Imagine: Dirty talk with Sam.

Sam x Reader

Warning: Smut, Masturbation, Dirty Talk

Hand to the short curly haired man upstairs, this hadn’t been planned. It started with a bit of fun, a small prank. Although now, at this new point in time, you couldn’t remember what possessed you to think of this, you had changed your name in Sam’s phone. It was suppose to be a minor inconvenience. One you could laugh off later. Instead of “Y/n” your name read “Destiny”. The joke was a lot funnier at two in the morning as you were rushing to think of something while Sam was in the bathroom. You returned to you separate motel room next door before he was done.

That’s where the real fun started.

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Bang Me Like Those Drums

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.3 k

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Warnings!! There’s 2 smut scenes: Rimming, daddy kinks, hints of DD/LB (but not), wall sex, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talking, Dan is in a skirt, Dan in panties, blow jobs, slut! Dan (if you squint), etc.

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Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe.

[Part 2]

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU, Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mature themes, strong language

Word count: 4,007

Summary: Hoseok meets his Soulmate during High School and she’s there through it all. There’s nothing that could come between the idol pair of Soulmates living in house Bangtan, right? 

Jung Hoseok’s soulmate was basically a mystery. Outside of his gang, people just thought you were a figment of his imagination because he’d never truly met you according to them. The other gangs were convinced this man they knew as J-Hope was absolutely insane. He had the eyes of a bird and the aim that people wished they could have. He never missed a second and was always in tune with the twists and movements of his long body. He was truly a sight to see when it came to hand-to-hand combat, even though his specialty was sniping.

Hoseok had made this persona to those outside of his small circle that his mental health was on a downward slope. It was all a ploy to keep you safe in the long run, but also so he could brag about you and your twin children as a mocking thing during a fight. If he wasn’t lowkey endangering your safety you could have seen it as endearing. Whenever he would tell you about the way he talked about you during these, it easily churned your stomach.

The two of you had met in middle school during Science. You’d always liked the subject due to the logic of it while Hoseok enjoyed it for the mysteries. He loved those. The teacher had thought it would be fun to make the lab partners those with similar birthdays. It was a cool coincidence you both happened to be born on the same day. When he’d stepped over to your desk to introduce himself, he found himself seeing the beautiful hues of green inside of your eyes.

His face lit up and within moments he was behind you and holding you tight to him. You coughed as you were shy and a stranger holding you like this made you uncomfortable. As normal as it was, you’d never been any bit as intimate as this with a man let alone a stranger. As the brown’s around the room began to shimmy into your view, you were lost in your head until the school bell rang signaling the end of the day.

From there he’d taken your arm and the rest was history. The beautiful tale of Hoseok and Y/N. Everyone at school called you two the power couple and were extremely jealous when you’d walk down the halls hand in hand. He was handsome and fun and had a bubbly and charismatic personality that everyone was attracted too. At first it made a you a bit uneasy that you were always surrounded by people, but he made you feel comfortable and wanted at all times. His attention was always on you.

It wasn’t until High School was almost over that things got sort of complicated. Something was happening with Namjoon, the guy you felt was a little brother to you and the rest of the boys were there for him. You wanted to be there for them the day they created Bangtan, but Hoseok wouldn’t allow it. You promised and promised that you’d stay out of trouble, but he refused to let you become an official member.

You weren’t quite too sure what happened behind the scenes, but they didn’t stop you from being there. They didn’t throw you out. Almost all of the boys had these tight views on soulmates and that they were important for themselves. So they could never outcast you. Hoseok loved you too much for that to happen. The other boys had become your friends along the way as well and cared about you too.

“Are you gonna have a codename?” you joked with him about two weeks after they’d begun doing things they wouldn’t tell you of. You lightly punched his arm. “How about something cute? J-Hope?”

“J-Hope?” he was a bit confused, but he seemed to like it. His face was bright as he placed a soft kiss on the corner of your mouth. “That’s not really a mafia esque name, but I kind of think it works.”

“J for Jung and Hope- well. You know yourself.” you kissed his chin as you laid on top of him in your bedroom. He’d been staying with you as all of the boys had recently sold their homes to put the money towards the drugs and buying a base.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s really nice. It’ll keep up my incognito appearance, you know?” you both broke into full blown laughter and he leaned over you to place a kiss on your lips. “Can you do me a favor, Y/N? I know you’re already doing so much by keeping this secret and not staying involved but do you wanna get married or somethin’? We could go to the town hall or whatever those quick ones are. I just don’t know if when we take off I’ll die or something and I wanna tell whoever put us together that I got to marry you.”

