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[1,5K Followers Gift!] Ariana Grande Meet & Greet in Oslo, Norway May 10th, 2017

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“ LEXA KOM TRIKRU ” // The concept for this edit is about Lexa in the city of light. Obv city of light its not a paradise but i imaginated it as a quite and beautiful place where everyone is in peace.
This portrait edit is inspired by the classic italian portrait “ Il ritratto di una dama ”.
Those lights symbolise her candles and her peace and love with Clarke. Since she is like an angel ive convert the black colors into white (the circle in her forehead, dots = they initially were the black paint )

A friend of mine is talking about trans veterans at a national anthropology conference.

He asked me to write a statement in response to the result of the 2016 election. This is it:

An open letter:

De Oppresso Liber.  To free the oppressed.  Nous Defions.  We defy.  Liberty and justice for all.  My country has long claimed to be THE symbol of freedom and democracy across the globe. We have always espoused these lofty ideals.

And yet.  

Here we are.  

I was never a patriotic “true believer” but gods I thought we were better than this.  In spite of losing the popular vote our electoral system is poised to emplace a man who campaigned on the promise to restrict the human rights, civil liberties, and bodily autonomy of black people, Muslims, immigrants, and queer people of all stripes.  We have elected a man who is staffing his cabinet with openly white nationalist figures like Stephen Bannon.

David Duke, the KKK, and the actual American Nazi Party are holding victory parades and celebrations for our new president elect.

I want to say I don’t recognize my country.  But I do.  The thing is, when I was a child I did believe that we were the good guys.  We were the greatest country in the world—freedom was what made us different from every nation across the globe.  Then again, in those days I was a male-assigned child who went to church 5 times a week and only ever got into trouble for bringing my bible to school and preaching to my classmates.  To say I was naïve is an understatement.  The scales fell from my eyes very quickly.  

When one of the faithful raped me for 5 of my first 10 years of life, it was somehow MY shame to bear rather than his.  My father convinced me not to press charges because once people knew I had been raped, he said, I could never take that back.  

I learned that words and actions rarely aligned.  The church sign always said “All are welcome” but the church bylaws, which were updated in the 1990’s by the way, still forbid members of the church from even being party to interracial weddings.  My dad “didn’t approve of black people” as if they somehow chose their race and threatened to disown me if I ever brought home a black girl.  My family fears that gays will “convert” good little Christian children.  

My country kills unarmed black children but takes white mass murderers into custody and buys them cheeseburgers.  In my country a man with a gun can harass, stalk, and kill a child and claim he feared for his life, but a black trans woman who accidentally kills her meth-addled neo-nazi attacker with a pair of scissors from her fashion design class will go to prison.

No, I absolutely recognize my country.  All straight cisgender white Christian men are created equal.  The rest of us are to be dominated, subjugated, incarcerated, or deported.  Or otherwise “protected” from choice and bodily autonomy.  The toxicity of whiteness and Christianity and masculinity is a swift current that swept me into the teeth of a war I never believed in.  I did terrible things for a nation that refuses to acknowledge my basic humanity, and I will never be able to wash that blood off my hands.  In special forces our motto was De Oppresso Liber—most often paraphrased as “to free the oppressed”.  Our direct action teams appropriated the motto Nous Defions—We Defy—from the French resistance in World War II.  To me they are more than just buzzwords. I took them to heart.  I recognize that America is an oppressor to people of color, women, queers, and the disabled.  My transgender status and my womanhood do not negate my status as a warrior, and I recognize president-elect Trump and those who back him as the same dark forces my grandfather battled in the 1940’s.  I recognize my country for what it is—an empire built by slaves on the bones of natives—but I still believe in what it could be.  I know what side of history I will be on.  My America is diverse, without the divisions encouraged by those who would put so-called state’s rights before human rights or federal protections for them.  My America has skin that is red and black and brown, not just white.  My America is queer and fat and femme.  My America is Atheist and Jewish and Muslim.  My people are disabled and incarcerated and undergoing “reparative therapy”.  I still believe in one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  For ALL.  And I say to Trump and Pence and Bannon:  We defy you.  WE DEFY.  Nous Defions.  

Alana McLaughlin, former staff sergeant, United States Army

De Oppresso Liber.

