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The sad thing is that when I post trivial things on Facebook and social media, when I post happy things and daily reminders to love yourself, etc., my church and Christian community will be more than happy to respond and engage in conversation about this matter.

But when I post things about honest convictions, about accountability within the Christian community, and honestly, about anything not positive and bursting with light (pertaining to Christianity or not), my Christian community falls silent.

I’m convinced they see it, they hear it, they read it, but why the silence? It’s not even vocalized disagreement, it goes beyond that. When you’re ignored, it’s as if people can’t even be bothered enough to pose a response or formulate an opinion on what I’m addressing.

That hurts not only me, but our fellowship, our community, and it hurts the Christian community as a whole.

It’s time to take action, Tumblr.
It’s time for Action on Tumblr.

If you woke up in an America you don’t recognize, if you feel heartsick and scared, if you’ve found some smoldering hope inside of you, if you’re ready to get to work, if you’re fired up to fix this damn place, take Action.

In the buildup to the election, Tumblr hosted important conversations about issues that matter. Today, we’re moving from education to action. With Action on Tumblr, we’ll be handing the megaphone to the marginalized and letting them speak for themselves. In fact, right at this very moment you can ask an undocumented immigrant about her experiences, advice, concerns, hopes—anything—and so far her answers are a hell of a read. 

We’ll be providing venues for you all to connect with each other and become your own collective agents of change. We’ll be listening to you and supporting you. Whatever we can do to help you determine the future of the world you live in, we’ll be doing it.

We all need to work together, and we need to work fast. When you’re ready to get to work, or if you’re already making action happen, be sure to post about it and tag it #takeaction

And if you’ve got ideas—big or small—for what you’d like to see out of Action on Tumblr, our ask box is always open.

The signs as lovers

Aries: the daredevil.
They’ll fight for you and protect you, but be direct, upfront and adventurous. The type to go to a festival and fuck you in the car, but also spoil and be jealous. Sometimes lacks the ability to slow down but means the best. Demanding.

Taurus: the comforter.
Provides emotional stability and comfort. Super supportive. They’re very sensual, and find comfort in giving to their partner. Bad day? Let’s have slow sweet sex. Loyal.

Gemini: the free spirit.
Doesn’t want to feel tied down. Wants a person to do whatever with them: sleep, go on drives, have witty conversation, watch Netflix, doesn’t matter. They want to feel like they’re with their best friend and not be smothered, but they’re curious and will never want to stop learning about you. Expressive.

Cancer: the over feeler.
They’re very loyal but demand a lot, bringing security, love and care. They pay attention and want security, but also to be allowed to care for you. Mothering.

Leo: the show off.
Wants to go out and show you off. They want to feel wanted and be able to brag about your relationship. They’re warm and loyal in a relationship but can be self centered. Sometimes they forget the give, in give and take. They’re very physical and sex is very important. Needy.

Virgo: the submissive.
will act tough and sassy but truth is: they probably need you. will move the earth to make you happy, do anything you ask at the drop of a hat. You will never have to question if they love you, not when they’re being sarcastic, not when they’re expressing themselves to you. Never. Extremely submissive in bed, but also very kinky. Will give themselves to you over and over again.

Libra: the romantic.
Cute dates and long cuddles. Slow kissing, laughter and class are how they love. They nurture but never stop courting you. Will bring you flowers every anniversary for the rest of your life. Givers in bed. They get screwed over a lot due to their trusting and loving nature. Hopeless.

Scorpio: the psycho.
Passionate and quiet. Their love is like a silent storm that rains over you and only you. You will never have to worry about them leaving if they truly love you. They’re jealous and controlling though, sex will always be them in control.

Sagittarius: the all or nothing.
They will never do anything half way. It’s everything or you get nothing. They’re a confusing mix of serious and lighthearted- forward and passive aggressive. Intense, and experimental.

