Porygon lv. 20

Obtained From: Team Rocket’s Ambition
Used By: [Incomplete]
+ Chance to cause Confusion
+ Changes the Defending Pokémon’s Weakness
+ Colorless Energy costs
+ Psychic Resistance
+ Free Retreat
- Low HP
- Fighting Weakness
Combos With:
• Venomoth lv. 28
• Double Colorless Energy
Other Notes:
• Low HP hurts, but it still has Conversion I as well as a damaging attack with a chance to cause Confusion.
Overall Rating: 2.5/5 (Limited Uses/Average)


“I had hoped you would support my choice.” 
“I cannot! In all else, Robb. In everything. But not in this… this folly. Do not ask it.”
"I don’t have to. I’m the king.”

- A Storm of Swords, Catelyn V

I’m a big—I’m a firm believer in kindness, and respect. You know, it’s funny, Nathan Fillion has a really—I love his little Twitter bio, that I’m paraphrasing essentially, but, “it doesn’t cost you anything to be nice, or kind.” And it really doesn’t. That doesn’t mean, by the way, that you should be walked on. Don’t ever be walked on. If anybody ever tries to walk on you, stand your ground and say no, you’re not gonna do that.
—  Zac Levi, Nerd HQ panel (x)

A Conversation with Badass Women Mystery Guests!

One of my fave NerdHQ’s panels by far!