You were at a loss for words as he rambled on. You sat up and swiveled your body to face his, locking with his beautiful eyes. “You wanna get married? We’re kids-” Before he could interrupt you you held a hand to his mouth and cut off your own train of thought. “Fuck it. Let’s do it.”

His smile lit up and he kissed you again. “Sometimes I’m like, Gee I miss when Y/N was shy and then you do this stuff… Man, I love you.”

“You know I love you, Hobi.” his smile somehow got bigger at the mention of your favorite nickname. “I’m supporting you joining the mafia.” you rolled your eyes with the statement as you almost wished it was a joke in the moment. You always had this habit of blindly following whatever the free spirited you had fallen in love with was ready to do.

As Bangtan got bigger, all seven of them dropped out of school. You hadn’t decided to follow their lead in that and they supported that. They didn’t want you to follow them the way they did as they feared for your safety, but they knew they couldn’t stop you. Soulmates were… soulmates. Love was love.

You stayed until you graduated and Jin even went as far as to drive you everyday. This was when he was your friend, before he slowly began to resent you for being Hoseok’s soulmate rather than as a friend. You knew bits and pieces of what was going on in the oldest’s head, but you never wanted to pry into his bitterness on the subject. You just knew he was hurt and you left it there.

Once you’d graduated, they’d moved you into the Bangtan Base (as they called it) to keep you safe. For the last bits of high school you tried to make people forget you were in a relationship as ‘J-Hope’ had to become a fresh face in the world and not ‘Y/N’s boyfriend’. Sadly it meant you had to flirt with people and make new friends, but when Namjoon told you to do that he made sure neither of you mentioned it to Hoseok. At least the forgetting part.

At first you were almost depressed about being trapped in the house, but that was the life you chose. Hoseok had always given you outs before and even after you got married. He’d always tell you he would help you run away and give you a safe place to feel free, but all you wanted was to be with him. There were times when you even felt a little pathetic about it, how dedicated you were. Love was love and the Soulmate system was overbearing and terrifying. It just enforced the feelings you would have run into eventually with a strong push.

Every Soulmate was always fated to meet, even before the sight of colors was a push. It was something that had been studied by some of the world’s smartest people and they confirmed that fate was bound to have the two of you cross paths in probably the same way. People liked the system, the natural system. It made less of a witch hunt about finding the person you were destined to be with forever. The red string of fate was there all along.

“Hey.” It was a night about a year after you had graduated and Hoseok had just come home from a drug deal. He’d showered twice and couldn’t shake the stench of weed from his body, but you’d learned to accept it. “How come I can’t ever go out with you guys? I help at home and it’s nice- but I worry while you’re gone.”

“I’d worry even more if you were there, you know.” Hoseok’s response came in impeccable time.  “You’ve never been a fighter or too much of a talker.” he pinched your cheeks and you made a sour face into his smile. “You’re good here and you can step outside and live a life without fear that some random guy is Big Bang or SNSD’s lacky and ready to give away your location instantly.”

You sighed and began to walk towards your bedroom instead of being in the common rooms for the rest of this conversation. You heels clicked against the newly wooden floor since a new carpet had to be installed from the last shootout they’d been to. Jungkook and Taehyung came home completely bloodied up and in the process of sewing their wounds, both of them had dripped a lot of blood onto the carpet. It wasn’t even salvageable.

Today you had gone on a job interview working in an office building and was currently dressed to the nines. Namjoon had thought it was a good idea to get you out of the house and also keep up an alibi or something if things went wrong. Even if you were technically not doing anything, you were still heavily involved in Bangtan’s affairs. Having your own money sounded like a good idea to you on top of that. Sometimes you’d feel guilty about spending their money with the way the boys spoiled you.

“Anyways, how’d the interview go?” he was quick to avoid awkward conversation that could lead to an argument. It was easily a trait he had that got on your nerves, but you couldn’t change his attitude towards arguments at this point.

“Great, great. I think he loved me.” you rolled your eyes at his attitude switch and awkwardly bent your arm around to unzip the dress you had on. His nimble fingers attempted to reach forward to help but you stepped out of his reach. “I can help myself, Hobi. Can you go shower again?” He groaned and stood up, leaving you to your lonesome.

After about a week the job had called you back and of course you landed it. Straight A student going to a nice school for marketing? A perfect shoe in if you ask anyone. They couldn’t help except to quickly want you. Trying to keep a normal life was a bit tough at this point but when you weren’t home you were almost nailing it on the spot.

It wasn’t until about 3 years later that anything was off from the normal helping Jin patch up the torn and tattered gang members. You’d moved up in your company and was now one of the managers to match your degree. Then you got pregnant. You didn’t really know how to go about this situations. Most gang members didn’t even have a wife, at least unbeknownst to the outside world. They were good at secrets, as were you.

