convertible camaro

I do like this 1969 convertible Firebird! Not a fan of the color, but she has the big block Pontiac 400, (a Chevrolet 400 was a small block) Ram Air hood and the original Pontiac rims. I don’t recall if this car was a 4 speed or an automatic. Would be so much fun to drive with the top down on a sunny day! (Yes, that’s a 1969 Camaro Pace Car in the background.)

The sound of a loping cam at idle in a big block or a high-revving, performance small block will always get our heart racing.

But pictured is a somewhat docile, classic 1969 convertible Camaro with the Z22 Rally Sport option. This car has the LM7 327 cu/in 210 hp small block. I’m not sure if the transmission is manual or automatic.

According to one of my sources, the rally striping was not available on the Rally Sport and the cowl hood wasn’t either. (If I’m incorrect, please let me know.). But both options certainly look good on this dark green car sitting in the grass!

Keith's Brother

Oneshot by a-latino-fangirl *please don’t repost without credit!* Big thanks to @mattholtsbf for helping me with a few of the ideas!! This idea is loosely based on the song “Stacy’s mom.”

Matt strummed his fingers against the steering wheel as he sighed. ‘Stupid Pidge wanting that stupid book on stupid cryptids for her stupid friend.’ Not knowing why he did anything for his sister Matt continued to curse at the red light. “Come on! FUCKING TURN GREEN ALREADY!” Mom was totally picking Pidge up next time.

The light finally turned green and Matt sped off. Checking the clock on his dashboard Matt cursed again, Pidge got out of school twenty minutes ago. Seeing the sign for the high school up ahead Matt forwent his blinker and turned in, scarring the crap out of some crows in the process.

Driving to the parent pick up lane Matt hit the brakes when he saw a crowd to the left of a very expensive looking car. Although at a distance Matt could tell it was a black Camaro convertible. Driving closer to get a better view Matt felt his entire world freeze when a very buff drink of water decided to get out of the car at that exact moment.

Matt tried to swallow. He really really tried. But with this living god of muscle he found it very hard to even remember blinking. The man in question didn’t look to be over 23. His hair had a tuff of white at the top with the rest black and cut pretty short. Matt figured he must of come from a run because he wore the smallest, tightest shorts known to man, and by god did they hug everything the right way.

The man didn’t seem to notice the small crowd surrounding his car as he opened the trunk and waved to someone. Matt looked over and saw a tall boy who was in dire need of a haircut wave back then look behind him, mouth something, then wall towards the car. It was then Matt noticed Pidge amongst all the chaos. She gave a wave to The one in need of a haircut and the hot guy before looking in Matt’s direction. Giving him a smile she walked over to his car. Forgetting the book entirely, Matt hoped she hadn’t seen him gawking the man who apparently was related to her friend.

Matt somehow got sucked into picking Katie up from Keith’s house. (According to Pidge, he who needs a haircut has a name.) Matt, however, was perfectly content beating 7 year olds in Overwatch but mom and dad were running late from a conference and since Matt just happened to be home and not have school scheduled that day he was bestowed the task of pick up.

Pausing his game, Matt went to the bathroom real quick to make sure he looked presentable. Grabbing his glasses and keys Matt left the house, texting Pidge for Keith’s address.

Matt thanked Keith for living close by. Pulling up to the house Matt saw a few potted plants on the porch and that familiar Camaro parked in the driveway. ‘No fucking way.’ Parking in front of the house Matt prayed to whatever god was up there that the earth would swallow him hole. His prayer went unanswered of course as he found himself in front of Keith’s front door.

Knocking three times Matt stood there with his hands in his jean pockets. He heard someone yell 'coming’ followed by a few thumps and finally the door being swung open. Matt felt the air get knocked out of him because of course the hot guy had to answer.

“Uh.. Uhm hi I’m Matt, Pidge’s brother.” The guy gave Matt the brightest smile he’d every seen and he swore he saw stars. “Yes! Of course hi! I’m Shiro, Keith’s brother.” Shiro held his hand out for Matt to shake and Matt surprised himself that he even had the brain power to complete the action.

“Can I come in?” Shiro immediately blushed at that. “Oh jeez yeah of course sorry Uhm I was just in the middle of cleaning so excuse the mess.” Widening the door for Matt to walk through, Matt nodded his head at Shiro then took his shoes off. “I think Keith and Pidge are in the basement. You can head down there if you want. I just need to finish the bathroom upstairs.” Matt mumbled out an okay and Shiro pointed toward the stairs that led to the basement. Walking down Matt looked back and noticed that Shiro’s right arm was replaced with a metal prosthetic.

Two weeks later Matt found himself having to pick Katie up yet again from Keith’s house. Matt wasn’t complaining in the slightest to be honest. Matt jumped at any excuse to see Shiro.
Making sure to shower before he left, Matt put on a pair of blue skinny jeans and a tie dye tank top with an alien on it. (It was a present from Pidge okay?) Deciding to put his contacts in instead Matt noticed he was running five minutes late due to it. “Shit” Matt ran down the stairs and scrambled to find his keys. “Matt don’t forget your keys are on the kitchen table!” Matt looked over on the table and sure enough his keys were there. “Thanks mom! I’ll be back!!” Matt slammed the door shut behind him.

