converse wedge

The Zodiac signs as types of Shoes.

Converse: Capricorn, Cancer

Uggs or Slippers: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer

Sandals / Flip Flops: Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius

High Heels / Wedges: Pisces, Aries

Ankle Boots: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio 

Shoe-less: Leo, Aquarius, Pisces

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Ohhhh great n amazing suka could i get 30 with calummmm?? Him being the one asking the question? xoxoxo

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It had been a long night. That’s not to say that it hadn’t been a good night, it’d just been a long one. Between your best mate’s birthday luncheon, the work-party for your boss’s farewell, errands and grocery shopping (a small nap in between), and clubbing with the girls, you hadn’t really had a chance to catch a breath.

At this point, you appeared to have lost your friends. One minute you were trying to scream into someone’s ear that you seriously needed to pee and the next you were emerging from the urine-smelling cubicles totally alone. Sure, you were bummed, but you were also drunk and stumbling a little and still full of life and truth be told… you weren’t ready to go home.

Wondering through the streets was an interesting experience, and it turns out that alcohol has this ability to show you different streets in the city you know than what you thought existed. You met and lost friends quicker than you could keep up with, but you wandered into a smaller pub with more obscure music than you’d been listening to all night, and you felt almost sad because you had all this time to discover something new about life or yourself, but you hadn’t really done that yet and in a matter of a couple of hours it was going to be last call all over the city.

You wondered into a smaller pub down a laneway you’d never seen before, your little black dress starting to get a little bit uncomfortable (but you made a smart choice pairing it with converse instead of those wedges your girlfriends were eyeing up earlier in the evening), and you were avoiding the mirrors and windows because you couldn’t be sure but you had the feeling your pretty, elegant braid was no longer pretty and elegant.

“You’re looking a little lost.” A gruff voice mumbled from next to you. The music wasn’t so loud in here, so you were startled at the fact that he wasn’t yelling at you for your attention. You looked to your right and he was sitting on the barstool next to you, sipping on a pint of beer, leather jacket accenting broad shoulders and shimmering a little bit in the dim lighting.

“I’m not lost.” You shook your head, vision blurring slightly. “I’m waiting for a drink.” You heard him snort a little bit, but through unfocussed eyes you could still see a smirk.

“Fair enough.” He said simply, his body turning a little to face you. “What’ll you have?” You felt a little rise in the butterflies in your stomach – but you couldn’t be sure if it was the lingering alcohol in your veins or him.

“Depends.” You said very matter-of-factly, turning on your stool too so you could see him properly. You had to blink a lot to make out his familiar face and tanned, glowing skin. “What are you really asking me?” You offered a challenging eyebrow quirk and for a second his face dropped and he seemed startled. He cleared his throat quietly, like he didn’t want you to hear, and you turned back to face the bar and signalled for your own drink. You sighed a little bit, leaning on your elbows on the counter of the bar. You were almost smug. You’d never lost your edge when it came to a certain Calum Hood. You were always a couple of steps ahead.

“It’s two am,” he said inquisitively. “Why are you next to me?” He asked. And you just shrugged because there were a million different ways you could answer the question.

“I’m… wandering.” You said with a tiny smile over your shoulder. He cocked an eyebrow at you.

“Wandering?” He asked.

“Yep.” You confirmed.




And you chuckled, rolling your eyes a little bit.

“You know,” You began to say as the bartender slid a pint in front of you. “For a hot-shot singer-song writer, you don’t seem to have a clue about what it is to wander about things.”

“You could teach me.” He took to saying, handing the barkeep a bill to pay for your drink. You looked over into brown eyes as deadly serious as yours.

Young Again || Luke Hemmings

im so happy im back, too, babes xx

I M A G I N E 

“We’re going out!” Luke suddenly declared on a Friday night. It was a little before 6 pm, making you look at your husband skeptically. 

“Uh, pardon?” You pondered at him, closing your novel and removing your reading glasses. Turning to him, you see the blonde boy dressed in his usual ‘punkrock’ attire. 

“You and I are going out, babe,” Luke says, his tongue practically oozing excitement. 

Although you and Luke were still quite young, the two of you haven’t really raged or partied the way you guys did when you were teens. Certainly, you guys aren’t hunch-backed, walking around with canes and complaining about kids on your lawn. But, you guys matured and became very tame. 