Hoseok found out on a day that he didn’t have any meetings, raids, fights, or anything Bangtan related to do. Well, you told him on that day to ease the tension he could possibly feel. Except, nothing was wrong. He was ecstatic. Happier than you had been when you found out a month prior. He was almost bouncing off of the walls and poor Bangtan for having to experience his talks and talks and talks about the baby that looked like him that was on the way. It got even worse when the doctor had informed you that you were expecting twins.

Namjoon took it well. He was quite excited to have a baby running around the house. Since none of the other gangs knew where their base was, he figured it was a safe place for a child. Almost everyone agreed except for Yoongi. One night you’d even overheard him talking to his basically boyfriend, Hoseok. The two of you always got along because you both always strived to make Hoseok happy. Yoongi was the closest to Hoseok and possibly yourself at times.

The two of them were sitting outside on the front porch on a nice fall night. It wasn’t too cold and there was a nice breeze running through the air. You went to go take a walk around the acres of ground only to be stopped by Min Yoongi’s harsh tone.

“-let her leave, Hoseok!” he was screaming and it didn’t seem like this was the start of the argument. “She’s having your babies! Babies, for fucks sake! You’re bringing children into a mafia den! It’s bad enough you brought the love of your life here when you could easily die everyday! You could have let Y/N go to a straggler! They all have hope for when they lose their soulmate. You could have let her go.” Yoongi sounded almost hurt.

“But- Yoongi, I’m her hope. I have to- I can’t ever leave her-” Hoseok was crying and all you wanted to do was hold him. Take his lanky figure into your own and wipe away his tears.

“And you’re in so fucking deep I can see you getting yourself killed if she left. You’re gonna slip up, Hoseok and it’s gonna suck when all of us are gonna pick up your pieces and hers. She’s not just a thing and I hope you know that. Take fucking care of your shit, Hoseok. You got yourself to the bottom of the god damn pit and our ladder isn’t long enough without you. Better find a fucking lift.” Then Yoongi walked in and slid right past you. He probably knew you were listening. His smart ass definitely knew.

Your steps had gotten heavier and were fully audible as you stepped through the door and sat on the step next to him. His face looked hurt and you didn’t even have any words to say as a response. There really wasn’t anything to say. The two of you knew that his hyung was right. There was no doubt about it and if he was saying this after the fact, the thoughts of what he’d said before were starting to turn your mind against itself.

“You know he’s right.” Was the only thing he said to you that night. You knew it and he knew and everyone fucking knew it. But you didn’t leave. It wasn’t that you couldn’t, there was no reason for you to want to leave. Yeah the danger and everything of being associated with Bangtan, but you didn’t want to raise kids without their Dad. Sure he could die, but so could any person in this fucked up world. It was too late to leave.

Then they came. Kira and Jae. The names had come right out of nowhere, but they felt right to both of you. They felt like your childrens names. The day they were born was stressful since you were alone when your water broke. You left a voicemail on Hoseok’s turned off phone and continued to call through each of the Bangtan boys as you drove yourself to the hospital in a car you’d bought about a year ago with your own money.

He showed up about halfway through delivery. Your phone had died and he basically barged in with a trail of nurses behind him. “I swear this is my wife!” he yelled to them as he ran over to grab your cramping hand. Through your pain you nodded at them and took ahold of his hand. In those few moments you let out all of the frustration and pain you’d been feeling lately towards him and your entire life.

Then something weird happened to you. There wasn’t any kind of loneliness you’d been feeling before, because someone always needed you. Of course your husband had always needed you, but he was an independent guy a good amount of the time.

He never tried to withhold secrets from you or anything of the sorry, but he still did. There were things he kept from you and you knew it. He figured it would make you feel safer, but it made you almost feel pushed away. He never wanted things to be like this, but it seemed alright now. It seemed okay.

The twins brought a light back into your life that you’d thought you had lost being isolated outside of work. Once they were born you decided to quit your job and devote time to giving them good lives. They deserved it. A thought that always roamed through your mind as was what color couldn’t they say? When you dress Jae in blue could they both see it? Could they see the vibrant colors decorating their room?

They could definitely see the red of the blood that scattered the house. Whenever you noticed a new stain, you’d put them in a playpen to scrub it off on the mostly white walls. When the bleach stopped resorting the walls to their normal color was the day you made the executive decision to paint the walls a beige color. You took the task upon yourself for the days when you were alone with the kids and they were asleep, you’d paint.