Capricorn: the rock.
They’re funny and sarcastic but they’re solid, they want you to see what good there is in dating them. They’re both givers and takers and not push overs but will have a soft spot for you. Practical.

Aquarius: the rebel.
Notorious for being detached, Aqua will impress you by slowly opening up. They’ll want to get into all sorts of trouble with you, and they’ll slowly become your best friend. They’re interesting and quirky and will give stimulating conversations, passionate kisses, little kisses and lots of diverse sex. Once they have you they’ll never want to let go.

Pisces: the dreamer.
Softhearted and starry eyed, they will think the world of you, while building a world with you. They’re sweet and genuine and creative. Never stop romanticizing you. They’re old souls with the stars in their eyes when they look at you.

during lunch break at work
  • me: *reading drarry fanfiction on my phone*
  • colleague: what's that you're reading all the time? is it a book?
  • me: *sweats*
  • me: uh... yeah. sort of.
  • colleague: oh, what's it about?
  • me: uh... magic. witches and wizzards. time travel. dragons. mysteries.
  • colleague: sort of like Harry Potter?
  • me: uh... yeah.
  • me: sort of.

anonymous asked:

Why do you dislike Dr. Strange? (I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just asking because I don't know much about him other than the movie and I'm interested in your opinion)

No worries! I try not to be overly negative on this blog but on the other hand I also really like talking about my opinions and I do have a lot of gripes with the world. 

The thing with Doctor Strange is less that I don’t like him and more that I just find him profoundly boring. He’s a character who is more or less Tony Stark but with more magic and Orientalism (arrogant genius, humbled by a disaster that leaves him injured, recovers and becomes a superhero), and with the difference that Iron Man actually…built his superhero-thing (the Iron Man suit) where Doctor Strange got his from the power of Orientalism (learning magic from ancient wise monks in Asia). 

Okay, I’m being maybe a little hard on him, but by and large I just don’t find him as a character interesting at all. 

Where this turns into actual dislike is the fact that he as a character gets the kind of attention he does when there are so many more interesting characters out there. How is it that he has a movie and Black Widow doesn’t, for instance? How come he has a stand alone comic when female characters’ comics are dropping like flies?

(Also I resent the way that Marvel played his movie like a “this is the INTRODUCTION OF MAGIC TO THE MCU” when, like, no, both Wanda and Loki have been doing magic before now, fuck that technobabble you’ve been spouting about “advanced science” and “neurochemical manipulation”, it’s fucking magic. But that is maybe a little petty.) 

You know who’s a great character who should get all of the attention Doctor Strange gets? Clea. Clea is a sorceress who comes from the Dark Dimension, the daughter of the Evil Queen Umar. She was Strange’s girlfriend in comics for a while, and learned magic from him, and then left Earth to go claim the Dark Dimension from her evil mom and become ruler there. Her relationship with Strange broke down because she got too capable for him and decided to prioritize ruling the Dark Dimension over her boyfriend.

There’s also an alternate universe where she was Sorceress Supreme, which should be every universe, tbh. I mean, fucking look at her. 

Anyway, Clea is great.

There was a time when our conversations mattered to me. I could long to talk to you for a whole day you and if you actually had texted me something it made the whole day seem worthwhile. It was just how you affected me. They meant something to me, your message. Even if you just asked how my day was. They made me happy. They made me forget everything they made me sad. You had that gift - to make me happy with the small things.

Was. That little world. Putting this happiness of mine in the past. Because something happened. You stopped texting me. You stopped acknowledging me. You stopped and I felt too weird to send you messages, after the first ten, I already sent that day. Ten messages. No answers. No questions.

One message a day became one message a week and later a message a month and then I stopped too. Except now and then I could send a text out of the blue just because but you never wrote back.

Until one day you did. Like you never stopped. Like nothing had happened. Like not a half a year had gone by. It was still easy talking, but I didn’t really care. You had taken something from me with that deafening silence of yours. You had locked me out, to suddenly open the door once more and inviting me in, in from the cold. But you see, I had found peace within. I didn’t need your warmth or your kindness. I didn’t need you anymore.
Our conversations in the night didn’t matter anymore. They don’t matter anymore. I moved on. I moved on with my life.

