convert me to this religion

Sorry, I'm... uh... blind?

Context: Still a little new to DnD, our DM decided to have a little impromptu session with characters that we made on the spot after raiding Mr. DM’s house. We had a half elf rogue (me), a dragonborne barbarian who wants to be a doctor, and a high elf sorcerer trying to convert people into his religion about Cthulhu. In the story, me and the barbarian visits the sorcerer because the barbarian wants to learn about this special medicine that this sorcerer supposedly knows. But during a mishap of trying to summon Cthulhu, we’re all sent to the other side of the world. 

Rouge: Oi! Asshole (the sorcerer)!  Look at what you done! Thanks to your stupid spell, we’re in some weird place! Tell us where we are!

Sorcerer OOC: Do I know where we are?

Dm: Yep.

Sorcerer: I don’t know what you mean! My spell was going perfectly till you two morons appeared! Don’t just throw accusations like that! For all I know, you could have done something, you dirty thief. Why don’t YOU say where we are?

Rouge: You-! Doc (Barbarian), I’m gonna shank him! We can’t trust him! I can tell he’s hiding something! (rolled insight and got a decent roll)

Barbarian: Now young Mills (my character’s name), let’s not-

Sorcerer: See! Throwing out threats like a villain! How can we trust you? Huh? Look, you’re a thief with sticky fingers! You took my staff!

Dm: Did you actually take his staff?

Rouge OOC: Ha ha, no. 

Sorcerer OOC: Wanna bet on it?

Dm: *sighs* roll off. 

*I got a high number while the sorcerer gets a 2*

Barbarian: Er… sir. I see that your staff is, right next to you.

Rouge: See! This guy is crazy! Let’s just leave!

Sorcerer: No wait! I’m sorry for saying that… the truth is… I am.. uh, blind.

*Everyone at the table starts laughing*

Rouge OOC: Ha, ha, ha. That’s such a bullshit statement. Can I do insight on that?

Barbarian OOC; Ha ha, me too? After watching that whole stupid argument, I can’t let him slide on that. 

Sorcerer OOC: *looks away from the table* How can you doubt a blind man?

*Me and the Barbarian roll but I got a nat1 and he got a 2*

Rouge and Barbarian OOC: Shit.

Rouge: Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I’m so sorry for my treatment, here, I’ll hold your hand and guide you through the forest. Do you want me to carry you?

Barbarian: Yes, I am so sorry for doubting you.

Sorcerer: Hmpt! Why would I hold hands with such a dirty and gross thief-

Dm: Roll for it. See if you actually think Mills is ugly or not.

*Sorcerer rolls and gets a nat1. The entire table dies laughing*

Sorcerer: Oh my- I mean *looks me up and down* I don’t mind if that thief is you though *Actually takes my hand and feel me up irl and in game*


Sorcerer: Shhh, accept me. Don’t you find me attractive too? *rolls charisma and gets another nat1. His glamour spell disappears suddenly to reveal a shriveled up elf*

Rouge: DOC. SAVE ME!

Barbarian: Ugh-! Oh gods! Er, stay strong, young Mills. We’ll find a town soon! *runs ahead to leave the rouge and sorcerer behind*

Sahih Muslim, The Book of Repentance Book 51, Hadith 7150

Narrated ‘Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) as saying:

There are one hundred (parts of) mercy for Allah and He has sent down out of these one part of mercy upon the jinn and human beings and the insects and it is because of this (one part) that they love one another, show kindness to one another and even the beast treats its young one with affection, and Allah has reserved ninety nine parts of mercy with which He would treat His servants on the Day of Resurrection.

Sahih Muslim, The Book of Repentance Book 51, Hadith 7150

Soo I’m not tryna call anyone out or anything. But I know a lot of trauma survivors don’t believe in God or are very skeptical. And I know a lot of survivors also ask the question, “If God was real, and actually loved me…why did he let that happen to me?”