Then when that was done, you decorated. You put up pictures from High School and with the lack of photos of recent times, you became dedicated to taking more pictures. You bought each members of Bangtan a camera and dragged Hoseok to get a professional family photoshoot. He was actually all about it. Then he joked for a good hour about how it was times like this that only being known as J-Hope came in handy for him.

The twins were one by this time and growing up beautifully. Now that they were crawling, the excessive weapons that laid around the home began to scare you even more. So you had a meeting and everyone began cleaning up better after themselves. Now, if the base ever got discovered you probably wouldn’t be able to find a good amount of evidence signalling them into being a gang. Just a bunch of broke High School dropouts living together.

Now, here you were, two years later and fucking your husband senseless into the night. Every other member of Bangtan was gone and Suga and his girl had even taken the kids, so you two took advantage of the situation. His flexible body was putting yours out of commision and you couldn’t help but enjoy every moment of it.

“Hoseok.” his name left your urgent mouth after your climax and once he was next to you on the bed instead of above you. “Can I ask you something?”

“You wanna go again?!” his voice was full of excitement as your pursed your lips and mouthed no. He let out a little chuckle and grabbed a towel to clean you off from the earlier activities.

“Did you marry me so I couldn’t leave?” He choked on the thin air that now flooded the room. His eyes darted away from yours and in that moment you knew it was true. It was a thought that had been braving your mind since you’d overheard one of the other boys telling Yoongi to do it. He simply responded that he didn’t want to tie her down so quickly and you wondered why Hoseok did.

“I did love you, Y/N. I do love you and I always will- I was just afraid you would run away from this.” he threw the towel towards the laundry basket and grabbed a long shirt for you to sleep in.

“I promised you I wouldn’t!” your voice sounded broken as you got dressed and slowly pushed yourself off of the bed. You leaned on the walls for support as you went to grab yourself a pair of sweatpants. Hoseok simply watched you, knowing that you’d freak out if he came anywhere near you in this moment. “Did you not trust me?”

“Of course I trusted you! I just didn’t know who else I could trust in the world. There’s a lot of fucking cool guys who aren’t in gangs, Y/N! You could’ve left me for a straggler if I didn’t act fast!” You weren’t sure if he was crying too in this moment, but he rarely swore at you so you knew he was angry. His eyes burned holes into your skin as you got yourself decent enough to sleep in another room tonight.

“I’m not too sure why you’d think that Hoseok, but I can tell you I have some thinking to do tonight. You should spent some time with my kids when they get back.” You spoke with a harsh tone and slowly stepped out of the room, slamming the door behind yourself. The home was still empty at this point, but almost on queue as you sat on the couch the rest of the guys walked in covered in dirt with a bunch of prizes and candy. They must’ve gone to a fair.

Blue and Suga were caught up in each other as they handed the babies off to you, telling you how good they were and how much fun they had. The rest of Bangtan seemed at odds with each other and you couldn’t help but wonder what had happened at a fair. RM took notice of your stained face once Hoseok walked out to take the tired twins from your arms and the leader took a seat next to you.

“Ahh, is J acting up?” he laughed and you just shrugged. He ruffled your hair and you couldn’t help but to laugh.

“You’re too good at this.” you spoke normally and leaned back into the couch. “This whole leaderesque Dad thing.”

He smiled at your words and copied your motions. “Yeah, it’s a talent.” The two of you laughed. “I gotta be ready for when she’s ready, you know?” He cleared his throat and sighed. “Are you planning on leaving?”

“I had the thought a few times.” your response was almost instant.

“Just let me know and don’t run off. Please. I can’t handle a broken sun when I have people to kill.” he cracked his hands and stood up. “You shouldn’t though. We like having you here.” Then you were alone again in the most public area of your crowded home.

Thoughts blurred through your mind and you made a choice. It wasn’t forever and you’d hope he knew that. You hoped all of them knew that the three of you would eventually come back and with that notion you weren’t sure why you were going. It was a break. You needed a break from all of this shit and you wrote that in your letter goodbye.

                                                         Hey Hobi,

                                                        I love you. 

                   I hope you know I love you and always always always will. 

                   I hope you know me well enough to know this isn’t the end 

                                        and that we’re coming back. 

                                  I won’t deprive our kids of a father.

                    I’m going to take them away from the noise for a while. 

                                                Don’t look for me. 

                         I know you’d be able to find me if you did that. 

                                       Just let me rock for a while. 

                                      Just love me from far away. 

    I’ll be back so so so soon and the house better be in mint condition when I do.

              I love you and I hope you love me enough to understand this.


                                              Your Soulmate.

