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Convictstuck Roleplay WIP
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>John:</b> He was innocent, but the real murderer had hidden his tracks and blackmailed him so well it was over for him by the very start. He had been officially found guilty of killing his own father, and if that wasn't enough he was now in a high level prison with nothing by psychopaths, and cold-blooded killers. He hoped there might be some other innocents here, but as he was escorted down the metal walkway of the in-air railing of cells...his faith was being lost. He quivered, cowering away as more strong and brutish convicts lunged and began making a ruckus about him. They whistled, called him 'short fry', 'shota ass', 'punching bag', and a variety of comments about him left him a shivering mess. The guards did not care, to them he deserved anything that came to him. They didn't care that every single prisoner in this entire prison absolutely dwarfed him with their muscles and size. He was a tiny guy, and that alone got him names like 'kitten', 'baby face', pretty much all names imaginable were being tossed left and right out of the cells as the guards continued to lead him down. Scared and overwhelmed, John began to nibble on his lip and fight back tears as he hung his head. His head of soft raven cowlicks that were silky to the touch. They fell over his rounded, tiny forehead over the frames that covered his eyes. Square frames of black to be exact, and their size didn't do what it normally did to people. The size of his frames made his large, round, vibrant blue eyes look sweet, scared, and innocent. He whimpered despite himself, shying back into the guards as they stopped at a lone cell. They opened the doors, one guard working the cuffs off as the other read the report. "Johnathan Egbert, found guilty of murder against his own father. Trial pending for appeal on the plead of not guilty." The guard looking up as John refused to move in the cell, his black pupil small in the sea of blue as he took in his new cell mate. "Egbert, meet David Strider. Play nice Strider, your new roommate really is new." They didn't bother with much else than to shove John in and close the door behind him. He instantly curled against the bars, nibbling his lip and hugging his arms close. His eyes remained wide at the man before him, a shiver running up and down his spine and tears almost welling in his eyes. "Please don't hurt me..." John whimpered in his dorky voice, etched with pure fear. How could he not be scared? This man before him was nothing but muscle, mystery, and danger.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>Dave:</b> Dave was guilty and was damn proud of it too. He and his brother, Dirk, Had successfully killed several people. They deserved it. Besides, in all death is inevitable but for these pricks, it had to be sooner. Wasn't his fault that they were trying to kick them out of their apartment and sue every drop of money out of them. Not that it mattered now. He didn't regret shit. It was also inevitable that they would be caught, seeing as they killed everyone on that apartment level and at the desk before some bastard called the cops. Whatever. Dave was laying on his bunk, looking at the gray wall. Taking in its every detail. From down the hallway, he heard other inmates whistling and making perverted comments and nicknames. Not moving a muscle, he looked at the wall. They stopped at his door and Dave cursed under his breath. He listened to his charges and couldn't help but laugh a little. Just one murder? And either he's trying to get out of it or he's an innocent....oh good. Some meat to hit around. He tossed over and looked over at the guard with a smug expression before looking at 'Johnathan' "So you got me fresher meat this time? Thanks boys." His solid red eyes drifted to John, now looking at him with curiosity. He was an innocent. And god was it easy to tell. Yet in a very strange way, it was appealing. Dave shook out of his daze "Well we gotta squirt. Still makes for good meat though." he laughed. As soon as he squeaked out a few words, Dave laughed "Can't make any promises, kitten." He smirked and chuckled.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>John:</b> John's big blue eyes stared absolutely petrified at Dave's solid red. He froze against the bars, eyes searching frantically. Oh god, he felt like he was going to faint. The feeling picked up as the tiny male began to grow paler and paler with each passing second. The curiosity in those eyes was painfully obvious, but he couldn't tell if it was just general curiosity or ill-willed. He whimpered a bit, nibbling on his lower lip and squeezing himself against the bars as much as physically possible. His cheeks puffed out though, and his eyebrows furrowed. "I'm not tiny! I'm average and everyone else is just too tall for their own big!" His timid voice spiked up a bit in defense as he folded his arms across his chest and pouted 'cutely'. He didn't see how it was cute, he found it one of his most intimidating stares! Aka, he looked like a tiny little baby-faced, blue eyed pouting boy. Cute. No matter how much he denied it. He got pale though, and glanced around with now very small pupils and big blue surrounding them. "Sorrysorrysorry," He squeaked as if he expected Dave to lunge at him. His eyes wavered from too-much water in a close to crying nature he paled as much as possible without fainting yet. He began to tremble out of his pent up fear, his arms crossed over his thin stomach, and he turned his gaze back to Dave. "I'll sleep on the floor, I'm sorry I'm sorry, I didn't mean to become cell mates with you. They wouldn't let me choose, please don't hurt m-me." John scrambled out the words in a rushed sentence, and at the end his voice broke a bit and he let out a sniffle while biting hard on his bottom lip. He was definitely not made to be in a top-security jail.