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i wasn’t the only one who started crying when i saw these panels right holy fuck

EDIT: it seems the pages have been taken down by hussie, i can only assume it’s because these are tomorrow’s updates and he had uploaded them by accident


Whew! After finishing this set I  have come to respect not only meshers but recolorist more! Wow…this set gave me my own Waterloo. (old saying) It was fun and a major learning experience as I had never used a photo editing program extensively, never knew what the program offers fully nor what each function does. As I continue on this journey, I have learned so much and I thank the CC community with your help, postings, and tutorials.

When cool-panther posted their mesh, Conversion from TS2 to TS4 MysticRain’s Tea & Coffee set, I just knew I had to try the recolor…something I wished I was good at in Sims 2. Thank you very much for creating the mesh in Sims 4, it was inspirational. I had so much working with and learning to do the recolor.

Cool-Panther’s  TS2-TS4 Conversion of MysticRains Tea and Coffee Set Recolors

I only recolored the Loveseat, Living Chair and pillows because I was having a hard time presenting a doable recolor with the ottoman, so I recolored and cheapened the price of EA’s Capt Rodrio’s ottomans. Hope that’s OK. I liked it.

This is a set I originally wanted for my starter homes, something not so fancy and imperfect in color but I sort of failed at it. LOL…I thought I would share them because they are my best work to date. :D


  • 8 retro styled prints in simlish when there is writing @ 100 simoleons
  • 4 loveseat sets in mostly solid color (only had 2 swatches) @ 180 simoleons
  • 3 living chair sets (sorry but this mesh was too small for me to work with the patterns well, one of my lacking skills) @ 160 simoleons
  • 3 sets of matching pillows to the above and 3 sets of extras for mixing up @ 45 simoleons
  • All images included in the download file and show what’s in each .package
  • 8 recolors of EA’s Capt Rodrio Ottomans


Original Mesh- Mystic-Rain (lots of Sims 2 love)

Converted Mesh- cool-panther (HUGS)

Travel Poster Picture Mesh- linacherie

EA for the game with the PND plug-in

Tools: Sims4Studio Love Edition *I need a spanking for forgetting to post my thanks*

CC used in pictures:

Retro set clock- veranka-s4cc

Greek Olive Tree, Wine bottle- inabadromance

Plush Carpet- vintagesimy

Midcentury In Orbit Blinds Conversion- femme-jean

Urban Outfitters Rug- saudade-sims4

Grandma’s Hits glasses - Simcredible designs

WAMS Folksy Weaving Rugs converted to Sims 4 - linacherie but I can’t find a link

Wine glasses Living Room Munich- Buffsims @ TSR




If you have problems send me an ASK, I will answer to the best of my ability. I hope you like this set and enjoy! :D I really hope I didn’t forget anything. *is a bird brain*

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anonymous asked:

Can we have your headcanons for 'Peggy gets sent to the future via ~mysterious artifact~ and has to team up with the avengers' au?

if this isn’t a fic trope this should be a fic trope I stg okay so

  1. She and Fury meet (because uhhh time traveling SSR agent is kind of a big deal) and they look each other up and down for a second and then Nick is just like “Director Carter” and Peggy’s like “Director Fury” and they shake hands and there’s just this sigh of relief from the bystanders
  2. When Peggy sees Natasha fight she recognizes some of her moves because Dottie and doesn’t say anything at first but eventually she goes and talks to Natasha and checks for the scars on her wrist and nothing exactly changes except that at some point they both vanish and when they come back Natasha looks like she had a conversation she did not want to have but really needed to and is also laughing at something Peggy’s said and Natasha pats Steve on the chest and is like “well I can see why you spent so long waiting for her”
  3. Peggy and Steve though oh my godddd. It would hurt? But it would also be like - she gets to see him again, and of course this is a terrible paradox but in between whatever crisis they have time to talk some and Peggy tells Steve about Angie and Steve tells Peggy about Sam and it’s not good but it’s okay, you know? (Also Steve introduces Peggy to Sam and Sam and Peggy get along almost troublingly well. Troubling for Steve, I mean.)
  4. Also Peggy and Pepper? Like. I want to see that interaction. Peggy would probably like Pepper, she’s got the kind of attitude I think Peggy would respect.
  5. And then there’s Tony. No one’s ever seen Tony be so…polite. He’s not scared of her, oh no. It’s not like there were stories about Agent Carter in his house growing up. From Jarvis, from Howard (when he was around)…yeah, Tony is not going to piss off this woman. He’s pretty sure it would hurt.