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Me: What’s my favorite fruit?

INFP: Was it a berry? Or banana? I feel like it was a berry.

Me: You practically just said “Was it a berry? Or a berry? I feel like it was a berry.”

INFP: Are bananas considered berries?

Me: They’re not just considered berries, they’re actually berries.

INFP: Is an apple a berry?

Me: It’s a pome.

INFP: A pome?

Me: An accessory fruit. *links to Wikipedia article*



INFP: It’s a tree earring!!



Wood Pallet Set (new meshes) + 2t4 Nanu Latia Conversions

This set contains:

  • Wood pallet hanging chair: 10 swatches.
  • Wood pallet hanging chair pillow I: 14 swatches.
  • Eva Solo Tischgrill: 8 swatches.
  • Wine bottles: 8 swatches.
  • Bruni rolling wine glasses: 4 swatches.
  • Outdoor rug: 12 swatches.
  • Wicker coffee table: 22 swatches.
  • Wicker pouf: 22 swatches.
  • *Not all swatches are pictured, so you will have to check them out in game ;)

2t4 Nanu Latia conversions contains:

  • Latia basket with logs
  • Latia basket empty
  • Latia basket with grass
  • Latia side table (small)
  • Latia side table ( large)
  • Latia blinds (long)
  • Latia blinds (short)
  • Jamao birdhouse I
  • Jamao birdhouse II
  • Jamao birdhouse III
  • *All swatches are shown in pictures.

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Fake Conversation Between the Signs


Pisces: Princess?

Virgo: Who’s this?

Pisces: Oh sorry wrong number

Virgo: Wait, come back! I’ll be your princess!
Pisces: We shall meet again. I love you

Virgo: I love you too…

*requested by anon*
Stereotypical ISFJ moment (+ Fe vs Fi)

INFP (maths teacher): But how do you feel about this?

ISFJ (student): ummm… it’s maths…that’s how I work out equations with negative surds…

INFP: yes, but how do you feel about it? what do you understand? why is this how you work it out?

ISFJ: I feel like ten other classmates are waiting with their hands up right now…

ISFJ (continuing in head): And you just asked me how I feel about maths. It is maths. I wish we had our old teacher back. He didn’t ask about feelings. He encouraged us not to talk about our feelings. That worked. That is how maths should be.


Mle 1822/67 Tabatière rifle

Produced by the Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Etienne c.1822-41 and later converted c.1867-70.
17,5mm brass and cardboard Tabatière centerfire cartridge, single shot, breech loading, the breechblock double as an extractor.

Because it’s called the 1867 Tabatière people just assume it’s a copy of the 1866 Snider conversion, let’s just get that out of the way : it was developed in 1864 so the jury’s still out.
It’s an otherwise very similar modification in concept, with the main functional difference being the addition of a groove running from the breech along the back of the stock on the Tabatière conversions to load rounds more easily.
Such conversion were realized in France to supply the army with more breech loading rifles than the production of Mle 1866 Chassepot needle rifles alone could offer, resulting in the army tapping in the three previous types of percussion musket. This one was a Mle 1822 T bis.

This resulted in pretty big guns firing pretty big cartridges.