LeahLillith’s Abner Platform Boots

- Comes in 8 colors ( Camel, Black, White, Army Green and Burgundy, with dark and light sole)
- Has Morphs, not perfect though.
- All LOD’s.
- HD mod compatible
- Mesh credits to LeahLillith.

Download LeahLillith’s Abner Platform Boots

CC used from @simpliciaty & @lumy-sims

- Caesar


1.  Don’t tell me I need to find a way to work around my limitations.

2.  Don’t imply that I’m a bad Spoonie because I dared to admit publicly something was inaccessible to me.

3. Don’t agree that something is inaccessible to me, but if I wanted it badly enough I could find a way to enjoy it.

4.  Don’t act like you are a good Spoonie because even though something is inaccessable, YOU are trying to find ways to enjoy it.

I don’t need you giving me 101 more things I need to expend energy on when I am worried about having enough energy to shower. 



Food  Set  No.4

(Conversion from sims2 to sims3)

This set is from Kativip on sims 2  <—- Website link

(original set name is Food collection)

4 converted objects.

#food no.6  —-> Here     *located in plants

#food no.7  —-> Here     *located in plants

#food no.8  —-> Here     *located in plants

#food no.9  —-> Here     *located in plants

*only package. if you want sims3pack, pls drop me a message and ill prepare.

*they work well in my sims3, but if you get problems from those objecst, pls remove soon, and could be nice to inform me, ty.

*some parts of dishes are recolorable, i meant, castable.

*im not the original cc creater of those objects,  Kativip created them.

*If you maybe wanna convert this conversion set into sims4, pls follow T.O.U. of Kativip, because im not the original creator of the objects.

Thank you very much for that amazing creation, the original cc creator, Kativip!

Hello, all! Uhhhhhhhhhh…..Im really sorry that i couldnt post this conversion set soon, although i promised.  I had no time because of moving. But I thank you all for your likes and reblogging on my last conversion set!!  About this food set, some parts are recolorable. The last one and this one are the same set from Kativip (original named “Food collection”)

Thank you so much for your visiting my tumblr, all!

Im ganna post new food conversion set as soon as possible :)

When you have any questions from the photos of my sims3, pls feel free to ask me.   e.g.) whose cc am i using on the pictures? and so on. Any questions about cc on my photos are welcome :)