I think it’s Monty’s little brother. Unlike his slightly slow older brother, -insert name here- is actually quite intellegent, he's just prone to catatonia and tends to hurt himself without realizing it. Monty’s parents are more worried about -nameless as of yet- so they pay little attention to Monty’s problems, which is why Monty goes around with Minty and no one gives a shit. But Monty doesn’t mind, because he loves his little brother, and is too nice to realize his parents really don’t care about him. Monty and younger brother get along well, for both are painfully kind and afraid of hurting people’s feelings, but Little Bro doesn’t like Minty very well and tries to urge Monty to stay away from him. But Minty is Monty’s best friend, and best friends stay together forever!

He’s cuuuute, right? ;a;