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the tumblr experience
  • sixteen year old girl making a joke: why do people swim in the ocean? like, ever heard of frostbite? sharks?
  • overly aggressive tumblr vegan: oh you hate sharks, b*tch? you hate innocent creatures who have never attacked ANYONE EVER just because you watched jaws? stop fucking fearmongering, you worthless piece of shit. do your parents even love you? is that it, c*nt? is that it, b*tch? also have i mentioned im vegan
  • superwholock blogger who's somehow still active in 2017. either 12 or 38, nowhere inbetween. icon varies, but it's always unsettling and often involves a flower crown: OK WHATS UP FUCKERS LET ME LEARN YOU A THING!!!! SHARKS ARE SMOL PRECIOUS BEANS AND HERES WHY: [information copy-pasted from wikipedia] !!!!!!! SEE????? THIS IS HAPPENS WHEN TUMBLR GETS THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET AND TV AND MOVIES!!!! READ BOOKS!!!!! MY FAVE IS JOHN GREEN!!!! ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED IM SAPIOSEXUAL
  • reylo blogger with a red and black theme who's hoarded more hamilton URLs than lin-manuel miranda himself: it's people like OP that make me know i was born in the wrong generation -_-
  • that one feminism blog that adds unnecessary comments to everything: ^^^^THIS!!!!!!!!
  • 60 different people who dont know how to use the tag function: [various gifs]
  • meninist butting in for no goddamn reason: not all men
  • aesthetic blog that's entirely reposted instagram art: hey im tyler promo my art [flower emojis]
  • the post is nine miles long and only halfway converted into the new format. it has 800,000 notes. you've seen it thirty four times. OP deactivated

anonymous asked:

Hi Dian, whenever I use Kyle Webster's brush tools, my photoshop lags. Is there a way to convert his "Tool files" into "Brush files? I'm just drawing on 10x10" 300 dpi. When I use default photoshop brushes I can go as large as 20x20" 300 dpi with no lag. I'm a bit confused as to why there is lag. I appreciate any input b/c I'm still a newbie to digital art :'D

Welp, There are many ways to do it.

Take this brush as an example. Pick it from Tool Preset

Right click it on your canvas, save it via New Brush Preset

And then you can find your new brush here.

The reason why Kyle saved all his brushes via Tool Preset is because Tool Preset is the only way to preserve the specific settings of the brushes (that is, brush texture, opacity, flow, and mode, etc.). Keep in mind that once you convert the brush to the Brush Preset, it might not work as well as its creator had intended it to. 

Also, if you just want to practice drawing and upload the art to internet, 150~200dpi is more than enough. Some artists prefer 300dpi because they need the file to be big enough that when you blow the file up up to 3x it won’t blur or pixilate on print file. Keep your canvas around 8inx8in, 150dpi would be a good start. You can always resize the canvas as needed. 

defiantlilsheep  asked:

I was just wondering, do you think you would ever draw like a Veela Harry or Draco with wings n such? Or does that defer too much from the ori story?

While it does defer from the original, of course, that’s not the reason I don’t really enjoy such headcanons. One of the points of my art is to portray Harry Potter characters as real people, make them feel much more “palpable” and relatable, as if they could really be part of our world (that’s also why I use references so much–because I enjoy converting real people into characters, it adds another dimension to them). I’m sure you’ve noticed how much I detach the HP world I portray from the fantasy aspects of it. Even somebody holding a wand is super rare :D Because they’re all just people in my art, just humans like you and me :) So unless being a creature is canon (like Remus being a werewolf), I don’t think there will be any supernatural additions to the characters I portray :>