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Conversations with Matt Dwyer - Georgia Hardstark

Matt’s been a friend for a long time so it was fun and easy to talk with him. We covered a ton of topics, including growing up in Orange County, my annoyance with Anthony Bourdain, and STDs. Matt’s a gem of a human and I’m honored that he asked me to be on his show. 

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During my interview with dorianwood on the latest “Conversations With Matt Dwyer” we discuss his song and video, “La Cara Infinita.” Both are great but the content and the reason for the song also inspired much chat. You’ll have to listen to the episode HERE.  Be Warned boobies and dongs are seen in this video. 

Year thirty-three day twenty-six.

Welcome to Oregon.


Oregon/California Border

I don’t usually write much on this blog as I am a photographer, not a writer. I tend to have an easier time expressing myself visually rather than literally, but I’m about to try my best to do the latter. 

This photo was taken while in the midst of a road trip I am currently on with my boyfriend and partner in life, crime and art, Matt Dwyer. We drove from Glendale, CA to Fort Bragg, CA to our current location in Astoria, OR where we are staying with our very generous and gracious friends Shane and Amy Bugbee. Matt and I (and our two dogs, Jack and Charlie) have embarked (no pun intended) on this trip not to relax or vacation, but to create an art project via Matt’s podcast Conversations with Matt Dwyer and my photography. Along the way we have met some extremely interesting and generous people, beginning with Heather Brown of the Department of Imagination in Fort Bragg, who was kind enough to put us up in her kick ass vintage Air Stream trailer and introduced us to Madame Chinchilla and Mr G of Triangle Tattoo & Museum as well as Ruth Weiss, an extremely influential poet from the beat generation. We are so fortunate to have been able to meet and make friends with these very awesome people. 

Meanwhile, in Astoria… (see next post).

Be Kind To Me
  • Be Kind To Me
  • Michael Hurley
  • Armchair Boogie

60s Folk Legend Michael Hurley has agreed to do “Conversations With Matt Dwyer” when we are in Astoria Oregon on our CWMD Road Trip. Hurley’s influence on todays artists is endless including Cat Power, Cass McCombs & Vetiver.

We haven’t reached our goal yet to make the journey to Astoria. Please help support art & podcasting by donating to our YOUGOFUNDME Page HERE

This trip is going to be a ton of work and hopefully takes podcasting into a new level. 

Thank you. 

Abby Martin - Journalist - EP. 38 - 02/06/13

I discovered Abby Martin through my former guest WIll Potter. He was a guest on her show “Breaking The Set” discussing his book, Green Is The New Red. I instantly took to Ms. Martin’s no bullshit point of view.  Her show explores ideas and happenings that  the mainstream press avoids. Thus, I became hooked on her show. 

I found Abby on twitter, DM’d her and emailed Will to see if he could help out with getting her on my show. He did and she quickly responded.

Due to her busy schedule we went back and forth for a couple months until we finally locked down a time and we recorded the show. The result is what I think may be one of my better episodes. She’s funny, foul mouthed and with a great sense of humor. 

We quickly dug in and started discussing LSD and art, drone attacks, fear mongering and the she even came up with a few solutions on how to solve the worlds problems. 

This episode is how I like ‘em partly because I feel I made some sort of connection with Abby. It goes beyond just talking about issues and ideas and becomes friendly. There are several guests I have had that when it ends I feel like we became friends. I felt that way with Will Potter, Pete O'Neal and Dan Kovalik (to name a few.) 

Ms. Martin’s show “Breaking The Set” is on the RT network. Some cable stations carry it but every episode is posted on youtube.

I particularly like Abby’s interviews. On the youtube page there is an interview section. She has some really great guests and some of interviews will change your opinion on the maters of the world.

You can listen to my conversation with Abby Martin here:

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Jim Putnam, musician Radar Bros. EP. 37 - 01/30/13

Before I moved to LA the Radar Brothers were one of those bands I had always heard about. At any party while having a “Let me tell you what I am listening to because I am cooler than you” conversation someone would inevitably bring up the Radar Brothers. For some reason beyond me I never investigated their music. 

One fine evening at Spaceland (now The Satellite) through friends I had a long humorous conversation with a fella. After he parted my friend Demorge asked me, “You know who that was, right?”

I shrugged, “Nope." 

Demorge pointed in the empty space the guy once inhabited, "That’s Jim Putnam of the Radar Brothers.”  

(Jim post interview on his couch with his old and wonderful dog.)

Over coming months Jim and I became friends and I became a fan of his music. I especially fell in love with his side project Mount Wilson Repeater. Sir Putnam and I always had very glib open and fun conversations. 

Jim is a highly soft spoken individual but with a subtle wit that can kill me. He also had a very interesting childhood growing up around some of the biggest names including Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. Jim’s dad was BIll Putnam who invented some highly innovative recording devices back in the day and thus engineered some of the biggest names in music.

On this episode Jim and I have a very laid back conversation about music, the spirituality of dogs  and heartbreak. He’s a really great guy and his music is super duper.

You can listen here:

or free on Itunes. 

Conversations with Matt Dwyer: John Nese

Matt has a lighter interview and talks to the fascinating John Nese at his small business the Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in L.A. John Nese is deeply embedded in in Los Angeles culture.

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Conversations With Matt Dwyer: Pete O’Neal

In a truly powerful interview, Matt talks to Black Panther and Tanzanian Orphanage founder Pete O’Neal, who humbly introduces himself as “Pete From Kansas City, Missouri”. Pete tells us about getting by as a Black Panther, government surveillance, fleeing the country, moving to Sweden and finally starting a children’s home in Tanzania. If you are moved by Pete and on behalf of our collective, please donate to and help Pete’s family and countless children lead happy and fulfilled lives.