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💕💕We are only 3 months away from the #AGTASpectrum17 entry deadline! To get in the you Spectrum spirit, we are counting down to the 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ entry deadline on June 30th by taking a look back at all of the 2016 Summer AGTA Spectrum Award™ winners!

These beautiful 18K rose gold “Snow Blossom” convertible earrings featuring lavender Chalcedony (13.50 ctw.) accented with Moonstones (1.66 ctw.), pink Sapphires (.41 ctw.), Amethyst (.29 ctw.) and Diamonds (.54 ctw.) by Jessica Neiwert of Jessica Nei won Honorable Mention in the Bridal category sponsored by The Knot. #AGTA #AGTASpectrum16 #AGTASpectrum17 #AddMoreColorToYourLife


Happy Easter! We found an egg…two actually, in the form of this pair of Victorian diamond ball earrings, converted from the original set of cloak pins. Speckled with 560 sparklers! Inventory number 20-91-10306. 🐰🥚💎👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼#Easter #Easter2017 #eastereggs #easteregghunt #diamonds #diamondearrings #langophile #langjewelry #langantiques #langsocialclub #Lang #thelanguageofjewels #sanfrancisco #sfstyle #jewelrystyle #jotd #Victorianjewelry #conversionjewelry #jewelrygram #jewelryofig #jewelryofinstagram #jewelryforsale #sparkly #sanfranciscostyle #antiquejewelry #antiquediamonds #earrings #antiquejewelbox (at Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry)

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Bleach scienstists argue about which of them is the best

As requested by anon. :)

Aizen, Urahara, Kurotsuchi, and Szayel are all scientist characters. They invent stuff, do shady experiments, and generally consider themselves smarter than everyone else. But which of them is the best scientist? The only way to find out is to let them argue about it!

Kurotsuchi: I am the head of the Research and Development Department. Szayel is dead, Aizen is in prison, and Urahara is in exile.

Kurotsuchi: Of the four of us, I am clearly the one who has had the most success.

Szayel: Sure, if you judge “science” on the criteria of “being alive” and/or “having a job”!

Szayel: But that would be dumb.

Aizen: Yes, much better to judge science on the criteria of “being science.”

Aizen: Like that hogyoku I made. That was some good science.

Urahara: I also -


Urahara: But science is all about trial and e-


Szayel: Um….is there some tension between Urahara and Aizen?

Kurotsuchi: I didn’t really notice.

Kurotsuchi: Well, fine, if we must continue this pointless battle, then why don’t we compare our inventions?

Kurotsuchi: I, for instance, invented everything you see on this awesome body. An ear that doubles as a weapon. A last-ditch goo state for emergencies. A way to regrow limbs.

Kurotsuchi: I also made Nemu, who is like me, just inferior in every way.

Kurotsuchi: I also turn squad members into bombs, but that’s hardly an accomplishment. Any moron can do that.

Szyael: I made lots of traps. And also fraccions….that you can eat.

Szayel: Plus bugs that can collect date from inside a person.

Szayel: Bankai-blockers.

Szayel: An illusion machine.

Szayel: Etc., etc.

Urahara: Those are some cool inventions, Szayel!

Szayel: Um I think you mispronounced ‘perfect.’

Urahara: Ha ha! No.

Urahara: Me? I just invented some little things. Blow up dolls of myself that can trick opponents. A method of reaching bankai in only three days.

Urahara: Oh, and a spiritual pressure stealing gigai so terrifying that Soul Society exiled me!

Urahara: And the hogyoku.

Aizen: Tried to invent the hogyoku.

Urahara: A version of the hogyoku.

Aizen: A failed version.

Urahara: [sighs]

Urahara: Aizen, you want to give us *your* resume?

Aizen: Of course. But let me just say - you all are adorable.

Aizen: “Gigai” and “blow-up dolls” and such childish crap.

Urahara: …he just named all of *my* things…?

Aizen: Me? I invented ways of crossing the fundamental boundaries that hold us back.

Aizen: The boundary between hollow and shinigami. The boundary between the Royal Realm and Soul Society. The boundary between what we imagine and what is.

Aizen: I am the truest scientist of all.

Szayel: Then why didn’t the Soul King promote you to Squad 0? Isn’t that what happens to you shinigami if your inventions are cool enough?

Aizen: The Soul King is a moron.

Aizen: Not being recognized by him is the truest recognition of all.

Urahara: Hmmm…

Urahara: Looks like there is only one way to solve this, everyone.

Urahara: Quick! Invent something using whatever you have on you! You have five minutes!

[furious inventing montage!]