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>Dave:</b> Dave just stared at him for a second and stood up, minding his head as he was on the bottom bunk. Standing up, he towered over John. He went over to him with a slow pace, pinning him in a corner. "So, you're an innocent?" He held John's chin with a very smug smirk, closing up to his face and breathing against his skin. Oh, this would be fun to play with. All the ways he can screw with this squirt. He would't kill him. And he wouldn't let anyone else kill him or screw with him. This white boy was his. "No, I /probably/ won't kill you. That would spoil all the fun." He chuckled, tapping his nose and backing off. "You get the top bunk, shrimp. I prefer the bottom. Also, touch my shit and your ass is mine. Literally." And that threat he was serious with. No matter how cute the little shit was. "Also, get used to your nicknames. No matter what you say, they suit you." he licked his teeth. "And you have good judgement, kiddo. You should be afraid of me. Though I was caught for seven murders, Me and my bro have done a hell of a lot more. Assassins. The Strider Brothers. Heard of me? I wouldn't care if you didn't but they took my god damn shades when I got here and then we were charged with two more murders. Oh but it was funny but their blood tasted like mud. And now we're in separate god damn cells." he let a low growl and went back to his bed. The wall was better than his memories. He felt disoriented without his brother. Two halves of a whole. They never let him see him. And how he fucking hates it. He hates all of those guards and if he has to kill them with his own hands then he will. That's beside the point now....he has someone to preoccupy him in place of his brother. Perfect.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>John:</b> John cowered away from Dave every step until he was quite literally pinned in the farthest corner. Didn't matter, Dave walked right up to him. John could feel the heat washing over his skin from the oddly warmer Strider, and he bit his lip with wide, scared blue eyes. He nodded a tiny little nod, eyes growing wider by the minute as Dave's hand reached up and grabbed his chin. He began nibbling on his lip and trembling under those warm fingers that wasn't going to let him move his head in ANY way. He was stuck staring Dave straight on, feeling the killer's warm breath wash over his lips and face effectively scaring the shit out of the tiny male. He also felt strangely drawn to that warmth, and that made the tiniest shade of pink. He glanced between Dave's lips and his eyes and gulped a tiny gulp when he was assured he wouldn't die today. The tap to his nose made him wrinkle it. Oh no. Ohnoohno. John's face straightened, and suddenly he let out a tiny, almost kitten like "chu!" He covered his nose and mouth with a sniffle to clear his sneeze, and whimpered in his throat. The threat about his butt wasn't processing until he remembered all the rumors about what happened in prisons. His big blue eyes began wavering, and he stayed trembling against the corner. He watched Dave's tongue run over his own teeth, and the words that came out next. The Strider Brothers, he knew that story. Oh my everything he was going to die right here. "I d-do." John whimpered before his face broke. Crap he was going to break now. He suddenly scooted down onto the floor, hugged his arms around his knees, and began to cry into his knees that he was holding close to himself. Overwhelming events came crawling back to him, and all he could do was nuzzle his head into his knees and cry into them softly. Under the protection of the little ball he was curled into, tears streamed down his cheeks from his broken blue eyes and his lips worked around his sobs in a muffled manner. He was so scared, and nobody was here to help him.