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A character that I feel doesn’t get enough love is dear princess Sharena.

I see so much people shitting on Sharena because apparently she’s not such a good unit (I don’t know man, she fights pretty well for me), and that is understandable…I guess. I do wish she has a critical attack :/

What I love about Sharena though is that she wants to get to know the Summoner. Well, everyone does XD But for Sharena, her way is talking. It’s not going to the library, or accompanying them in their patrols, or having them rest on laps, or going out for a drink. It’s talking. Just the normal route.

I myself don’t prefer to talk to people, but I feel that with Sharena, she’ll carry the conversation and will react happily to anything you say. Also, she’s a good listener, which means that she’ll actually pay attention to what you say and will be there for you if you need to vent.

Sharena is very friendly. She wants to become friends with all the heroes the Summoner summons, and I can see her actually chatting it up with Lissa or Eldigan or Olivia or Gaius or Ogma or Nowi or Selena or Owain or Eliwood… Basically any hero. I just think that’s amazing of her.

It maybe because I do this too that I like this about Sharena. Any hero I summon, I take in with open arms. I don’t care what rarity they are or if they “have a bad tier”; I’ll train them all up. (Well, unless they cant get to Lv. 10 easily, then they are sent home).

And lastly, she’s just so fudgin adorable??

Like, her personality is just so bubbly! And in any artwork with her, she’s portrayed in such a cute way! It’s usually with the owl, which she is most likely close to (maybe it’s the one that sends the letters to her mom).

Also, her character design is fabulous! Look at that long blonde hair with pink tips. Good color combo! And the blue of her cape complements it well. Her hair tips look like wings, which resemble the symbol of Askr, and contrasts the roundness of her head and her personality. And best of all, she’s not hypersexualized (like the women in Conquest. Geez Charlotte has no freaking armor. And Effie!? For an armored unit, she sure isn’t protected at her legs).

Sharena needs more love man…

NASA JPL’s Sculpture Is A Conversation With Space

This sculpture reacts to real-time communications between 30+ interplanetary spacecraft missions and the Deep Space Network. Communication sent to a spacecraft triggers streams of light upward. Information sent back to Earth triggers lights downward. The more activity in the lights, the more data is being transmitted.

People, can you please please tag your Rebels spoilers.

I literally clicked onto tumblr to check my inbox to be met with a GIANT fucking spoiler at the top of my dash. The exact same thing happened last week, and too many weeks before. Tag your shit. It takes 2 seconds and makes fandom a better place as we all get to engage with the source material on our own terms.

Be excellent to each other, rebels.

A conversation that happened tonight before my class at school (keep in mind these are college boys in southern New Jersey, and they have only spoken to me once before when they needed help on an assignment)
  • Me: *scrolling through tumblr looking at pics of 1D
  • Boy 1: hey isn't that One Direction?
  • Me: yeah it is.
  • Boy 2: I heard one of them quit the band yesterday.
  • Me: yeah that's true, his name is Zayn.
  • Boy 3: he really just left?
  • Boy 4: I read somewhere that he wasn't happy and that he was stressed and stuff. Sucks that that has to happen to people.
  • Me: yeah it does...
  • Boy 2: well I mean, they're still a band right? Just one less?
  • Me: yeah the other four are still together.
  • Boy 4: oh well that's okay then I guess.
  • Boy 1: I don't know I still think that's really sad. Like, I get upset when my favorite sports teams trade good players, you know? It's never the same after that but you still love them.
  • Boy 4: yeah that shit sucks. *to me* are you like, a big fan of them?
  • Me: yeah. Really really big fan.
  • Boy 3: that's gotta be tough on you then. I'm really sorry.
  • Boy 2: yeah me too. I'm not a fan myself, but it's still sad to think about.
  • Me: yeah, it is. I gotta admit I did cry a few times. *nervous laughter*
  • Boy 1: that's cool. I cry nearly every time the Phillies lose a game, it's like the same thing.
  • Boy 2: yeah don't sweat it. It's normal to be upset when something you like gets shaken up.
  • Boy 3: yeah and if you want, we can do this assignment for you so you don't have to?
  • *other three agreeing*

anonymous asked:

Can we get a little situation where the Saniwa is placed under the spotlight by their close friends (who came over for dinner at the Citadel one night) on which of the swords (Mikazuki, Tsurumaru and Ichigo) would they Marry, F*ck, or Kill. How would the three swords who overheard the conversation react once left alone with their master? (Sorry it's so long!!)