God gave human kind free will. That free will allows them to do whatever they want, weather its good or bad. God does not mind control people or forced them to do anything. He literally put us here to make our own decisions. So no, God does not just automatically stop all the bad things that happen in the world bc then we wouldn’t truly be free and have free will. Humans are the only evil ones here and are completely to blame for their actions.

I was a victim as well, and I know God is sad that I had to go through that. But he is also the one who has been helping me through my healing. I don’t normally put my religion out there so openly like this, but it hurts me to see so many of you angry at God, when your only true enemy here is the one who abused you or took advantage of you.

Caged Comrade

Context: We had just cleared a room of bandits and their dogs, and the man who gave us a quest is locked inside a dog cage. We had all failed attempts to brute force the door open, and more failures to pick the lock.

Ranger(Me): “I roll a perception check to see if it really is locked.” (Nat20s)

DM: “You know very well that it’s locked. It could be opened, but it’d be very hard.”

Monk: “Can I use persuasion to persuade the lock to be open?”

DM: “No”

Ranger(Me): “Can I use a religion check to convert the lock?”

Druid: “What would you convert it to?”

Monk: “Openism.“ 

DM: "Really guys? Like, really?”

PSA To Customers

Pleaaaase dont try to “preach” or “pray” for your cashiers. I had a customer full on try to convert me. Besides the fact that my religion is my business, I have a limited amount of time I can use on you. I have a line, I have other customers I need to attend to. I dont need you to stay behind and ask me to let you pray with me or for me. I need to get you on your way asap so I can move on to the next customer.

Sahih Muslim, The Book of Prayer - Friday Book 7, Hadith 34

Narrated ‘Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) as saying:
When it is Friday, the angels stand at every door of the mosque and record the people in the order of their arrival, and when the Imam sits (on the pulpit for delivering the sermon) they fold up their sheets (manuscripts of the Qur'an) and listen to the mention (of Allah). And he who comes early is like one who offers a she-camel as a sacrifice, the next like one who offers a cow, the next a ram, the next a hen, the next an egg.

Sahih Muslim, The Book of Prayer - Friday Book 7, Hadith 34/93

anonymous asked:

Do you have any particular opinions on the now always-constant theme in popular fiction that mythological figures need belief/worship to exist?

I don’t know if it’s that popular—except for American Gods, I’m not aware of any other fiction that does this? 

I will say that I certainly don’t mind writing those types of stories. It can be really fun plot device to play with, sussing out degrees of belief and the power of it. I’m always weak for any piece of media that wants to talk about humans as storytellers first, inspired by stories, making-real via stories (anthropocentric as that might be) and there’s an element of that in any narrative where humans make gods.

(I also think it ties into the cultural consciousness surrounding glory, the only way humans achieve immortality—leaving something that endures behind you, people speaking your name after your death, etc. It makes sense to write stories about gods attain immortally the same way.)

But I’ve said before that I think the weakest point of these stories is how they don’t address objective faith. The fact that God is objectively real and strange, whether you believe or not, is The One Truth at the heart of Christianity. (Variants probably hold true other major religions, though I’ll let them speak for themselves.) And when you talk about supernatural power as reaching only as far as human arms, that’s just not something you’re addressing.

I do think it’s harder to write good genuinely religious fiction, that talks about faith in any honest way. It generally comes off as apologetic propaganda (Lord save me from books trying to convert me to Christianity!) or it’s anti-religion/anti-Christianity. (In my experience, atheists write better fictitious books about Christianity than any Christian. Which is annoying.)

….honestly, I want to be writing and reading more good stories of both kinds, I don’t have a preference.

anonymous asked:

If you're Christian, that's all fine and cool man, that's your business. Yes, I am a cashier, and no, I don't want your pamphlets about your church and no, I am not interested in converting to your religion!