“Where to?” You asked, putting the book and your glasses on the coffee table. 

“Downtown, baby girl,” Luke winks at you, rushing over to stand you up from the couch. “Get ready!” You giggle, rushing to the bedroom to get changed. You wore this sleek, gray crop top with black skinny jeans and wedged converse. It was always your type of ‘go out’ outfit. Returning to him, you put your hands up in the air and smile. 

“Let’s go!” You cheered. 

“Holy crap, Y/N!” Luke suddenly exclaimed before taking a swig of the bottle of Jack Daniels you guys got from a liquor store. “You’re so unbelievably gorgeous right now.” Luke slurred, causing the both of you to explode in a fit of giggles. 

“Luke, you’re so wasted,” you giggle as you danced with Luke on the dance floor. Luke took you to a club, hilariously. He said he wanted to drink like he was 16 and stupid again. And, like Luke, you wanted to go back to being a teenager as well. “I can drink so much, but this still tastes bloody awful,” you say, crinkling your nose in disgust after taking a gulp of the alcohol. 

“You look so cute when you’re grossed out,” Luke said, giving you a slobbery kiss on the lips before taking the bottle from you. He randomly gives it to a stranger and grabs your waist to pull you against his body. “Might I have this dance, Y/N?” Luke asked with a grin as the upbeat music gradually turned slow and mellow. 

“Of course,” you whispered, disregarding the disgraceful taste of alcohol to being drunk from Luke’s love. 

After the club, you guys went to a random park. It was already so dark and dangerous, making it even more exciting. Luke kept his hold on your waist as the two of you drunkenly found yourself in the park. Looking around, you scope to see that it’s vacant. 

“It’s ours, beautiful,” Luke said as he kisses the top of your head. Smiling widely, you drag Luke over to your favorite thing in the park: the swings. “Slow down, baby girl!” Luke chuckled as you let go of him to dash to a swing. 

“Come on, come on!” You say excitedly as you pull yourself back to start moving the swing. Going back and forth slowly, you watch as Luke struggled due to his long, lanky legs. “Aw, tall guy, you having a bit of trouble?”

“Oh hush up,” Luke playfully scoffs, finally swinging a bit as he tried keeping his long legs from the ground. You couldn’t help but giggle at him. He looked disturbed and troubled by the idea of swinging and how to gain speed. “Y/N, stop fucking laughing at me!” Luke complains, letting out a chuckle right after. 

“But it’s funny!” You admit, swinging back and forth to end up being very high up. “Look, Luke, I’m touching the stars!” You mused, looking adoringly at the night sky. The moon was shining so brightly upon you two as you guys swung with glee. 

“Can you catch one?” Luke asked wistfully as he finally reached your height. You look over at him and smile, giving him a fond look. 

“I’ve already got one right here,” you say quietly, causing a wide smile to appear on Luke’s lips before he jumps off his swing. “Luke?” You questioned as he stopped you from swinging as well. Standing you up, he keeps you in his embrace and rests his head on your shoulder. 

“You’re so amazing, Y/N,” Luke whispers, closing his eyes while keeping himself rested on your shoulder. “I’m glad I’m your shining star.”

“You’re not just my shining star, Luke,” you say softly into the blonde boys ear. “You’re my shooting star.” 

Under The Moon

A Lucaya Fanfic

Story by: hoffkk

Requested by: my bestie&roomie emmettrichter! Love ya, girl! :)

Summary: Alone and bored at the homecoming dance, Maya decides to people watch, but Lucas has other ideas, which leads to Maya feeling things she never expected to feel, especially for Ranger Rick.


The homecoming dance was as pretty as a picture.  The school’s gymnasium was all decked out in twinkly lights and papier-mâché stars. There was even a giant moon hanging from the center of the room, completing the “Starry Night” theme. The only thing that felt out of place was Maya herself as she sat alone on the bleachers watching the different couples dance, laugh, and be merry.