It wasn’t until Matt was in front of Keith’s house did he realize he didn’t put shoes on. 'Great I ran out barefoot. Just. Fucking. Great.’ Matt sighed and got out of the car; he still had a sister to pick up.

Walking up to the front door, Matt knocked three times like before and waited. When he didn’t hear anything for a minute he tried the doorbell. When he still received nothing he texted Pidge asking where she was. She responded almost immediately with 'backyard. Gates open’

Matt was unprepared with what he saw upon opening the gate. Pidge and Keith were lounging on the porch drinking lemonade but that’s not what stopped Matt. No it just so happened to be Shiro. Shirtless. Sweaty. Wearing those stupid shorts again. And mowing the lawn. Matt needed some water. Like now.

Shiro looked up and at Matt as if sensing he was there. Giving him another award winning smile Matt felt himself crumble and feeling the need to jump in a lake. Trying to muster something in return Matt instead saw Pidge walking towards him. Not knowing what else to do Matt grabbed his sisters hand and practically dragged her to the car. Matt missed the sad puppy dog look Shiro shot in his direction.

Matt didn’t speak the first minute they were alone. Pidge was giving Matt the biggest shit eating grin she could muster and Matt knew it yet he chose to ignore it.

“So uh, you wanna talk about some things brother mine?” Matt gripped the steering wheel tighter than before. “I have to say, Shiro was looking pretty good in those shorts huh?” Matt bit his tongue. Pidge was playing a game she wouldn’t win. “So you gonna bang him or what?”

Matt slammed on the breaks. Pidge, not expecting it, shot forward. Glad he had stupid friends in high school Matt kicked Pidge out of the car and drove off. “MATT WHAT THE FUCK GET BACK HERE! I CANT WALK THE 7 MILES LEFT TO GET HOME!” Matt opened the window and gave his sister the middle finger. “FUCK YOU!”

Pidge remained calm despite being on the side of the road. Matt knew better than to do that to her. Pulling her phone out she texted Keith a very important video to show Shiro.

Keith wasn’t expecting the video Pidge sent him. Seeing her brother sing 'Barbie Girl’ while only wearing a pair a rainbow colored underwear and a broom as a microphone was not on his list of things to see. But when he saw that he was to show Shiro, he knew right away this was a revenge stunt.

“SHIRO COME HERE I NEED TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING!” Keith heard the heavy footsteps of his brother walking up the stairs. “Keith I swear to god if this is another mothman conspiracy I’m cancelling your Netflix account.” Keith shook his head. “This time, dear brother, my husband is not the topic of discussion.” Shoving his phone into Shiro’s face Keith watched as Shiro became more and more flushed with each passing second.

Once the video was finally over Keith took his phone back. In a split second Shiro grabbed Keith by his shoulders and very sternly said “If you dare send that video of me drunk pole dancing to the little Einstein’s theme song, I will destroy your entire knife collection.”

Keith almost shit himself.

Matt didn’t encounter Shiro for almost three weeks after the lawn mowing incident. Matt thought it best since he found out Pidge sent that video to Keith who in turn showed Shiro. Pidge still went over to Keith’s house but Matt made sure she had other means of getting home. Matt didn’t believe her when she said Shiro seemed upset when he didn’t come pick her up.

Today Matt’s luck ran out though. Because Shiro’s such a nice person and apparently takes cooking lessons (from another one of Pidge’s friends) he invited Pidge to stay for dinner. Which she agreed too. But only if her “bored” brother could attend.

So here he was, standing in front of his closet, deciding what to wear. Checking the weather he noted he didn’t want to wear pants. But shorts would show off his leg and he didn’t want that either. Sighing Matt decided to fuck it and wear shorts. Putting on a nice pumpkin colored polo, (and making sure to put on shoes) Matt was ready to roll.

Matt wished the drive took longer. Not even a little bit prepared for this dinner Matt opened the car door and headed up to the porch. Bringing his hand up to knock, the door opened abruptly.

“Matt! Come on in!” Shiro smiled and looked a little out of breathe. Matt blushed but forced a smile. “Hello Shiro. Thank you for letting me come.” Shiro gave another smile. “Of course! Thank you for actually showing up.” Matt noticed Shiro give him a quick look and paused; Matt immediately felt self conscious about his leg.

“Come on I’ll show you to the dining room.” Matt followed numbly, now wishing he could be home more than ever.

Shiro’s cooking was actually very good. Keith and Pidge kept everything very lighthearted and Matt found out Keith had a boyfriend named Lance who was currently visiting family with his family in Cuba.

Once dinner was over, Pidge and Keith immediately rushed downstairs. Something about having to finish their battle in Mortal Kombat. Matt glared at his sister as she left him alone. With Shiro.