Author’s Note: Hey everyone! I hoped you like part one of Kismet! This one was really tough for me to write for no good reason, so your feedback would be appreciated as always! I’d love to know what everyone thought of this.

Yoongi’s installment!

Jimin’s installment!

Taehyung’s installment!

Jungkook’s installment!

Jin’s installment!

What happened to them before Bangtan?

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Logan's New Assistant AU - Jack Avery (Part I)

Description: You were an assistant of Jake Paul’s, assigned by Team 10, until the diss video. He wanted you to rap in it, but you’re a heavy believer in family. Obviously, the whole video was breaking that rule. When you’re given the get-go by Team 10 later on, you’re hired by Logan quickly in an attempt to get inside information. However, you quickly fall for one of his boys (Jack Avery) as you help them with the Help Me, Help You video. However, as soon as Logan sees the diss video, he immediately comes to you for some dirt on his brother. You’re torn between telling him and scoring major points or staying true to your beliefs and not, risking yet another job. Rating: PG ••• You pull up to the hill-top house just outside of LA in your yellow Volkswagen Bug, taking a huge breath. As instructed, you’ve arrived at the home of one of Logan Paul’s pals, which is where everyone is apparently meeting up. You check your Apple Watch to see you’re ten minutes early and hope Logan won’t get onto you like his brother did. You take another deep breath before taking the keys out of your ignition and getting out of the car, grabbing your denim jacket and phone. You slip on the jacket, which has a few rips in it, over your white ‘SLAY’ crop-top. You quickly and subtly pull up your high-waisted, ripped jeans too before slipping your phone in your back pocket and heading towards the door. You ring the doorbell and wait, rocking back and forth in your Converse-clad heels as you do so. Nerves take over you as half a minute passes with no one answering the door, and you’re about to ring the doorbell again when the door’s opened by none other than Logan Paul himself. He holds up the camera and grins. “Say hi to my new assistant, guys!” You wave at the camera shyly. “This is Y/N, and she used to be my little sister’s assistant.” He turns the camera towards himself. “That’s right, Jakey. I got your cars, your house, AND your assistant.” He turns the camera back towards you. “C'mon in, just follow me.” You do as you say and, even though you’ve worked with people like Logan and Jake, you’re still a bit surprised by the interior of the house. Logan waves to a few people before a man with a beard and a beanie waves at him back. “Yo, it’s my man Jeff!” The man just smiles and shakes his head. “This the new girl?” He motions to you. “Yup, this is Y/N.” Logan turns the camera towards you once more, and you just wave at the camera. “Yeah, she’s cool already.” You blush at that as he continues through the house to a living room where four guys are sitting around. Logan immediately makes a finger guns and points it at each boy, making a “pew” sound, only more intense. Each boy falls down dramatically, to your surprise, and you’re about to ask what’s happening when a fifth person falls *almost* on top of you. You jump in surprise as Logan laughs. “My boys!” Logan grins widely, and all five get up, giving him bro hugs and such. You just slide back to the background like you always did. Jake would yell at you if you were too close or too 'in it’, as he said. You don’t want to loose this job, so you play it safe as the six males smile and talk to Logan’s vlog. “Oh, and we have a new girl,” Logan tells the boys, even though he’s said it to the camera two times already. He looks around. “Where’d she go?” You step out. “I, uh, I’m right here.” He looks at you, and you prepare for anything. Coming from an abusos home to begin with, you’re quite used to the worse, and it’s gotten to be part of your daily routine now to take the shouts. “Well what’re you standing there for?” He asks, surprising you. Logan waves his hand for you to join them. “C'mere and let me introduce ya to my boys!” You walk over, a little surprised at his easy-going personality towards you. It’s something you’ve never really gotten, and, to be honest, it feels quite nice to be respected for once. Or, at least, treated decently. “Boys, this is my new assistant-slash-buddy-” since when? “-Y/N.” “Hey, Y/N.” They all smile at you, which you return shyly. Logan puts his hand on your shoulder, startling you slightly. “Y/N, this is Daniel-” “Hi,” a tall, dark-haired boy says and smiles. “-Jonah-” The tallest holds out his hand. “Nice to meet you.” You shake it. “-Corbyn-” The one with blonde/white hair in the front grins. “Hey, Y/N.” “-Zach, he’s the baby-” The shortest of them rolls his eyes but still shakes your hand. “-and, finally, Jack.” The one with curly hair smiles at you and holds out his hand. “Hello.” You shake it, and Logan groans. “Stay away from him,” he tells you and points to Jack. “That kid steals girls like nobody’s business, I freaking swear.” You blush at that, and Jack just laughs a little bit. His eyes glint as he looks at you. “Welcome to the crew, Y/N.” ••• End of Part I. {ignore the GIF my phone’s being weird}

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anonymous asked:

Are you still taking requests for mood boards and such? If you are, could you please do an Ancient Greece AU with Prince!Eddie and Gladiatorial fighter!Richie? With Eddie being forced to attend a fight-to-the-death match at the Coliseum and sees Richie is one of the fighters in the arena? I love AUs where Richie is a BAMF. Thanks!