Szayel: Ta-da! This supercomputer, made from a single strand of my hair, is capable of collecting data from any subjects within a thousand feet.

Szyael: And yes, Szayel fans, it IS edible!

Kurotsuchi: I converted my other ear into a veritable swiss army knife of attachments: as you can see, it can be a knife, a fork, a laser pointer, a glue gun, a stapler AND a banjo!

Aizen: I created a new life form.

Aizen: Mostly all it does is sit in your hand and say 'fweep.’

New life form: Fweep!

Urahara: And I, in turn, implanted special kido in each of your bodies (when you weren’t looking) that will cause you to breakdance whenever you see the color orange!

Urahara: Ichigo will be so confused!





Szayel: Yes but how do we judge?

[Soul King floats down from the heavens]

Soul King: You all suck.

[Soul King rises back into the heavens]


Urahara: Well then.

#Pretty365 :: Karisma Jay

What is your name? 

Karisma Jay

What do you do? 

I am an Entrepreneur, Entertainer and the official “AbunDance Ambassador” which means I am a walking example of what happens when one changes their thoughts, to that of AbunDance, and then, AbunDance rushes in. Additionally, i am a performer in the Musical STOMP and the artistic director and founder of AbunDance Academy of the Arts.

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I couldn’t help myself and converted the nelf ears… WOOPS.

Since WoW models are so low poly compared to S4 I’m going to have to do some mesh smoothing as well as make the ears slightly bigger to fit around the default ears better, but it’s looking pretty good so far!!

Newest Invention Story! The Original Waist Capes!

Hey guys, I want to introduce you to my newest innovation, the Waist Cape! The idea for Waist Capes was conjured a few winters ago when I was designing a dress and wanted to have that pretty high-low chiffon flowy look but also really liked the dress plain. WHAT A DILEMMA TO HAVE. This was the one time where my indecisiveness actually paid off because around 1-2am while mass sewing some Assassin Hooded Dresses - it clicked! I grabbed the only chiffon-silk I had which was awesomely obnoxious pink floral and a random elastic waist belt and POW the Waist Cape was born and it looked killer.

(Obnoxiously pink first Waist Cape ever made)

Now the worst part of “inventing” something happens, you have to ask yourself important questions… (this happened with my Patented Plug Earring Converters as well)… Do I put this product out now? Do I trademark this item? Will this get out of hand fast? Is it worth it? Should I mass produce this first? How do I brand it? Will people even like it? …Shark Tank ;)? (I love the TV show Shark Tank). The best part about all of these questions is chances are you will answer them all wrong and then scramble to deal with it on spot.

One of the questions I took very seriously was the idea of branding the product, anyone can buy any lame belt buckle and put a piece of elastic on it. That isn’t how I like to go about things though, so I set out to have my own custom designed Koala Key Logo Belt Buckles produced. Having an item produced usually requires a large bulk order, so when you have something custom created you need to commit. That is just what I did, I created a 3D mock up of my belts and sent them off to a company to be created. The first batch came back, they looked awesome, however they did not stay closed! It was a nightmare, a huge stock of belts that don’t even do what a belt should do! I went back to the drawing board with a way to fix them, and eventually I ended up with the awesome “CLICK!” belts I have today on the Waist Capes. They look great and function even better. 

(Original Belt concept on left, “Click” Belts I use now on right)

Finally with the product almost in hand, I chose to wait until my Spring Line to release the Waist Capes with my new dresses (which were going to be mass produced over in California). The problem? This process for the dresses took three months longer than it was supposed to… so the Waist Capes ended up coming out in July… Now what was even worse, I did not mass produce the item… I made 10 of each size maybe? And guess what happened?! The product got posted in a forum for a MASSIVE spandex bodycon dress company, according to the girl who emailed me looking for the Waist Cape product these girls went nuts trying to find the product and the next day every single one I had made was bought out. WOW! Not good considering I answered one of the questions wrong and chose to not mass produce the Waist Capes. This lead to me staying up late sewing and cutting my finger bad; I am sure you guys saw those posts that ultimately lead to me mass producing the Waist Capes because I got hurt. Wowza. 

(Waist Cape Promotional Ad paired with Koala Art & Design Tarot Card Dress)

SO now what? Well, I finally have the original Waist Capes in stock and ready to ship (for now, regardless of how much stock on certain items I can never keep them in stock)! Now customers can change up any Dress, Leggings or Swimsuit with a simple belt CLICK! So check out my newest innovation the Original Waist Capes available ONLY at :)

(Waist Capes Available at

Thank you so much for checking out my work at! Please Share & Reblog :) <3 - Jamie Koala