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>Dave:</b> Dave suddenly heard his sobs and froze. The first day was the hardest day. Especially for fresh meat. He tossed over and stood so quickly he almost fell over. He rushed to him. "Hey, hey pipsquea-I mean John. Look at me." His soft side washed out of him. And for the first time, he didn't care. "Hey, I have your back. Not a damn person will touch you, I promise." He wrapped his arms around him with his warm body. He comforted him in any way he could. "C'mon. Lets get you somewhere comfortable. He picked him up like a bride and placed him on his bed and wiped up his tears. "How do innocents cry so much oh god um" He brushed at his hair "Its okay! I promise! Oh god stop crying uhh?" He held him and awkwardly rocked him. A killer. "Look, you'll be fine with me. The boys usually respect me. Sometimes. But they'll fuck off after they've lost a pint of blood. Now sssh." he bit his lip out of a habit when he's stressed. "Hey look at me." He held his face to look at him much more gently than before. "Hope you don't mind but, I just have to do a bit of claiming." He gave a sly grin and turned his head to kiss him. Though he wasn't sure if there was passion in it or not. He was confused but he didn't care. He didn't have time to be confused. He caressed his cheek a little before breaking away. He took a second to open his eyes but once he did, there was a dazed boy. Not a killer. He closed his eyes and twitched his face before opening. He looked a little colder but still had a slight trace of innocence..."Feel better?"</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>John:</b> John started trembling when he heard Dave stand, and his crying got harder. He trembled enough to make a earthquake proud, and froze entirely when a softer voice reached his ears. He remained frozen right up until Dave pulled him into his arms, and John trembled in those warm arms, crying harder as tears flooded freely down his face. The he was picked up. When he was picked up he let out a tiny squeak, threw his arms around Dave's neck, and clung desperately. His tears and crying came to a stop as he clung with an iron grip. He wanted to ask Dave not to drop him, but that was impossible past his tiny sobs that ripped free, and his blue eyes wouldn't stop releasing crystal-clear tears down his cheeks. When he was placed down he tried to cower away, but warm hands brushed soft tears away from his cheeks and he sniffled in shock. Two soft blue orbs looked from the fingers drying his face to the crimson that gazed at him in a panicky look. The brush to his hair silenced his sobs, but his tears still ran free and he wore a sad face on his features. He hiccuped and sniffled again, unable to fight it anymore as he cuddled his head into Dave's shoulder and let himself be rocked. The mention of blood threw him into a few more open sobs out of fear. Blood as a word wasn't exactly calming him, and now he was trembling against Dave's chest. He was held and rocked for only a little longer before Dave forced his sad blue eyes, ripe with fear, to stare at that brilliant red again. He froze and blinked wide blue eyes at Dave's twisting of his head. Claiming? W-what!?! John's eyes stretched wide as warm lips met his, and then he melted a bit against those warm lips. His eyes went from wide to half lidded and his smaller hands suddenly wrapped around Dave's neck as he blindly kisses back. A tiny whine parted his lips when they parted themselves, and he blushed fiercely, barely able to think when a thumb caressed his cheek. He searched those red eyes, that seemed to be dazed until he blinked and went cold. John blushed, noticing finally his arms were around Dave's neck, his body was curled into Dave's body, and he literally was tomato faced guy wanting more of that feeling he had a minute ago. He nodded, nibbling on his lip and glancing shyly from Dave's eyes to his lips. The shyness won out. He cuddled his head into Dave's neck without much of a warning and cuddled closer. His nuzzled into Dave's skin and remained in that position for a good amount of time before his mouth formed a tiny whisper. "Thank you..." He then pulled back, and blushed so bad it was probably flushing his ears. He didn't have a hope against Dave. Dave was pretty attractive, John was scared and had felt alone, Dave had just kissed him and comforted him....really in his mind he was justified for his next action. For no real reason he shied from Dave's lips but gave Dave the tiniest, warm little peck on the cheek. Then he hid in Dave's neck again, calming down completely.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>Dave:</b> Dave smiled a little. "You need a good first day. I never got one. But you're cute as fuck when you cuddle." He smirked "And you're welcome." after the peck to his cheek he let his face go straight "But I swear to God if you tell anyone I was squishy with an innocent you will regret it." he smirked. A guard came to the door "Lunch and work. You know the drill, Strider." Dave rolled his eyes "Yeah, yeah, whatever." He stood and held out his arms to be cuffed along with his ankles, getting a muzzle strapped to his mouth. "Think the jewelry suits me?" He laughed as he was escorted out of the cell. "Officer Wilson...." "What is it?" "You forgot to hold my head!" Not a second passed and he threw his head back into the guard, the guard with a bloody forehead fell to the ground and Dave wrapped the chains from his cuffs around his neck and pressed his foot firmly to his back. "Asshole..." he smirked, forgetting John was there. The cellmates through the hall remain quiet and the only noise was the guard calling-no, croaking for backup. Dave laughed with wild eyes and kicked his back before he was tackled, getting a sedative in his neck. "God....dammit...." and he passed out. The guards uncuffed him and dragged him to his bed before calling an ambulance for Officer Wilson. The guards truly hated The Striders. When they tossed him on his bed, they always made sure his head slammed on the wall. The guards slammed the door shut and gave Dave dirty looks as they left.