I’m sorry. But you fucked this up. Not me. I cared for our conversations and I cared for you. But no more. You kind of killed that feeling. Killed it with the silence. I can’t do this. That would be counterproductive.
Goodbye and have a good life. One advice though, if you don’t care to cultivate your friendship with people, don’t bother. It’s a two-way thing, you know. But, I suppose you didn’t even consider me a friend, did you now?

—  @celtic-poetry , Burned one too many times by cold shoulders
How to Improve Written Dialogue in 6 Steps

Dialogue is often one of the clunkiest elements I read in a requested manuscript. It’s difficult to balance the nuances of real-life speech and the guidelines for written conversation, but it doesn’t take much to improve the dialogue you have already created. Here are six steps to improving written dialogue: 

Step 1: Sit at a coffee shop and listen to conversations.
Write down fragments of what you overhear. This is the best way to get real-world inspiration for your dialogue. For example, if you’re writing a book about teenagers, then listen in on a conversation between teenagers. No matter your protagonist, you can find real-world inspiration for how they talk, what they care about, and how they connect with other people through conversation. If a coffee shop doesn’t work for your research, then pick another public location. Parks, libraries, bookstores, restaurants… almost anywhere will work. 

Step 2: Avoid dialogue tags.
Dialogue tags are almost always unnecessary. If two characters in your book are having a conversation, readers don’t need to know who said what after each line. Your readers can assume that the speech is moving back and forth. Dialogue tags can make your writing look clunky and also waste your allowed word count on absolutely nothing. 

Step 3: Look up other ways to say “said”.
Even when you try to avoid them, sometimes you will need to use dialogue tags in order to let the reader know who is speaking. And when you do, occasionally find different tags than “said” to keep things interesting. 

Step 4: Remove (almost) all name mentions.
Most writers have a bad habit of including characters’ names in speech in the early drafts of a novel. People rarely call each other by name in real-world conversation. Don’t let every line of dialogue start with someone’s name because it’s unrealistic. 

Step 5: Get rid of the small talk.
Many people will tell you, when advising how to write dialogue, to make it sound as close to real-life speech as possible. This is one exception. Small talk happens a lot in real-life (how many conversations about the weather have you had in your lifetime?), but it shouldn’t be in your novel. No one wants to read small talk; readers are looking for interesting dialogue that is engaging and moves the plot forward. 

Step 6: Read all dialogue out loud.
Go ahead. Do it. Read every single line out loud. Pretend your dialogue is the script of a play and act it out. The way you’ve written it (and the words around the speech) should include hints at the emotion behind the words. Reading your dialogue out loud is the best way to catch errors, judge its compelling nature, and check that it sounds authentic.

Now go forth and write great conversations! 

anonymous asked:

What didn't you like about the survey?

The biggest thing is definitely the way the write up made moralistic judgments on tropes. The fact that they called the most “nay” voted tropes “most reviled” (when voting “nay” indicates, I would argue, quite possibly just a neutral “not my thing” vote, as most of my “nay” votes did when I took the survey) for instance.

Someone even noted, apparently that:

The tendency to want to self-edit even on an anonymous survey w/r/t tropes that are on the outs for being problematic or viewed as inherently “kinky” was surprising — I didn’t expect that reluctance to “disclose.” (I mean, I was honest, but I was surprised by how much community/other people’s value judgements were in my head).

So like. Even on an anonymous survey, people were answering with the thought that there was going to be a community judgment for things like admitting that you read non-con or other dark tropes. And yet the write up concluded that it was a value judgment, and a lot of the responses to the survey made that even more explicit.

There’s also the fact that they branded “slavery” specifically as a sexual kink while deeming non-con and incest as “illegal and immoral” - I’m pretty sure slavery is also illegal and immoral but apparently only one of these things is an acceptable sexual fantasy?

