what probably happens in the aether foundation
  • wicke: hello faba what are you up today
  • faba: *hurriedly stuffing a type:null into his jacket* nothing. converving pokemon. definitely not experimenting on them or catching ultra beasts
  • wicke: sounds wonderful and also not suspicious at all goodbye
  • faba:
  • lusamine:
  • faba: how has she not figured it out yet
  • lusamine: just give her time

I hope everyone enjoyed the trip into the deeps yesterday. I am sorry it was just a day long look into sea witchery, but it seems sea witches are just as mysterious as the oceans themselves. I spent the majority of the day *trying* to seriously find some great stuff, with not much luck between Tumblr, Google and Pinterest.

However, if you follow me on my personal blog, or my Instgram you’ll know I changed my hair from solid black to Blue and Emerald… I am about to embark my journey on becoming a professional mermaid. My love of the ocean isn’t anything new, and growing up I desperately wanted to be a Marine Biologist. My dreams have shifted into conservation work, which I plan to be doing through my mermaid work. Swimming with ocean life as well at Aquariums who do convervation works. So… look out of an ocean/river/pond themed blog from me soon.