Changed it a bit. Roman instead of Greece and not really a prince. Meh, I am terrible at writing action. 

If he had to be honest, Edward Kaspbrak hated his life. Although there was no logical reason to complain because there were others who had it so much worse. Slaves, merchants, you name it and they fought tooth and nail while he was cooped up under his mother’s watchful eye. With his emperor father and high status, his life had already been lived for him. He hated his pristine clothes, his gold bands and his never ending line of servants. He was caged in a life that he no longer wanted to live but it seemed, as his eighteenth birthday neared, he would forever be a captive.

“You have to attend and you know it Eddie. Your mothers orders were very clear and-”

“What that I have to watch that bloodbath?” He cut harshly, refusing to remove himself from his balcony. The city was busy going about their usual business, moving mindlessly through their daily tasks. From here, life seemed so simple, so tangible. Why couldn’t things be easier.

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Igor : “can you take photos of your heels please? i’ll sent you some money on your balance” 

Nurshash (?) : “Who are you” 

Igor : “Igor” 

Nurshash : “And?”

Igor : “gor” 

in russian language “and” will be и (pronounces like i) and the girl says “и?” and our friend Igor completes the word 

Day Twenty-Five- Presents

Author’s Note: Here is the last day of egochristmas! I actually had a really fun time with this. I also decided to jump on the bandwagon with the Reverse AU (where Damien and William switched places in WKM but everything else remains the same), so the last day features them.

Another note: I loved @pleaseletthisjimbetaken‘s headcanon where Damien stutters. I hope you don’t mind that I used it!

Tags: @mayor-damien-protection-squad

“Presents!” Damien limped as fast as he could down the stairs, bright blue sparks springing from the heels of Converse sneakers every time his feet made contact with the weathered wood.

The whole of Egos Inc. was dark and everyone was still sleeping- according to his tarnished silver pocket watch it was approximately 4:27 AM- but that didn’t stop him. He made a beeline straight for the living room, eager to reach the tree and the presents that undoubtedly resided beneath it.

He paid no attention whatsoever to the bloody handprints he left on the wall as he passed or the blood coating the silver metal tip of his cane.

When he poked his head around the corner, he deflated.

There was nothing under the tree, only soft carpet dyed rainbow colors by the soft Christmas lights.

He perked up as he remembered the stockings, and hurried over to the fireplace, where all of the Egos’ stockings hung.

They appeared alarmingly empty.

Damien stuck his hand in one to make sure, feeling around, searching for even the smallest of gifts.

He repeated this with every one of the hanging stockings, but there was nothing. He checked behind them, above the mantle, in the fireplace itself.


Tears sprang to his eyes and he began to fidget with the tip of his cane, only now noticing that it was still slick with blood.

“W-wa-was I naughty?” Damien whispered, tears spilling down his cheeks. He hunched his shoulders, cradling his cane to him, knuckles turning white as his grip tightened.

Suddenly there was a hand on his shoulder. “Dame.”

Damien turned his head to see Dark.

The entity was carrying a large, red sack over his shoulder, and his gray dress shirt, black suspenders, and black bow tie were dotted with the melted remnants of snow. Even the fluffy, black curls on top of his head were soaked from the snowfall outside.

“D-Dark!” He stammered. “S-Santa hasn’t com-come yet!”

“He just got here.” Dark set the sack on the ground and opened it, pulling out a few neatly wrapped presents.

“Bu-but you-you aren’t Santa!” Damien giggled, an edge of hysteria to his voice.

“I know,” Dark replied, continuing to unload the sack, setting presents underneath the tree. “But Santa couldn’t come this year. He was too busy, so he asked me to fill in instead.”

“Oh!” Damien smacked himself in the forehead. How come he hadn’t thought of that? How obvious! He hadn’t been naughty at all. “Ho-how silly of me.”

“Silly Damien,” Dark said softly. A faint smile played across his lips as he straightened and stepped over to him, holding a small box.

His free hand came up to tenderly smooth back Damien’s blue hair, trailing down the side of his face to cup his cheek, stroking the skin with his thumb.

“This is for you.” He held out the box.

Damien beamed and reached for it, but Dark quickly pulled it away.