There was an underlying tone to the whole thing that implicitly suggested that people who write dark fic, or fic in the “most reviled” categories, are bad and wrong. Or at least, that’s how I felt, speaking as someone who has written 7/10 of the “most reviled” tropes in that survey. 

As I noted at the time, clearly I need to get cracking on my underage centaurification AU featuring bullying and eating disorders.

Fic: The Longing and Yearning

The year is 1963, and Colonel Steve Rogers has been the Iron Man since 1940. His recent brush with death in a fight against the Hulk has left him scarred, broken, and – unwillingly – in retirement. He’ll never wear the armor again. Tony Stark, the new owner of Stark Industries, is young, brilliant, ambitious, and he has a few ideas of his own about the next Iron Man. But when Tony shows up at Steve’s door one evening, the conversation quickly turns to matters other than business. Tony is smart, gorgeous, half Steve’s age, and he’s definitely not offering what Steve and his lonely fantasies wish he were offering. And even if he were, Steve should definitely not take him up on it.

This is a Steve/Tony canon-divergent AU of the miniseries Bullet Points, where skinny Steve is Iron Man in World War II. For Cap-IM Bingo, the square “what would Captain America do?” Thanks to @einheriar and @teatotally for beta.

Read The Longing and Yearning on AO3 (12,941 words)

Y’know what’s bullshit?

Comments on posts such as:
“Protect women from online harassment”
“Black lives matter”
“More services for trans youth”

“corrected” to:
”Protect ALL from online harassment”
“ALL lives matter”
“More services for EVERYONE”

Because let’s face it, you don’t fuckin’ mean all lives matter and everyone should be protected, you really mean: “I wasn’t included in this conversation that wasn’t about me in the first place and I want to remind you that I exist”

If ALL lives and EVERYONE truly mattered to you then why in th’fuck aren’t you listening with compassion, understanding and a sense of “I must do something to help, this truly is a travesty” when one member of that ALL/EVERYONE tells you that they are being hounded, harassed, abused and killed for simply being? It doesn’t stop being real just because you’d rather not believe it happens or because you don’t want to feel like you’re in any way part of the problem. You don’t look more noble by including everyone in your conversation; you are specifically dismissing the grievances of those speaking up.

I guess I’ve seen it all now. Up is down on tumblr. 

Tumblr is a grotesque trainwreck when discussing WW2 precisely because the crimes enacted by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan don’t at all fall neatly into the US racial paradigm where “white” = oppressor and “POC” = oppressed dichotomy. Yet people feel a need to shoehorn it into the conversation no matter how offensive it is to us. Both were cases where the primary victims were other European and Asian ethnic groups, who by US standards, inhabited the same race category as their oppressors. It therefore doesn’t fit at all into “White/POC”. It just DOESN’T. Privilege in 1940s Europe was some warped version of German/Nordic/Aryan supremacy. Privilege in 1940s Asia was about being Japanese. 

I really wish this website will stop this crass appropriation of WW2 crimes to it into a “white/POC” dichotomy. All too often, it’s done to minimise hideous crimes committed by Imperial Japan and to trivialise the suffering of Holocaust victims just because some of them are “white” by US standards. Because there’s the tiresome, incessant need to somehow force it to cohere to the US race paradigm where white people have power and POC don’t.

A mass murdering, brutal and expansionist empire killed millions of people because of its mad vision of Japanese superiority and people are so keen to make some bullshit statement about their lack of “white privilege”? Plus the obligatory “some European country made them do it! Waaaahhh!” (Btw, the first atomic bomb wasn’t operational until after Germany surrendered. Not to mention overall, more German than Japanese civilians died in the Allied bombings. Also, the Sino-Japanese War already started in 1937, which is before the invasion of Poland in 1939 that marks the official start of WW2. Tell me again how the Soviet Union tricked the poor, gullible Empire of Japan into conquering and slaughtering millions of their neighbours?) 