Had a coworker make me give one to my husband as he was driving me off at work… We were blocking traffic for the valet parking because of this. Hubby threw it away as soon as he got home. I think the coworker saw my expression because he hasn’t talked to me since. I am so totally not religious because of this exact same behavior. If you want people to be interested then stop harassing them with your leaflets and lectures. -Abby

universityfit  asked:

I've been interested in Buddhism for years and done some light research into it, and what I've found has been interesting and appealing to me. I know you can't really convert overnight to fully follow any religion or belief, so could you offer some tips/ideas of how I could gradually convert? I've always been an atheist but for some reason I've always been drawn to Buddhism. Thanks

Hi Universityfit!

Those who convert from pure atheism to Buddhism normally find it quite a refreshing change as they can have a form of religious outlet but don’t get bogged down in beliefs that they find unrealistic. With Buddhism you can dictate just how literally you follow scripture and how much you want it to impact your life. Hopefully this link below will point you in the right direction, but if not don’t hesitate to ask me more questions. I’d be happy to answer!

I hope this helps! 



Fanfic Authors Appreciation Post ♡

Okay, I know this is hella late but my thanks and appreciation picks no day. I’ve read, in my entire time being a part of this fandom, lots of stories that surely impacted my writing and views as a fanfic writer myself. So, in no particular order, I am listing the authors and their fics that sneaked their way into my heart. These are my all time faves!

Comatose by officiallytheduchess

alright, officiallytheduchess wrote two fics about jumin that i really loved. but this particular one etched its way into my heart and broke it so bad. i highly recommend this one! lolol. get your hearts ready y’all.

Twenty Spoons by @fromthedeskofelizabeththird

this is a very cute and fluffy Jihyun fic i really loved from one of the writers i look up to! elly here wrote the wonderful vabverse ( that i still need to finish ) and i highly recommend for y’all to see this vabverse masterlist and indulge yourselves to the beauty of pain and sin combined. lolol.

Frustrate Me Once, Shame On You. Frustrate Me Twice… by @guacameowle

i love sinning for quality written fics. i’m a bad girl but lynn’s fics are so sinfully good and can make your heart jump in joy because smut and crave for more of her writings! lynn wrote this wonderful yoosung fic that i really, really loved and also wrote a lot of sinful fics about jumin and the others that y’all should know by now and possible love as well. sin with me y’all.

Sabotage in Good Service by @yoolee

lee-sama wrote, as far as i am aware, three of my most favorite fics from slbp! this one and a masamune fic that wrenched my heart beautifully. lee-sama’s one of the very few slbp blogs that i follow and i honestly strive to write more content like her! y’all visit the blog and indulge yourselves in slbp goodies!

What Isn’t His by @mmscum

alright, scummy here, is a very talented writer who doesn’t deserve all the shit some crazy stans give her. and above all her works, this fic is my most recommended ( also head’s up for more ys nsfw lolol ). so y’all, please read this beautiful jumin/mc/zen fic. this is a sequel for scum’s Try Something New. please read this very good written content!

Ends and Beginnings by @yoosungshoodie

there is no question about how much rose loves jihyun. and there is no question about how she and my dysfunctional family converted me to their religion lolol. i honestly love jihyun right now! and i highly appreciate a jumin/jihyun relationship! please everyone, read this beautiful fic of rose about V/MC and i’m sure you’ll fall in love with V even more! rose writes beautifully and i recommend going to her masterlist and pick the poison y’all would want to taste.

French Press by @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove

shauna is a messenger of hell. period.
LOLOLOL kidding. y’all i loved french press so much!! y’all are in for some goodies so click the link and read to your heart’s content! shauna is a kbtbb blog and the only kbtbb blog that i follow lol she dragged me into bidder hell and now jfc i can’t get out. also, shauna writes good and quality headcanons about the bidders and is too evil to create angsty ones. she’s one of the most amazing writers out there and i suggest y’all should go check out her masterlist!

Everlasting Party ( Time Loop AU ) by @zentherainbowunicorn

okay, how do i begin? last year, i was only an on-looker for this very beautiful fandom. and zentherainbowunicorn was the catalyst in creating a blog and joining in! and i’m so thankful ever since! all of their fics, from zen down to saeyoung are so good you’ll want more and more! they write so beautifully and i am so sad they aren’t as active as before. i’m still wishing for more of their works tbh! but this is one fanfiction i would really recommend!

