• God:Make a wish
  • Man:I want a bridge that can connect all the continents
  • God:My son, that's impossible.
  • Man:...
  • Man:Okay then, I'll change my wish.. I'd like to understand women.
  • God:
  • God:
  • God:
  • God:In what continent do you want to start first?

NaLu Week Day 3

Prompt: Transformation

                                       “…My Lucy…”

  Inubaki: I’ll be sure to properly bribe my friend later for letting me post this. There is hardly any concepts around Natsu’s END other then emo depression. How can Natsu turn into a demon sex god and not have more kinky hotness involving Lucy?! So I had to draw something…Maybe somebody will write a fanfiction about them some day…

Anywho! I used a lot of reference from a Smaug/Hobbit picture I found on tumblr. It really helped me create what I wanted to convy. I worked pretty hard on this… I hope you guys like it! HAPPY NALU WEEK! 

  • When my friend's crush gives her too much attention:
  • Me:He gives you too much attention because he likes you!
  • .
  • When a guy she likes ignores her:
  • Me:He ignores you because he likes you!