At the same time, one can suffer from a hideous, internationally recognised genocide but hey, you have light skin and you are an ethnic group that lived in Europe? WHITE PRIVILEGE~!!!!!! As if antisemitism, antiroma racism and anti slavic racism died with Hitler, as if European racism today isn’t still based on ethnicity and doesn’t involve hatred of these aforementioned groups of people. As if everybody killed in the Holocaust even looked “white” by US standards. As if Europe doesn’t have racist, far right parties actually in the EU Parliament and prominent politicians who are Holocaust deniers. 

Is that supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy? Like seriously, what even goes into this kind of thinking? Do they think my grandmother would have felt ANY sympathy or kinship with the Japanese soldiers who wanted to rape Chinese women and who were brutalising the entire region because, “yeah dude, we both don’t have white privilege!” Do they think those “you would have white privilege if you were American” or “people will bother remembering you because you’re white!!!” is supposed to be comforting to the people stripped of their humanity, turned to ashes before their time, of entire ethnic groups that bear the scars of an attempt to utterly destroy them? 

Is it that hard to understand that where we would sit in the power structure in the US is totally irrelevant to where the crimes of Germany and Japan were committed because they did not happen in the US? 

People talk about not derailing, and putting in US dynamics into a non-US tragedy IS derailing. If we’re talking about an intra-European genocide where the light skin didn’t confer any privilege to its victims, bringing US white privilege to the picture IS derailing. If we’re talking about a brutal Asian empire, your comments about how European imperialism was “so much worse anyway” is derailing.

The blatant disrespect for WW2 tragedies by people on this website who refuse to decentre from the US race paradigm when discussing it pisses me off to no end honestly. 

Sounds in Silence: A Saeran One-Shot

Unlike Any Other Series

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Sounds are incredibly powerful. 

They are perhaps the most powerful senses we possess. 

Familiar sounds can transport us back in time to an exact moment of pure clarity. The sounds themselves can be so simple, but the connections you create have force. The sound of a choir harmonizing in tandem, the sound of soft machinery whirring softly in a dimly lit room, the sound of wind whipping through your hair…

These moments are made clearer in silence, when no words are exchanged, and the sound of the world around you seems to seep into every second that passes.

There are memories you hold dearest above all, ones that come back to you every time you hear a certain precious sound, ones that put you back into the first stepping stones of new beginnings.

Like the first time you saw Saeran smile. 

Birds were chirping in the park as you walked together. You can’t remember the conversation. It hardly mattered. You had smiled at something he said, genuine happiness stretching across your cheeks, glowing warmly from your heart. That sweet trill of birdsong always reminds you of the soft surprise that blossomed from his face, peeking out from eyes normally so guarded and tense. 
It was then that you learned that his smiles were always genuine, never forced. He smiled with his eyes, crinkling at the edges and spilling out of a far away place he hardly ever shared. You’re pretty sure your heart stopped, if just for a moment. 
The birds chirped sweetly as you wondered.

The first time he held your hand.

The grass was still wet with morning dew. He was watching the sunset. You sat down next to him, staring up at the sky. The wind was blowing through the chimes on the porch, creating a melodious chorus. Warmth suddenly touched your hand as you felt fingers intertwine with yours. Your breath caught in your throat.
This was new. 
The rush of excitement, fear, panic, and amazement almost overwhelmed you. It was hard to act normal. You had been waiting for this. You slowly closed your fingers, pressing your skin into his, heart pounding in your chest.
The chimes rippled gently as you failed to suppress a smile.

The first time he kissed you. 

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  • Person: I don't see why we're still talking about racism. I mean, it's not that big a deal and I personally have never experienced racism.
  • Me: Well if that's the case, let's stop talking about global warming since I personally don't feel cold right now. Also, lets skip out on sexism since no guys have catcalled me today. Moreso, why are we still talking about world hunger, I mean, I just ate this morning!