’s as my mother always said: Gelix du restor arax gelo yuu hexoren, gelix gnu poxxor. *opens the door to leave*

Celesnia: Wait, what does that mean?

Nexia: *smiles* It means Those who try to stop someone with true conviction should be put to death.

Celesnia: Wait what?!

Nexia: Goodnight, Celesnia.

Celesnia: Did you say death?!

The door closes with a gentle click and Nexia’s laughter.

  • When my friend's crush gives her too much attention:
  • Me:He gives you too much attention because he likes you!
  • .
  • When a guy she likes ignores her:
  • Me:He ignores you because he likes you!
Year 2079
  • Vincent:Mommy, ano yung habulan, taguan, at patintero?
  • Mommy:Bakit mo natanong?
  • Vincent:Eh sabi sa nabasa ko yun daw yung nilalaro ng mga ninuno natin dati.
  • Mommy:Saang libro mo naman nabasa yan?
  • Vincent:Sa internet ko nabasa. ... Ano yung libro?
  • Mommy:Umm, parang internet din sya pero... mahirap i-explain anak, i-google mo nalang.
  • Me:Come on! You should start studying tomorrow..
  • Giovi:I will, in one condition..
  • Me:What?
  • Giovi:Promise me you'll say yes when I will ask you to have a romantic lunch with me.
  • Me:Romantic? That means we'll have appetizer, first course, main course, side dish, salad and dessert?
  • Giovi:Aiijjj..
  • Me:Or you'll just cook ramen? hahahaha!
  • Giovi:No no.. So what do you want me to cook?
  • Me:Okay, I want Millefoglie di melanzane, Ravioli alla verza e mela, Arista di maiale..
  • Giovi:Can we just order a pizza?
  • Me::|
Me & my mom who tries to bring me up
  • Mom:You're still young! You're 20.. When I had your age I didn't even have a boyfriend. I had my first right after I passed the board exam.
  • Me:But mom! That was 1980s! It's 2011. Doh!
  • Mom:But until now there are people at your age who don't get attached.
  • Me:Maybe those who have mental problems?
  • Mom:Don't you have one?