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>John:</b> John giggled softly into Dave's neck, giving a nuzzle to the one who held him so gently. His heart was calm now, his cheeks were red, and he was learning there was a man under that cold outer layer. John was almost content with staying there the whole day, but then guards came and John jumped up instantly and went small pupiled. He backed away from Dave and the beds in general as Dave was ordered forward. His lips parted to say something, maybe ask for Dave to not have to go but the guards's looks convinced him to keep his mouth shut. He watched as they secured Dave completely, and he kept a straight face at Dave's comment to his 'jewelry.' He didn't want to be alone now, so all he did was nibble on his lip and hug his stomach out of nervousness. John jumped and gasped, both hands over his mouth as he watched Dave smash his head into the guards and rope the chains around the guards neck. "DAVE NO!" John said in horror, going pale and making a step forward. He was too scared to even move closer to Dave now, any trust he had built cracking inside him out of raw fear. He watched this crazy side of Dave, and he let out a squeaking scream when Dave was tackled and sedated. John moved far away from both Dave and the guards when they dragged his body in and tossed him on the bed. What had just happened? Whatever it was John's hand was over his mouth and he was squishing himself against the wall. He stayed motionless as the guards left, and all he could do was take hesitant steps towards the man who was so gentle with him just a second ago, and had just tried to kill a guard. He gulped softly, and climbed onto the bed with Dave's unconscious body. "You big idiot..." John whispered, moving Dave's body so he was all on the bed, and settling Dave's head into his lap, which was sitting in a criss-cross legged way. John decided this moment was as good as any to repay Dave...what else was he going to do? He sighed, leaned back against the wall, and held Dave's head in his lap. His fingers wove into Dave's blonde strands in a consistent pet, while his other hand rested on Dave's warm cheek. He stared at the unconscious man, noting the fact he looked a lot more peaceful like this. And handsome. Ohboy. Stop thinking about how hot he looks~!!! AUGH. John blushed softly, trying not to get his mind focused entirely on Dave's face. Instead he just continued stroking Dave's hair gently. It was a few hours in, probably close to the sedative wearing off, that John leaned down a bit at some point, eyes hesitant, and kissed Dave again on the lips hoping he was still asleep. It was just a quick kiss, a test....a test that proved positive enough for John to blush, straighten, and look out the cell doors in embarrassment. Oh no. He had feeling for the psychopath Dave Strider. Oh the luck.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>Dave:</b> Dave awoke a second after the kiss, having a short daze before studying John's deep blue eyes "Sorry bout that." he laughed "I love screwing with them. It gets me a nap before break." He smirked "So what were you doing while I was asleep? Better not be babying me. I have a reputation to keep, squirt." he winked and sat up. "Get your ass ready for break. I still have hands, you know" he glanced at him coldly before laughing. He tied his boots and zipped down some of his jumper to tie it around his waist, going to put on his white shirt. He swung his arms and laughed before bolting to the bars "Hey mr guaaaard~~! Am I still allowed to play outsiiiide~?" The guard rolled his eyes "Yes, Strider. Now get your head inside the bars." He grit his teeth in his grin. "And my brother?" The guard nodded. "Your blood probably taste like mud, too." He laughed maniacally and looked over to John, leaning against the bars. "These fuckers will get what they deserve. One day. " This time more guards came, strapping Dave down in his 'Jewelry' and taking him outside. A singular guard cuffed John and escorted him. As soon as Dave got outside, he grinned, looking for his brother. "DIRK!!!" He laughed. It had been months. He needed to see his brother. But there was no sight of him. Were they strapping him down still? Did he get sedated? WHERE THE HELL? "DIRK STRIDER WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! I SWEAR TO GOD." They unstrapped Dave and he spun. "Where. Is. My. Brother?" "Away from you." "I CAN TELL THAT. WHERE." "Small gym." "You BASTARDS!" he bit his tongue. He needed to be outside with John. He claimed him now. Now he had to protect his property. He huffed and turned to do pull-ups on the bars. He had one that everyone knew he used and so no one else used it. Not even when he wasn't there. He stopped a moment before he reached it. "John, come here." Show off your property. When John had arrived, he gripped his shoulders and pulled him forward and kissed him roughly in front of all of them. The sign of 'This lil shit is mine and if you touch him then a plastic fork is destined to be up your ass''.