“Would you like some help cleaning up?” Shiro gave a nod. “That’d be great thank you.” The silence that followed hurt more than Matts fifth grade emo phase. “Listen Matt I’m sorry about getting quiet after seeing your leg.” Matt stiffened a bit. “It’s fine. It’s normal I guess.” Shiro sighed. “No it’s not.” Turning around from the sink Shiro gave Matt a hard look. “It’s Galra right?” Matt dropped the plates he was holding.

It’s been three days since the dinner incident. Matt hasn’t left the comfort of his room in all that time. Pidge tried getting him to come out but he refused.

Matt was never the same after the Galra program. He never knew anyone else that was subjected to that torture. Mainly because it was a secret and they made sure to keep no one else around when they did their “extra credit.”

How could Matt have known? He was a freshman. He just wanted some good marks in his resume. He didn’t expect to lose a leg and end up feeling violated the rest of his life. And now this beautiful, tall, and muscular man who he finds very appealing went through the same torture he did. Matt could feel memories and nightmares creep up on him.

It was another three weeks before Matt mustered up the courage to go talk to Shiro. Showering at least before he left, Matt threw on whatever random clothes he found and left the house. It was a Saturday afternoon and he hoped Shiro wasn’t at work or whatever he does.

Arriving at the house Matt noticed Shiro sitting on the porch with a towel over his head and swim trunks on. Matt didn’t have time to oogle, he was here on a mission. Getting out of the car He noticed Shiro look up at the sudden noise.

Shiro didnt call out to him and Matt didn’t either. They just stared at each other as Matt walked up the sidewalk and up the wooden porch. Still staring at Shiro Matt finally noticed the small scar that ran across his nose.

“I’m sorry.” Shiro was the first to break the silence. “Matt could feel tears in his eyes already. “I’m sorry too.”

A week later things were normal with Matt. His talk with Shiro left him feeling more free then any therapy session, and at the end of it, all he got his number. He felt a little ashamed that that’s what he thinks about more. But since then they talked constantly and Matt could officially say he wouldn’t be opposed to banging Shiro. Of course Pidge over heard him say that out loud and almost texted Keith if he hadn’t tackled her.

It was a hot Monday and Matt wanted to be anywhere but college. Glad that he worked ahead in his classes, he decided he would go to the pool afterwards.

After the professor finally finished up his lecture, Matt grabbed his notes and sped out of class. After throwing everything in the backseat Matt drove home, grabbed his swim suit, and hopped back into his car.

The pool during this time of day wasn’t a very busy spot. Considering it was still the school year and one thirty pm, Matt didn’t count on seeing anybody else except senior citizens. Shit was he wrong.

Walking into the pool and showing his membership card Matt heard the familiar sounds of someone doing laps. Fast. Looking toward the farthest lane Matt dropped his bag. Of course, there was Shiro, swimming laps, like he couldn’t stop. Matt stood there watching him swim and could see how his muscles contracted and how his arms so expertly cut through the water. His flip turns were perfect and Matt tried really really hard not to stare at his back. He needed to hide, or else the nice lady registering people in was about to get a view she wouldn’t particularly enjoy.

Matt quickly grabbed his bag and ran toward the men’s locker room. At that exact moment Shiro chose to take a break, only to see a flustered Ginger run into the locker room. Smirking Shiro got out of the water.

Matt hid in the back of the locker room. No one else was in here and he needed to be able to drown a bottle a water without someone wondering whether he was okay or not. The answer would’ve been no anyways.

Shiro walked into the locker room. Honestly he didn’t know why he was listening to his brother and his boyfriend but they said he needed to confront Matt about, well whatever this was. Shiro liked Matt. Keith had over heard him say something rather obscene and busted out laughing. Shiro chased him for an hour around the house and yard before Keith promised he wouldn’t say anything after Shiro took his favorite knife captive.

Matt didn’t hear the footsteps. Standing up he didn’t feel the presence come up right behind him either. Matt squeaked when he was turned around and pushed against a wall rather forcefully. He would’ve taken this person down if it had been anyone else but Shiro.

“I believe we have something unspoken between us.”

Neither of them noticed when a custodian came in to clean but immediately walked out after seeing the two of them in a compromising position against the wall.



The Chevy Camaro ZL1 Convertible Debuts at the NYIAS

Chevrolet today revealed the 2017 Camaro ZL1 convertible. It offers comparable performance to the coupe model, thanks to the Camaro’s modular and rigid body architecture, which was designed at the outset to support a high-performance convertible. As a result, only a few minor structural differences separate the coupe and convertible models, enabling the coupe’s track-honed chassis and driver control systems to carry over unchanged. 

Underhood, the ZL1 features a supercharged LT4 6.2L V-8 Small Block engine, with intake and exhaust systems tailored for Camaro. It is rated at an estimated 640 horsepower (477 kW) and 640 lb-ft of torque (868 Nm). There is a six-speed manual transmission with active rev matching or an all-new 10-speed automatic. Handling capability starts with the lightweight, stiffer structure of the all-new sixth-Gen Camaro, married with Magnetic Ride suspension and an electronic limited-slip differential. Standard technologies include Driver Mode Selector, dual-mode exhaust and advanced connectivity features.

The Camaro ZL1 convertible goes on sale in early 2017.