“Go clean up first.” He ordered, pressing a kiss to the tip of Damien’s nose.


Damien tore off the wrapping paper eagerly, a bright grin on his face as he worked the tape off the small cardboard box so he could open it.

He gasped when he saw what was inside: a new pocket watch!

He immediately pulled it out and flipped it open, admiring the polished silver and inscription engraved in looping handwriting.

For Damien. With love, William and Celine.

Who are William and Celine? He wondered. Those names were faintly familiar, like an old song that was once popular but had long since been forgotten. He couldn’t help but feel a rush of affection, however, towards those names. They brought faint images to the edges of his mind, but they were no more than that. Faint memories of things that might have happened, of people who might be real.

“Hmph.” He huffed, a bit irked that he couldn’t remember. Oh well. Perhaps Dark knows them.

“Dark!” He exclaimed out loud. I forgot to thank him. How rude of me!

He leapt from his bed, forgetting in his haste that he had a limp. He managed to catch himself before he fell, then reached for his cane.

Grinning from ear to ear, he left the room in search of Dark.

Chapter Three

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt: You and Tyler have been best friends for years and you are finally dating.

Mentions: Jamie Benn

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Cheating

Preview: The doubts suddenly rushed your mind. Why had Tyler lied to you? What was he doing?

Characters: 1832 words.

Originally posted by tyler91seguin

It had been almost two months since you had seen Tyler. You had gone back to school to start the fall semester and Tyler had begun training for the approaching hockey season. You and Tyler had not gone a single day without texting, calling, or facetiming. He assured you every time you spoke of his never-ending love for you. But the doubts still crept into the back of your mind from time to time. Even when he was with you, Tyler was still the party boy star hockey player and being back in Dallas, you were worried he would slip back into his old ways.

But as far as you know, he never faltered.

It was finally October and you were beyond excited to be sitting on a plane making its way to the lone star state. You had missed Tyler so terribly and just couldn’t wait to be in his arms again. Even if it was for just a few days, anytime with him was treasured.

You were flying in for the season opener of the Stars season as you did every year but this time it was even more special.

The plane landed and you gathered your things quickly, rushing to get off and see your boyfriend. You walked from your gate and started to scan the crowd. Reaching for your phone to call Tyler, you spotted him. There he was by the baggage claim holding a sign that read “Honeybee” in one hand and a bouquet of sunflowers in the other.

 You immediately ran to him and jumped into his arms, taking in his familiar scent.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here” he whispered into your ear while stroking your hair.

 “Me either, God have I missed you Segs.” You pulled back to see his face.

 “You have no idea” Tyler smiled and kissed you.

 You left his embrace to grab your bags but he insisted. You took the flowers from him and repositioned the carryon on your shoulder. You followed him to where he had parked the car.

 “You’re sure I can’t convince you to move here?” He smirked as he loaded your bags in the car.

 “Already Segs? We went over this before, I want…”

 Tyler interrupted you, “I know, want to finish your senior year at your school” he rolled his eyes.

 You sighed disappointedly in how the quick trip was starting. “Tyler, I missed you so much but I can’t just drop everything and move to Texas. Honestly, you’re being a little ridiculous.”

 “I’m ridiculous because I want my girlfriend here with me?” He huffed and got into the driver seat.

 “Tyler I am only here for a few days and I don’t want to fight with you over this.” You pleaded looking over at him from the passenger seat.

 You were met with a huff once again and you decided to leave him be for the moment. You had been looking forward to this trip from the moment you left home for school but now your feeling was quickly deflated by the tension sitting in Tyler’s jeep. You rode in silence to his house, with only the soft mumbling of the radio you couldn’t make out.

 When you got to the house you got out and went back to the trunk to get your bags but Tyler had beaten you there. You suddenly heard happy screams and turned to see Candace and Cassidy running towards you followed by two excited dogs. You smiled and were attacked with hugs and kisses from all four.

 “We missed you Y/N!” Cassidy said as she dragged you inside followed by Candace, Cash & Marshall.

 “I missed you guys too” you smiled and looked back to find Tyler but it looked like he had already gone inside.

 “Girls, will you give Tyler back his girlfriend?” Jackie smiled and pulled you into a hug. “Good to see you, Hun.”

 “You too Jackie, speaking of my boyfriend did you see which way he went?” you asked her pulling from her hug.

 “He went upstairs I believe” Paul answered.

 You gave him a quick hug and headed up the stairs. You went to go towards the guest room you normally stayed in but you quickly turned toward Tyler’s bedroom and opened the door.

 Tyler had put your luggage next to the closet and was now sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. You slowly approached him and sat down next to him. He looked up at you the moment he felt the bed shift with red-rimmed eyes.