Editing Manga Icons for Skintone: A Guide

Well, as long as I’m in the process of editing these icons, I might as well throw a tutorial together for anyone who might need it.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few manga faceclaims out there with darker skin colors, which seriously limits FC options for some muses, since not everyone is comfortable with live faceclaims or can draw their own. SO, here’s a simple guide for how I edit my icons

I’ve found this method is easier with icons that are already cropped & resized, so it’s probably in your best interest to make the icons before editing. It’s pretty quick (even if you’re like me and use a crappy laptop trackpad); editing one icon usually takes under 1 min. once you know what you’re doing. 

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The ending of World Enough and Time, converted into the grainy black and white 4:3 ratio, rescored with music from the 1960s, and edited to remove the stomping!

Pentax K1000 w/Ricoh 135mm lens - by Dogman707

This is my first camera a 1979 K1000. This was the only 35mm film camera that I used. It traveled with me from coast to coast. I got it out today and had a little scare. The lens and the 2x tele converter was stuck on the camera. After about 30 minutes, I got them off the camera.  It looks like after almost 40 years. The mount on the tele converter broke. 

Boy BBC Contract

Sissy Boy BBC Contract

I,    JESSICA LUV _________________________________________________ agree to the following rules, and will adhere to them faithfully:

I will submit my mind, body and soul fully to Big Black Cocks (BBC) as often as possible from now on and for the rest of my life in all of the following ways, as well as those not listed.

1. I am no longer dressing for myself. I am no longer dressing for my gender. I am no longer dressing to pass as a woman as most sissy boys are prone to do. I am dressing for other men, Black men. I am dressing to attract and please Black men. I will dress the part always. I agree that I will, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, dress in the absolute sexiest clothing with which I can get away with, depending on the circumstances. When I have to dress in boy clothes I will wear the sexiest panties, thongs or boy shorts underneath as a sign of my submission. I will rarely wear pants or jeans unless demanded by work. My normal clothing, however, will be sexy short skirts, dresses and any sexy, revealing outfits BBC desires.

Dressing to please and attract Black men takes more time and work but it will pay off tremendously in the amount of attention received. Always keep in mind that Black men will demand this simple rule when a sissy boy chooses what to wear: Think whore first, slut second and white trash third. This will be a radical change for many sissy boys but it’s important to remember that most Black men prefer their sissy boys dressed as a whore and slut at all times. Skimpy dresses and skirts are sexier to most Black men and they provide easier access in erotic situations. You never know when you will have the opportunity to attract a Black man and you need to be dressed for the opportunity when it comes. The sissy lifestyle will probably make you feel like dressing up more and the more you wear dresses and skirts, the more eager and willing you will find yourself submitting to BBC.

2. I will do my hair and makeup to look the absolute sexiest and sluttish I can get away with, depending on the circumstances. I will keep my fingernails long and painted as well as my toenails. I will wear lips stick and lip-gloss 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I will apply and reapply lipstick. Black men want to know that I can’t wait to suck their cocks and lipstick is a great way to send that signal. Bright Reds and pinks are best, and really the brighter the red the better. I will lick my lips often in public to show my desire for BBC.

3. I will fuck delicious, beautiful, BBC as often as possible from now on. As a white sissy boy slut for BBC, I agree to never say no to any sexual advances from any Black man that wants me. I further agree to never say no to any and all sex acts a black man may want to do with me or to me.

4. I will inform any and all Black males I suck or fuck that I have signed this Sissy Boy Black Cock Agreement and will present him with a copy on demand. I further agree to frame and post a copy of this Sissy Boy Black Cock Agreement in my bedroom as hear to my bed as possible and in a clearly visible area for all to see.

5. I will suck and be fucked all Black males eagerly and will enthusiastically service my Master’s Black friends, work or business associates or any other Black male as directed. I further agree to submit to any and all Black males directions to have sex with other males or females without regard to my own sexual orientation. I will enthusiastically service all without any limits.

6. I will always swallow cum and never spit from sucking Big Black Cocks.

7. I will not fuck white females even if I am married.  I will not pleasure or be used by white males unless I am instructed to do so by a Black male in the process of converting a white sub to his natural role of being a sissy boy.  I agree to tease all white males about their small pee pees and to force them to submit to Black power and dominance. 

8. I agree that I will never ask or expect a Black male to use a condom with me. I will happily allow all black males to cum inside my boy pussy and fill me with Black seed.

9. I acknowledge that since I actively desire to engage in relationships with Black males where I am used sexually by superior Black men I agree to release any and all Black males, including my Owner if applicable, from all financial liability.