</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> <b>John:</b> John jumped, a jump so bad he felt as though he had jumped out of his skin. He stayed silently sitting on the bed, not really responding to Dave other than nods or shakes of his head. He was still scared to his bones, even if he now had a stupid soft-spot for this crazy asshole. He did stand up, do his shoes, and straighten himself out though. Cheek puffed out despite his fear. "I'm not a squirt..." he mumbled, but it was lost in Dave's toying with the guard. He grew nervous all over again, waiting for the guards as he thought to himself. Brother? Oh, right, the older of the two. He had heard rumors that Dirk was the calm one, and he was starting to believe it the more time he spent with Dave. "Dave...." John warned only when he heard the comment about 'get what they deserve', but he didn't have the guts to say anything else. Dave was vocal, and he was still scared of him. He didn't know if he would ever feel comfortable around him, and that made John tremble softly. The guard must of mistook his trembling, because they lessened him down to one guard whom he was obediant in following. They never really had to worry about John, he didn't fight or go crazy. Then again this was his first day, they were expecting nothing but ready for anything when it came to him. Timid as he was they really didn't give him any extra security until he proved dangerous enough for it. He stared at the laughing Dave, scared to his fingertips of the man he had stupidly fallen for and cuddled at one point. Instead he stepped in tune with his guard, hanging back away from Dave and nibbling on his lip. The guard seemed to pity him, because they released him first outside and all swarmed to Dave as he began searching and calling for his brother. All John could do was watch in some pity, and always present fear. The conversation with the guards shook him to the bone, and all he could do was wander a bit away from Dave again, trying to ignore it as more and more inmates began to notice him. Then he was called, and he hesitantly stepped toward Dave, pupils small and hands hugging his stomach as he watched Dave's movements. He was kissed, and the kiss he bared was one where his eyes were wide and Dave didn't care. Out of fear and confusion he let the kiss be emotionless as he could muster with the heat he felt. He only gave in a little bit by molding his lips once with Dave's, but then he pulled back himself, trembled in the other's grip, and stared off to the side with a blush. Someone caught his eye then, a guy with short black hair, and an eyepatch. ((Male!Vriska, wooo!!)) The guy gazing at him was obviously dangerous, but it seemed effortless for them to cast a friendly smile and a wave, John blinked, moving from Dave's grip and nodding softly. Too much attention really, he didn't know what to do. So he wandered only a bit away from Dave, walking to a nearby bench and sitting at it with his knees pulled to his chest. Everyone avoided him like the plague purely because he was now Strider property. Except for that eyepatch guy with the strange blue eyes. That guy seemed to watch Strider begin exercising, before he made his approach. He leaned over the bench and grinned sideways at John, who instantly shrunk away from his missing eye, devilish smile, and robotic arm. "Not going to hurt you. Promise. I'm taking a dare even talking to you, you being a Strider's property and all." John remained silent, staring at his feet. "My name's Vrisk. Is Strider hurting you short fry? Want me to stand up for yooooooou? I can put in a good word with the guards and have you moved if you keep up goooooood behavior." Vrisk mused, and only then did John glance at him and give a shy smile. The Thief and murderer smiled back, casting a glance to Strider that was almost a challenge. If Strider even saw him. "My name's John...nice to meet you.'m fine!" John said, sitting criss cross on the bench, placing his hands in a clasp on his lap, and giving a dorky grin. He was a bit more relaxed no, and Vrisk hummed. "Veeeeeeeery well, John." Whispers erupted, it seems the Strider has been triggered</p>
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anonymous asked:

Is convictstuck a DaveJohn and DirkJake au??

Captaingumdrop (OOC Dave): Yes, it is! Though please don’t be mistaken! Everyone can ship whatever they want and role play things and write fics and all of that for our Convictstuck AU! However, the ‘canon’ story and comics written and drawn by us and posted here will be DaveJohn and DirkJake. What is posted here is strictly canon to our AU, but it’s not a written law that anyone has to abide by.

Jailstuck - a convictstuck fanfiction

Chapter One:

“Here is your uniform. Get used to it you’re going to be wearing it for a long time”

 John handed in all his belongings; His phone, his wallet his car keys. He wasn’t carrying much when he got arrested by the police in the middle of his weekly shop. Not that it matters because he would have to give it all in anyway. He took the orange uniform from the guard and unfolded it…

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