Please read their master list! by @rikas-fundraising-assholes

alright, one of the very few writers i loved when i was still starting! their master list is so good you couldn’t stop yourself from reading! i honestly wish they’d revive the blog and this is the very last fic i have read from them. and it’s angst and i can’t. i’m…. anyway, y’all should visit their blog and read their stories! they’re all good!

To Promise by @serensama

i am, above everything else, a jumin trash. and my most loved work from April is her Jumin’s To Promise. anywhere you mention Jumin, [ hacker voice ] i’m in. lololol. i doubt any of you failed to read this wonderful piece of work and if you still haven’t read it, please do! April is a wonderful person and her works are quality and please take your time to read her fics! she is not, after all, a small fic writer lolol!

i honestly would want to include more. i am very saddened by the fact that error-rfa probably deleted their blog. they held the most beautiful cheating series and i am so sad they disappeared. but, they are legendary. anyway, this is a small token of appreciation to all the writers who managed to make me engrossed with the beauty of their works! i honestly suggest y’all read everything on their master list and let’s love them altogether! i probably forgot some and honestly it’s been so long and i’m sure i probably forgot some so i’m very sorry!

this is also a small shoutout to all the writers there that writes beautifully and is still writing to this very day and sharing their thoughts and ideas out there for us to read. they need our endless support and we as readers should always show them how much we love their works! those in the above list and of course, to these following people as well! i highly recommend for y’all to follow these ppl since they have good quality blog content!
@nordicicequeen ;; @snarkymc ;; @promiscuous-jalapeno ;; @protectjuminhan ;; @mysticdaddies ;; @saeranoppa ;; @rfaimagining ;; @mysticmessimagines ;; @zens-ponytail ;; @alittestaticxilophone ;; @thecobraofhell ;; @reluctantrfamember ;; STAR, KIKU and to all the folks @mysticwriters discord chat group. y’all are too many but please know i love all of you! i probably forgot ppl do forgive me but every writer out there gives their work for free and should be loved and appreciated, given the proper credentials, given the proper feedbacks and all! support all the fanfiction writers 2k17!!

Sahih Muslim, The Book Pertaining to the Remembrance of Allah Book 49, Hadith 7004

Narrated ‘Abu Musa reported Allah’s Apostle as saying:

He who loves to meet Allah, Allah too loves to meet him, and he who dislikes to meet Allah, Allah abhors to meet him.

Sahih Muslim, The Book Pertaining to the Remembrance of Allah, Supplication, Repentance and Seeking Forgiveness Book 49, Hadith 7004

anonymous asked:

how do you think evangelical methods in christianity fit into socialist christianity? i'm jewish and i love my christian comrades but sometimes i struggle with accepting the christian push to convert people- esp ppl like me, who already has a religion. do you think evangelism has any part in a leftist conception of christianity? do you conceptualize heaven as a place where one must be "saved" to go to? i hope this doesn't sound argumentative- i'm genuinely interested in the theology of it all

I’ve made posts about this in the past, but I don’t think that what religion you belong to actually matters in terms of salvation. Like I don’t think that you have to intellectually assent to the theological claims of Christianity in order to be saved - I don’t think that has much to do with discipleship. There are people who are Muslim and people who are Jewish etc. that are more like Jesus than tons of Christians. Those people haven’t intellectually assented to Christianity, but they are still “disciples,” in the sense that they are on the Way - since they are acting Christlike and doing Christlike things. This is one area where I guess I have a non-traditional stance. Like I don’t interpret the “make disciples of all nations” line to mean “intellectually convince everybody to assent to the theological claims of Christianity” - I think it means “build the Kingdom of God on earth, make people Christlike” - which can happen in any religion. So the way that I interpret Evangelism  doesn’t really involve converting people to Christianity - if anything, it involves converting people to acting more Christlike, which can happen in any religion.

Hopefully that makes sense <3