Maya just wasn’t interested in school dances, they weren’t her thing.  So, when the posters first went up about homecoming, she couldn’t have cared less.  However, Riley got super excited and insisted they all go together as a group.  That way, no one had to worry about not having a date.  Though Maya had tried to argue and bail on the idea, Riley was adamant that she would not, under any circumstances, let her best friend miss her first homecoming. So, Maya reluctantly agreed and let Riley plan out everything, even their outfits, which is how she found herself dressed like Cinderella’s kid sister with her straightened, blonde hair pulled half up and her body clad in a short, blue, strapless dress that flared out at the bottom.  Riley got some basic looking dresses for cheap from a thrift shop, then bedazzled them herself to give them some pizzazz.  She added silver beads to the edges of Maya’s dress and used gold ones to decorate the top half of her own little white sheath number.  While Riley matched her dress with some sparkly gold heels, she paired Maya’s look with some sparkly silver converse style wedges, which she claimed to have also gotten from the thrift store, but Maya wasn’t buying it.  They were too nice looking, plus Riley was a terrible liar.  So, she made a mental note to thank Mr. and Mrs. Matthews for shedding out some extra cash for their shoes.

However, even though Maya looked good, she didn’t really feel good.  She was bored, and so she decided to sit and people watch for a while. Scanning the dance floor, she smiled as Riley’s long, curly hair bobbed about as she stumbled around, while the rest of the crew tried to teach her the Electric Slide.  Riley wasn’t very graceful, to say the least, so the whole thing was quite comical.

After a couple of minutes, the song faded into a slower beat, turning into John Legend’s “All Of Me” and everyone began to couple up, including Farkle and Smackle, Zay and Missy, and Riley and Lucas.  As Maya watched Riley sway back and forth with her favorite huckleberry, she let out a sigh, suddenly feeling a little depressed.  Confused by the feeling, she shrugged it off and dug her cell phone out of her silver clutch, deciding she would kill time by checking her social media apps.

She had checked her Twitter and Facebook feeds and had just started reblogging some posts on Tumblr when a voice interrupted her.

“Having fun over here?”  Lucas drawled, standing in front of Maya.

“A blast.” She said sarcastically, giving a fake smile before going back to her phone.  When she looked downward, Maya caught a glimpse of his shoes.  He was wearing cowboy boots, probably to match the bolo tie he was also sporting.  Maya smiled mischievously.  She was so not letting this one go.  "Nice boots, Sundance.“  She quipped. "Did Maw get them purdy thangs from the little old corner store down yonder?”  She added in a ridiculous sounding southern accent.

Lucas just smiled back and replied, “I reckon, she did.  Thanks for noticing.”

Maya’s smile fell, and she glared at him as she responded, “I will break you one of these days, Ranger Rick.”

“Looking forward to it, Miss Hart.” He winked.  "Now how about we go cut a rug and show these people on the dance floor how it’s done?“  Lucas asked gesturing to the dance floor over his shoulder with his thumb.

"Yeah, I’m gonna pass. Why don’t you go find Riley?” Maya brushed him off, tucking her phone back into her clutch.

“Aw, c'mon.” Lucas fake whined.  "Don’t be such a clutterbucket.“  He teased her, bringing up an embarrassing family name belonging to Maya’s great grandmother.

Maya stood and grabbed him by the bolo tie playfully as she said, "You wanna tango with me, Hop-a-long?”

“I was thinking more of a stand and sway type of thing, but that works too.” He flirted.  At least, Maya thought he was flirting.  His response definitely caused a funny feeling in her stomach like the one she usually got when she flirted with someone she liked.  Wait, was that what was happening?  Were they actually flirting?  Did she actually like Lucas?  Maya was confused yet excited by the thought.

“You really wanna dance with me?”  Maya questioned, releasing her hold on his tie to smooth out her dress, feeling a little self-conscious.  Boys never gravitated toward her like they did Riley, probably because of the tough girl front Maya put up to protect herself, but Lucas seemed to see right through it.  This annoyed her, and yet for some reason made her like the boy even more.

“Of course I do. I even requested a special song for you.”  Lucas winked just as the music began to change.  The beat picked up a little but the song was still a ballad.  Not just any ballad though, a twangy, country ballad.

Maya smiled and rolled her eyes before holding out a hand and replying, “Alright, cowboy, lead the way.”

Lucas’s grin doubled in size as he threaded his fingers through hers and pulled her towards the dance floor.  Once in the middle of the floor, directly under the glittery crescent moon, he turned around and pulled her in close, placing his hands on her waist as she put hers on his shoulders.  They locked eyes and began swaying back and forth.  Maya’s heart began to race the song went on.  She had never been this close to a guy for so long.  It was weird, but in a good way.  Just like the way Lucas was looking at her right now, like she was his own personal homecoming queen or something.  Maya would never admit it aloud, but she liked him looking at her like that.  She also liked having his arms around her.  It made her feel safe and warm.