 “I’m sorry” you both blurted out followed by soft giggles.

 “I am though, I should not have pushed you moving here, I know how important you finishing your schoolwork is. I just miss not being with you. Summer made me spoiled.” Tyler looked at you with such sincerity.

 You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Let’s just enjoy the time I am here”

 He kissed you quickly and you both headed back downstairs to spend time with his family.

 The next morning, Tyler was off to practice early to prepare for the big game. He had tried so hard not to wake you. You had felt bad watching him tiptoe from one side of the bedroom to the other so you pretended to still be asleep. You didn’t pry yourself from the comfortable mattress and the Tyler scented comforter until you heard the front door open and close.

 You slipped into one of Tyler’s t-shirts and a pair of leggings quietly padding down the stairs not to wake anyone else up. You smiled seeing a cup of coffee in your favorite mug waiting by the machine. You shook your head and brought the cup to your lips smiling as the warmth met your throat.

 You bent down to pet Cash who was now anxiously sitting at your feet waiting for some loving from you. You started looking around for Marshall when you eyed a white box with a neatly tied green bow sitting on the dining room table in the next room.

 You walked over and saw the note that was addressed to you.


I know what you’re saying “I already have one, why do I need a new one?” Just shush. It’s a new one, just accept the gift.

See you later 


 You giggled as you opened the box. You recognized the victory green immediately. You just rolled your eyes as you pulled the number 91 jersey from the box. You smiled as you ran the familiar feeling of the material through your fingers. That’s when you saw it, sitting there on the sleeve was a patch that read “Girlfriend”

 Even with no one watching you, you blushed and ran your fingers over the patch. You cleaned up the mess you made from opening the thoughtful gift and headed back upstairs.

 After you had breakfast with the rest of Tyler’s family, he had texted you to let you know that the coach wanted the boys to stay at the rink and he wouldn’t see you before the game. You were a little disappointed that you basically wouldn’t see Tyler for the entire day but you understood.

You hung out in the backyard with the Seguins until it was time to get ready for the game. You went upstairs and slipped into a pair or black jeans and the new jersey. You wore your hair down and tied up a pair of white converse. You and the girls applied some Dallas stars tattoos Tyler had lying around to your cheeks. You were all laughing over some silly joke Paul had made as you piled into the car Tyler had waiting to bring you to the rink.

 You took in the sight of the American Airlines Center, this place was like a second home to you. You smiled taking in the familiar sounds and sights of the arena. You, Candace and Cassidy decided to go down to the glass to watch warmups.

 You face lit up as soon as you saw the group of victory green clad men flood the ice. A few of the boys, recognizing you girls, tapped the glass with their sticks sending you three into a fit of giggles. Finally, Tyler skated over when he got a free moment smirking when he saw you wearing your new jersey. You mouthed him a quick “Thank You” and he smiled skating off to continue practicing.

 The game was one for the books. Every goal Dallas scored, their opponent matched quickly after. You felt as if you spent more time on your feet then in your seat. You were happy you opted for converse and not heels. The game was tied 4-4 with 30 seconds left in the third, the shot was set up and Tyler scored his third goal of the night landing a hat-trick. You jumped to your feet hugging Jackie as hats rained down on the ice.

 After all the commotion of a victory had calmed down and Tyler had been named the first star of the game, you and the Seguins were headed down to meet Tyler. The room was crowded with family and fans. You saw Jamie first, he came up to you and wrapped you in a bear hug.

 “Good to see you Captain!” you smiled

 “It’s good to see you too Y/N. I was quite disappointed when Tyler refused to share you after practice.” Jamie replied

 You looked up at him confused. “Wasn’t he with you?”

 He matched your confused look. “I thought he was with you, and that’s why he left out of here so fast.”

 The doubts suddenly rushed your mind. Why had Tyler lied to you? What was he doing?

 The color from Jamie’s face suddenly drained. “Everything okay cap?” you asked following his gaze. And you saw it. There was Tyler standing with a girl dressed scantily clad. He had his back against the wall and the girl was standing way too close for your comfort. You were about to go over there and drop your metaphorical gloves when it happened. She leaned in quickly her lips finding his. He looked shocked at first but then his lips matched hers.

 Your world had suddenly stopped spinning and the walls seemed to be coming down around you. Everything seemed to now move in slow motion. You watched as Tyler pushed the girl away but it was too late the damage had been done. His eyes met yours just as they filled with tears.

 You turned and ran, ignoring the calls from Jamie, the Seguins and most of all, Tyler. You didn’t know where you were going but what you did know is that you just lost your best friend and the love of your life all in one moment.