Touch     By: Y. Black

Exhilarating it’s that

Passionate without a doubt

Often times it’s harmonious when we touch

Your softness against my firmness

Sets the mood ablaze anytime anyplace

The goose bumps you give

The tingle you feel

That’s how our bodies converse

The deeper the conversation

The wetter she gets

The harder I become

The closer we get

Our hands roam

I’m gripping your soft curves

You’re digging into my flesh

My lips find your neck

Your teeth find my collar bone

Oh where touching

Yet so much more

You mount me

I guide you

Your lips part

My head throbs

Your walls squeeze me

I pull you onto my chest and grip that ass

You bite my neck and begin to quake

You clinch me letting me know its time

We know each other best

To the summit we both climb

Our lips meet

We’ve reached our peak

You shake and I buck

Nothing better than when we touch

@caliego @caramelcream1011 @dscurve @eroticallyyou @anytimeanyplace365  S/O to the Black Writers Club