Maya began to get lost in his eyes, when she realized what was happening.  I do not have a thing for Bucky McBoing-Boing.  She tried to convince herself, reverting her gaze to his bolo tie, which was closer to eye level than his eyes actually were.  Needing a distraction, Maya focused on the song lyrics.

She’s as bright as the Dallas sky.
She always holds her head up high.
She loves the company of her family.
She has faith in God’s greater plan.
She trusts I’m a good man.
And that’s why I’ll always believe
She’s like Texas, and she likes me

She smiled as she processed the words, then quirked a brow up at Lucas who was already staring at her with his own smile.

“I’m like Texas, am I?” She asked.

“Yes, ma'am.” He gave a single head nod as he spoke.

“Okay, stop with cowboy voice already.”  Maya commanded, giving him a look.

“Why, whatever do you mean?”  Lucas feigned innocence.

Lucas.”  She warned with her “don’t mess with me” tone.

“Yeah, okay.” He said quickly in his normal speaking voice, sounding a little afraid, making Maya smirk a little.

After a moment, the smirk faded and she sighed, looking at his tie again.

“What?” Lucas asked, concern in his voice. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just…”  Maya trailed off collecting her thoughts.  "Why did you wanna dance with me, Lucas?“

"Because it’s homecoming, a time for dancing and having fun, and you weren’t doing either over there in the bleachers.”  He explained, nodding toward the direction they had just come from not too long ago.

“Hey, I may not have been dancing, but I was having fun on my phone.”  She lied, not wanting his pity.

“Riiiiight.” Lucas retorted in a sarcastic tone. “That’s why you were scowling at it.”

She rolled her eyes in response, then pressed on by asking, “So, you felt bad for me?  That’s why you pulled me out here?”

“No, I pulled you out here to dance because I like you.”  Lucas stated simply.

Maya’s eyes went wide for a second.  Recovering quickly, she just eyed his face a moment, trying to read his expression and determine if he just meant like or if he meant like-like.  Much to her dismay, Maya couldn’t tell, so she decided she would just ask him, but before she could, Lucas spoke again.

“And to honor my promise.”  He affirmed.

She looked at him quizzically and inquired, “What promise?”

“I promised myself that tonight I would dance under the moon with the prettiest girl here.” He smiled down at her.

“Oh.” Maya replied, not knowing what else to say.

“Looks like my promise if officially fulfilled.”  Lucas stated after a short pause to make sure she understood what he was saying.

“Good.”  She smiled, then pulled herself in a bit closer and laid her cheek against his chest.

They rocked back and forth for another minute or so in that same position until the song ended.  They pulled apart as the next song kicked on, putting a good two feet between them.  They smiled awkwardly at each other as they bobbed their heads to the lyrics of the new song.

“Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me.
I said you’re holding back,
She said–”

Just then, Riley and Farkle came up on either side of Maya and shouted the rest of lyrics in her face simultaneously as they grabbed onto her arms.

“SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME!”  They sang loudly and off tune.

Maya scrunched up her face as a reflex when they shouted at her, but couldn’t help but smile.  Riley then grabbed Maya’s hand and twirled herself around, while Farkle and Lucas did the robot.  Zay and Smackle suddenly came through the group doing an overly dramatic version of the tango, but stopped once they were in the middle of everyone. They all laughed and began jumping up and down, dancing all kinds of crazy, except for Maya.  She just stood there a moment, then shrugged.  What the heck? If you can’t beat em’… She said silently to herself, not finishing the well known expression, before spinning around in circles and singing the chorus of the song.  Watching her, Lucas smiled brightly and made his way through his friends to dance next to Maya. “Having fun over here?”  Lucas repeated his words from earlier, shouting over the music to be heard.

“A blast!” She yelled back, also using her words from before, but this time she really meant them.  Lucas was right.  Homecoming was a time for dancing and having fun, so that is exactly what she did for the rest of the night.  Maya danced and sang and laughed and had fun with her crazy, wacky group of friends…and she loved every minute of it.