converse voltage

Literally my conversation earlier.

  • Tamaki: dude...can i tell you something?
  • Yamato: yeah, what's up?
  • Tamaki: i has a reverse harem. and i think you're apart of it?
  • Yamato: what? why say that?
  • Tamaki: i mean, look! all these men are surrounding her, practically begging for her attention!
  • Yamato: pff. better step up your game, huh, tamaki?
  • Tamaki: no...i don't think you understand...i AM apart of the harem

Nozomu: “Oh, oh! Let’s take a picture together.”

MC-chan: “…”

Nozomu: “…What?”

MC-chan: “…N-no, I think I should do it. You might just take a picture of your nose like last time.”

Nozomu: “…Yeah. Maybe you’re right.”

‘What are you doing tonight?’

Me: I’m probably just gonna hang out with my boyfriend…
Friend: OMG! since when do you have a new boyfriend!?
Friend: Show me a picture of him!


I don’t know what they were honestly expecting from me XD

Voltage Conversation
  • Me: I fell for Ren hard man he's just too adorable
  • Best Friend: I'm glad that the 10 apps you play haven't disappointed you!
  • Me: ...I play 10 apps?
  • Best Friend: KBTBB, 7 Rings, MFW, MPD, Sweet Cafe, SITS, EITM, BMP and SCM
  • Me: ...I have a problem
  • Best Friend: Little bit but hey if you enjoy it
  • Me: oh thanks for agreeing that I have a problem
  • Best Friend: YOU SAID IT FIRST
  • Best Friend: oh wait... 11 apps, I missed Thief X off the list
  • Me: I need help