(You’re fine, write as much as you need!!) Writing this as though the answers were Marry Ichigo, Kill Tsuru and Fuck Jiji.

• A little flustered and probably can’t meet your eyes. More from guilt of overhearing that the content honestly.
• Would just continue on normally and spills the beans when asked to. Once you embarrassedly explain it was a game he relaxes.

• Gets it wasn’t a serious choice but makes sure to over dramatically bring it up when you’re alone.
• He hams it up pretending to be offended unless you believe him then he feels bad and explains it’s fine.

• He kind of just has this mischievous look and chuckles until you ask him what’s up. He just tells you that the modern world has some curious games.
• His hinting let’s you know that he heard pretty quickly and he subtly teases you over it.


Gif source:  Carisi

Imagine eloping with Sonny over the weekend, and when you both come back on Monday, no one knows and you both play it really low-key; your way of announcing it is to casually slip it into conversation and watch everyone react.

——— Request for anon ———

God, you’d been shaking all day with the excitement of it. The anticipation of finally being able to tell everyone that you, you, had managed to take Sonny Carisi Jr. off the market. But with the way everything had happened over the weekend, with the quickly planned elopement, and then the way the week started back up on Monday, it didn’t look like anything was slowing down any time soon. Let alone allow for the two of you to find the time for a honeymoon.

This was what was troubling you when you wound up having a conversation with Rollins about vacation days.

“I don’t know, it just feels strange to lie about being sick just to get more vacation days,” you admit, making Rollins roll her eyes. “Especially to Liv.”

“Aw, come on, even Dodds must save up his sick days so he can combine them with vacation,” Rollins chuckles, stating a universal truth as Dodds shakes his head. “I bet Liv does, too.”

“Hey, I used up my sick days when I got shot, so don’t rope me into this. My vacation days are set in stone for now,” Dodds sighs as he walks to his desk, having caught your conversation in passing. “But, yeah, I do the sick-day thing.”

Carisi rolls to you in his chair, “And don’t you want a honeymoon, doll?”

“Wait,” Barba stops stirring his coffee with his pen to point it at the two of you, “Honeymoon? Don’t tell me you eloped like a couple of teenagers in Vegas.”

You blush as you feel Carisi’s proud arm wrap around your hips, pulling you against the side of his chair as everyone finally notices the rings on your fingers, “We tied the knot over the weekend, actually.”

Alright, new theory (or headcanon/AU). I’ve been reading lots of theories so here’s my contribution to this madness.

I’ve been thinking about how Deok Sun sometimes looks flustered when Jung Hwan does those THINGS THAT MAKE US SWOON, and about how there’s never any follow up. They always skip to the next day and Deok Sun just rolls her eyes at Jung Hwan and brushes it off. 

Except for the day after their alley scene, we’ve never seen Deok Sun feel awkward or reflect on Jung Hwan’s gestures. She just brushes it off. It got me thinking. I read a post about how falling for Jung Hwan in her mind would equal ‘losing to him’. They’re constantly bickering and his opinion is often the only one she dreads. When she wanted to do the dance, she asked for them to shut him up. Whenever there’s a group conversation, she always reacts to him the most by being aggressive and always disagreeing with him. I find it interesting because it means there’s something there. How did they get here? What makes Deok Sun so sensitive and annoyed by everything Jung Hwan does? We know he can be very mean to her but was there something else? Some people are suggesting that he might have been her first love instead of Sunwoo. A flashback to their junior high school years would literally kill me. Imagine Deok Sun crushing on Jung Hwan only to overhear him talking with the boys about how she’s ugly or something, or how she’s not even a girl in his eyes. What if she heard the boys that night when Dong Ryong suggested that she got pretty only for Jung Hwan to feel almost repulsed by that idea (hahaha poor guy, look at you now)? This is maybe just me speculating. But I feel like we’re not getting the full picture concerning DeokSun/JungHwan. All their scenes are from Jung Hwan’s perspective. We never get to see what she thinks later. I don’t think she’s that oblivious. I feel like she’s protecting herself by not jumping into conclusions and not only because of the whole Sun Woo thing, but because it’s Jung Hwan, mean cold Jung Hwan who would never in a million years fall for her, right? (PLS HELP) FLASHBACKS PLEASEEEEEEEEE. (I refuse to believe that she’s just clueless and is capable of ignoring all of that).