10. I will respectfully and humbly address any and all Black men as “Sir” and any and all Black women as “Ma’am”, or any other title that the I am directed to use by them.

11. I will answer and respond, without hesitation or trepidation, to the names “whore”, “slut”, “bitch”, “cunt”, or any other name or combination thereof, that any and all Black males may call me in public or when alone.

12. I will wear panties all the time and they will be very sexy and tiny, such as lacy or very sheer thongs or G-strings

13. I agree that it is an obligation on my part to encourage other white females and sissy boys (”white” includes Asian, Hispanic, etc.) to go Black. This includes my mother, sisters, daughters or other female and sissy boy family members, friends, daughters friends, women I just met, girls I work with or go to school with, etc. I also agree that I will do my best to have other white females and sissy boys sign an agreement similar to this one.

14. I will be totally dressed as a sissy boy whore in my house at all times, unless there is a very good and legitimate reason not to be, such as the presence of others who would vehemently object or are underage. To the greatest extent possible, being dressed as a sissy boy whore will become my lifestyle at home. I will also be totally dressed as a sissy boy whore when in the presence of Black males at their homes or apartments unless directed by them to stay in my boy clothes. .

15. I agree that when sitting while in the presence of Black males I will keep my legs spread wide apart to show my sissy boy panties and indicate my submission.

16. I will keep my boy clitty smoothly shaved at all times with the exception of a small patch just above my cockette to show my gurly submission unless otherwise directed by a Black male and I will use lotions and powders to help ensure I always fragrant and fresh like a girl.

17. I agree to have a dirty mouth in the presence of all Black males. I will use only graphic words such as “fuck” (not “sex” or “making love”), “cunt” (not “vagina” or “pussy”), “cock” (when describing Black Cocks) and “asshole” (not “anus” or “butt,” such as when saying “Fuck my asshole.”) White penises should be ignored as much as possible but when needed should be described as “cockettes” or “pee-pees” and other such terms.  These are examples only. Such graphic terms should be used at all times rather than the mild terms.

18. I will only use or allow to be used on me a big Black cock shaped dildo unless otherwise directed by a Black male. I also agree to allow all such big Black cock shaped dildos to be used on and in my boy pussy and mouth without limit.

19. I will keep my body free of any additional blemishes, such as tattoos or other markings, EXCEPT for a tattoo on the lower back (tramp stamp just above the waistline) that says “Black Cocks Only” or “Black Cock Sissy Slut”. Piercing of my ears, tongue, nipples, and or piercing of my boy clitty are acceptable and encouraged to promote sexual stimulation in my Black Master.

20. None of the above indicates that I will engage in any activity that may be illegal in my area.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have caused this agreement to be written and executed. The signing of this agreement by me, JESSICA LUV __________________________________, constitutes my full understanding that this is a legal and binding contract on me.

I further state that I, JESSICA LUV _______________________________________, being of sound mind and of legal age (18) to enter into a voluntary and legally binding agreement/contract, do hereby proclaim that I have read and understand this contract in its entirety, and that I agree to abide by and comply with all the tenets, conditions, and provisions contained within. I further acknowledge that I believe, with no uncertainty or doubt, that the Black race is biologically superior to the white race, and that I, as a sissy white male, am biologically conditioned to be used by all superior Black Males and superior Black Females for their own sexual enjoyment and entertainment. I therefore agree to this contract in its entirety and agree to take full responsibility and be held to the financiall responsibilities that may come from it, having agreed to this without any reservation, and having signed under my own free will and without any duress.

Furthermore by signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I understand all aspects of this agreement/contract. This contract agreement shall be binding upon me for life.

____________________________________ __________________
Signature of white sissy slut,  Date

JESSICA LUV.      3/23/2016

Teaching Myself to Draw: February 7, 2017

Finished up the color palette challenged submitted by @cloaksandshields this evening. I’m really, really happy with how it turned out. This was super fun. The color palette was way out of my normal comfort range and the high contrast was a good exercise too. I’m glad I chose a black and white reference, because it made me think of the palette in terms of value instead of trying to match colors. I think for future challenges I will continue to use black and white refs, or at least convert color ones to black and white if I’m struggling.

Up next @adenicy requested bottles in #9. I’m still taking requests if anybody wants to send me a color palette and subject. You can find the color palettes here.

Hand ref   |   Color palette inspiration.